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禄丰县人民医院脱毛手术多少钱玉溪手术疤痕修复多少钱But to put that in context:我们把这些数字写下来:5.93 million years ago593万年前was when our earliest primate human ancestors stood up.我们人类的祖先灵长类开始了直立行走That was the first upright primate.这是第一种直立行走的灵长类动物Okay, so when we talk about how much time were currently investing因此,当我们谈论我们在游戏上花费了那么多时间时in playing games, the only way it makes sense唯一让这件事情合理的理解方式就是:去想一想to even think about it is to talk about time在人类进化进程中at the magnitude of human evolution,我们所花费的时间有多少which is an extraordinary thing.而且这是一件多么不同寻常的事情!But its also apt. Because it turns out这样去想是恰当的,因为你会发现that by spending all this time playing games,通过花费大量的时间去玩游戏were actually changing what we我们能改变我们做人的能力are capable of as human beings.我们能改变我们做人的能力We are evolving to be a more collaborative and hearty species.我们正不断发展成为一个更具有协作精神和更强健的物种This is true. I believe this.这是真的,我深信不疑So, consider this really interesting statistic;来看一个有趣的调查it was recently published by a researcher at Carnegie Mellon University:这份调查结果是由一位来自卡内基梅隆大学的研究者发布的The average young person today在一个玩游戏氛围很强的国家,当今的年轻人in a country with a strong gamer culture在一个玩游戏氛围很强的国家,当今的年轻人will have spent 10,000 hours playing online games在其21岁前,平均每人by the age of 21.花费在网络游戏上的时间可达10000小时Now 10,000 hours is a really现在,一万小时是一个很有趣的数值interesting number for two reasons.主要是因为有两个原因First of all, for children in the ed States首先,美国的儿童10,080 hours is the exact amount of time从五年级到高中毕业you will spend in school所需要的时间from fifth grade to high school graduation就是10080个小时if you have perfect attendance.当然你得表现良好(按时上课,出勤)So, we have an entire我们就有了一份并行跟踪教育的数据,parallel track of education going on它显示:where young people are learning as much about年轻人做一个好的游戏玩家所花费的时间what it takes to be a good gamer与他们在学校里面学习知识as they are learning about everything else in school.所用的时间是一样多的And some of you have probably 你们当中的有些人肯定读过Malcolm Gladwells new book ;Outliers.;MalcomGladwell的新书《局外人》So, you would have heard of his theory of success,因此你们对作者关于成功理论的见解也就不是那么陌生了the 10,000 hour theory of success.一万小时成功法则Its based on this great cognitive science research这个法则是基于认知科学研究的that if we can master 10,000 hours如果我们在21岁前能花费10000小时of effortful study at anything专心努力的学习或者是做一些其他的事情,by the age of 21, we will be virtuosos at it.那么我们一定可以在这些事情上获得巨大成功We will be as good at whatever we do我们将在我们所做的任何事情上as the greatest people in the world.成为世界级专家And so, now what were looking at现在,我们所关注的就是is an entire generation of young people擅长游戏的who are virtuoso gamers.整整一代年轻人So, the big question is,最大的问题就是;What exactly are gamers getting so good at?;“这些游戏玩家擅长于做些什么?”Because if we could figure that out,如果我们能给出we would have a virtually unprecedented我们将会发掘出一个human resource on our hands.史无前例的人力资源This is how many people we now have in the world他们就是我们现在所拥有的那些who spend at least an hour a day playing online games.每天花费至少一小时去玩网络游戏的游戏玩家们These are our virtuoso gamers,他们都是技艺精湛的游戏高手500 million people who are extraordinarily good at something.5亿擅长于某些事情的人And in the next decade在接下来的十年里were going to have another billion gamers又会有10亿多擅长于who are extraordinarily good at whatever that is.某个领域的新游戏玩家加入进来If you dont know it aly, this is coming.如果闻所未闻,那么我告诉你,这件事正在进行The game industry is developing consoles游戏产业一直在不停的发展that are low energy and that work with the wireless phone networks现如今,它的低能耗,instead of broadband Internet以及从宽带互联网到无线手机网络的变革so that gamers all over the world,让全球的游戏玩家,particularly in India, China, Brazil, can get online.尤其是来自印度、中国、巴西的玩家们,可以在同一个平台里竞技They expect one billion more gamers in the next decade.据预测,在接下来的十年里将会有10亿的新玩家加入其中It will bring us up to 1.5 billion gamers.届时,我们就会有15亿之众的游戏玩家So, Ive started to think about what these games因此,我早早的开始了思考,are making us virtuosos at.这些游戏将把我们引向何方?Here are the four things I came up with. The first is urgent optimism.对此我觉得大体有四个方面。首先就是对于紧急事件的积极心态,紧急乐观OK, think of this as extreme self-motivation.把它想象成是极端的自我激励Urgent optimism is the desire to act immediately急切的乐观精神是to tackle an obstacle,结合着combined with the belief自己必胜信念that we have a reasonable hope of success.对立马解决障碍的渴望Gamers always believe that an epic win is possible,游戏玩家始终相信and that it is always worth trying, and trying now.不可能取得的胜利也是可能的201511/409064昆明富民县人民医院丰胸多少钱 如何协助孩子拥有好的开始?在这场发自内心、充满个人体验的演讲中,美国前国务卿鲍威尔请求父母、朋友和亲戚,在孩子上小学前,即透过小区和一份强烈的责任感,提供孩童协助.201506/380919That is because networks are great levelers. They dissolve barriers to entry the neutralized traditional assets like physical stores and branches. Networks dissolved the boundaries within and between companies, countries, continents and time-zones. It is not hyperbole to say that the network is quickly emerging as the largest, most dynamic, restless, sleepless marketplace of good services and ideas the world has ever seen. And naturally this comes with very profound applications. For one thing, they are all y, time-honored processes that govern the way things work in the world, the way we buy and sell, the way we distribute things, the way we teach, and the way we interact with each other. That I will tell you that nearly every one of those conventions is being challenged by the network world.网络是伟大的平均主义者。网络消解了所有进入那些受压制的传统产业 -- 比如实际的商店和分店 -- 的障碍。网络消解了各个企业、各个国家、各个大陆和时区内部以及它们之间的界限。可以毫不夸张的说,网络正在迅速成为一个前所未有的最大、最为活跃、从不平静和从不休息的业务和思想的市场。自然这也将带来一些意义深远的应用。一件值得注意的事儿是,这些障碍都是历史悠久的、早有准备的部门,它们统治着信息世界运转的方式 -- 买卖的方式、分销的方式、教育的方式以及我们互相交往的方式。我得说几乎传统观念中的每一方面都在受到网络世界的挑战。Let me cite a few examples drawing on what we and IBM have learned from helping thousands of customers in the last year come to the Net. New competitors can come out of nowhere, overnight, and not just from within your industry. One of the most contentious, fast moving, and bare knocle battles waged today is, believe it or not, in book selling.下面让我举几个例子,几个过去一年中我们 IBM 在帮助成千上万的消费者走上网络时得到的例子。新的竞争者将会无时无刻无所不在,而不仅仅是来自你自己的产业界。今天争吵得最利害、行动最为迅速的竞争 -- 信不信由你 -- 是在书籍销售领域。201312/269245临沧耳部整形多少钱

晋宁县人民医院去疤多少钱When we look at the universities,当我们环顾大学,60 percent of baccalaureate degrees are going to women now, which is a significant shift.目前女性占60%的本科学历的人数,这是个巨大的转变。And in fact, university administrators are a little uncomfortable about the idea实际上,大学的主管们对此感到有点不安,that we may be getting close to 70 percent female population in universities.要是在大学,女性占总人数的70%。This makes university administrators very nervous,这数据让大学主管们非常紧张,because girls dont want to go to schools that dont have boys.因为女孩也不想去没有男孩的学校上学。And so were starting to see the establishment of men centers and men studies所以我们开始看到男性中心和男性研究的建立to think about how do we engage men in their experiences in the university.来思考怎样让男性在大学中活跃起来。If you talk to faculty, they may say,如果你跟教员谈话,他们会说,;Ugh. Yeah, well, theyre playing games,“啊,是的,男孩爱打视频游戏,and theyre gambling online all night long,他们通宵网上,and theyre playing World of Warcraft,还爱玩魔兽世界。and thats affecting their academic achievement.;这些都影响了他们学术成绩。”Guess what?猜怎么了?Video games are not the cause.视频游戏不是主要原因。Video games are a symptom.视频游戏是一个征兆。They were turned off a long time before they got here.在男孩打游戏前,他们已经很长时间对学习都不感兴趣了。So lets talk about why they got turned off when they were between the ages of three and 13.让我们谈谈,当他们在3岁到13岁间,他们为什么对学习不感兴趣呢?There are three reasons that I believe我认为有三个原因that boys are out of sync with the culture of schools today.让男孩们与今天的学校教育脱节。The first is zero tolerance.第一个是零容忍。A kindergarten teacher I know,我认识的一名幼儿园教师,her son donated all of his toys to her,她儿子得上缴他所有的玩具,and when he did, she had to go through and pull out all the little plastic guns.然后,她得一一检查,把所有的小塑料都拿走。You cant have plastic knives and swords and axes在幼儿园教室,and all that kind of thing in a kindergarten classroom.不能有塑料刀,剑和斧子以及类似的东西。What is it that were afraid that this young man is going to do with this gun?年轻人要是有,我们要担心的是什么?I mean, really.我是说,真的。But here he stands as testament to the fact that you cant roughhouse on the playground today.但这儿男孩得面对的事实是,今天他们不能在操场玩耍打闹。Now Im not advocating for bullies.我这不是鼓动要持强凌弱。Im not suggesting that we need to be allowing guns and knives into school.我也不是推荐在学校容许男孩携带和小刀。But when we say that an Eagle Scout in a high school classroom但我想说高中班级中的老鹰童子军who has a locked parked car in the parking lot and a penknife in it在停车场停放的车里要是有把刀,has to be suspended from school,就得被勒令休学,I think we may have gone a little too far with zero tolerance.我认为我们可能在零容忍度方面做得有点过火。Another way that zero tolerance lives itself out is in the writing of boys.另一种在生活中的零容忍度是有关男孩的写作。In a lot of classrooms today今天在很多课堂,youre not allowed to write about anything thats violent.你不能写有关暴力的任何东西。Youre not allowed to write about anything that has to do with games -- these topics are banned.你不能写涉及视频游戏的任何东西,这些话题是被禁止的。Boy comes home from school, and he says, ;I hate writing.;男孩从学校回来,他说,“我讨厌写作。”;Why do you hate writing, son? Whats wrong with writing?;“儿子,你为什么讨厌写作?到底怎么了?”;Now I have to write what she tells me to write.;“现在我得写女教师吩咐我写的素材。”;Okay, what is she telling you to write?;“哦,她让你写什么?”;Poems. I have to write poems.“诗歌。我得写诗歌。And little moments in my life.一生中我很少写这话题。I dont want to write that stuff.;我不想写诗歌。”;All right. Well, what do you want to write? What do you want to write about?;“好吧。那你想写什么?有什么好写的?”;I want to write about games. I want to write about leveling-up.“我想写有关视频游戏。我想写如何练级。I want to write about this really interesting world.我想写这真正有意思的游戏世界。I want to write about a tornado that comes into our house我想写龙卷风来到我家,and blows all the windows out and ruins all the furniture and kills everybody.;把所有的窗户吹跑,毁坏所有的家具,然后杀死了所有人。”;All right. Okay.;“好的。”You tell a teacher that,你要告诉一位老师这个,and theyll ask you, in all seriousness,她们会非常严肃地会问你,;Should we send this child to the psychologist?;“我们是不是应该送这小孩到心理学家那?”And the answer is no, hes just a boy.是不应该,他只是个男孩。Hes just a little boy.他只是个小男孩。Its not okay to write these kinds of things in classrooms today.现在在课堂上还不能写这些东西。So thats the first reason:所以这是第一个原因:zero tolerance policies and the way theyre lived out.零容忍政策和他们所处的环境不容许男孩文化的发生。201601/421275昆明官渡区去痤疮多少钱 Thank you very much.Good evening, everybody. First, I would like to thank Madam Machel Graca for inviting me to join you all this evening. It is a huge pleasure for me to be here at the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory, in the company of those who knew him best, to remember Madiba. It is not for me to try and put into words the impact that President Mandela had on South Africa, or a generation across the globe – those far more eloquent than I have aly done so. However, I was fortunate enough to meet Madiba a number of years ago and I have treasured that memory ever since. Although I have been to South Africa many times, this is my first Official Tour on behalf of The Queen. I have been keen to see how Mr. Mandelas values and his legacy are inspiring the next generation and shaping the future for South Africa. I have visited a number of fantastic organisations over the last four days, supporting some of the most disadvantaged young people across the country. These organisations, although very different, are united in ambition: to unlock the huge talent amongst youth in South Africa regardless of background or circumstances and crucially on World Aids Day, the status of their health. These organisations, which include the Nelson Mandela Foundation, are empowering the next generation of engaged South African citizens. This innovative centre for memory opens up history to help guide the future. I am sure Madiba would be pleased to see such great work being carried in his name, giving inspiration to so many. I also know that President Mandela worked tirelessly to protect everything that is special about this beautiful country for all future generations. To that end, I was pleased on this trip to lend my support to the conservationists who are fighting to protect South Africas natural heritage, especially its critically endangered animals. Much of this work is a burden that South Africa bears on behalf of the entire world, and there is a gathering momentum to support you in this urgent task. I was pleased to be able to discuss this with President Zuma this morning and share my hopes for the future. I can think of no better way of ending my visit to South Africa than by joining you here this evening to remember Madiba as we approach the anniversary of his passing. I know he is missed by a generation, a nation and most keenly by his family. However, he will never be forgotten. I would like to end by thanking all the South Africans I have met over the last few days for their incredibly warm welcome and hospitality. I look forward to seeing you again soon when I no doubt visit this beautiful country again. And now I have to catch a flight. Thank you.201512/416280昆明市妇幼保健院激光祛痣多少钱

玉溪市中医医院祛除腋臭多少钱I have a dream that one day down in Alabama with its governor having his lips dripping with the words of interposition and nullification, one day right down in Alabama little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers.我梦想有一天,阿拉巴马州能够有所转变,尽管该州州长现在仍然满口异议,反对联邦法令,但有着一日,那里的黑人男孩和女孩将能够与白人男孩和女孩情同骨肉,携手并进。I have a dream today.我今天有一个梦想。I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight, and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together.我梦想有一天,幽谷上升,高山下降,坎坷曲折之路成坦途,圣光披露,满照人间。This is our hope. This is the faith that I go back to the South with. With this faith we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope. With this faith we will be able to transform the jangling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood. With this faith we will be able to work together, to pray together, to struggle together, to go to jail together, to stand up for freedom together, knowing that we will be free one day.这就是我们的希望。我怀着这种信念回到南方。有了这个信念,我们将能从绝望之岭劈出一块希望之石。有了这个信念,我们将能把这个国家刺耳的争吵声,改变成为一洋溢手足之情的优美交响曲。有了这个信念,我们将能一起工作,一起祈祷,一起斗争,一起坐牢,一起维护自由;因为我们知道,终有一天,我们是会自由的。 /201307/248395 云南韩式切开双眼皮价格云南省第二人民医院做双眼皮手术多少钱



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