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国家地理:Tornadoes 龙卷风Call them twisters or tornadoes. They're nature's most violent storms with swirling winds that can top 300 miles per hour. About 800 twisters sweep through the US every year, more than anywhere else in the world. The hardest-hit area is a swath of the Great Plains from Texas to South Dakota known as Tornado Alley. Here warm air flows up from the Gulf of Mexico in the spring and summer and crashes into cold air pushing down from Canada. The meeting produces violent thunderstorms called supercells. Scientists don't completely understand how or when tornadoes form. But they do know a supercell like this one can produce a twister if the conditions are right. As warm moist air flows into a storm, it gets pushed up and twisted by upper level winds. As this rotating column of air gathers force, conditions are right for a collision below. When rain cooled downdrafts, hit warm air near the ground, a low hanging revolving cloud forms beneath the cell. A tornado is imminent. Tornadoes don't last long, anywhere from twenty seconds to an hour, but it can take years to recover from the devastation. These storms kill nearly 90 people each year in the US and cause millions of dollars worth of damage. When a tornado is spotted, experts advise going to a basement staying away from any windows or climbing into a first floor bathtub. While most people run for safety when a twister appears, some scientists actually race to meet it. These storm chasers hunt down tornadoes trying to get right in the twister's path. They encounter incredible cloud movement, torrential rain, severe winds and hail, lightning and breath-taking storm structures. When they finally locate a twister, they measure it using special tools. These scientists hope to someday predict exactly when and where tornadoes will strike. Little can prevent the damage caused by tornadoes, but better forecasting could save more lives giving survivors the chance to rebuild after living through one of the most violent storms on earth.downdraft: a strong downward current of air200709/17489

Rice Winds Up Mideast Visit With No Sign of Progress赖斯结束中东之行未取得进展  The ed States' top diplomat has concluded a peace mission to Israel and the Palestinian territories. But she has little to show for it. 美国国务卿赖斯结束了她在以色列和巴勒斯坦领土上的和平使命,但是她并没有取得什么成果。Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice wound up her visit by hosting a trilateral meeting with the Israeli defense minister and Palestinian prime minister. But after two days of talks in Jerusalem and the West Bank there was no sign of progress in peace talks sponsored by the ed States.  赖斯国务卿在访问结束时主持了由以色列国防部长和巴勒斯坦总理一起参加的三方会议。但是,在耶路撒冷和约旦河西岸为期两天的会谈结束后,这次由美国主办的和平谈判并没有取得进展的迹象。The headline of the visit was Rice's unusually harsh criticism of Israeli settlement expansion in disputed East Jerusalem and the West Bank. Rice did not speak to reporters before she left Israel. But on Sunday, she was clearly angry over Israeli plans to build 1,300 new homes in East Jerusalem, on land the Palestinians claim for their future capital. 赖斯中东之行最引人注目的消息是她对以色列在有争议的东耶路撒冷和约旦河西岸地区扩展定居点提出尖锐的批评。赖斯在离开以色列之前并没有对记者们发表讲话,但是在星期天,她显然为以色列在东耶路撒冷建造1千3百个新住房的计划感到愤怒。巴勒斯坦把东耶路撒冷看作未来巴勒斯坦国的首都。"No party should be taking steps at this point that could prejudice the outcome of a negotiation, and I want to make very clear that the ed States will not consider these activities to affect any final status negotiations including final borders; these are to be negotiated between the parties," she said. 她说:“目前,任何一方都不应采取任何可能影响谈判结果的行动。我要非常清楚地指出,美国不会让这些行为影响任何有关最终地位的谈判,包括最终边界问题。这些问题需要各方协商确定。”Israel says it has the right to build anywhere in Jerusalem because it will remain the capital of the Jewish state in any final peace agreement.  以色列说,它有权在耶路撒冷任何地方修建定居点,因为无论达成什么样的和平协议,耶路撒冷都将继续是以色列的首都。Israeli spokesman Mark Regev says there are differences but not a crisis. 以色列政府发言人雷格夫说,有关各方的确存在分歧,但谈判并没有陷入危机。"Success isn't guaranteed. There are a lot of sensitive issues on the table, but I can say that we in Israel, and I believe the Palestinian leadership too, are committed to doing the work that needs to be done," said Regev. 他说:“我不能保谈判会成功。桌面上有很多敏感的问题需要解决。但是我可以说,我们以色列会全力完成需要完成的工作,我相信巴勒斯坦方面也是这样。”Palestinian analyst Mahdi Abdel Hadi is less optimistic. He says settlement activity is eroding support for the peace process. 巴勒斯坦分析人士哈迪则没有这么乐观。他说,建立定居点的活动正在逐渐减少人们对和平进程的持。"Israel is controlling the land and this is creating more hate and more frustration, more anger among the Palestinians," said Hadi. 他说:“以色列控制着这些领土,这在巴勒斯坦人中引发了更多的仇恨、沮丧和愤怒。”Disputes over settlements, Palestinian refugees and the status of Jerusalem have put further doubt on the U.S. goal of a peace agreement by the end of the year. 定居点问题、巴勒斯坦难民问题和耶路撒冷地位问题所引发的争议使人们更加怀疑美国关于在今年年底以前达成巴以和平协议的目标。200806/42176

Bush, Medvedev Agree on Iran, Not Missile Defense美俄承诺携手说伊朗停止浓缩铀   U.S. President George Bush and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev say they are united in trying to convince Iran to stop enriching uranium, but remain divided over American plans for a missile defense system in Eastern Europe. The two leaders met on the sidelines of the annual meeting of the Group of Eight leading industrialized nations. 美国总统布什和俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫表示,他们将携起手来,说伊朗停止浓缩铀活动,但是两位领导人在美国在东欧部署导弹防御系统的计划问题上依然意见不合。工业化八国集团领导人峰会正在日本举行,布什和梅德韦杰夫借这个机会进行了会面。This was their first meeting since President Medvedev took office, earlier this year. President Bush says the new Russian leader is a smart guy who is comfortable, confident and says what he means. Although there are fewer than 200 days left in the Bush presidency, the American leader says he is certain that he and President Medvedev can work together for the common good. 这是梅德韦杰夫今年早些时候就任俄罗斯总统以来两位领导人的首次见面。布什总统说,这位俄罗斯新总统人很聪明,容易相处,充满信心,言必由衷。布什总统的任期只有不到200天了,但是布什表示,他确信他和梅德韦杰夫能够为了共同利益而携手合作。"I reminded him that, yes, I'm leaving, but not until six months, and I am sprinting to the finish. So we can get a lot done together," said Mr. Bush. "There are a lot of important issues, like Iran. There is an issue where Russia and the ed States have worked closely, in the past, and we will continue to work closely to convince the regime to give up its desire to enrich uranium." 布什说:“我提醒他说,我就要离任了,但是那是六个月以后的事情。而且,我是在健步冲向终点。所以,我们双方大有可为。有很多重要问题等待解决,比如伊朗问题。过去,美俄两国进行了密切的合作;我们将继续共同努力,说伊朗政府放弃浓缩铀活动。”The ed States and many of its allies believe Iran wants to build nuclear weapons. Iran says it is enriching uranium solely for the peaceful civilian purpose of generating electricity. 美国及其很多盟国都认为,伊朗意欲建造核武器。伊朗表示,伊朗浓缩铀只不过是为了发电这个和平民用目的。President Medvedev says the leaders also agreed to continue working together to ensure that North Korea dismantles its nuclear weapons program. But the Russian leader continues to oppose U.S. plans for a missile defense system in Eastern Europe. 梅德韦杰夫表示,两位领导人还同意继续努力,确保北韩放弃核武器计划。但是俄罗斯总统继续反对美国在东欧部署导弹防御系统。President Medvedev says he and Mr. Bush have differences over American plans to base a radar station in the Czech Republic and as many as ten interceptor missiles in Poland. The Bush administration says those missiles are meant to guard against attack from Iran and are no threat to Moscow, because they are no match for the Russian missile arsenal. 梅德韦杰夫说,在美国在捷克共和国部署一个雷达基地以及在波兰部署多达10枚拦截导弹的问题上,他和布什总统存在分歧。布什政府表示,部署这些导弹是为了防御伊朗的攻击,并不对莫斯科构成威胁,因为它们无法同俄罗斯的导弹库相匹敌。President Medvedev says he and Mr. Bush also discussed relations with Georgia. The ed States wants the former Soviet republic to join NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization). Russia is backing separatists in the breakaway Georgian republics, South Ossetia and Abkhazia. 梅德韦杰夫说,他和布什总统还讨论了同格鲁吉亚的关系问题。美国希望这个前苏维埃加盟共和国加入北约组织。俄罗斯则持格鲁吉亚境内要求独立的南奥赛梯和阿布哈兹共和国的分离主义份子。President Medvedev says he will try to intensify an aly-good dialogue in the remaining months of the Bush Administration and is positive he can build on U.S./Russia relations with the next American leader. 梅德韦杰夫还表示,在布什政府余下的时间里,他将努力加强两国间业已良好的对话。他相信,他能够和下一任美国总统继续发展美俄关系。200807/43633

Critics like Elizabeth Warren believes that there would be fewer complains if the credit card industry clearly disclosed how its business works, particularly when it comes to the minimum monthly payment.If people knew that the cost of minimum monthly payment was that they would still be paying for yesterday's trip to the shopping mall for the next 35 years, some people might decide to pay a lot more than the minimum. And the industry knows that. That's why they don't want to tell.You advertise in your bills what the minimum monthly payment is. But you don't tell people, "how much that might cost you if you stuck to the minimum payment." Why not?The disclosure would be wrong 99 percent of the time because nobody, almost nobody, pays exactly the minimum, that minimum, every month for through the 20 years and never charges another thing. This can be a hyper technical extensive disclosure that nobody would understand. So we are against disclosures that nobody would understand and that are wrong. We are for disclosures that help people understand. That's simple.This is a nonsense argument. In the line directly under the line, it says minimum monthly payment; there is a simple sentence that can be added: If you make minimum monthly payments, it will take you how many years, 35 years, and how many months to pay off this bill.The man who takes credit for inventing the two percentage minimum payment thinks more disclosure is useless.This is a fascination that every now and then someone with an act to grade or someone who thinks he is going to help consumers has on his mind, but if we had a tape and we ran a computer on transcript of 10, 000 customers service calls with questions. Ok, I don't think you'd ever heard that question. So I am kind of baffled at the artificiality of that. I don't think that's what consumers want to know because they are not expected to make minimum payments forever.Do you know if you made the minimum payment, for instance, on your bill, how long it will take you to pay it off?I am not nary to find out how long I'm gonna to pay it off.Would like to know? Sure, yes, yeah, en.That would inspire me to put down more. That would inspire me. And I think that's probably why they don't put it down; they wouldn't inspire more people to pay more than a minimum.Virtually everyone who holds credit card one way or the another under existing laws today and provisions can be completely taken advantage of by the credit card industry. So there is a deception going on, to get you into the game, once you are in, and I've got you in, then if you / get out, I charge you, if you don't meet your obligations, I charge you, you move left, you move right, I've got you.So what you are gonna to do about it? I got legislation as I get a bill. There is always a quick answer here and I don't know far ago because I've tried this in the past and I knew of the issue.A good deal of the blame for the crisis of credit card debt/ was seen in America, lies in the how the practice is, are followed by credit card companies.In the summer of 2004, Senator Dodd introduced a credit card reform bill that would among other things require credit card companies to disclose how long it would take consumers to pay off their balance. But it is not optimistic that the bill will pass, as many previous attempts to reform the credit card business have all failed.Why haven't you and other lawmakers been able to put some regulations into place? Is it their political power?Sure there is no question about it, I mean, every time we threat to offer legislation, this industry has become very powerful, and it is very successful in defeating every legislative attempt that were made over the last several years to inject some responsibility and a part of this credit card industry.200810/52017

South Korea Seeks Regional Fund to Shield Against US Credit Crisis韩国提议创建东亚基金防金融冲击South Korea is taking the lead in creating a prospective pool of money with its cash-rich neighbors to prevent the worst effects of the American economic situation from spilling over in the region. Meanwhile, top financial officials are telling South Korean banks to do what it to obtain U.S. dollars and make them available as loans. South Korea is pumping billions of dollars into the local economy, as the American credit crisis deepens. 韩国率先提议同拥有巨额现金的邻国一道创建一个资金库,防止美国不断恶化的经济形势给东亚地区带来严重的后果。同时,高级金融官员告诉韩国尽力买进美元,并且用这些钱来发放贷款。在美国信贷危机加深的同时,韩国正在把数十亿美元注入本国经济。South Korean President Lee Myung-bak is proposing a joint fund of about billion between South Korea, Japan and China, to shield the region from the American credit problems. Lee administration officials are expected to push for the plan on the sidelines of an International Monetary Fund meeting, next week. Mr. Lee is scheduled to discuss it in a three-way Beijing summit, later this month. 韩国总统李明建议,由韩国、日本和中国一道建立一个总数大约为8百亿美元的基金,保护东亚抵抗美国信贷问题的冲击。李明政府官员预计将在下星期国际货币基金会议外推动这个计划。李明定于本月晚些时候在北京举行的三方高峰会议上讨论这个计划。South Korea's Finance Minister, Kang Man-soo warned a gathering of bankers Monday in Seoul, it may take a long time for President Bush's signing of the financial bailout law, last week, to have positive effects. In the meantime, he is telling banks to get proactive about turning their overseas holdings into dollars that can be lent to South Korean businesses. 韩国财政部长官姜万洙星期一在首尔一次家的会议上警告说,布什总统签署的金融救市法律要产生正面效果,可能要很长时间。布什是上星期签署救市计划,使之成为法律的。同时,姜万洙告诉各,积极行动起来,尽力把它们在海外的资产变成美元,以后可以用这些钱贷给韩国的企业。He is telling the business community not to rely on the government, alone. He says banks need to work their way out of the problem. He advises then to raise dollars by selling foreign assets, as soon as they can.  姜万洙对商业社会说,不要只依赖政府。他说,需要自己解决问题。他然后建议各企业尽快用出售海外资产的办法筹集美元。As in other countries, South Korea is experiencing a shortage of U.S. dollars. Its economy, the world's 13th largest, is heavily dependent on exports of goods and imports of oil, both of which are chiefly sold in dollars. Markets for even the most conservative short-term loans are constricting in the ed States. Many financial institutions are hoarding dollars, in case of more trouble, and that is making it hard for companies to borrow cash for basic needs, like purchasing raw materials and expanding their business. 跟其他国家一样,韩国也在经历美元短缺。韩国的经济规模在全球占第13位。韩国经济严重依赖出口产品和进口石油。这两项贸易都主要以美元结算。目前在美国信贷市场上,即使最保守的短期贷款也很难得到。许多金融机构都在囤积美元,以防不测。这种情况导致各公司很难借到现金以满足基本需要。这些需要包括购买原料,扩大业务。Jun Gwang-woo, chairman of South Korea's Financial Services Commission, urges South Korean banks not to follow suit. 韩国金融务委员会主席全光宇敦促韩国不要效仿美国的做法。He says banks should be y to provide promising small and medium-sized enterprises with strong support, because they face a shortage of cash. 全光宇说:“韩国应该准备向那些有前途的中小企业提供有力持,因为这些企业面临现金短缺。”South Korea is arranging to help small and medium businesses with billion, through various trade deals. It is also injecting ten-billion dollars into the financial system, to make it easier for banks to lend. 韩国正在安排用50亿美元来帮助中小企业完成各种贸易交易。韩国还向金融体系注入100亿美元,使向外借贷变得更容易。As an export giant, South Korea holds one of the world's largest dollar reserves, about 9 billion. These reserves have declined for six consecutive months, raising some preliminary alarm bells among investors and leaders here. South Korea's currency, the won, has fallen to its weakest level against the dollar in six years, amid fears of worsening exports. 韩国是出口大国,它的外汇贮备量名列世界前几名,大约有2390亿美元。过去6个月,韩国的外汇储备连续下降,使韩国的投资者和贷款机构惊恐不已。韩国货币韩元对美元的比价已经下跌到6年来的最低点,原因是人们担心出口日益恶化。200810/52057

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