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武汉市韩式绣眉痛不痛湖北纹绣发际线武汉市绣眉多少价位 Caveat Lector! Ten Predictions for 2010I said it last year - and I'll say it again. There is only one activity more thankless than predicting the future - and that is publicly sharing your predictions.Judge for yourself. Meanwhile, it's onto 2010:AIG CEO Robert Benmosche will be voted CEO of the Year.Benmosche's abrasive morale-building exercise at AIG will take hold. The U.S. pay czar will give Benmosche leeway on pay. And a continuing rebound in the markets will give AIG a shot at repaying a good chunk of taxpayer money.Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman will do an about-face on the bank's 'lower risk' corporate strategy.About now, new CEO Gorman is probably learning that the meager profits of a retail brokerage can't pay for all those monster Wall Street bonuses. Expect Gorman to decide that Morgan Stanley should be a lot more like trader Goldman Sachs, after all.Goldman Sachs will pay out big bonuses, be publicly vilified for a month and then go quietly back to printing profits.The U.S. Congress and the media will go berserk when Goldman announces the size of its bonus pool. But the outrage will be brief and of little lasting consequence. The 'hate Goldman Sachs' story has been running just too long.The GM turnaround will drag on. Forget a 2010 IPO.GM is addicted to hefty sales incentives to move the cars and new CEO Ed Whitacre knows it. In 2010, he will slash incentives and end up abandoning GM's 20% U.S. market share target to find profitability. The search will prove elusive.Fiat will seek to renegotiate the terms of its investment in Chrysler.With Chrysler's market share in a death spiral, Fiat will finally grasp that this dud is exactly that - a dud. By autumn, Fiat will threaten to walk away from Chrysler unless the UAW and U.S. taxpayer offer up even more concessions.Washington's twin-obsessions in election year 2010 will be to create jobs and cut the deficit. Little will be accomplished on either count.Congress will authorize billions more in stimulus that won't be called 'stimulus' and won't actually create jobs. And Congress will convene a bi-partisan deficit cutting commission that won't do much either. Until investors stop buying US Treasurys, why should Congress change its ways?The story of the year will be the New York City trial of Khalid Sheik Mohammed.The OJ Simpson trial proved that nothing gets the masses as excited as murder and celebrity. Throw in Flight 253 and the ambitions of dozens of terrorists, trial lawyers, prosecutors, politicians and aggrieved 9-11 families and you have a story that will run and run.Final predictions: Weak economic growth will continue into 2010. By spring, the Obama White House will be forced to the political center and U.S. businesses will finally believe in a modest recovery.Here is my best guess - and that's all it is - for how the U.S. economy and markets will look in 2010:2010 U.S. unemployment rate (average): 10.2%2010 Samp;P 500 index (year-end): 13002010 10-year Treasury yield (year-end): 5.0% /201001/93725Located in central London, this road is one of the key routes for competitors and officials looking to get to the Olympic Stadium.奥运通道坐落于伦敦市中心,是专为运动员和相关官员设计的通向奥运主场馆的主干道之一。But just when motorists thought the designated Olympic lanes couldnt get any more confusing, they face an even harder time working out how to drive along here.然而,这条名为奥运通道的路线却给行车人带来了不小的麻烦。司机们得费劲脑筋,思考在这条道上怎么才能开好车。As this picture shows, motorists travelling along Southampton Row face three options - and all are illegal.如图所示,想要开往南安普顿的司机们有三条道可供选择:可是开哪条都得吃罚单。They can either travel in the bus lane, the Olympic lane or on the wrong side of the road.公交车道,奥运通道或者是反方向车道,他们都能开。Obviously no driver would want to travel on the wrong side of the road. But motorists caught travelling in either a bus lane or Olympic lane during operational hours face a pound;130 fine.不过显然没有司机会开到反向车道去,只是要是没注意上规定的时间就上了公交车道或者奥运通道,他们就不得不面30英镑的罚单了。The Olympic lanes are part of the Olympic Route Network which is a series of roads linking all competition venues and other key sites.It is hoped they will ensure that all athletes and officials get to events on time.奥运通道并不止这一条,他们是连接不同竞技场馆和重要地标的交通枢纽干道。这一切都是为了保运动员和相关官员在比赛期间能按时到达赛场而特别建造的。But the new regulations led to confusion on the A4 and the A40, where Olympic driving restrictions are yet to come into force.可是随着奥运期间限行条例的出台生效,针对A4和A40的新规定给广大司机带来了的无限烦恼。Pictures showed motorists battling to get out of the lanes as traffic queued to enter the capital.从图中我们可以看到众多车辆挤作一团,等候进入伦敦市。Charging began on the M4 today because the first athletes were arriving in London to prepare for the Games, which start on July 27.鉴于首批运动员已经抵达伦敦为奥运会进行准备,M4道路的处罚措施今天起已经实行。The traffic problems were first reported by Sky News to be on the M4, but further enquiries established that the tailback images it broadcast were from the A4.M4的道路问题是由天空新闻首先报道的,不过在A4公路的车辆堵塞照片曝光后伦敦奥运通道引起更多的社会争议。Ironically, the Highways Agency said few problems were reported on the M4 itself.可笑的是,高速公路司方面称A4本身没有任何问题反馈。As we get closer to the Games roads will become exceptionally busy and our advice to motorists is clear avoid driving in central London, around the ORN and Games venues but if a journey is absolutely essential be sure to plan ahead by visiting get ahead of the games.com and allow extra time.高速公路司方面表示:“奥运通道会越来越繁忙,我们对司机朋友们的建议是,尽量不要选择伦敦中心、奥运主场及其他竞技场馆作为路线。如果您的路线非经过这里不可,请提前查询好线路,并预留出堵车时间。”Motorists are heeding that advice and we have aly seen a 10 per cent reduction in traffic levels in central London.“司机逐渐接受了我们的意见,我们也看到伦敦中心的车流压力已经减少了10%”。来 /201207/190742武汉市纹绣专业

湖北省水雾眉海藻眉粉黛眉仿真眉话题18 过安全门 出境旅游登机时要过安全门,安全门是检查旅客是否携带有毒或者危险物品,以确保安全乘坐飞机过安全门时切勿携带有危害的物品,如果携带危险物品,通过安全门时就会响起警报英语情景会话A: Miss, you still have some metallic things with you.A:,您身上仍然有金属物质B:It is impossible.B:这不可能A: Please check it again.A:请您再检查一遍B: Oh, I got it.1t is my keys. It is metallic thing. Sorry.B:哦,我知道了是我的钥匙,这也算金属物,对不起A: Never mind. Please put them on this tray. And put your baggage to the belt again.A:没关系,请把它放迸托盘里,然后再把您的行李放到传送带上B:No problem.B:没问题A: Please go through this gate.A:请通过安全门(The alarm sounds)(警报器响了)B:What matter?B:怎么回事?A: There are still some metallic things with you.A:您的身上还有金属物B: Let me check it.Yes,it is my buckle.B:让我看看对,是我的皮带扣A:That OK.A:可以了其他常用英语口语表达Please put burnable into this tray.请把可燃物放到这个托盘里Please put your baggage on the belt.请把行李放在传送带上The metals and burnable things are unallowable to carry in aircraft.金属物和可燃物都是不允许带上飞机的The alarm still sounds please check it again.警报器还在响,请您再检查一下常用英语词汇表达metallic things 金属物品buckle 皮带扣unallowable 不允许的check 检查belt 皮带burnable things 可燃物品alarm 警报器tray 托盘 5695江岸江汉区做美容纹绣多少钱 荆州市纹绣哪家好

武昌青山区做纹眼多少钱1.I am sorry to say that you are not accepted by our HR manager.很遗憾,你没有通过我们人力资源经理的面试.Sony to hear that, but could you let me inmed why I failed?真难过,但你能否告诉我失败的原因?3.I have just received your note which inms me that you have offered the ant position to another candidate.我收到你的通知,得知你已经把会计一职给了别人.Experience is important, but dont you think capability is more valuable than that?经验固然重要,但能力不是更重要吗?5.Maybe you can hire me on trial.也许你们可以先给我个试用期6.I failed in the job interview.我面试没通过7.Which part of it do you think is not good?面试的哪一部分表现不好呢?8.You are not good at persuading and influencing others.你不太擅长说和影响别人9.It is just not suitable you.你不适合这个职位.You should learn the lessons and pick yourself up.你应该吸取教训,继续向前Dialogue 1Dialogue 1A: Hello, this is Lin Tao. I am calling to inquire about my interview result last week.A: 你好,我是林涛a我想问问上 周面试的结果B: Hi,I am sony to say that your experience doesnt fit the job at all.B: 你好很遗憾,你的经历不适合这个职位A: Sorry to hear that, but could you inm me why I failed?A: 真遗憾,但是你能否告诉我:我为什么会失败?B: I have to say your education and experience are very outstanding, but it seems that you are tiot good at working in a team which we attach great importance to.B: 你的教育和资历都很出色,但 是你似乎不太擅长团队合作, 而我们又很注重团队的合作Dialogue Dialogue A: I have just received your note which inms me that you have offered the ant position to another candidate. May I ask why I was defeated?A: 我收到你的通知,得知你已经 把会计一职给了别人我能知道我落选的原因?B: We have thought of you carefully with discretion, but the other candidate has more experiences.B: 我们认真地考虑过你,但是另 外一个候选人经验更丰富一些A: Experience is important, but dont you think capability is more valuable than that?A:经验固然重要,但一个人的能力难道不是更重要吗?B: Yes, I think so. But how do you prove to me that you are more capable?B:是的,我同意,但是怎么明 你比别人更有能力呢?A: Maybe you can hire me on trial. If Im not qualified the job, you can let me go.A: 也许你们可以先对我进行试用, 不合格的话再裁掉也不迟B: Good idea.B: 好主意 3586 They have been jailed and tortured, hunted in the streets and blacklisted from public life. But a year after winning the presidency and reaching the pinnacle of their 80-year quest for power, Egypt’s Islamists again face an existential threat.他们曾遭到监禁和酷刑,在街头受到追捕,被列入公共生活的黑名单。但在赢得总统之位、达到其追求80年的权力巅峰一年后,埃及的伊斯兰主义者再次面临生存威胁。President Mohamed Morsi was yesterday fighting back against what his supporters have dubbed a military coup d’état against his democratically elected government. This time, the president’s Muslim Brotherhood and his millions of supporters made clear, they were not about to give up.昨日,总统穆罕默德#8226;穆尔Mohamed Morsi)反击被其持者称为针对他的民选政府发动的军事政变。这一次,总统的穆斯林兄弟Muslim Brotherhood)以及他的数百万持者明确表示,他们不会放弃。“If the military takes any street action we will stand in front of the tanks,vowed Gehad Haddad, an official in Mr Morsi’s Freedom and Justice party.穆尔西的自由与正义党(Freedom and Justice party)的官员Gehad Haddad誓言:“如果军队开到街上,我们将挡在坦克面前。”Following massive street protests on Sunday against what critics see as the president’s increasingly autocratic and erratic rule, Egypt’s military on Monday leapt back into politics and demanded that the president and opposition negotiate a compromise by today or submit to the army’s own political road map. Under a draft of that road map, leaked to Reuters, the constitution would be suspended and the current Islamist-dominated legislature dissolved if a power-sharing agreement is not reached.由于批评人士认为总统的统治日益具有威权主义色和随心所欲,上周日发生大规模街头示威,本周一埃及军方重返政坛,要求总统与反对派举行磋商,最迟在今日达成妥协,否则就必须按照军方的政治路线图办事。从泄露给路Reuters)的路线图草案来看,如果未能达成权力分享协议,宪法将被搁置,目前以伊斯兰分子为主的立法机关将被解散。But rather than bow to the pressure, Mr Morsi and his Islamist allies have begun gathering their forces in preparation for a stand-off. His supporters, many dressed in traditional galabiyas (robes) and holding copies of the Koran, gathered in squares and streets across the country. “Here are the real people of Egypt,declared Mostafa Marzouk, an aircraft technician who attended a pro-Morsi rally with his two sons.但穆尔西及其伊斯兰主义盟友不仅没有向压力妥协,还开始召集自己的力量,准备对抗。他的持者很多穿着传统的穆斯林斗篷,手持可兰经,在全国各地的广场和街道上聚会。一位飞机技师穆斯塔#8226;马尔祖克(Mostafa Marzouk)宣称:“这里是真正的埃及人民。”他带着自己的两个儿子参加持穆尔西的聚会。Many of those protesting in support of Mr Morsi sported thick beards and wore skullcaps associated with the puritanical Salafist movement. Others wore jeans and T-shirts, or colourful headscarves and claimed no affiliation to any group. “We will never leave the squares,said Nelly Alieldin, a professor of epidemiology.很多参加示威、持穆尔西的人士蓄着大胡子,带着与清教徒式的沙拉Salafist)运动相关的无沿便帀?其他人穿着牛仔裤和T恤,或者戴着鲜艳的围巾,宣称不隶属任何组织。流行病学教授Nelly Alieldin表示:“我们绝不会离开广场。”The Brotherhood’s political machine swiftly activated after the army announcement. The president and his advisers huddled for hours before issuing a terse 2am statement that played down the army’s ultimatum.在军队发出声明以后,穆斯林兄弟会的政治机器马上开启。总统及其顾问协商了数小时之后,在凌晨2点发布一份简短声明,淡化了军队的最后通牒。Shadi Hamid, an expert on the Brotherhood at the Brookings Doha Centre, said the defiance was intended to raise the stakes. “The military wants to stage a coup? They’re going to have to really stage a coup.”布鲁金斯多哈中Brookings Doha Centre)的穆斯林兄弟会专家沙#8226;哈米Shadi Hamid)表示,抗拒姿态是为了增加筹码。“军队想上演一场政变?他们将必须花功夫搞一场真正的政变。”来 /201307/246410武汉市植眉和绣眉哪个好湖北去纹身一般多少钱



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