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上海哪里可以纹眼线上海曙光医院东院治疗痘痘多少钱上海点痣 Air Canada flight 624 has crashed on a runway at Halifax Stanfield International Airport in Canada, the air line has confirmed. The plane reportedly hit power lines and sustained extensive damage upon crash- landing. No passengers were killed.加拿大航空飞24在加拿大的哈利法克斯国际机场冲出跑道,据称飞机是装上了电力线从而导致紧急降落,没有乘客死亡。Flight AC624 ;exited runway upon landing at Halifax,; Air Canada confirmed on Twitter. According to the airline, all passengers have deplaned and are being evacuated to the terminal. The number of people was r eported as 138, including 133 passengers and 5 crew members.航班AC624“在到达机场时冲出了跑道”加拿大航在推特上确认,根据航空公司说法,所有乘客都下飞机被疏散到了机场出口,据称机上有138人,133名乘客和5名机组人员;An air craft made a poor landing,; airport spokes man Peter Spur way was ed as saying by The Chroni cle Herald. The crash took place at 12:30 a.m. local time (4:30 a.m. G M T).机场发言人Peter Spurway说道,“飞机的着陆很糟糕”,这次事故发生在当地时2.30。No life- threatening injuries were reported from the scene, but many passengers sustained minor cuts and were in a state of shock.没有乘客有生命危险,但很多乘客都受了轻伤且受到了惊吓。Hospitals are expecting to receive up to 50 injured passengers for medical assistance, CBS News report ed. The airport spokes man said that between 23 passengers and crew members had been taken to the ho I by ambulance.医院将接收大0名受伤乘客进行治疗,CBS报道称,医院发言人称已经有大3名乘客被送往了医院。Stanfield has suspended all flights for at least a couple of hours until emergency services have dealt w ith the incident.哈利法克斯机场的所有航班都有不同延误,直到该事件紧急务结束。Spurway, the air port spokes man, said there was no immediate indication that bad weather was a factor in the incident. He added that it was a hard landing rather than a crash, as the plane appeared to have been under the pilots control during the entire landing.机场发言人Spurway说,没有据表明是天气原因导致了这次意外,Spurway称这可能是硬着陆的缘故,因为飞机在整个过程中都在机长的控制之下。来 /201503/367194The committees most recent report cites 220 officials for sundry misdeeds ranging from playing mah-jongg or gambling (six officials) to playing computer games at work (nine officials). 中共中央纪律检查委员会(简称:中纪委)监察部网站本月起设置了“违反中央八项规定精神案件每周通报”专栏,对各地区各部门查处的违反中央八项规定精神的案件,点名道姓公开曝光。The most common infraction, accounting for 44 cases, was abuse of business cars. One official in Shandong was warned after using a government car to pick up his daughter, while his boss was also called in for a meeting with the local Discipline Inspection Committee as punishment. 该网站最近通报20起典型案件涉及多个方面,甚至包括了上班时间打麻将起)、打游戏起)。In another case, the head of a local sanitation department in Jiangsu was criticized for drinking during the day. While eating lunch at a hotel in October, according to the report, he drank one glass of fiery baijiu liquor and three bottles of beer. A companion also had a beer, the report noted. 违反八项规定精神的典型案件中,最常见的是公车私用4起)。其中,山东一名公职人员因私驾公车接女儿,被给予党内警告处分,当地纪委对其领导进行约谈。Another nine individuals were also cited for drinking alcohol during the day. (The only surprising thing about those citations might be the fact that there are evidently party rules banning such daytime drinking in the first place.) 江苏通报的违反八项规定精神典型案件中,地方卫生院院长因午间饮酒被点名批评。他0月份一个工作日的午间应邀在某饭店吃饭,席间喝了一杯白酒三瓶啤酒。一位同行人员喝了一瓶啤酒。To date, such reports have covered 30 of Chinas 34 provinces and regions, with northeastern Heilongjiang province holding the record for most violations, with 40 in one week. 另有9起典型案件也是涉及午间饮酒问题。(这些典型案件中唯一令人惊奇的地方可能是原来午间饮酒是违反党内八项规定的。)The national Discipline Inspection Committee is also asking regular citizens to bust officials for rule-breaking behaviors. On a newly launched website, it encourages people to help the government ferret out wrongdoing that wears the cloak of invisibility, particularly those involving the Communist Partys Four Winds: formalism, bureaucracy, hedonism and waste. 到目前为止,这类通报已涉及中4个省区中0个,其中黑龙江省的违纪事件最多,一周达0起。On social media, reaction to such releases has been mixed, particularly with regard to certain infractions. 中纪委还号召普通民众举报官员违纪行为。在一个新开通的网站上,中纪委鼓励民众帮助政府发现“披着隐身衣”的违纪问题,特别是那些涉及“四风”的问题。所谓“四风”是指形式主义、官僚主义、享乐主义和奢靡之风。A head teacher at a primary school in Jiangsu was cited last week, for example, for inviting 40 tables worth of people to his sons wedding last September and taking monetary gifts amounting to 11,200 yuan (,800) from his colleagues during the event. Accepting red envelopes of cash at weddings is a traditional Chinese custom. 在社交媒体上,网民对此类违纪通报的反应不一,特别是对于某些违纪事件If youre a head teacher, you cant hold wedding for your son? Are 40 tables considered a lot if both the bride and groom are local? wrote one Sina Weibo user. 比如,上周的违纪通报称,江苏的一位小学校长去月份为儿子举办婚礼时宴请0桌客人,其间接受了同事赠送的总计人民.12万元(约,800美元)的礼金。在婚礼上接受红包礼金是中国的一项传统风俗They let the really big corrupt guys go, wrote another. All those in trouble are nobody. 一位新浪微Sina Weibo)网友写道:如果你是小学校长,你不能为儿子举办婚礼吗?该网友还写道,如果新郎、新娘都是本地人0桌宴席算多吗?来 /201404/288630上海市闵行区中医医院减肥瘦身多少钱

上海五官科医院激光祛痣多少钱上海手部脱毛 Answer by Michael Wolfe, startup founder初创公司创始人迈克尔·沃尔夫的回答This is extremely common, especially for entry-level jobs.这很常见,尤其是对于入门级工作而言If you join the military, civil service, police force, become a professor at many schools, etc you will be going into a job where the salary is pegged to the job, not the person. You will receive the same offer as everyone else.如果你去参军,成为公务员,当警察,或者做大学教授,这些工作的薪酬都是与岗位挂钩,与人无关。你会得到与其他人相同的条件。Many corporations are the same way. For example, I started my career at Goldman Sachs GS 0.77% . Every new college grad that year in my role received identical offers. Note that this is probably the best-paying corporation in the world, but for new grads, our entire program had identical comp.许多公司也是如此。例如,我的第一份工作是在高盛公司(Goldman Sachs)。当年与我从事相同职务的大学毕业生,都收到了完全一样的条件。虽然高盛可能是世界上薪酬最高的公司,但对于刚毕业的学生而言,我们整个项目团队都领取相同的薪酬。If it is a good offer, take it. If not, look elsewhere.如果条件不错,不妨接受它。否则,还是另谋高就吧。Answer by David S. Rose, entrepreneur, investor, mentor创业者、投资人、导师戴维oSo罗斯的回答First of all, get off your high horse. There is nothing “fairor “unfairabout a salary offer, nor is there any way it can be “insulting.It is simply an offer that you are free to accept or reject.首先,放下自己的架子。工资条件不存在“公平”或者“不公平”之说,也不可能带有“侮辱性”。这只是一份工作邀请,接受与否完全由你自己把握。If the company that is offering it says that it is non-negotiable, take them at face value because they’ve just made your life a lot easier. You now have a simple, binary decision: take the job with a good heart and a desire to excel at this entry-level job, or else politely decline it and keep on looking. No big deal and no need for drama. If the combination of job and salary is not right for you,that’s perfectly OK. So if they are not prepared to negotiate (which is not at all atypical for entry level jobs) just move on, and don’t burn any bridges with silly talk about “unfair and insulting.”如果提出条件的公司表示,工资没有商量余地,那就接受它,因为这些工资起码能让你的生活变得更轻松。很简单,你现在有两个选择:真诚地接受这份工作,努力在这个初级岗位上做到出类拔萃;或者礼貌地拒绝,然后继续求职。没什么大不了的,也没必要过于情绪化。如果工作和薪酬都不适合你,你完全可以拒绝。如果他们不准备讨论工资问题(这在初级工作岗位上很常见),那就继续寻找其他机会,但千万不要说“不公平和侮辱性”这些愚蠢的话,断了自己的后路。Answer by Gene Khalyapin, entrepreneur企业家吉尼o卡利亚平的回答Years ago I accepted a non-negotiable offer at half the going rate. Why? Because I had only ,000 and I absolutely had to find a way to survive in New York, plus experience working for that company was very valuable to me.几年前,我接受了一份薪酬不容商量的工作,而且我只要了一半的工资。为什么?因为我当时只,000美元,因此,必须想办法在纽约生存下去,而且在那家公司工作的经历,对我来说非常宝贵。It was tough but I made it work. My rent was 0 for a tiny room. My next job was well above the market rate and I did well in that great city. For every “unfairjob offer there may be somebody who would take that chance and make it a first step on the way to a brilliant career. And this is very fair. If you are not that “somebodythen this offer is not for you.虽然很难,但我还是坚持了下来。我租了一个小房间,租60美元。我第二份工作的薪酬远远高于市场水平,我在那个大城市里过得很奀?对于每一份“不公平”的工作邀请,可能会有些人希望抓住这次机会,把它作为开启辉煌事业的第一步。这是非常公平的。如果你不是我所说的“这些人”,那说明这样的工作不适合你。To answer your question as it is: it is absolutely fair to offer non-negotiable salary. Imagine you are offered double the regular rate and more than you expected but they don’t negotiate would it still be unfair?可以这样来回答你的问题:提供没有商量余地的工资,是绝对公平的。想象一下,假如对方提供了远远超出你预期的条件,比正常工资水平高出一倍,而且不容商量——这种条件是否依然不公平?Now, to answer the question that you actually meant to ask: yes, it is also fair to offer a very low salary. It’s a free market driven by supply and demand. You don’t like the salary? Move on! Either they will find somebody who accepts the offer or they will be forced to raise the offer. Your living situation and your rent payment is irrelevant.下面,按照你的本意来回答你的问题:没错,提供非常低的工资也是公平的。这是一个供需关系决定的自由市场。你不喜欢这样的工资?那就继续找其他机会!企业要么会找到愿意接受这种条件的人,要么不得不提高条件。你的生活状况和你要付的租金与此无关;换句话说,初级职位的工资由市场决定,而不是某个人。Answer by Jim Hopkinson, author of Salary Tutor, writer, speaker and teacher《薪酬谈判指南》(Salary Tutor)一书的作者,作家、演说家、教师吉姆o霍普金斯的回答What makes this question interesting is the use of the word “fair,which makes them seem as if they are angry or pouting over the situation. The answer to thatquestion is, it’s totally fair. Companies can handle their hiring however they want.这个问题有趣之处在于使用了“公平”这个词,让你看起来非常愤怒,或者对现状不满。对这个问题的回答是:绝对公平。公司可以按照自己的意愿进行招聘。Some publish salaries beforehand; others keep it secret; some leave room for negotiation. And as someone stated, it is a common practice in many educational institutions, the military and government.有些公司会提前公布薪酬;有些公司则会保密;也有公司会留出协商的余地。正如有的人所说的那样,在教育机构、军队和政府部门,固定工资是惯例。Additionally, the fact that the company is able to do this is probably because the job is in San Francisco, notin spite of it.此外,这家公司能够这么做,很可能就是因为工作地点在旧金山,而非像你所说的那样不顾这一事实。To be helpful, let’s change the question to: I’m interviewing for an entry-level position that says the salary is non-negotiable what’s the best way to handle the situation?我们不妨把问题修改一下:我参加了一个初级工作岗位的面试,雇主表示这份工作的工资没有商量余地——面对这种情况,最好的应对方式是什么?I’d say that if you’re just starting out in your career, there are other things that are more important than salary. Do you have a great boss that can serve as a mentor? Do you get along with your co-workers? Are you in a growing industry? Does it have a good work/life balance? Does it have a manageable commute? And most importantly, are you learning as much as possible and doing something you truly like doing? If it’s not your dream job, is it at least getting you one step closer on the path to your dream job?在我看来,如果你刚刚踏入职场,还有许多东西比工资更重要。你能否遇到一位可以作为导师的好上司?你能否和同事融洽相处?你是否进入一个蓬勃发展的行业?这份工作能否保工作与生活的平衡?公司的上下班时间是否可控?最重要的是,你能否学习足够多东西,是否在做自己喜欢的事情?如果这并非你梦想的工作,它是否至少能让你离自己梦想的工作更进一步?That being said, there are other things that you can try and negotiate, even if salary is locked in. Does the company give out signing bonuses? Can you get an extra week vacation? Can you asked to be put on a certain project? Can you attend industry events? Can you expense training that will help further your career, etc 总之,即便公司给出了固定工资,你还有其他内容可以试着与对方协商。公司是否会提供签约奖金?你能否多获得一周假期?你能否要求参加某个项目?你能否参加行业活动?你能否参加有利于个人职业发展的培训?If you’re just starting out in the working world, you don’t have as much leverage as someone with more experience, so you’ll need to approach this in the proper way. However, even if you ask and don’t receive a single thing in return, you’ll be practicing a skill that will be valuable many times over down the line.如果你刚刚踏入职场,你的影响力比不过更有经验的人,所以你需要找到与雇主打交道的恰当方式。然而,即便你提出要求但没有得到任何回报,至少你锻炼了一项对未来职业发展非常宝贵的技胀?Answer by Dan Ogden, recruiter招聘官丹o奥格登的回答How fair is it to have a budget for anything?给每一件事设定预算公平吗?You know how one might, say, wait until something they like goes on sale before they buy it because they simply will not pay full price for it? Is that unfair?你知道,有的人可能会一直等到自己喜欢的商品打折,才会买下来,因为他们不愿意全价购买。这公平吗?We can’t all live in a penthouse, so we choose our housing according to what we are willing and able to pay for it.我们不可能全都住在顶层公寓里,所以我们会根据自己的意愿和付能力选择住房。A company (which could just as easily be a single person rather than a faceless entity made up of thousands) can make the same choice with their potential hires. They have a budget, and they stick to it. Time will tell if they are making the best decision for them.公司(更像是一个人,而不是由数千个人组成的匿名实在招聘时,也可以做出同样的选择。公司有预算,而且必须严格遵照预算。时间会明,他们是否正在做最好的决定。And you, as a potential employee, can make the decision to accept it or not.而作为一名潜在员工,你可以决定是否接受。As far as being “fair,who says anything in life is fair? An employer is not your parents; they are a business. They will do what they feel is best for them; keeping you happy is incidental at best.至于说“公平”,谁敢说生活中事事都公平呢?雇主不是你的父母;他们是一家公司。他们会做感觉对自己最有利的事情;让你心满意足充其量就是个偶然事件。Walk away from it if you think it’s unfair, but you are destined for disappointment if you are expecting other potential employers to treat you the way you think you should be treated.如果你认为这不公平,放弃它便是,但如果你指望其他潜在雇主会按你想象的那样对待你,那你注定会失望。来 /201407/315224上海市中西医结合医院去痘印多少钱

上海瑞兰玻尿酸哪家医院好一支Close to 50 heads of state are gathering in Washington for this week’s US-Africa Leaders Summit on the theme of “Investing in the Next Generation Among those being feted by American politicians, businesses and investors will be a handful of older strongmen, including the world’s longest-serving non-royal head of state, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, president of Equatorial Guinea.0位国家元首正齐聚华盛顿,参加本周举行的美非洲领导人峰会。此次峰会的主题是“投资于下一代Investing in the Next Generation)。在美国政治人士、企业和投资者宴请的嘉宾中,将出现几位年龄较大的政治强人,包括全球执政时间最长的非皇室国家元首——赤道几内亚总统特奥多罗#8226;奥比#8226;恩圭#8226;姆巴索戈(Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo)。The US has a history of courting many African strongmen, memorably Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, Libya’s Muammer Gaddafi, Charles Taylor of Liberia and Zaire’s Mobutu Sese Seko. It is impossible to find an instance where turning a blind eye to corruption and human rights abuses has paid off for the US or Africa in the long run.美国有着向非洲铁腕人物献殷勤的历史,这些铁腕人物中让人印象最深刻的有埃及的胡斯尼#8226;穆巴拉克(Hosni Mubarak)、利比亚的穆阿迈#8226;卡扎Muammer Gaddafi)以及扎伊尔的蒙#8226;塞塞#8226;塞科(Mobutu Sese Seko)。但没有任何据能显示,美国对非洲国家的腐败和侵犯人权现象保持漠视,在长期有利于美国或非洲。While Mr Obiang is in Washington, back home they commemorate the anniversary of the coup that brought him to power. In August 1979, he seized control from his uncle and mentor, President Francisco Macías Nguema, who used to hang dissidents from the capital’s few street lamps. A month later, he had Macías executed by firing squad.尽管奥比昂现在身在华盛顿,但在他的祖国,人们正在纪念当年那场让他上台的军事政变979月,他从他的叔叔以及导师弗朗西斯#8226;马西#8226;恩圭马总统(Francisco Macias Nguema)手中夺取了政权。马西埃曾将持不同政见者吊死在该国首都为数不多的街灯下。一个月后,马西埃被行刑队处决。How does one man manage to stay in power for so long, winning elections with up to 99 per cent of the vote, as his party has done between 1983 and 2013?但之后,奥比昂何以能在赤道几内亚掌权这么长时间,而他的政党又何以能在1983年至2013年都以最高达99%的得票率赢得大选?In the mid-1990s oil was discovered off the west African country’s coast; today it is the third-largest producer of oil and gas in sub-Saharan Africa. Exact figures are hard to find (classified a “state secret but the US Energy Information Administration puts oil production at about 318,000 barrels a day, an estimate many consider conservative. Even that would sell for billions of dollars a year.上世0年代中期,这个西非国家在海上发现了石油;如今,该国已成为非洲撒哈拉沙漠以南地区第三大油气生产囀?确切的数据很难找到(这些被列为“国家机密”),但美国能源情报Energy Information Administration)估计,该国石油日产量1.8万桶左右,很多人认为这一估计较为保守。即便是这一数字每年也能带来数十亿美元的收入。Such great sovereign wealth has funded lavish purchases by the Obiang family, including a fleet of Ferraris, Rolls-Royces and Lamborghinis and a couple of private jets. Mr Obiang’s son and presumptive heir, Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, known as Teodorín, has amassed one of the world’s finest collections of Michael Jackson memorabilia, including the red and black “Thriller jacketand Jackson’s crystal-studded “Bad Tourglove. He is also the focus of a corruption investigation in France, which has seized his 101-room Paris mansion, a collection of cars and other luxury assets. He has repeatedly denied the allegations.如此巨额的主权财富为奥比昂家族的奢华生活提供了资金。他的家族拥有一个由法拉Ferraris)、劳斯莱Rolls-Royces)和兰基Lamborghinis)组成的车队以及数架私人飞机。奥比昂的儿子、看上去将继承父业的特奥多罗#8226;恩圭#8226;奥比#8226;曼格(Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue,人称特奥多Teodorin))收藏了一些全球最顶级的迈克尔#8226;杰克Michael Jackson)纪念品,包括一件红黑两色的“颤Thriller)夹克”以及杰克逊在“Bad Tour”巡演中戴过的镶有水晶的手套。他还是法国一桩腐败调查的焦点,法国查封了他位于巴黎的拥有101个间房的豪宅、一批豪车以及其他奢侈品。不过他多次否认这些指控。Meanwhile the average income for citizens is about a day. Life expectancy is about 53 years. Clean water is scarce and child mortality rates are high. Mr Obiang has said corruption is impossible since he personally controls all financial transactions; yet in 2013 the country ranked 163 out of 177 on Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index.与此同时,赤道几内亚国民的平均收入为每日2美元左右。预期寿命大约为53岁。洁净水资源短缺,儿童死亡率高。奥比昂曾表示,不可能有腐败,因为他个人控制着所有金融交易;然013年,在透明国际(Transparency International)“清廉指数Corruption Perceptions Index)排行榜上,该国在177个国家中排名63位。In Washington, Mr Obiang and his fellow heads of state will meet members of the US government and investors interested in profiting from Africa’s economic boom. He will be guest of honour at a dinner hosted by the Corporate Council on Africa, also co-sponsor of an Equatorial Guinea Economic Forum this week. Success is likely to be measured by the value of contacts made and contracts signed. Mention is unlikely to be made of last week’s Human Rights Watch report, “Equatorial Guinea: Halt Prisoner Torture which details human rights abuses.在华盛顿,奥比昂及其他非洲国家元首将与美国政府官员和有意从非洲经济繁荣中获利的投资者会晤。他将是美国非洲企业理事Corporate Council on Africa)举办的晚宴的贵宾,该理事会也是本周举行的赤道几内亚经济论Equatorial Guinea Economic Forum)的联合发起人之一。他的美国之行是否成功,很可能会以他结交的人脉的价值和签署的合同来衡量。而上周人权观察组Human Rights Watch)发布的报告《赤道几内亚:停止虐囚Equatorial Guinea: Halt Prisoner Torture),则不太可能被人提及,该报告详述了赤道几内亚侵犯人权现象。There are several basic economic reforms the US government and private sector could take to help improve the situation for citizens. The US should end the system of anonymous corporations that enabled Mr Obiang’s son and lawyers allegedly to launder more than 0m of sovereign wealth into the US.美国政府和私人部门可以通过数项基本经济改革来帮助改善该国公民境况。美国应该结束匿名企业制度。这一制度,使得奥比昂的儿子和律师能够将亿美元的国家财富洗白转入美国。As part of the Dodd-Frank financial reform act, the Securities and Exchange Commission should issue disclosure rules requiring oil, gas and mining companies to publicly reveal how much they pay governments for each project, allowing citizens to see how much is retained by those in power.作为多德-弗兰Dodd-Frank)金融改革法的一部分,美国交会(SEC)应该制定披露规则,要求石油、天然气和矿业公司公开披露它们为每个项目向非洲国家政府付的资金,从而让这些国家的公民能够知道当权者从中克扣的资金数目。In addition global actors, led by African heads of state, must pursue human rights abuses and back measures such as the creation of an independent media and electoral reform, which would help reformers in the country.此外,非洲各国元首应当牵头全球领导人们,追查赤道几内亚的侵犯人权行为,帮助建立独立媒体和推动选举改革,声援这个国家中的改革派。Presidential elections are due in 2016, yet there is good reason to believe Mr Obiang will hold them in 2015 to thwart attempts to send independent election monitoring teams. The world should commit itself to brokering negotiations between the regime and the opposition, and supporting local election-monitoring efforts. It could suggest to Mr Obiang, as US Secretary of State John Kerry recently did to Democratic Republic of Congo’s President Joseph Kabila, that he does not seek re-election.赤道几内亚本该在2016年举行总统大选,然而,有充分据显示奥比昂将在2015年举行大选,以阻碍国际社会派遣独立选举监督团的努力。国际社会应该致力于撮合该国政府和反对派之间的谈判,并持当地的选举监督努力。国际社会还可以建议奥比昂不要寻求连任,正如美国国务卿约#8226;克里(John Kerry)最近向民主刚果共和国总统约瑟#8226;卡比Joseph Kabila)建议的那样。In , on his first presidential visit to the continent, Mr Obama declared: “Africa doesn’t need strongmen; it needs strong institutions.009年,奥巴马就任美国总统以来首次访问非洲时宣布:“非洲不需要铁腕人物,它需要强大的机制。”This is truer than ever. And yet instead of pressing for an end to corruption and torture, the US, along with the African Union, continues to wine and dine Mr Obiang, happy to deal with the strongman in return for oil.这句话比以往任何时候都正确。然而,美国却和非洲联盟(African Union)一起,继续在酒宴上款待奥比昂,并乐于与这位强人打交道以换取石油,而不是推动结束腐败和酷刑。来 /201408/319008 One of the most influential users of Chinas top micro-blogging platform appears to have returned to the site seeking forgiveness, after having been detained on charges of soliciting a prostitute in an arrest that signaled the start of what is widely seen as a government offensive to reassert its control online. 中国最大微平台最有影响力的用户之一似乎已经回归微,寻求人们的谅解。之前他因涉嫌嫖娼被拘捕。人们普遍认为这起事件标志着政府在互联网管控战役中吹响了新的号角。Messages posted on Saturday were the first in nearly eight months from the account of Charles Xue, an American venture capitalist whose remarks on Weibo were once a must- for millions of Chinese social media users. They came three days after Mr. Xue was released on bail for unspecified health reasons. Mr. Xue is a U.S. citizen who was born and works in China. 美国风险资本家薛蛮子(Charles Xue)的微账户上周六发布了近八个月以来的首批信息。他在微上的言论曾经是中国数百万社交媒体用户必读的内容。三天前,薛蛮子因为未详细说明的健康原因获得保释。薛蛮子是美国公民,出生于中国并在中国工作Through my lack of self-discipline and mistakes, Ive brought irreparable harm to my family, and for this I apologize sincerely to my wife and family members, said the first of a series of messages on Saturday afternoon from the account of Mr. Xue, whose legal name is Xue Biqun. He uses the handle Xue Manzi online. At the same time, I bow earnestly and sincerely in the direction of my followers. Im sorry. The old man disappointed you, said another. 薛蛮子上周六下午发布了多条信息,其中的第一条中说,“因为我的不自律和过错,给我的家人带来了无可弥补的创伤,在此我真心向妻子家人道歉。”另一条信息说,“同时我也诚心诚意给我的粉丝盆友们鞠个躬,说一声对不起,老汉辜负你们了。”薛蛮子真名薛必群。The posts capped an extended period of Beijings public humiliation of Mr. Xue. Since shortly after being detained, the investor was branded as morally degenerate by state media and shown handcuffed on national television confessing to being reckless online, in what some Weibo watchers described as a 21 century version of a Cultural-Revolution struggle session. 这些文是北京公开羞辱薛蛮子的延续。在薛蛮子被捕后不久,中国官方媒体给他打上道德腐化的标签。在政府公布的视频中,薛蛮子戴着手铐,承认自己在网络上草率地转发。一些微观察人士称,这形同“文革游街示众1世纪版。Mr. Xue couldnt be reached for comment. His family and friends have declined to comment or disclose his current contact information. 记者未能立即联络到薛蛮子置评。他的家人和朋友不愿发表,也不愿披露薛蛮子目前的联系方式。The white-bearded investor was among the biggest of Weibos so-called Big Vs--influential users with verified accounts--who at one point boasted more than 12 million followers. He currently has 11.5 million. Politically liberal, he was sometimes critical of the government. And thanks to his following, Mr. Xue was capable of drawing massive attention to stories that cast authorities in an unfavorable light. 胡须斑白的薛蛮子是新浪微“大V”(拥有众多粉丝、影响较大的认微账户)之一。他的微账户一度拥有,200万粉丝,目前拥有,150万粉丝。薛蛮子是自由派人士,他有时会在微上批评政府。由于粉丝众多,薛蛮子在微上的使那些对政府形象造成负面影响的报道受到了广泛的关注。It isnt clear whether Mr. Xue has stood trial on the solicitation charges or whether he might face trial on those or other charges in the future. Typically, people released on bail are given freedom on the condition that they continue to behave in ways the authorities find acceptable. 尚不清楚薛蛮子是否已经因被控滋事受审,也不清楚未来他是否可能因涉嫌这一罪名或其他罪名受审。一般来说,取保候审的犯罪嫌疑人被暂时解除羁押,前提是保随传随到。On Thursday, the Peoples Daily published a confession under Mr. Xues name in which the 61-year-old apologized for sping unverified rumors. 上周四,《人民日报》发表了署名薛蛮子的悔过书,61岁的薛蛮子就散布未经实的谣言进行道歉As a Big V when I reposted items about Chinas tap water being contaminated with contraceptives, mercury in the fish in Zhoushan, etc., it caused serious damage to society, the Peoples Daily confession said, urging other verified Weibo users to think of their social responsibility before every post. For me to be punished by the law I think is entirely appropriate. 《人民日报》刊登的薛蛮子悔过书称:“作为一个网络大V,我当年转发了关于自来水含避药、舟山渔场含汞等微,造成了很严重的社会危害。”他还敦促其他微认用户每发一条微,都要考虑肩负的社会责任。他说:“我受到法律的惩罚,我认为这是完全应当的。”Pleading for clemency, he also reportedly apologized for his offline behavior. Group sex and soliciting prostitutes and are both repulsive things, and for me theyre also a little difficult to talk about, the article cited him as writing. For this ugliness, Ive aly paid an enormous price. 薛蛮子还对线下的行为表示歉意,并恳请得到从宽处理。他在悔过书中称:“不管是聚众淫乱,还是卖淫嫖娼,都是件非常丑恶的事情,对我来说也是一个说起来有些难以启齿的事情,我为这个罪恶已经付出了很大的代价。”In the last of the messages posted to his Weibo account on Saturday, Mr. Xue was ed as telling his followers that he intended to pursue constructive activities, including helping Chinas youth realize the dream of entrepreneurship, the China dream. The message also said he planned to nurse himself back to health; the Peoples Daily piece alluded to heart problems. The message concluded with: Do you support me? 在上周六发布的最新微中,薛蛮子告诉粉丝,他将继续从事建设性活动,包括帮助青年人实现他们的创业梦、中国梦。这条微还说,他会好好养病(《人民日报》刊文中提到他有心脏病)。在微结尾,他说:“你们持吗?”Though some people exulted in his humiliation, most users pledged their support. Still others dismissed the messages as forced. 尽管有些人感到幸灾乐祸,但大部份微用户表示了持。不过也有一些人认为上述信息是薛蛮子被迫发出的I want to know what you really think. Really, wrote one such user. 一位用户写到:“我想知道你究竟是怎么想的,真的。”来 /201404/289534上海市黑脸娃娃多少钱上海打美白针需要多少钱



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