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Chinas top cross-strait negotiator began a landmark visit in Taiwan Wednesday, aimed at forging ties with the Taiwanese people amid their growing skepticism toward Beijing.中国国务院台湾事务办公室主任张志军周三开始了访问台湾的破冰之旅。台湾民众对北京的怀疑态度日益加重,他这次访台的目的就是巩固与台湾民众的关系。Zhang Zhijun, the head of Chinas Taiwan Affairs Office, is the first Chinese government official visiting Taiwan in an official capacity since the two sides governed separately 65 years ago. Mr. Zhang and his counterpart, Wang Yu-chi, chairman of Taiwans Mainland Affairs Council, met in their official capacities for the first time in Nanjing, China,in February. Some analysts said these meetings indicate Beijing is eager to start a political dialogue with Taipei.这是中国大陆和台5年前分而治之以来中国政府官员首次以官方身份访问台湾。张志军与台湾大陆委员会主任王郁琦今月在南京举行了首次官方会面。一些分析人士说,这些会谈表明北京急切希望与台北展开政治对话。Apart from a closed-door meeting with Mainland Affairs Council, Mr. Zhang also has plans to meet with Kaoshiung City Mayor Chen Chu, a heavyweight in the opposition Democratic Progressive Party. Mr. Zhang wont be meeting with high-ranking officials from Taiwans government. Instead he will be spending most of his four days in Taiwan visiting local businesses, farms, an aboriginal village and a university.除与台湾大陆委员会召开闭门会议外,张志军还计划与高雄市市长、台湾反对党民进党的重量级人物陈菊会面。张志军不会与台湾地区政府高级别官员举行会谈。这次访台行程为期四天,他将主要拜访一些当地企业、农场、一个原住民部落和一所大学。Mr. Zhang told reporters that cross-strait development is like rowing a boat against the currents.张志军对记者表示,两岸关系发展就像是“逆水行舟”The development of cross-strait ties is bound to be challenging but if there is will, there is a way, Mr. Zhang said.他说,两岸关系发展必定具有挑战性,但有志者事竟成。Ma Xiaoguang, a spokesman from Chinas Taiwan Affairs Office, added that there were some new situations in Taiwan that might have snagged cross-strait development. The main purpose of Mr. Zhangs visit, he said, is to listen to the voices of the people at the grass-root level, underscoring Chinas longstanding unification tactic of winning the hearts and minds of the Taiwanese people.国台办发言人马晓光还表示,台湾内部出现可能阻碍两岸系关发展的“一些新情况”。他说,张志军此行主要目的是倾听基层民众声音,这凸显出中国长期以来“赢得台湾民心和民意”的两岸统一策略。Mr. Wang told reporters: During our meeting, I expressed that the future of Taiwan must be decided by the 23 million people here. This is the consensus of Taiwan and we hope China can respect it. 王郁琦告诉记者,他在南京举行的会谈中曾表示,台湾的未来应该由台湾2,300万人民决定,这也是台湾人民的共识,希望大陆方面予以尊重。Suspicion toward Beijings intention to reclaim Taiwan has been growing on the island of 23 million people. In March, student-led protesters stymied the passage of a services-trade agreement with China and occupied the legislature for more than two weeks. The protesters said the trade pact only favors big conglomerates but leaves small businesses in the dust and were concerned of Taiwanese economys increasing reliance on China.台湾人越来越怀疑大陆有意将台湾收回。今月,以学生为首的示威者阻挠海峡两岸贸协议获得通过,他们还占领了台湾立法院超过两周时间。抗议者称贸协议只对大型企业有利,但将严重冲击小企业,他们还担心台湾经济愈发依赖中国。Fewer than 100 protesters, mostly students, were kept away from greeting Mr. Zhang. They were encircled by multiple rows of policemen with shields and sticks and were kept away from the hotel where Mr. Zhang stays by barbed wire fences.数十名抗议者(主要是学生)被警察阻拦、无法接近张志军。张志军下榻的饭店外,手持盾牌和警棍的警察组成数层人 将示威者围成一圈,并用铁丝网限制了示威者的活动范围。Lin Fei-fan, a leader of the Sunflower Movement that led the siege of the legislature for weeks, said: The government should not meet with any Chinese officials until a government watchdog on cross-strait affairs is established.“太阳花运动”学生领袖林飞帆表示,在一个海峡两岸事务监督机构成立之前,台湾政府不应当与中国大陆官员会晤。Mr. Lin said he wanted to have a face-to-face dialogue with Mr. Zhang, who hasnt responded to this request.林飞帆称他希望与张志军面对面交流,但后者没有回应这一请求Look at whats happening in Hong Kong. Under Chinese rule, many of the basic human rights that Hong Kong residents once enjoyed are stripped away. This is why we must safeguard Taiwans democracy and rule of law, Mr. Lin added.林飞帆还说,看看香港的情况吧,在大陆统治下,香港市民曾经享有的很多基本人权现在被剥夺了,这正是我们必须要保卫台湾民主和法治的原因。Taiwan split from the mainland in 1949 amid a civil war that has not formally ended. While both sides have agreed to promote peace across the Taiwan Strait, China still sees Taiwan as part of its territory, which must be taken back, by force if necessary.1949年,台湾在一场一直没有正式结束的内战中脱离大陆统治。虽然双方一致同意要推动海峡两岸的和平,但中国仍视台湾为自己领土的一部分,不仅必须收回,且如有必要还将诉诸武力。Political observers say Mr. Zhangs trip signifies a victory for Beijing against the Taiwanese independence supporters.政治观察人士表示,张志军此次访问是北京对台独持者的胜利Even the DPP has not objected to his visit, said Chang Kuo-cheng, a military strategist and a professor at Taipei Medical University, saying the timing of the visit shows Chinas unwavering resolve to absorb Taiwan at all cost.台北医学大学军事策略师、教授Chang Kuo-cheng说,连民进党都不反对张志军访台。在他看来,这次访问的时间显示出中国要不惜一切代价坚决将台湾收入囊中Of course Beijing is aware of the rising anti-China sentiment in Taiwan. But the message it wants to convey is, even as popular as the Sunflower Movement was, no matter how hard you object, nothing will ever spook Beijing or derail its timetable, he added.他还说,北京当然清楚台湾日益高涨的反大陆情绪,但北京想要传达出的意思是,无论台湾反对得多么坚决,哪怕像太阳花学运那样受大众欢迎,北京都不会被吓到,也不会打乱自己的时间表。来 /201406/308351。

Svetlana Alexievich, the recently announced recipient of this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature and a prominent critic of Soviet and post-Soviet regimes, offered a bleak assessment of the political situations in Russia and her native Belarus while addressing journalists in Berlin on Saturday.刚刚获得今年诺贝尔文学奖的斯韦特兰娜·阿列克谢耶维Svetlana Alexievich)是前苏联与前苏联政权著名的批评者,周六,她在柏林接受记者采访时,对俄罗斯与她的祖国白俄罗斯的政治局面发表了悲观的意见。“Every four years, new European officials come to power and think they can solve the Lukashenko problem without knowing that he is a man who is untrustworthy,Ms. Alexievich said. She spoke on the eve of a presidential election in Belarus in which President Aleksandr G. Lukashenko, often referred to as Europe’s last dictator, is widely expected to win a fifth term.“每过四年,新上任的欧盟官员都认为他们能够解决卢卡申科的问题,殊不知他根本就不是个值得信赖的人,”阿列克谢耶维奇说,周六正值白俄罗斯总统选举前夕,现任总统亚历山大·格里戈里耶维奇·卢卡申Aleksandr G. Lukashenko)很有可能连续当选第五个任期,他往往被视为欧洲的最后一个独裁者。Ms. Alexievich described Sunday’s election as a rigged contest. “No one doubts that Lukashenko will win,she said. “To paraphrase Stalin, it’s unimportant who votes for whom; what matters is who counts the vote. I don’t think we can expect any surprises.”阿列克谢耶维奇说,周日的选举是一场非法操纵的竞争,“没有人认为卢卡申科会输,”她说。“这和斯大林是一回事,谁为他投票并不重要;重要的是谁来计票。我不认为选举结果会出现任何意外。”European officials have said the European Union is prepared to suspend sanctions against Mr. Lukashenko after he released the country’s last political prisoners this year. A decision is expected before Oct. 31.欧盟官员曾经表示,在卢卡申科于今年释放该国最后一批政治犯之后,欧盟将会暂停对白俄罗斯的制裁。这个决定有望在101日之前做出。Ms. Alexievich, who was awarded the Nobel for her sweeping nonfiction works about events like the Soviet-Afghan war and the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, also described Russia as a place where “one can no longer speak of democracyand “where ‘liberalis a dirty word.”阿列克谢耶维奇因她的非虚构写作而获得诺贝尔文学奖,她的作品广泛地描写了阿富汗战争与切尔诺贝利核泄露事件等重大问题,在她笔下,俄罗斯是一个“人们再也不能谈论民主”的地方,在那里“‘自由’是一个坏字眼”。“It isn’t about Putin,said Ms. Alexievich, 67, referring to the Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin. “It’s about the collective Putin. He has a huge approval rating, perhaps 80 percent.”“这不是关于普京,7岁的阿列克谢耶维奇说起俄罗斯总统符拉迪米尔·V. 普京(Vladimir V. Putin)。“这是关于群体对普京的持。他拥有极高的持率,大概在80%左右。”“I now understand what Hannah Arendt meant when she talked about ‘dark times.Russia is now living in dark times,she added, referring to the German-born political philosopher who wrote about totalitarianism.“我现在明白汉娜·阿伦Hannah Arendt)所谓的‘黑暗时代’是什么了。俄罗斯现在就处于黑暗时代,”她补充说道;汉娜·阿伦特是生于德国的政治哲学家,曾经写过关于集权主义的专著。Because of her criticism of the government in Belarus, where press freedoms are under constant threat, Ms. Alexievich spent a decade in exile in Italy, France and Sweden, among other places. That time widened her horizons, she said, and helped her to “see the world in color.”在白俄罗斯,出版自由常年受到威胁。由于批评政府,阿列克谢耶维奇在意大利、法国和瑞典等地度过了十年的流放岁月。她说,这段时间拓宽了自己的视野,让她“见识了这个多的世界”。Yet for most of her life, Ms. Alexievich has lived in the Belarussian capital, Minsk. It is only by being there and speaking to people, she said, that she can express the realities of their lives. “How people actually live you can’t find that on the computer,she said Saturday.然而她人生的大部分时间还是在白俄罗斯的首都明斯克度过。她说,只有生活在那里,并与人们交谈,她才能够表现人们的现实生活。“人们的真实生活是怎样的,在电脑上可找不到,”星期六接受采访时,她说。Since 1994, her books have not been published in Belarus.994年起,她的书在白俄罗斯被禁止出版。Though she said she hoped that winning the Nobel Prize could mean expanded protection for her and other dissenting voices, Ms. Alexievich said she was less optimistic about whether the award could make a larger difference in political terms.尽管她说,她希望这一次获得诺贝尔奖能够帮助她与其他异见者获得更广泛的保护,但她也说,自己对这个奖在政治层面能否产生更大影响不甚乐观。“I’ve won a lot of international prizes, and that had no impact on our authorities, our government,she said.“我曾经获得过很多国际奖项,但我们的当局和政府完全没有受到影响,”她说。来 /201510/403301。

It does not matter precisely how their ties are rhetorically framed - ;new type of major-country relationship; or otherwise. China and the ed States need a clear sense of direction as their relations approach a critical crossroad, and, as the latest talk about ;frenemy-ship; indicates, could go either way.如何形容中美两国关系,不管是“新型大国关系”或是别的词都不重要。中美关系走到了关键的十字路口,正如最近所出现的“亦敌亦友”的说法,两国可以是朋友,也可能变成敌人,所以中美两国需要为两国关系确立明确的方向。So, it matters whether each side gets reassurance that it can count on the due respect of the other. It also matters whether President Xi Jinpings visit has been successful - to both Beijing and Washington, actually the world at large.然而,重要的是双方能够得到对方应有的尊重,同样,此次习近平访美能否成功对中美两国甚至全世界都至关重要。Judging from the lists of achievements Beijing and Washington have published, the visit was nothing but a success - a big one from Beijings perspective.从双方公布的成果来看,此次访问无疑是成功的,从中方看来是巨大的成功。As some have observed, Chinese media have sounded more upbeat about the visit, and rightfully so, for it offered a badly needed dose of optimism for the worrisome state of bilateral ties.一些观察中发现,中国媒体对此次访问更为乐观,此举也为令人担忧的双边关系注入了急需的积极活力。That Beijing has published a much longer and detailed - 49-item - ;achievements check-list; than Washingtons ;fact sheet; reveals a subtle difference in perspectives. While Washington dwells on hard facts, Beijing cherishes everything conducive to stabilizing ties.中方公布9条“成果清单”,多于美方公布的“情况说明书”,并且也较为详尽,这显示双方的一个细微差异。美方注重既定事实,而中方则重视一切有利于稳定关系的内容。That the agreement on promoting what it terms as ;new type of major-country relationship; tops Chinas list while being absent on that of the US, too, offers food for thought. With some in the US preoccupied with what they see as imminent threats, from the South China Sea to cyberspace, Beijing wants strategic consensus as much as, if not more than, pragmatic cooperation.达成的协议将“新型大国关系”冠以中方成果清单,而该术语却没有出现在美方清单上面,这也值得令人深思。一些美国视为迫在眉睫的威胁,如中国南海和网络空间等亟待解决的问题,中方想要尽可能多的达成战略共识,最起码是进行务实合作。Business deals, like the purchase of 300 Boeing jetliners, is ;ballast; for Sino-US ties. But we need more than such ;ballast; to deepen strategical mutual trust. Beijings message in the lengthy list is clear: Everything conducive to building confidence is an achievement worth celebrating. Such enthusiasm deserves equally enthusiastic resonance from the other side of the Pacific.商业交易,诸如采购的300架波音飞机,是中美关系的“重头戏”,但我们需要更多的“重头戏”来深化战略互信。中方长长的成果列表传达出的信息很明确:任何有利于建立信任的举措都是值得庆祝的成果。这样的热情需要大洋彼岸的美国以同样的热情予以回应。Xis visit was about mutual assurance, and served that purpose well. That is good for both countries.习近平访美的目的是建立相互信任,同时也达到了既定效果,这对中美两国都有利。Citing Chinese villagers rescue of US pilots during World War II and the two countries collaboration in the recent fight against Ebola in western Africa, US President Barack Obama told his Chinese guests that the two countries not only need to cooperate, but also can continue cooperating. That is very correct.引用二战期间中国村民营救美军飞行员,还有最近两国在非洲抗击埃拉病毒的合作,美国总统奥巴马告诉习近平,两国不仅需要合作,还要继续深化合作。这是非常正确的。Once their remarks on ;managing and controlling divergences in constructive manners; are honored in practice, the potential of Sino-US partnership would be limitless.两国领导人提到,“通过建设性的方式应对和控制分歧”, 一旦应用于实践,中美关系发展的潜力将会是无限的。Sino-US agreements on matters of broader concerns, climate change and development cooperation in particular, added a global dimension to the visit. When China and the US join hands, the world benefits.中美合作协议涉及更为广泛的议题,特别是气候变化和发展合作等,同时此次访问还加上了全球维度的议题。中美携手,必将造福世界。来 /201509/401588。

Gunmen kidnapped 18 Turkish workers Wednesday in Iraqs capital.星期三,手在伊拉克首都绑架8名土耳其工人。The workers, who were part of a crew building a football stadium, were taken in the mainly Shiite Habibiya district in northeastern Baghdad.这些正在修建一座足球场的工人在巴格达东北部什叶派穆斯林聚居的哈比比亚城区被绑架。There was no indication of the identity of the kidnappers or their motive.目前还不清楚绑架者的身份以及他们的目的。Turkeys Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus said Turkish authorities were in contact with those in Iraq.土耳其副总理库尔图尔姆斯说,土耳其当局与伊拉克方面保持着接触。Last year, Islamic State militants seized 49 Turkish hostages from Turkeys consulate in Mosul and held them for more than three months before releasing the group. Those hostages included diplomats, soldiers and children.去年,伊斯兰国激进分子在土耳其驻苏尔领事馆扣押了49名土耳其人质,三个多月后才释放他们。人质中包括外交官、军人和儿童。来 /201509/397485。