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Intellectual property知识产权Inventive warfare创智财富Battles over patents are becoming fiercer and more expensive专利之争更猛烈,更烧钱Aug 20th 2011 | from the print edition THIS deal is all about patents. That was the near universal view of Google’s announcement this week that it was taking over Motorola Mobility, a maker of handsets and other devices, for a colossal .5 billion. Indeed, the purchase will provide Google with an awful lot of patents: around 17,000 of them issued and another 7,500 pending. They should help Google in its efforts to get more smartphones and other mobile devices running on its Android operating system. But it could also make the battles over patents nastier and more costly.这笔交易也是彻头彻尾关于专利的。谷歌本周宣布以高达125亿美元收购手机及相关配件的制造商托罗拉移动部门的消息引起了全球关注。此外,此次交易将提供给谷歌大量的专利:大约17,000个已经获得专利权,另外有7,500个正在申请中。这将有助于谷歌拓展其基业以使更多地智能手机和其它移动终端使用安卓操作系统。但这也会使得专利之争更卑劣更烧钱。A scramble for patents had aly begun. In December four companies, including Microsoft and Apple, paid 0m for around 880 patents and applications owned by Novell, an ailing software firm. In July those two and four others, including Research in Motion, maker of the BlackBerry, spent .5 billion on 6,000 patents owned by Nortel, a bankrupt Canadian telecoms-equipment maker. Before its latest deal, Google bought 1,000 patents from IBM. Firms are also suing each other. Apple claims its technology has been copied by Samsung and Motorola in their Android phones. Oracle is suing Google for up to billion, claiming that Android infringes its patents. Microsoft is suing Motorola over Android too. Nokia recently settled a similar quarrel with Apple.对专利权的争夺已经开始了。12月,包括微软和苹果在内的四家企业为了大约880项专利向专利所用者——一家面临窘境的软件企业——诺勒付了4.5亿美元。7月,前述四家企业中的两家和另外四家企业——包括捷讯移动和黑莓手机制造商——为了6000项专利向一个破产的加拿大电信设备供应商北电网络费了450亿美元。在最新的一笔交易中,谷歌从国际商业机器公司购买了1000项专利。企业间也互相控诉。苹果声称其技术被三星和托罗拉抄袭在其各自的安卓手机内。甲骨文诉谷歌侵害了其专利,并要求索赔高达60亿美元。微软也以安卓诉托罗拉。最近,诺基亚和苹果也开始了专利权的纷争。201108/150424

Crazy market tests trader Stock market swings pressure one Wall Street trader. CNN's Richard Roth patrols the floor.Still trading lower, you are OK with the 40 sellout? Yes. Riding the roller coaster week on Wall Street. About 150-200 up at 20 cents. Ok. Stock trader Steve Grasso hung on tight, prowling the floor of the New York stock exchange. Describe your emotions and mood this week in trading. Have you ever been seasick? That’s what it's felt like. Best buyer but Seller? Best buyer,Morgan Stanley ,180 bail, legacy on the sales side 100 bail. Perfect,thank you. For Grasso and other traders they come in the financial storms. I’ve done this for a long time, so that I am sort of immune to it where the ups and downs of the market don't really have the effect that they will on a normal investor. They are up. What does this floor feel and act like during such turmoil in the markets? I think this is where the floor shines ,you want to have a human element, and this is what we all are here for. They worried here on Monday when global markets tanked, US markets were closed,New York initially plunged on the Tuesday opening. It didn't make a whole lot of sense,and technically this market was oversold and was y to bounce back. I'm not sure he has been slightly tech-sensitive, I can't make the call whether or not it was the company buyer I am on my feet 100% of the day,I don't sit. To sorrow you are walking around all day when you first start this buisiness,you feel like a flamenco, cause you are bending one leg at a time, you stretch yourself out, but you want to get comfortable shoes,you want to be able to move, It's rather the head. What’s your blood pressure? Um…perfect,as long as I don't have a cheese burger for lunch. Send this, need a look. The hair-raising dives and rallies don't bother Grasso,since his job is to find the right buyer sale price for his heavy weight clients whether the market is higher or lower you will hear from a cab driver, you will hear from everyone,“Oh my god it's the end of the world". Well I think that is that problem is that we live in a society where the markets are just a click away of the mouse now. So everyone has become a pseudo market professional. Got it, perfect,thanks Pad. Richard Roth, CNN New York.Notes:Hair-raising: Causing excitement, terror, or thrills02/63170

The View ladies talking about Rihanna Rihanna was hit by her boyfriend Chris Brown, The View ladies are talking about it. Because when you look at it, when you look at it as it is which is what you said the other day, it’s very easy for someone in an abuse relationship to go back. But I loved him, but I trusted him and nobody says she has to be a role model.Okay, I’m just gonna say this one more time(we don't know) that we don't know(That's right.) the circumstances under which Rihanna was hit. (They are being investigated)They are being... Yes and so before we say, before we sort of keep making it sound like she's gone back to her abuser, I’d like to say that (We know he did something )we don't know, we don't know what he did. We don't know what happened.I know that we don't know. I just think that there're at least a lot of young girls out here who are assuming, and I feel like, you know, there are a lot of young girls out who feel like I can go back because I can change if I love him enough. And we don't know what happened, but I think a lot of young people are assuming and then looking at this, and this is a very important issue for...(... back ... a huge confidence.)Yes, but, it goes back to that, but it also goes back to, sometimes you can't just jump to conclusions.But we saw her face.I know we saw, you know what, another girl could have done that. We don't know the circumstances as all I am saying and before I wanna...( Why did he need management, ok?)well, maybe he is an angry guy, I mean ,that doesn't mean, you know, because he yells and gets in her face, I don't know that he hit her.(And he is ...That's fair.)So I'm not gonna assume, you know, that he did it because God knows pictures all of us have been places and we think, wait a minute, that’s not what he does, that’s what that is.And I'm glad he is in anger management class cuz this is a boy. He is 19 years old. he just said a few years ago that he thought he would be in prison because he watched his step father abuse his mother, so he just came not even a couple of years ago, came out of home where he saw abuse all the time and then he became a superstar. So actually I 'm glad he's in anger management class.I'm just saying when you do the math, see the photo, he is in anger management, makes an apology, you kind of start, it just ain't easy. Right, it doesn’t. But it’s easy as assumption…Let us hope that something good comes out of this, coz we've been talking about it the other day...04/68257

American veterans美国退役士兵A hard homecoming归途漫漫Budget battles and a stagnant economy greet Americarsquo;s soldiers as they return from Iraq and Afghanistan美国士兵从战火纷飞的伊拉克和阿富汗回到家乡后,迎接他们的是对预算案的争吵和停滞不前的经济BRETT QUINZON did two tours in Iraq before leaving active duty in May. Originally from Minnesota, Mr Quinzon now lives in Thomaston, a small town around 65 miles south of Atlanta. A grey December morning found him filling out forms in Atlantarsquo;s large veteransrsquo; hospital, seeking treatment for depression. Since returning from Iraq, he says he has ;more anger issues;, and finds himself ;more watchful and on-guard in public situations; than he was before he deployed. That is not unusual: many soldiers return from the battlefield with psychological scars. Between January and May, as he prepared to leave active duty, Mr Quinzon applied for hundreds of jobs. The search proved difficult: like many veterans, he enlisted right after high-school, and lacks a college degree. But persistence paid off. He is now an apprentice at a heating and air-conditioning company, and is being trained as a heavy-equipment operator.布雷特.昆士昂在今年5月退役前,曾先后两次赴伊作战。现在,他从老家明尼苏达搬到了离亚特兰大南部65公里的小镇托马斯顿居住。本月中的一天早晨,天空阴沉灰暗,有人在亚特兰大一家大型退伍士兵医院中看到了昆士昂的身影。当时他正在填写表格,因心理抑郁前来寻求治疗。从硝烟弥漫的伊拉克回到美国后,他觉得自己变得;容易暴躁;,并发现在公共场合中,变得警惕,拘谨得多。出现这样的问题并不意外,许多从战场上归来的退役士兵心理上都有阴影。今年1月到5月,在昆士昂准备退役期间,曾寄出了数百封求职信。像许多退伍老兵一样,他高中一毕业就参军入伍,没有大学文凭。所以对他而言,求职的过程显得艰难异常,但不懈的坚持终于换来了回报。现在,他正在一家冷热设备制造公司实习,岗位是重型机械操作员。Not all recent veterans are so lucky. Around 800,000 veterans are jobless, 1.4m live below the poverty line, and one in every three homeless adult men in America is a veteran. Though the overall unemployment rate among Americarsquo;s 21m veterans in November (7.4%) was lower than the national rate (8.6%), for veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan it was 11.1%. And for veterans between the ages of 18 and 24, it was a staggering 37.9%, up from 30.4% just a month earlier.不是所有最近退役的士兵都像昆士昂那样幸运,能找到份工作。目前在美国,大约八十万退伍兵处于失业状态;生活在贫困线以下的退役士兵有一百四十万人;每三个成年无家可归者中就有一个是退伍兵。在十一月的调查中发现,在美国两千一百万退伍兵里,总失业率为7.4%。这一比例确实要比全国失业率的8.6%要低。但从伊拉克和阿富汗战场上回到国内的退役士兵,失业率却为11.1%。而年龄在18到24岁的退役士兵,失业率已从10月的30.4%激增到11月的37.9%。If demography is indeed destiny, perhaps this figure should not be surprising. More soldiers are male than female, and the male jobless rate exceeds womenrsquo;s. Since so many soldiers lack a college degree, the fact that the recession has been particularly hard on the less educated hits veterans disproportionately. Large numbers of young veterans work;or worked;in stricken industries such as manufacturing and construction. Whatever the cause, this bleak trend is occurring as the last American troops leave Iraq at the end of this year, and as more than 1m new veterans are expected to join the civilian labour force over the next four years.如果说年龄结构决定失业率高低的话,大概下面的数字应该不会让人惊奇。男性士兵的人数要大于女性士兵的人数。理所当然,男性退伍士兵的失业率也要比女性退伍士兵高。因为许多士兵并未获得过大学文凭,事实上,经济衰退对受教育程度较差的士兵打击非常大。很大一部分年轻的退伍士兵,现在或曾经在受到了严重的冲击的领域,如制造业和建筑业中工作。无论原因为何,受教育越少,在经济衰退中受打击越大,这一形势将伴随着最后一批美国参战士兵在今年年底离开伊拉克,回到美国。未来四年间,将有超过一百万的新退伍士兵将涌入民政劳动力市场。And of course it is also occurring in fiscally straitened times, though it looks as though this will affect veteransrsquo; services less than other parts of the federal government. Though there have been some small fee increases for veterans covered by Tricare, the military health-insurance programme, significant cuts to veteransrsquo; benefits are unlikely, and for good reason. Military pay is far from generous, and the benefits are comprehensive but hardly gold-plated or easy to navigate. Not for nothing is a popular online forum for veterans wending their way through the bureaucracy of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) called HadIt.com.尽管看上去预算紧缺对联邦政府其它项目的影响要大于对退役士兵所享务的影响,但随着大量劳动力的涌入,伴随而来的还有预算紧张。虽然对于加入军队健康保险计划Tricare的退役士兵来,付费用有小幅上调,但大幅削减退伍士兵的待遇是不可能的。说起来军队待遇远说不上慷慨,各种津贴林林总总,但数额都不大,得到也绝非易事。为津贴是一个热门在线论坛,帮助退役士兵如何在退伍士兵事务部(简称VA)办理各项事宜。该网站叫HadIt.com(受够了.com)不是没有原因的。166309

奥巴马接受访谈时出手打死苍蝇奥巴马之前不久在白宫接受电视采访时,发现屋内飞有一只苍蝇,就亲自用手把它拍死。  Well, you know, when we first got into the room, there was just a very large fly that was circling, and we didn’t quite know what to make cover it, tried to get it, tried to get it out of the room. We thoughtit was out of the room but when I was talking I noticed it circling around the president. It was quite persistent. He put his, er, he put his hand up in one… Let’s take a, take a list. I think we've got the a little bit sound here. P: hey, get out of here.G: that’s the most persistent fly I’ve ever seen. Nice!P: now, where were we?G: Yeah.P: That was an pretty impressive one. I got the sucker. What do you think, Gibson?G: that is very good. It’s right there.P: it’s right there. You wanna film that? Here it is. 06/74871

美国总统奥巴马星期四在纽约对华尔街金融部门主管讲话时把美国经济比做建在流沙上的房子,他要求美国金融业持金融改革。奥巴马形容金融改革对避免经济再次崩溃至关重要。Comparing the U.S. economy to a house on shifting sands, President Barack Obama has appealed to the U.S. financial industry to support reforms he describes as vital to avoiding another economic collapse. The president spoke in New York.Aiming his appeal directly at the financial industry and skeptics within it, and at Republican critics in Congress, the president warned of the danger of a repeat of economic collapse.Calling the financial crisis the outcome of a failure of responsibility from Wall Street to Washington, he said the time has come to seize the moment to make fundamental changes in the rules of the financial road."It is essential that we learn the lessons of this crisis, so we do not doom ourselves to repeat it," said the president. "And make no mistake, that is exactly what will happen if we allow this moment to pass. That is an outcome that is unacceptable to me and it is unacceptable to you, the American people."With many, but not all, of the most prominent executives of Wall Street firms present, the president outlined key aspects of legislation the Senate will debate in coming days.These include steps to impose new oversight and controls on hedge funds and complex financial instruments known as derivatives, and protections for consumers of financial products.Of particular importance would be a system to ensure that troubled financial companies could be dismantled in an orderly way without posing the kind of systemic risk they did in 2008. Calling the Senate bill and one the House of Representatives approved last year a significant improvement over flawed rules now in place, he said changes would be advantageous for the industry and the country.The president took aim at the tens of millions of dollars and hundreds of financial industry lobbyists who have descended on Capitol Hill in recent weeks attempting to urge lawmakers to oppose the legislation."I am sure that some of these lobbyists work for you and they are doing what they are being paid to do. But I am here today, specifically when I speak to the titans of industry here, because I want to urge you to join us, instead of fighting us in this effort," he said. ”President Obama also directed attention to an ongoing and enormously sensitive issue for Americans - multi-million dollar salaries, bonuses and other compensation paid to industry executives."Some of the salaries and bonuses we have seen created perverse incentives to take reckless risks that contributed to the crisis. It is what helped lead to a relentless focus on a company's next quarter, to the detriment of its next year or decade," he said. Critics say the Senate measure would amount to an authorization for continuing government bailouts of the financial industry.On Capitol Hill, minority Republicans have softened opposition to Senate legislation, but negotiations continue on provisions. Democrats hope for a vote by next week.201004/102219

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