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上海玫瑰整形美容医院激光祛痣多少钱上海妇幼保健医院做丰胸手术多少钱More than 50 years after its publication, Hannah Arendt’s “Eichmann in Jerusalem” remains enduringly controversial, racking up a long list of critics who continue to pick apart her depiction of the Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann as an exemplar of “the banality of evil,” a bloodless, nearly mindless bureaucrat who “never realized what he was doing.”汉娜·阿伦特(Hannah Arendt)的《耶路撒冷的艾希曼》(Eichmann in Jerusalem)出版50多年来仍具有争议,许多批评者猛烈抨击她对纳粹战犯阿道夫·艾希曼(Adolf Eichmann)的描述,她说他是“平庸的恶”的典型代表,是一个没有感情的、几乎没有思想的官员,“从未意识到自己做了些什么”。Bettina Stangneth, the author of “Eichmann Before Jerusalem: The Unexamined Life of a Mass Murderer,” published in an English translation this week by Alfred A. Knopf, didn’t aim to join those critics. An independent philosopher based in Hamburg, she was interested in the nature of lies, and set out around 2000 to write a study of Eichmann, the Third Reich’s head of Jewish affairs, who was tried in Israel in 1961, in light of material that has emerged in recent decades.这个星期,阿尔弗雷德·A·克诺夫(Alfred A. Knopf)出版社出版了《耶路撒冷之前的艾希曼:大屠杀者未被仔细审视的人生》(Eichmann Before Jerusalem: The Unexamined Life of a Mass Murderer)的英译本。该书作者贝蒂娜·斯坦尼思(Bettina Stangneth)无意加入那些批评家的行列。斯坦尼思是汉堡的一位独立哲学家,她感兴趣的是谎言的本质。2000年左右,根据近几十年出现的资料,她开始撰写关于1961年在以色列接受审判的艾希曼的著作,艾希曼是第三帝国犹太事务主管。Then, while ing through the voluminous memoirs and other testimony Eichmann produced while in hiding in Argentina after the war, Ms. Stangneth came across a long note he wrote, dismissing the moral philosophy of Immanuel Kant, that flew in the face of Arendt’s notion of Eichmann’s “inability to think.”艾希曼战后在阿根廷藏身时写了大量回忆录和其他文件。斯坦尼思在通读这些资料时发现了他写的一大段笔记,这段笔记驳斥了伊曼努尔·康德(Immanuel Kant)的道德哲学,与阿伦特所谓的“没有思考能力”的艾希曼形象截然相反。“I sat at my desk for three days, thinking about it,” Ms. Stangneth said in a telephone interview from her home. “I was totally shocked. I could not believe this man was able to write something like this.”“我在书桌前坐了三天,思考这个问题,”斯坦尼思在家中接受电话采访时说,“我完全震惊了。我简直不能相信这个人能写出这样的东西。”Ms. Stangneth’s book cites that document and a mountain of others to offer what some scholars say is the most definitive case yet that Eichmann, who was hanged in 1962, wasn’t the order-following functionary he claimed to be at his trial, but a fanatically dedicated National Socialist.斯坦尼思在书中引用了那个文件以及其他大量资料,明了一些学者们心目中最为关键的一点:1962年被绞刑处死的艾希曼绝不像他自己在审讯中所声称的那样,只是一名从命令的公务员,而是一个狂热献身纳粹事业的纳粹党人。If previous researchers have seriously dented Arendt’s case, Ms. Stangneth “shatters” it, said Deborah E. Lipstadt, a historian at Emory University and the author of a 2011 book about the Eichmann trial.埃默里大学的历史学家黛拉·E·利普斯塔特(Deborah E. Lipstadt)说,如果说之前的研究者们严重削弱了阿伦特的论据,那么斯坦尼思“粉碎”了它。利普斯塔特2011年出版了一本关于艾希曼审判的书。The facts about Eichmann in Argentina have been dribbling out, “but she really puts flesh on the bones,” Dr. Lipstadt said. “This was not a guy who just happened to do a dirty job, but someone who played a crucial role and did it with wholehearted commitment.”利普斯塔特士说,艾希曼在阿根廷的一些真相已经陆续传开了,“但她写得生动具体”,“这家伙不是碰巧干了一份肮脏的工作,而是在其中扮演重要角色,全身心投入”。While Ms. Stangneth maintains that Arendt, who died in 1975, was fooled by Eichmann’s performance on the stand, she sees her less as a foil than as an indispensable intellectual companion.斯坦尼思认为阿伦特是被艾希曼在法庭上的表演愚弄了,但她不认为阿伦特不重要,而认为她是个不可或缺的智慧伙伴。阿伦特于1975年去世。“It wasn’t my plan to write a historian’s book, just arguing against Arendt with historical facts,” Ms. Stangneth said. “To understand someone like Eichmann, you have to sit down and think with him. And that’s a philosopher’s job.”“我没打算从历史学家的角度写一本书,只是想用史实与阿伦特辩论,”斯坦尼思说,“想了解艾希曼这样的人,你必须坐下来,从他的角度思考。那是哲学家的工作。”“Eichmann Before Jerusalem,” based on research in more than 30 archives, certainly contains plenty of eye-opening facts, including the revelation that in 1956 Eichmann had drafted an open letter to the West German chancellor, Konrad Adenauer — discovered by Ms. Stangneth in a trove of Eichmann’s papers held in German state archives — proposing that he return to his homeland to stand trial.《耶路撒冷之前的艾希曼》是在研究了30多个档案馆的资料后撰写的,其中当然有很多令人瞠目的事实,比如,1956年艾希曼曾起草过一份致西德总理康拉德·阿登纳(Konrad Adenauer)的公开信,提议让自己回国受审。那封信是斯坦尼思在德国国家档案馆保存的艾希曼文件里找到的。Ms. Stangneth also describes the sometimes surprisingly open postwar networks that protected Eichmann, as well as the reluctance of West German officials — who knew where Eichmann was as early as 1952, according to classified documents published in 2011 by the German tabloid Bild — to bring him and other former Nazis to justice.斯坦尼思还提到,战后情报关系网的公开程度有时令人惊讶,这保护了艾希曼;西德官员不太愿意将艾希曼和其他前纳粹分子绳之以法。根据德国小报《图片报》(Bild)2011年公布的机密文件,西德官员早在1952年就知道艾希曼的藏身之处。Such revelations drew headlines when Ms. Stangneth’s book appeared in Germany in 2011, the 50th anniversary of the Eichmann trial, contributing to renewed debate about whether Germany’s postwar government had made a complete break with the past. (The full 3,400-page file on Eichmann held by the German intelligence service, the BND, has yet to be declassified.)2011年是艾希曼审判50周年,斯坦尼思的书也于这一年在德国出版,她揭露出来的这些事很快成为报纸头条,再次引发关于战后德国政府是否与过去一刀两断的争论(德国情报机构联邦情报局[BND]仍未公布关于艾希曼的3400页的完整文件)。But the core of “Eichmann Before Jerusalem,” which was translated into English by Ruth Martin, is a detailed portrait of Eichmann and the circle of former Nazis and Nazi sympathizers surrounding him in Argentina, based largely on materials previously available to scholars but never, Ms. Stangneth said, fully or systematically mined.但是《耶路撒冷之前的艾希曼》(英译者露丝·马丁[Ruth Martin])的核心是详细描述艾希曼在阿根廷时的情况,以及当时围绕在他身边的前纳粹分子和纳粹持者。它的主要依据是学者们之前就能看到,但是(据斯坦尼思说)从未被完整或系统挖掘过的资料。“We waste a lot of time waiting for spectacular new material,” she said. “We haven’t sat down and taken a very close look at the material we have.”“我们浪费很多时间等待惊人的新资料,”她说,“而没有坐下来仔细查看已有的资料。”That material forms a veritable mountain. Eichmann’s testimony in Jerusalem runs to thousands of pages of transcripts, notes and handwritten texts, including a 1,200-page memoir he produced after the trial.那些材料真的能够堆积成山。艾希曼在耶路撒冷的词包括成千上万页笔录、笔记和手写文本,包括他在审判后写的1200页的回忆录。Ms. Stangneth, building on the work of others, has also pieced together the so-called Argentina Papers, a tangle of more than 1,300 pages of handwritten memoirs, notes and transcripts of secret interviews of Eichmann in 1957 by Willem Sassen, a Dutch journalist and former Nazi living in Buenos Aires.斯坦尼思以他人的研究为基础,同时也把所谓的阿根廷文件拼凑到了一起,它包括1300多页手写回忆录、笔记以及住在布宜诺斯艾利斯的荷兰记者、前纳粹分子威廉·扎森(Willem Sassen)1957年对艾希曼的秘密采访的笔录。The Sassen transcripts, scattered across three German archives in incomplete and confusingly paginated copies, have long been known to scholars, and small portions were submitted as evidence in Eichmann’s trial, where he dismissed them as loose “pub talk.” (Two brief, edited excerpts also ran in Life magazine.)扎森的笔录分散存放在德国的三个档案馆,残缺不全,页码混乱。学者们很早之前就知道这些笔录,其中一小部分作为据被提交到艾希曼的审判中,他把那些笔录斥为不可靠的“酒吧胡言”(其中两段经过编辑的剪短节选曾刊登在《生活》[Life]杂志上)。Ms. Stangneth uncovered hundreds of pages of previously unknown transcripts in mislabeled files. She also found evidence that the Sassen circle included more people than scholars had previously recognized, among them Ludolf von Alvensleben, former adjutant to Heinrich Himmler, whose participation in some of the interviews, she said, had gone undetected.斯坦尼思在贴错标签的文档中发现了几百页之前不为人知的笔录。她还发现有些学者也在扎森的圈子里,而之前人们并不知道,比如海因里希·希姆莱(Heinrich Himmler)的前助手鲁道夫·冯·阿尔文斯莱本(Ludolf von Alvensleben)。斯坦尼思说,之前人们没有察觉他也参与了其中一些采访。Together, in Ms. Stangneth’s depiction, these men formed a kind of perverse book club, meeting almost weekly at Sassen’s home to work through the emerging public narrative of the Holocaust, discussing every volume and article they could get their hands on, including ones by “enemy” authors. Their goal was to provide material for a book that would expose the Holocaust as a Jewish exaggeration — “the lie of the six million,” as one postwar Nazi publication in Argentina put it. But Eichmann had another, contradictory goal: to claim his place in history.根据斯坦尼思的描述,这些人组成了一种堕落的读书俱乐部,几乎每周都在扎森的家中会面,阅读公众对犹太大屠杀的最新描述,讨论他们能找到的每一本书和每一篇文章,包括“敌方”作者所写的内容。他们的目标是收集资料,写一本书,揭露大屠杀是犹太人的夸张,是“600万人的谎言”(阿根廷一本战后纳粹出版物的说法)。但是艾希曼有另一个相反的目标:确立他在历史上的地位。The facts and figures confirming the scale of the slaughter piled up as Eichmann recounted the rigors of what he called (without irony, Ms. Stangneth notes) his “killer of a job.” Ms. Stangneth es a long Eichmann tirade on his “duty to our blood” — “If 10.3 million of these enemies had been killed,” he declared of the Jews, “then we would have fulfilled our duty” — that left his sympathetic listeners unnerved.在艾希曼叙述自己所谓的“杀手工作”(斯坦尼思指出这绝不是讽刺)的严酷时,他也在提供无数能实屠杀规模的确凿事实。斯坦尼思引用了艾希曼描述自己“天生使命”的长文——“如果真有1030万敌人(他指的是犹太人)被杀,那我们也算完成了使命”——这让同情他的听众们感到不安。“I cannot tell you anything else, for it is the truth!” Eichmann said. “Why should I deny it?”“别的我无可奉告,因为这就是事实!”艾希曼说,“我为什么要否认它呢?”For the Sassen circle, Ms. Stangneth writes, this tirade marked the end of the fantasy that Eichmann would help them defend “pure National Socialism” against the slanderous charges of its enemies. For Eichmann, the Sassen conversations were good practice for Jerusalem, where his Israeli interrogator, Ms. Stangneth writes, noted his facility in answering historical questions, although in service of a very different image of himself.斯坦尼思写道,对扎森的圈子来说,这篇长文标志着幻想的破灭,他们不再指望艾希曼会帮助他们为“纯粹的纳粹主义”辩护,帮助他们否认敌人的诽谤中伤。对艾希曼来说,扎森的采访只是应对耶路撒冷的极佳演练。斯坦尼思写道,以色列审讯者发现艾希曼在回答史实问题时得心应手,不过这次是为了给自己塑造一个完全不同的形象。If Arendt, like many others, was taken in, some historians say, his performance still led her to valuable insights about the mentality of many of those who carried out the killing on the ground.有些史学家说,如果阿伦特像其他很多人那样被蒙骗了,那么他的表演仍让她洞察到很多当时在现场执行屠杀的人们的心态,这很有价值。“She had the right type but the wrong guy,” said the historian Christopher R. Browning, the author of “Ordinary Men,” an influential 1992 study of a German police battalion that killed tens of thousands of Jews in Poland. “There were all sorts of people like Eichmann was pretending to be, which is why his strategy worked.”“她说的那类人的确存在,但他不是那类人,”史学家克里斯托弗·R·布朗宁(Christopher R. Browning)说。他1992年的著作《普通人》(Ordinary Men)很有影响力,该书调查了波兰的一个德国警营,成千上万犹太人在这里被害。“艾希曼所假装的那种人的确存在,各种各样的人都是那样的。所以他的策略才能奏效。”Listening to Eichmann in Jerusalem, Arendt saw an “inability to think.” Listening to Eichmann before Jerusalem, Ms. Stangneth sees a master manipulator skilled at turning reason, that weapon of the enemy, against itself.听着艾希曼在耶路撒冷的陈述,阿伦特看到了一个“不能思考的”人。听着艾希曼在赴耶路撒冷之前的讲述,斯坦尼思看到了一个非常擅长操纵的大师,擅长让理性来反对它自身,而理性原本是敌人的武器。“As a philosopher, you want to protect thinking as something beautiful,” she said. “You don’t want to think that someone who is able to think does not also love it.”“作为一名哲学家,你想维护思考,认为它是一种美丽的东西,”她说,“你不愿认为一个有能力思考的人不喜欢思考。” /201409/329624上海市第九医院激光去斑多少钱 徐汇脸部去痣价格

上海华东医院双眼皮多少钱Die Organisation ;Islamischer Staat im Irak und in Syrien; (ISIS) geh#246;rt zu den radikalsten islamistischen Gruppen im Nahen Osten. Sie k#228;mpft für einen sunnitischen Gottesstaat im arabischen Raum. ISIS ging aus dem irakischen Widerstand der 2003 gegründeten Gruppe ;Tawhid und Dschihad; hervor, die sich gegen die US-Invasion im Irak wandte. Die Gruppe griff im Irak nicht nur US-Soldaten an, sondern verübte auch Selbstmordanschl#228;ge auf Schiiten und Christen im Land.伊斯兰国组织的全称是“在伊拉克及叙利亚的伊斯兰国”(ISIS),是中东地区极端伊斯兰武装中的一。他们的目标是在阿拉伯世界建立一个逊尼派神权国家。伊斯兰国的前身是2003年成立伊拉克抵抗军——“统一圣战者组织”,与入侵伊拉克的美军作战。但他们的攻击对象不仅于美军,同时也对国内的什叶派信徒及基督徒发动自杀式袭击。Erster Anführer war der für seine Grausamkeit berüchtigte Jordanier Abu Mussab Al-Sarkawi. Al-Sarkawi wurde 2006 von der US-Armee get#246;tet. Seither führen Iraker die Organisation. Seit Mai 2010 steht der Iraker Abu Bakr Al-Bagdadi an der Spitze der ISIS. Deren zweiter Name ;Islamischer Staat im Irak und der Levante; verdeutlicht den Anspruch, einen sunnitischen Gro#223;staat zwischen Mittelmeer und Euphrat zu errichten: Der Begriff Levante (;Sonnenaufgang;) bezieht sich auf das Hinterland der #246;stlichen Mittelmeerküste.该组织的第一任首领是臭名昭著的杀人狂约旦人阿布·穆萨布·阿尔·扎卡维。自从扎卡维于2006年被美军击毙后,该组织就一直由伊拉克人领导。从2010年10月起,伊拉克人阿布·伯克尔·阿尔·巴达迪成为了伊斯兰国的头号人物。这个组织的另一个名字是“在伊拉克及黎凡特的伊斯兰国”,这个名称清晰地表示他们要建立一个横跨地中海和幼发拉底河的巨大的逊尼派国家。黎凡特(日出之地)指的是地中海东岸的腹地。An Macht gewann die ISIS, als sie sich im Frühjahr 2013 in den syrischen Bürgerkrieg einmischte. Dort überwarf sie sich mit der aus syrischen Salafisten bestehenden Al-Nusra-Front, obwohl beide Gruppen damals dem Terrornetzwerk Al-Kaida nahestanden. Vor allem im Nordosten Syriens greift Isis syrisch-kurdische St#228;dte an und t#246;tet die Zivilbev#246;lkerung. Im Irak profitiert die ISIS vom Streit der von Schiiten dominierten irakischen Regierung unter Nuri Al-Maliki mit den sunnitischen Parteien des Landes.伊斯兰国与2013年初参与了叙利亚内战并赢得巨大的影响力。他们与叙利亚萨派武装“阿尔·努斯拉”阵线先合作后翻脸,尽管两者都和基地组织的恐怖网络关系密切。伊斯兰国首先在叙利亚东北部攻击库尔德人城市并屠杀平民。在伊拉克,由于马利基总理领导的什叶派政府和逊尼派政党的党争没完没了,伊斯兰国坐收渔翁之利。Durch Spenden finanziert伊斯兰国通过募捐获得资金ISIS finanziert sich vor allem durch Spenden aus den Golfstaaten Katar und Saudi-Arabien, aber auch durch Wegz#246;lle entlang der Grenzen zwischen Irak und Syrien. In den Reihen der Gruppe k#228;mpfen internationale Brigaden, darunter Muslime aus Nordafrika und den arabischen Golfstaaten sowie Konvertiten aus Europa und Nordamerika.伊斯兰国的主要经济来源是来自海湾国家卡塔尔和沙特的募捐,同时他们也在伊拉克与叙利亚边境地区收过路费。在这个组织中还有一国际部队,由来自北非和阿拉伯海湾国家的穆斯林以及归化的欧洲人和北美人组成。 /201408/324382上海激光脱腿毛价格表 China has a growing number of Christians, and that#39;s causing increasing tensions with the officially atheistic ruling Chinese Communist Party. China#39;s solution is if you can#39;t beat #39;em, co-opt them.中国的基督教徒越来越多,导致与无神论的GCD的关系越发的紧张。中国的解决方式是如果你无法打败它那就收编它。;Over the past decades, the Protestant churches in China have developed very quickly with the implementation of the country#39;s religious policy,; says Wang Zuoan, director of the State Administration for Religious Affairs, according to the state-run China Daily newspaper. ;The construction of Chinese Christian theology should adapt to China#39;s national condition and integrate with Chinese culture,; including its path of socialism.“过去几十年来,新教教会在中国宗教政策的实施下发展的非常快速,”国家宗教事务局长王作安说,《中国日报》报道。“中国基督教神学的构建应该适应中国的国情,并与中国文化融合,”包括其社会主义路线。Christians in China have to worship in state-approved and supervised churches, and official estimates number the country#39;s Protestant population at 23 million to 40 million, with 500,000 more baptized each year. Wang was speaking at an event in Shanghai to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the National Committee of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Churches in China. He didn#39;t address the estimated 12 million Catholics in China, about half of whom illegally follow the lead of the Roman Catholic Church while the other half worship in the officially sanctioned, Vatican-rejecting Catholic church.中国的基督教徒只能在国家批准和监管的教堂里祷告,官方估计中国新教徒数量在2300万到4000万,每年新增50万。王是在上海参加新教三自爱国教会全国委员会成立60周年纪念日上讲这番话的。他并没有提及在中国的预计的1200万天主教徒,其中大约一半非法的听从罗马天主教会的领导,其余一半则听从中国官方持的、梵蒂冈反对的天主教会的领导。Wang didn#39;t elaborate on this new ;Chinese Christian theology,; but the Three-Self Patriotic Movement#39;s Gu Mengfei explained that the year-old Chinese push to promote correct Christian theology encourages pastors and laypeople alike to extract moral teachings in line with Biblical times and with other religious faiths. ;This will encourage more believers to make contributions to the country#39;s harmonious social progress, cultural prosperity, and economic development,; Gu added.王并没有对这种新的“中国基督教神学”做过多的阐述,但是三自爱国教会的顾梦菲解释说,一年来,中国积极推进正确的基督教神学观,鼓励牧师和俗人吸收圣经时代的道德教化以及其他的宗教信仰。“这将鼓励更多的信教者为国家和谐的社会进步、文化繁荣和经济发展做出贡献,”顾说。 /201408/319876上海武警总医院修眉手术多少钱

虹口激光祛痘多少钱With her roommates out on a date, Meng Xiangying was alone in her dormitory on Sunday afternoon. At 3 pm the 22-year-old economics major at Lanzhou University took out a few snacks and started watching her favorite TV series.一个周日的下午,室友们都各自出去约会了,宿舍中只留下孟湘英(音译)一个人。下午三点,这位22岁,兰州大学经济系学生拿出几袋零食,开始追自己喜欢的电视剧。At the same time, Hu Yuntian at Nanjing Tech University started to watch the same , eating the same snacks. “It’s like we’re together,” says the 22-year-old. This is the couple’s way to bridge the distance.同一时间,南京理工大学学生胡云天(音译)也在追同一部剧,吃着同样的零食。22岁的他说:“就好像我们在一起一样。”这对异地情侣用这样的方式来缩短彼此间的距离。Long-distance relationships can be challenging, but like Meng and Hu, many college students find ways to make it work.尽管异地恋并不轻松,但像孟湘英和胡云天这样的大学生情侣们找到许多战胜距离的方法。He Yi, 22, is an English major at Tsinghua University. After being together with her boyfriend from Xi’an Electronic and Engineering University for three years, she concludes that their strategy is good communication. “We use WeChat and QQ every day to share our experiences and thoughts,” She says. “When we’re physically apart, it’s important to maintain an emotional bond.”22岁的清华大学英语系学生何怡(音译)和就读于西安电子科技大学的男友交往了三年的时间。她总结到,他们维持恋情的策略便是保持良好的沟通。“我们每天通过微信和QQ来分享各自的经历和想法,”她说,“分隔两地时,维系情感纽带变得十分重要。”Apart from daily communication, Ma Guixia loves to keep things special. Every now and then, the 21-year-old clinical medicine major student at Soochow University surprises her boyfriend by showing up at his university unannounced. “I want to keep our spark alive,” says Ma. “Besides, when I visit him, I can experience his life, which gives us something to share and talk about.”除了日常沟通意外,21岁的苏州大学临床医学系学生马桂霞(音译)还喜欢做一些特别的事。她会意外现身男友的大学,为他送上惊喜。“我想保持这份,”马桂霞说,“除此之外,我去探望他时还可以体验他的生活,这样我们边有共同话题可聊了。”Meng also benefits from such surprises. “I always remember how touched I was when my boyfriend sent me a wedding dress for my birthday,” she says. When she participated in a study exchange program in Italy, the good memories helped her get through the even longer distance and time difference.孟湘英也遭遇过这样甜蜜的惊喜。她说:“我永远都忘不了,收到男友送的婚纱作为生日礼物的自己当时有多么的感动。”当她在意大利参加交换生项目的那段时间里,这段美好的记忆帮助她克更远的距离,甚至是时差。But Liu Donghua, chief psychological consultant at an Anhui-based consulting company, believes that trust is the foundation of long-distance love. “Though frequent communication and special ways to express love can keep a long-distance relationship fresh, without setting the same goals and trusting each other, lovers can hardly be faithful and understandable to each other,” she says.而来自安徽某咨询公司的首席心理咨询师刘东华(音译)则认为信任是异地恋的基础。她说:“通过频繁沟通和用特别的方式来表达爱意可以保持异地恋的新鲜感。如果没有共同目标和信任,恋人们很难忠于并理解对方。”“One of my friends fought a lot with her boyfriend and they eventually broke up because they didn’t trust each other,” says Meng. “I don’t want that to happen to us, so I talked to Hu and we agreed on our long-term plans.”“我有一个朋友经常和男友吵架,最后因为缺乏信任而分手,” 孟湘英说,“我不想这样的事情发生在我们身上,所以经过一番交谈,我和男友制定了的长远计划。”They’ve decided to pursue master’s degrees in Beijing together, which will finally bring an end to their three-year long-distance relationship and mark the beginning of a closer one.这对情侣决定一起在北京读研,这就意味着他们即将为三年的异地恋画上句点了,并开始一段更为亲密的恋情。 /201403/280479 青浦区人民中医院减肥瘦身价格费用浦东新区妇幼保健医院激光点痣多少钱



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