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Victory! And the male can return to guard his female.打赢的公乌贼 可以回去守护母乌贼Cuttlefish are great communicators,乌贼是一流沟通者but there is a flip side -但这种绝技有黑暗面they can also be masters of deception.它们也能成为诈欺高手This male is too small to fight for a mate, but he has another plan -这只公乌贼太娇小 无法打斗争取交配机会and its sneaky.但它另有一个狡猾计划He approaches the couple cautiously,它小心接近这对乌贼holding his tentacles tucked up at the front,收起触手举在面前mimicking a female that wants to mate.模仿想要交配的母乌贼To complete his disguise,为了完成伪装he changes colour to appear even more like a female.它还改变体色 让自己更像女生The guarding male seems convinced,站岗的公乌贼似乎上当了maybe he thinks his luck is in -或许它自以为鸿运当头another female to add to his conquests.多了一只母乌贼让它征201310/259972。

Put down that donut. Tweak a few unhealthy habits, and you can beat those chronic stomach problems before they flare up.放下炸面圈。戒除一些不健康的习惯,你肯定可以在困扰你已久的胃痛发作之前将它消灭在萌芽状态。You Will Need你需要A food diary饮食日记Exercise运动Fermented foods发酵食品Herbal tea, rice water, or apple cider清凉茶,淘米水或苹果醋Vegetables蔬菜Yoga瑜珈Steps步骤Step 1 Start a food diary1.饮食日记Start a food diary and make a note every time a food irritates your stomach.开始记食品日记,每次食物刺激你的胃的时候做出记录。Step 2 Exercise2.运动Exercise 30-60 minutes a day to maintain a healthy weight and reduce stress. Even a short walk after dinner will help.每天运动30至60分钟,保持健康的体重,减少压力。即使晚餐后短暂的散步也有所帮助。Step 3 Eat smaller meals3.少食多餐Eat smaller meals and avoid alcohol, cigarettes, and regular use of pain relievers such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen, which can inflame the stomach lining.少食多餐,避免烟酒,避免经常用阿司匹林,布洛芬,萘普生等刺激胃粘膜的止痛片。Step 4 Eat fermented food4.食用发酵食品Whenever you indulge in a meal of fatty or fried foods, try to also eat fermented foods like pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi, tempeh, and yogurt. The bacteria in these products help break down and absorb fatty foods that are difficult to digest.Some yoga poses aid digestion by increasing blood flow to the digestive system.当你毫无顾忌地暴饮暴食了高脂肪或油炸食品,同时也进食一些发酵食品,例如腌菜,德国泡菜,韩国泡菜,印尼豆豉和酸奶。这些食品中的细菌可以分解和吸收难以消化的脂肪食品。一些瑜珈姿势也可以通过增加消化系统的血液流动来帮助消化。Step 5 Drink herbal tea5.喝清凉茶Drink soothing herbal drinks, such as ginger or chamomile teas, rice water, or apple cider.饮用有舒缓作用的清凉茶,例如生姜或甘菊茶,淘米水,或苹果醋。Step 6 Eat raw or steamed vegetables6.食用生蔬菜或蒸蔬菜Eat raw or steamed vegetables. Cooked veggies are depleted of some of the enzymes that benefit digestion.食用生蔬菜或蒸蔬菜。煮过的蔬菜耗尽了对消化系统有益的酶。Step 7 See a doctor7.看医生If you still experience frequent upset stomach, see a doctor about possible food allergies, ulcers, or other conditions that irritate the gastrointestinal tract and need further treatment.如果你仍然经常胃痛,让医生帮你检查是否患有食物过敏,溃疡或其它刺激胃肠道的疾病,是否需要进一步治疗。Abdominal pain can stem from a pinched nerve in the spine.腹部疼痛可能是由于脊椎神经紧张造成的。视频听力节目由。 /201309/256017。

身为艺术家和TED Fellow的阿帕玛·饶对熟悉的事物以惊奇的幽默的方式进行再次想像。通过和索伦·普尔兹的合作,她创作出一系列高科技的艺术作品-一个会发邮件的打字机,一个让你在屏幕上消失而跟踪拍摄你的摄像机-这些让寻常事物充满了趣味和互动性。201404/291681。

A hundred years ago, there were one and a half billion people on Earth.100年前,地球上生活着15亿人Now, over six billion crowd our fragile planet.如今,已有超过60亿人拥挤在我们这颗脆弱的星球上But even so, there are still places barely touched by humanity.尽管如此,地球上仍有一些人类极少涉足的地方This series will take to the last wildernesses这部专题片将把你带到最后的蛮荒之地and show you the planet and its wildlife as you have never seen them before.展示这个星球的风貌和你以前从未见过的野生动物Imagine our world without sun.想象一下一个没有太阳的世界Male Emperor Penguins are facing the nearest that exists on planet Earth - winter in Antarctica.雄皇帝企鹅正在挑战地球上最严酷的环境--南极洲的冬天Its continuously dark and temperatures drop to minus seventy degrees centigrade.黑夜漫无休止,气温下降到零下70℃The penguins stay when all other creatures have fled because each guards a treasure:其它动物早已逃离,只有企鹅留了下来,因为每只企鹅都护卫着一件宝贝a single egg rested on the top of its feet and kept warm beneath the downy bulge of its stomach.一颗躺在它们脚背上的蛋,依靠耷拉下来的肚皮上的绒毛保持温暖There is no food and no water for them, and they will not see the sun again for four months.它们没有食物,也没有水,而且整整4个月见不到太阳Surely no greater ordeal is faced by any animal.这绝对是动物们经受过的最严酷的考验As the sun departs from the Antarctic, it lightens the skies in the far north.太阳已远离南极,照耀在遥远的北方天空201409/327252。

Want to improve your concentration? Need some tips on focusing and concentrating on tasks? In this film leading brain guru Tony Buzan will share his advice on how to concentrate.想要提高注意力?需要一些建议来集中精力完成任务?在这段视频中,权威大脑专家Tony Buzan将和大家分享一些集中注意力的建议。Step 1: The Problem With Concentration1.难以集中精力Most people believe they have a problem with concentration. In fact, they are concentrating most of the time, except theyre concentrating on the wrong thing. This is why we need to train the mind to focus - to keep concentrating on one thing.大部分人认为他们很难集中注意力。实际上,他们大部分时候都是精力集中的,不过都是集中在错误的事情上。所以我们需要训练怎样将注意力集中在一件事情上。Step 2: Mental Fitness2.精神健康If your brain is kept mentally fit, your concentration will improve as a result. Exercise the brain with things like chess, bridge, crosswords, sudoku and other puzzles.如果能保精神健康,那么注意力自然就会提高。利用象棋,桥牌,纵横字谜,数独和其他智力测验来锻炼大脑。Step 3: Be a Solution Finder3.寻找解决方法The brain is often described as a problem solver. This is actually a negative way of looking at it, because when we think about problems the whole time, our concentration becomes dissipated. Rather than thinking in terms of problems try to think in terms of solutions. Thinking of the brain as a solution finder is much more positive, and will help with concentration.大脑通常被描述为“解决问题高手”。这实际上是理解大脑的消极方法,因为当我们一直想着问题的时候,我们的注意力会慢慢分散。不要总是想着“问题”,多想想“解决方法”。将大脑视为“解决方法发掘者”则更加积极,可以帮助你提高注意力。Thanks for watching How To Concentrate.感谢收看“如何集中注意力”视频节目。视频听力由。201401/271525。

贫血症是在分娩时导致死亡的一个重要——但是完全可以阻止的——原因,不过传统的检测手段既会造成伤口也很缓慢。在这个诙谐机智且鼓舞人心的演讲中,TED Fellow麦世肯·英格威尔描述了他和他的团队怎样在(三十二次失败之后)终于发明出了一种简单便携且成本低廉的血液检测仪器,无需弄破皮肤即可检验贫血症。201405/294889。

The relationship between the Chinese people and their environment appears to be out of balance.中国人和周围的环境似乎失去了平衡。But if we dig a little bit deeper, there are some surprising and intimate connections even today.如果我们再深究一下,就会发现即使在今天,仍然有着令人惊奇的密切联系。Clues to the nature of these links can be found in everyday life, even in the centre of Chinas capital city.那些与自然联系的线索,即使在中国首都的中心,也可以从日常生活中发现。 注:视频如无法播放,请刷新 /201408/324280。

I need you to sign this.It legally preserves your visitation rights.你得签这个。从法律意义上讲它可以保你的探视权I dont want them. Lisa Brennan is not my child.The courts disagree.我不需要 丽莎 布热南不是我的孩子。法庭不这么认为Chris-Ann is a lunatic. Its impossible.At the very least, improbable.她跟很多人乱搞 孩子肯定不是我的,至少不太可能是我的You knew going into this the paternity test could prove that you were the father.你知道做个亲子鉴定,就能知道你是不是亲生父亲There are 24 million people in California.That test has a five percent margin of error.Thats 1.2 million people that could be the father of that child.And its not me.加州有2千4百万人口,亲子鉴定有5%的测试误差,因此120万人都有可能是那个孩子的爸爸,而且我不是孩子的爸爸。You dont need to convince me. But you do need to sign this.你说我也没用 关键是你得签这个名Miss Brennan is entitled to your child support布热南要求你付赡养费regardless of whether you sign it or not.不管你签不签这个字都一样Do you really want to give up the rights to see your...你真的要放弃你的探视...To see her child in the future?I dont have time.Not now.Steven, as a father, I implore you to sign this.Regardless of whether you think Lisa is your daughter or not.她的女儿的权利?我没时间。现在不行。史蒂夫 身为人父 我拜托你签一下字,不管你认不认丽莎是你女儿Theres no risk in signing.Only the regret if you dont.签字没有风险。不签 你倒是有可能后悔 /201406/308639。