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江夏黄陂新洲区雕眉哪家好黄石市做韩国彩妆多少钱湖北省韩式半永久化妆术 How do we break the cycle of poverty? What can we, as a state and a nation, do to help poor children escape poverty and move up and out?Jamie Fogel is a pre-doctoral fellow with Harvards department of economics and a researcher on the Quality of Opportunity project that takes a close look at the effect of poverty and geography.Fogel and his research team ask first and foremost: To what extent is the U.S. a ;land of opportunity?;They wanted to chart levels of mobility in the country and see how it varies across the nation.;If parents earned X, what do we expect their kids to earn? And in general, we focused on parents who were at about the 25th percentile of income distribution … and we looked at the outcomes for their children,; Fogel says.Ottawa County is the most upwardly mobile place in Michigan, according to the project.Fogel says Ottawa ranks above average in racial segregation, does very well in terms of income equality, and has relatively good test scores.The same cant be said for Washtenaw and Wayne counties. Kids who grew up in Ottawa saw income gain by ,000; Wayne County kids earned ,600 less than their parents.Fogels team also found that the longer you spend in a place, ;the more you look like that place.;;If you moved to a high-mobility area when youre younger, youre going to be more likely to experience that mobility, whereas if you move to that high-mobility place at a later age, youll still get some of the effects of the mobility, but to a lesser extent.;;Places matter,; Fogel says. He hopes his project can show policymakers that there is something we can do and that poverty is not intrinsic to individuals and their families.201506/378291Europe Mafias on the move欧洲 黑手党正在扩张Northward creep罪恶之手伸向北方In Italy Mafia-organised crime is no longer only a southern phenomenon意大利黑手党犯罪不再局限于南部地区TERRACINA is a sprawling town south of Rome, popular as a destination for beachside weekends. Rivarolo Canavese nestles in the shadow of the Alps north of Turin. It has Roman ruins, a handsome 14th-century castle and fewer than 12,000 inhabitants. Neither of these very different places is in the traditional, southern heartland of Italy’s mafias. Yet both have recently been tainted—and dramatically so—by organised crime.TERRACINA是罗马南部的一个外延小镇,拥有非常出名的周末海滩。Rivarolo Canavese坐落于都灵的南部,阿尔卑斯山脚下,那儿还残留着古罗马的遗迹,矗立着14世纪风格的城堡还有不到12,000的人口。这些地方和意大利黑手党传统的南部中心地带截然不同,但最近,这两处地方都受到了组织犯罪污浊的侵蚀,且形势严峻。In August Gaetano Marino, suspected to be a leading member of the Neapolitan Camorra, died when he was shot after being lured off a beach in Terracina on which families were relaxing in the sun. And earlier this year the inhabitants of Rivarolo Canavese learned that their town council had been put under direct central government control, following an investigation that found evidence of infiltration by the ‘Ndrangheta, the mafia of Calabria.Gaetano Marino 被怀疑是那不勒斯卡莫拉党的头领,八月的一天他和家人在Terracina的海滩晒太阳,却被诱离海滩杀。此外,今年早些时候,Rivarolo Canavese的居民知悉市镇委员会改由中央政府直接管辖。因为此前一项调查发现了卡拉布里行省的‘Ndrangheta黑暗势力渗透的据。The fact that the ‘Ndrangheta, a crime syndicate born in the toe of the Italian boot, should be found in cahoots with local politicians in a town 60km (38 miles) from the French border is striking evidence of something that is gradually becoming clear: the mafia is no longer a southern phenomenon in Italy, but a national one.‘Ndrangheta犯罪团伙起源于于靴型意大利版图的“脚趾头部位”。据显示他们竟然与距离法国边界60公里(38英里)的一小镇的政客勾结。这一发现拨云见日:黑手党不再局限于南部意大利,已蔓延向全国。Of the 22 local authorities disbanded last year because of alleged infiltration by organised crime, four were outside the south. What is happening along the coast near Rome is unclear. Some investigators fear a turf war may have started between local hoodlums and Camorra mobsters intent on expanding their influence.去年有22个地方政权被遣散就是因为被指控受到组织犯罪的渗透,其中有四个地方不在南部地区。靠近罗马的沿海地区依旧迷雾重重,一些调查员担心一场地盘争夺战已经在身为地头蛇的当地暴徒和旨在拓展势力范围的卡莫拉组织之间展开。Other crime syndicates have aly tried to establish a presence in the capital. In 2007 Cosa Nostra was found to be running a money-laundering operation from premises cheekily situated opposite the office of the prime minister. Two years later one of Rome’s most famous bars, the Cafe de Paris on the leafy Via Veneto, was closed after it was discovered that it had become a front for the ‘Ndrangheta. (It has since re-opened and uses a variety of products and produce from firms that have been confiscated from mobsters.)其他犯罪团伙甚至试图在首都发展其势力。在2007年,Cosa Nostra竟厚颜无耻地在首相府的对面建立洗钱基地。此事两年后,位于树木繁茂的威尼托区,一罗马著名酒吧 Cafe de Paris 被封,理由是该酒吧为‘Ndrangheta提供庇护。(此后,该酒吧又重新开张,使用的很多产品都由从匪帮收缴的公司生产。)The situation in Italy’s north is clearer. It had long been known that criminals from the south had put down roots in the richest parts of the country. A well-intentioned, if misguided, policy dating from the 1950s led to the removal of many suspected mobsters from their areas of operation and their “obligatory sojourn” elsewhere in Italy under curfew.意大利北部形式已逐渐明朗。南部罪犯植根于全国最富饶之地的事实早已为人所知。追溯到19世纪50年代的宵禁,政策本意虽好,但却是错的,这使得可疑匪帮离开原本活动范围来到意大利其他的“强制逗留地”。Thanks to three recent and wide-ranging investigations, it is now clear that the ‘Ndrangheta not only has acquired an unrivalled ascendancy in the north, but that its presence and influence is far greater than had been suspected (or acknowledged by northern politicians). Police and prosecutors claim to have identified no fewer than 24 locali (‘Ndrangheta clans) in Lombardy, the wealthy region around Milan, and Piedmont, of which Turin is the capital.正由于近期三项大范围的调查,情况现已清晰。‘Ndrangheta 的成长在北方无人能及,甚至他的势力已经远远超出估计(或者说超出北方政客的认识)。警察和检察官声称,在伦巴第、米兰附近富裕地区、以及以都灵为省会城市的皮得蒙,能够确定是locali(‘Ndrangheta 家族)的不下24人。The first two investigations, which targeted Lombardy, led in November 2011 to the conviction of 110 defendants. The written judgment, published in June, is a profoundly unsettling document. It refers to more than 70 instances of suspected intimidation in and around the country’s financial capital involving “firearms, ammunition and, in some cases, explosives”. On September 18th, a 75-year old businessman was shot in the leg near Milan in what looked suspiciously like a mafia ambush.前两项调查都在伦巴第展开,于2011年11月坐实了110名被告人的罪行。书面判决书在6月公布,着实让人不安。书中公布了逾70起发生在全国金融之都及周边地区的涉嫌恐吓犯罪行为,其中涉及、弹药、甚至在一些案件中炸药的使用。9月18日,一名75岁商人在米兰附近被一射中大腿,怀疑是黑手党伏击。The third investigation—Operation Minotaur, focused on Piedmont—led to the arrest of 172 people. It was this that prompted the disbanding of the council in Rivarolo Canavese. There, ‘Ndrangheta bosses are said to have worked with a local politician to get him elected to the European Parliament. One was overheard by investigators to boast proudly that he and his men could command 11,000 votes from towns in the Alpine foothills.第三项调查代号“米诺陶行动”,聚焦于皮德蒙,协助逮捕了172名罪犯。正是由于这项调查,才加快了Rivarolo Canavese委员会的遣散。据说,在Rivarolo Canavese,Ndrangheta 的领导层与当地一名政客狼狈为奸,给政客投票使其进入欧洲议会。还有一件调查者无意中听到的事,一名黑帮高层自豪的吹嘘:在阿尔卑斯山麓区域,只要我一声令下,就有11000人为我投票。翻译:郁炳睿译文属译生译世 /201607/455011湖北仿真绣眉要多少钱

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潜江做漂眉多少钱Ebola in Spain西班牙出现埃拉疫情Europes first victim欧洲境内首例患者A Spanish nurse who caught Ebola causes consternation across Europe一西班牙护士感染埃拉病毒,引起全欧洲恐慌Taking precautions, after the event事后预防FEAR sps faster than disease. News on October 6th of a case of Ebola in Madrid, the first contracted outside west Africa, where the disease has killed 3,400 people since March, caused Spaniards to worry not only about its sp but also about the competence of their health authorities.恐惧的传播速度要比病毒快得多。10月6日马德里出现了第一位在西非之外感染埃拉病毒的患者,埃拉病毒自3月以来已致3400人死亡,消息一出,不仅引起西班牙人对疫情传播的担忧,还导致民众对卫生当局工作能力的怀疑。The victim is a 44-year-old hospital worker, Teresa Romero, who had volunteered to help when two Spanish missionaries were flown home from west Africa and later died of the disease. Health workers in Africa are among Ebolas most frequent victims. But in the developed world hospitals have elaborate protocols to minimise the danger of contagion. Ms Romero should have been wearing the right protective clothing, have known the safety protocols properly, and been quickly spotted as a danger to public health once she fell ill.患者特蕾莎·罗梅罗是一名44岁的护理人员,曾经志愿参与护理感染埃拉病毒两名西班牙传教士,这两例患者均在西非感染埃拉病毒然后被空运回国(接受治疗),但是随后因(医治无效)而去世。最容易感染埃拉病毒的患者就是在非洲工作的医务工作人员。但是在发达国家,医院是能够通过制定详细的条款将传染病的传播危险最大程度地降低的。罗梅罗本应该穿上正确的防护衣,本应该适当了解安全协议,本应在感到不适的第一时间被列为隔离对象(然而事与愿违)。Yet after Ms Romero caught the virus, she spent ten days on holiday in Madrid, sat a public exam and visited a health centre and hospital with her early symptoms to seek help. Ms Romero wore protective clothing at work and claimed that she had followed the protocols. She even rang the hospital where she had worked to ask for advice on dealing with her symptoms, but her temperature was not deemed high enough to cause concern. Eventually she was taken by ambulance to her local hospital rather than to one that specialises in Ebola cases, requiring a further move some hours later. Full isolation protocols were reportedly only applied some time after her arrival at the first hospital.在罗梅罗感染病毒之后,她还在马德里休了十天假,期间参加了一次公开考试,并在出现早期症状后在健康中心和医院寻求过帮助。罗梅罗声称自己在工作期间穿上了防护衣并遵守了安全协议。她甚至曾向她工作的医院打电话咨询解决症状的建议,但是因为体温不够高而没有引起注意。最终她被救护车拉去了当地一家医院而不是专门负责埃拉疫情的医院,只因后者路程遥远还需几个小时才能到。据报道称,在她到达第一家医院一段时间之后隔离条款才真正落到了实处。Ebola is not easy to contract. It usually requires contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person. Doctors say that Ms Romero recalled touching her face with a gloved hand after changing a nappy for one patient. They think the risks of further contagion are small, though six people, including her husband, were in isolation as The Economist went to press. Some 50 health workers who had been in contact with her are being closely monitored. The couples dog was also put down.埃拉并不容易被感染。只有与感染者进行体液的接触后才能传染上。医生称罗梅罗回忆起在给一位患者换尿布后她曾经用带着手套的手触摸过自己的脸。虽然他们认为二次传染的危险性是很小的,但是包括她的丈夫在内的六名相关人员在《经济学人》出版时都已经被隔离。曾与罗梅罗接触过的50几名医务人员也被严密监控。这对夫妇的宠物同样被监控起来。Hospital staff complain that they had only between 15 minutes and half an hour of training on protocols and how to put on protective clothing before dealing with Ebola patients. In some cases duct tape was used to seal clothing. The authorities admit that Ms Romero should perhaps have been isolated earlier.医院工作人员抱怨称,就隔离条款内容和如何穿戴防护衣的学习他们只接受过15分钟到半个小时的培训。有些情况下人们会用强力胶带来给衣物封口。当局承认罗梅罗本应该尽早隔离。Medical staff point to cuts in Madrids health service, where spending has fallen by 2% over the past three years. The authorities deny that training was slack and accuse Ms Romero of failing to give doctors full information. Jaume Ribera at IESE, a business school, says Spain should have fewer but better-prepared people treating victims of Ebola.医务人员指出马德里在公共医疗卫生务方面的出有所削减,过去的三年中,相关出减少了2%。当局否认培训的缺失并控告罗梅罗未能向医生传达出全部的信息。IESE商学院的豪梅·里韦拉认为西班牙应该减少护理埃拉患者的人员但是要提高人员质量。翻译:朱大素 校对:邵夏沁 /201410/336259 宜昌秭归长阳自治县五峰自治县做纹眼多少钱松滋市公安县监利县江陵县做雕眉多少钱



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