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A: Hey, Nicole. It's Jimmy in 3.B: Hi there, Jimmy. What can I do you?A: I screwed up, and I need your help.B: Tell me the specific problem. Let me see what I can do.A: I've torn my apartment apart, but I can't find my mailbox key.B: Well, you should be grateful it wasn't your car keys.A: On top of that, I couldn't find the duplicate either.B: If you need to get in there, come by and borrow a key.A: No, my mailbox is usually empty anyway.B: Well, then, I'll make you two more keys on Wednesday.A: No problem. I can wait till Wednesday. Maybe there'll be something in there by then.B: Okay. Have $ y when you see me Wednesday】.上海省肿瘤医院开双眼皮多少钱A: Hi. Id like to get your store credit card.你好我想办张你们店的会员卡B: Here the application m.给你一张申请表A: ...Im finished. Here the m.我填完了这是表格B: Thank you. Now if youll just give me a credit card.谢谢现在能给我一张信用卡么A: Here my VISA.这是我的维萨卡B: Thank you.谢谢 VISA n. 维萨信用卡 abbr. 虚拟仪器软件体系(Virtual Instrument Software Architecture)卡的历史:1958年美洲在加洲发行了第一张通用型信用卡;;美洲卡(Bank-Americard);1976年美洲卡公司(National BankAmericard Inc. ),一个金融协会类的组织,于1976年更名为Visa,并发行了第一张借记卡;1987年Visa推出了多币种清算结算务,促进了跨境付结算的效率;1997年Visa品牌的付产品总交易金额突破1万亿美元;年Visa 在纽约股票交易所(NYSE)上市,以高达197亿美元的融资额成为美国历史上规模最大的IPO,股票交易代码为 ;V;;年截止到年月31日,美国的借记卡刷卡交易额首次超过信用卡 8688上海哪家整容医院较好A: Hello, Nicole here.B: Nicole, this is Richard. I think you know why I'm calling.A: Oh, it's about the rent.B: Yes, this is the second month in a row.A: I thought there was a grace period.B: There is no grace period in the rental agreement.A: Oh, I guess I got.B: Well, when can I expect the rent?A: You'll get it by Monday.B: Don't get the late fee.A: Is that in the rental agreement?B: The late fee is circled in red ink!A: Oh, Well, I can't find my copy of the agreement.B: If you're late next month, I might give you an eviction notice. 98Welcome to our factory欢迎参观A: Welcome to our factory, Mr. Hill.欢迎来到我们厂,希尔先生B: Nice to meet you, Mr. Sun.很高兴见到你,孙先生A: Let me show you around the factory. This way please.让我带您到处看看,这边请B: Thank you.谢谢A: How large is the plant?这个工厂有多大?B: It covers an area of 87,000 square meters.面积有87000平方米A: It much larger than I expected. How long has your factory been established?比我们想象的要大多了你们建厂有多长时间了?B: About 30 years. In the late 1970s. Well soon be celebrating the 30th anniversary.快30年了七十年代末建成的我们很快就要庆祝建厂三十周年了A: Congratulations!祝贺你们!B: Thank you.谢谢A: How many employees do you have in this plant?这个工厂有多少员工?B: 600. Were running on three shifts.600个,我们是三班制A: Does the plant work with everything from the raw material to the finished product?从原料到制成品都是工厂自己生产吗?B: Our associates specializing in these fields make some accessories. Well, here were at the production shop. Shall we start from the assembly line?有些零配件使我们的联营单位生产的,他们是专门从事这一行的好了,我们到生产车间了咱们从装配线开始看,好吗?A: That fine.好的 19768上海玫瑰整形美容医院抽脂多少钱

上海曙光医院东院激光祛斑多少钱上海市东方医院南院打瘦脸针多少钱5.Beached Dolphins And Whales5.搁浅的海豚和鲸鱼In , a group of false killer whales stranded themselves on a beach in South Africa. There were 55 individuals, and rescuers attempted to help them back into the water. But as soon as the rescuers had pushed the massive creatures back into the water, they ced their way up on shore again. The beaching started in the morning, and by the afternoon, it was decided that the most humane thing to do to the whales was to euthanize them.年,一群拟虎鲸搁浅在南非的沙滩上这群拟虎鲸总共有55头,施救人员正尝试着帮助它们重新返回大海当救援人员刚把这群庞然大物推向水中的时候,它们却又奋力地游回了岸边搁浅从早上就开始了,一直到下午前,救援人员才决定最佳的救援方案就是让它们安乐死There are many stories about mass whale and dolphin beachings linked to military activity, sonar, underwater noise caused by shipping vessels, and even pollution. While that all might have something to do with it, the behavior dates back to well bee the advent of any of these human innovations. There are records of mass beaching events in New England not long after the first European settlers arrived, and even Aristotle recorded instances of marine animals beaching themselves. It all seems to suggest that while it might be something that aggravated by modern technologies like sonar, it might also be a natural behavior—and that makes no sense. It possible that sick animals beach themselves to die, but that doesnt entirely explain why huge populations strand themselves all at once. The record false killer whales, the species that was found fighting to stay on the beaches in South Africa, is 835 individual animals.很多关于大量的鲸鱼和海豚搁浅事件都和军事活动,声纳,货船造成的水下噪音,甚至海洋污染有关尽管这些都有可能导致搁浅的发生,但是早在人类的这些科学发明之前就已经出现了这样的搁浅状况有记录显示,就在第一批欧洲定居者到来不久后,大规模的沙滩搁浅事件就发生了,甚至亚里士多德也记录到海洋生物的自我搁浅事件所有这些似乎表明了现代科技比如像声纳,加重了这种状况的产生但也表明了这些也有可能是动物本身的自然行为——但这种解释完全说不通如果生病的动物们搁浅自己而死亡的说法行得通的话,那么为什么如此大规模的群体性搁浅事件就完全无法解释了在这次南非沙滩上发现的拟虎鲸不愿重回海洋而是群体性搁浅至死的记录中,总共搁浅数量为835头.Rhino-Riding Genets.骑在犀牛背上的麝猫The genet is a small, cat-like animal native to north Africa. Theyre traditionally solitary animals, and although their territories can occasionally overlap, they spend most of their time alone. This isnt the case one particular genet that been spotted in South Africa Hluhlwe-iMfolozi Park, not only making some unlikely friends, but going joyriding on his back every night.麝猫是一种小型,外表像猫的北非本土动物它们通常是独居的动物,尽管它们各自的领地会偶尔重合,它们多数时间里还是单独生活但有一例除外,有人发现在南非的 Hluhlwe-iMfolozi公园里,麝猫们不但在和一些看起来不太可能的物种交朋友,还在每天晚上非常愉快地骑在它们的背上Cameras are set up throughout the park to monitor the population of black rhinos, but they caught something odd in the process. One of the local genets has apparently taken to riding around on the backs of the large herbivores that it shares its territory with, and no one knows why. The genet doesnt seem to prefer the company of any one rhino; it been seen riding around on different rhinos and buffaloes alike, and it doesnt seem to be trying to get anywhere in particular, either. There are plenty of examples of birds landing on the big, hoofed animals, but there usually an obvious purpose to it—the birds are getting a free meal while their mount is getting the gnats picked off. The genet doesnt seem to be doing it any particular reason save perhaps the thrill of the ride.公园里的摄像机是被用来观测黑犀牛的数量,但是人们却捕捉到了一些奇怪的现象其中的一只本地麝猫很明显地骑在栖息在它们领地内的大型食草动物的背上,但没有人能对此做出解释这只麝猫似乎并不需要任何一犀牛来做伴,但是却被看到经常骑在不同的犀牛以及水牛的背上悠闲放风,并且好像也没有任何的目的性地想要去哪儿很多例子已经表明鸟类会经常降落在大型有蹄类的动物背上,但通常这样做都是有很明显的目的性——当它们的坐骑将小蚊虫拍打下来时,它们便可有一顿免费获得的午餐麝猫们这样的行为似乎并没有什么目的性,可能纯粹是享受骑行带来的刺激感受3.Crocodile Tears3.鳄鱼的眼泪The whole idea of crocodile tears is pretty bizarre. Lore has long held that crocodiles cry when they eat, presumably because they feel bad killing another animal. It a phrase that been used throughout literature to refer to insincere expressions of emotion. The earliest reference to the phenomenon is thought to come from a 00s text called The Voyage and Travel of Sir John Mandeville, which discusses crocodiles and their tendency to cry as they eat humans.鳄鱼的眼泪这种说法让人听起来会觉得很怪异传说中鳄鱼在猎食的时候会流眼泪,可能是因为它们觉得对杀死另一种动物感到愧疚事实上,这是一个被长期用于文学作品中的谚语,指的是假惺惺的情感最早的关于此类现象的记载是一篇世纪的文章,名叫《曼德维尔先生的航海旅游文章中讨论了关于鳄鱼这种物种,并且也提到了它们在吃掉其它动物时会流眼泪的倾向The idea of crocodile tears as scientific fact has been incredibly hard to prove, as most crocodiles arent the easiest animals to study up close and also tend to eat in the water. Dismissed as a myth a long time, the nonexistence of crocodile tears seemed to be confirmed in a questionable study conducted in the last century in which a researcher attempted to see if he could get a crocodile to cry by rubbing onions in its eyes. It didnt cry.It only been fairly recently that University of Florida zoologists studying crocodile cousins—alligators and caimans—have found that it not a myth at all, and they really do cry while theyre eating. Theyre just not sure why. It been generally accepted that it not an emotional response but rather a physiological phenomenon. The tears might be caused by the sounds that the animals make while theyre eating, air passing through the chambers in their skulls, or the pressure that needed to bite through their prey. It could also be a defensive mechanism, like our own tears, and that their eyes are producing tears as a way of protecting the eye during the fighting that goes on while theyre catching and holding their prey. A definitive explanation might be reached with more research, but there one massive problem in the way. In order to get a good look at what going on, someone needs to train crocodiles to feed on land. And since theyre killing machines with lightning-fast jaws and deadly teeth, no one volunteered just yet.要找到关于鳄鱼的眼泪这一说法的科学依据非常非常难,因为作为凶猛异常的动物,鳄鱼不是很容易接近并进行仔细观察研究的动物,它们也习惯于在水中进餐作为一个很久未解的谜题,上世纪的一个可疑的试验可能明了鳄鱼并不会流眼泪的说法试验中,一名研究员将洋葱擦在鳄鱼的眼睛里,想以此来看鳄鱼是否会流泪结果是它并没有流泪直到最近,弗罗里达大学的动物学家对鳄鱼的近亲——短吻鳄和凯门鳄进行了研究它们发现这种说法根本不是一个谜题,它们在吃东西的时候确实是会流眼泪,只是不知道流泪的原因而已大家普遍接受的说法是鳄鱼流眼泪并不是真的愧疚而流泪,而是生理上的现象它们的眼泪可能是被它们吃掉的动物的叫声而引起的在它们吃东西时,空气进入它们头骨的脑腔内,或者产生足够的压力来让它们来咬动它们的猎物这种现象也可能是防御性的原理,就像我们流泪一样,鳄鱼的泪腺分泌出眼泪来保护它们与猎物搏斗中容易受伤的眼睛要得出一个彻底的结论的话还需要进行更多的研究,但是这中间还有一个大问题为了更好地观察鳄鱼的状态,必须有人训练它们在陆地上进食但由于鳄鱼是拥有闪电般咬合速度与致命尖牙的凶残捕食利器,到目前为止,还没有人自愿去完成这一艰巨的任务.Sloths Trek To The Toilet.跋涉到厕所的树懒When you think of the sloth, there pretty much nothing about the animal that suggests it willing to put any kind of eft into anything. Except, researchers have found, pooping.一提到树懒,大家想到的可能就是这种动物几乎是懒得做任何事情,除了一件事,那是最近研究员才得出的结果,那就是拉屎Most of the sloth life is spent in the treetops. It where the food is, it where they sleep, and it the safest place the slow-moving creatures. But once a week, a sloth will make the slow, laborious journey to the ground in order to poop. Once it finished, itll head back up into the trees. No one sure why they go through all the trouble of heading down to the ground; not only does it take a lot of energy, but it not the safest activity, either. It would be a lot easier just to stay in the trees, out of the reach of predators on the ground, and do what they need to do. There one main theory about why they do this, and it has to do with the bugs that live in their fur. Sloth fur is pretty disgusting, and it full of sloth moths. Researchers have suggested that the sloths make the long trip to the ground so that the moths can lay their eggs in the poop, and then, once the bugs hatch, they can head back up to the sloth that most likely hasnt wandered too far away.The problem with that theory comes when youre trying to figure out just what good this is doing the sloth. There hasnt been any proof discovered to indicate that the sloths are getting any benefits out of being home a lot of bugs. The moths foster a habitat algae that covers the sloths fur, but there doesnt seem to be any real benefit in that, either.树懒生命中大部分时间是在树上度过的,这也是对于像树懒这样行动缓慢的动物来说最安全的方法但是每星期都有一次,树懒会缓慢而又艰辛地挪动到地面,目的就是为了拉屎一旦解决了人生大事,它便又会慢慢地爬回树顶去了没有人知道为什么树懒会如此大费周章地爬到地面,不光是因为这样做要消耗很多体力,还要面临着被捕食者发现的危险如果就呆在树上远离捕食者的地方完成它们要完成的事儿那该多好树懒的这种行为目前有一种解释,原因是与在它们皮毛中的虫子有关树懒的皮毛散发着恶臭并且长满了蛾子研究人员认为树懒长途跋涉到地面就是为了让身上的蛾子在粪便中产卵,一旦蛾子孵出来,它们便会找到头顶不远处的树懒再寄生到它们的身上那么这样一来就有了一个问题,树懒这么做到底有什么好处呢?目前为止对于树懒要作为蛾子的宿主会得到什么益处还没有科学的解释这些蛾子可以为水藻制造一个栖息地,这个栖息地会覆盖整个树懒的皮毛然而,这并不能为树懒带来什么实质性的好处1.Female Elephant Bullies1.恃强凌弱的母象There are few groups thought to be as cooperative as elephants. They help raise each others young, they protect each other, and they mourn each other when they die. But recently, more observation into the behavior of elephants—particularly female elephants—has suggested that things arent all rosy-colored at the watering hole, and researchers arent sure why.像大象一样互相协作的动物群体不常见它们互相照顾各自的后代,互相保护对方,并且为同伴的去世而哀悼但最近的一项关于象群行为的观察研究–特别是母象们——告诉我们事情并不是大家想象的那样美好研究人员也不清楚为什么结果不是之前人们想象的那样In , researchers were staking out a watering hole that was frequented by several family groups of elephants, but behavior at this watering hole was far from what scientists have come to expect from elephant family groups in the wild. While high-ranking females would go out of their way to help other females or help their babies when they got themselves into trouble, they were also going out of their way to block specific females, seemingly chosen at random, from getting to the watering hole. They were going so far as to slap them around and shove their babies out of the way. The behavior was so pronounced that some females were more interested in keeping their companions and babies away from the water than they were in drinking themselves. It got so bad, continuing day after day, that researchers watched the ostracized females and their young grow steadily weaker and weaker. It was a far cry from the extended family support system that often observed in elephant groups. Looking out each other only makes sense. After all, it how the group survives into the next generation. Why exactly some of the female elephants have chosen very specifically to target other members of their family group is not known. It could be a population density factor or access to food and water, but other studies have indicated that elephants have no problem sharing with other species.年,研究人员秘密监视了好几个象群会经常光顾的水源地,但是象群们在此处的表现与他们之前所设想的相去甚远当等级高的母象们全心帮助其它同伴或它们的小象时,这些母象同时也排挤其它特定的母象们,看起来这些被排挤对象都是随机选择的,目的就是组织它们到达水源地它们会拍打这些母象,也会将它们的小象赶出水源地很明显的是这些母象更专注于将自己的伴侣和小象驱赶出水源地,而不是专注于自己能够饮水这种现象长此以往,越来越糟,以至于研究者们发现被排挤的母象们和它们的小象逐渐地身体情况变弱母象们的这种行为和大家所观察到的象群之间互相帮助的情形大为不同只有互相关照是说得通的毕竟,这是关系到象群如何能繁衍到下一代的问题为什么一些母象们选择特定的群体进行排挤是目前我们不得而知的问题这可能是因为象群密度过多因素或是获得食物和水的因素,但也有其他研究表明象群是可以与其他物种进行食物分享的翻译:齐墨; 校对:candy 来源:前十网 58上海交通大学医学院附属新华医院开双眼皮手术多少钱6 193虹口区隆胸医院哪家比较好

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