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2018年04月21日 04:10:13 | 作者:世纪网络 | 来源:新华社
The end of the phone as we know itAndy Jagoe is zigging while the rest of the mobile world zags. Let everyone else chase the next hot iPhone app. He’s betting the next big thing is a twist on the same old thing: making calls. He may be right. Jagoe, CEO and co-founder of startup 3jam, is one of several Silicon Valley dreamers who thinks he can reinvent the phone call. And really, let’s admit it’s in need of some Internet-style innovation. We’re in , crying out loud. Why isn’t call warding as easy as e-mail warding? Why don’t your voicemails live in a nifty little online inbox? Remember web .0? It’s time phone .0. And it’s arriving. The most prominent example is Google's (GOOG) Google Voice, an invitation-only service that offers a free Internet telephone number that wards calls wherever its owner chooses and delivers features like visual voicemail, call screening and transcription. Mountain View-based Ditech Networks (DITC) has a similar invitation-only offering called toktok. San Francisco-based 3jam, which is open to the public and starts at per month, adds tricks like convenient group text messaging. Voice apps are coming Not everyone is a fan. Apple (AAPL) caused a stir last month when it barred Google Voice software from the iPhone App Store, saying it duplicates features the handset aly provides. But Jagoe thinks the services will prevail eventually. “It's going to be hard,” he says, “to prevent this kind of functionality from appearing on a phone.” Indeed, people who use these services swear by them, and in Silicon Valley these days it’s a growing cohort. (At a mobile technology panel this month at Microsoft’s (MSFT) Mountain View campus, Google Voice users outnumbered Amazon (AMZN) Kindle users five to one.) The reason is simple: phone .0 is liberating phone calls the same way webmail liberated e-mail a decade ago. Now you can keep your phone number, your call history and your voicemails no matter how many times you move, change jobs or switch carriers. Over a burger at a San Francisco lunch spot, Jagoe explains why this revolution in phone calls is happening now. First, it recently became more afdable startups like 3jam to ward calls to landlines. Second, Neustar (NSR), a company that enables text messaging, this year gave Internet-based phone numbers a boost by allowing them to send and receive text messages. And third, mobile consumers increasingly crave better options managing their conversations and staying productive. Of course, even if the masses are y a phone call revolution, there’s no guarantee they’ll buy it from 3jam. If Google Voice opens up its free service to the general public soon, it will get a lot tougher Jagoe to sell monthly plans. And then there’s the threat from the phone giants: Glenn Lurie, president of Emerging Devices at ATamp;T (T), tells tune that he’s keeping an eye on Internet-based voice services. Clearly carriers would prefer to be the ones selling those kinds of features. Regardless, Jagoe has a couple of things going him. 3jam recently finalized a deal with Peek, maker of the eponymous e-mail device, where 3jam will offer phone numbers to Peek users. With those numbers, users soon will be able to more reliably send texts as well as e-mails, and even get voicemail transcripts. Perhaps more important, Jagoe is running a lean operation, having recently cut 3jam’s full-time payroll from 5 people to 5. He says the company is on track to be cash flow positive by the end of the year, which should help him to avoid the fate of VoIP peers like Yoomba and Jangl that burned through cash bee they could figure out a long-term business model. In the end, the business part has to work. Even in the phone .0 world, if you can’t pay the bills, you get disconnected. 835Heroes truly do emerge in troubled times. Recent 3-D disaster film “San Andreas” is an epic, so to speak, about individualistic heroism in an unexpected disaster.英雄出乱世,最近的3D灾难大片《末日崩塌就堪称一部意外之难中关于个人英雄主义的“史诗”When Calinia is hit by a series of record-breaking earthquakes, Ray Gaines (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson), chief pilot of the Los Angeles Fire Department, sets out in a helicopter to rescue his estranged wife Emma (Carla Gugino) and daughter Blake (Alexandra Daddario). In the process, he ends up pulling his family, which is on the verge of divorce, back together again.影片讲述了加利福尼亚遭受史上最强烈地震时,洛杉矶消防部首席飞行员雷#86;盖恩斯(“巨石”道恩#86;强森 饰)驾驶直升机救出日渐疏远的妻子艾玛(卡拉#86;古奇诺 饰)和女儿布莱克(亚历珊德拉#86;达达里奥 饰)的故事同样被“营救”的,还有盖恩斯在面临离婚危机的家庭US wrestler-turned-actor The Rock is obviously a perfect choice to play savior in this thriller. With his towering physique, the action star radiates a sense of security. Just a look is enough to give audiences the impression that he’s the man to save the day.拳击手出身的美国演员巨石强森无疑是这部惊心动魄灾难片男主的最佳人选这位动作戏明星身体素质极佳,无处不给人以安全感作为观众,仅凭印象也觉得他担当得起化险为夷的重任Matched with his strength is Gaines’ authoritative competence. The hero showcases fancy flying and driving skills, with an emergency crash-landing after his plane’s engine breaks down being especially stunning.与强壮的强森相匹配的还有影片中盖恩斯专业的人设:教科书般优秀的飞行与驾驶技术;影片中飞机引擎熄火时紧急迫降的一幕更是令人叹为观止Gaines has bravery to spare, but he’s pretty selfish with it. When the gigantic earthquake rocks Calinian cities from Los Angeles to San Francisco, the rescue helicopter pilot seems to get that he is called to work to rescue more than just his daughter.虽然盖恩斯勇气过人,但他却不是个无私之人当加州大地震波及了从洛杉矶到旧金山的诸多城市之时,这位消防飞行员却只记得营救自家女儿And don’t be misled by the film’s Chinese name— there’s neither doomsday, nor a story about people trying to leave behind seeds a future renaissance of the human race – but only a dysphoric father who’s employing every means available to him to rescue his family.你也不要被这部电影的中文名误导,因为片中既没有世界末日,也没有为了人类未来的重生而想方设法留下后代这样的戏码影片中只有一个陷入恐慌的父亲不顾一切拯救自己妻女的故事He lends a hand to few others along his journey, at one point merely telling a helpless group to hide under the cover of a stadium. Gaines delivers as a perfect father, but he’s little beyond that.当然,他也曾顺手帮助过几个路人,不过仅限于告诉一群走投无路的人去躲在体育场旁边避难罢了盖恩斯是一个完美的父亲,仅仅如此Canadian-born director Brad Peyton sought to integrate family dynamics into a thriller, and with San Andreas that’s what he’s done. The director says in a production featurette that his movie is“grounded, real and emotional” compared to other disaster films.影片导演——来自加拿大的布拉德#86;佩顿一直想要将家庭矛盾融入惊心动魄的灾难片之中,《末日崩塌正是这样的结果在关于电影制作的一个短片中,他曾表示,比之其他的灾难片,这部电影更加“真实、感人、接地气” But in putting so much emphasis on reing the Gaines family, Peyton got to bring something new to the disaster film genre.虽然,佩顿浓墨重地讲述了盖恩斯一家重归于好的故事,却也让电影落入灾难片的俗套In fact, if you look closely you’ll find traces of other films within this one. An old couple sharing a last hug and kiss reminds me of a similar scene in “Titanic” (1997).事实上,仔细看你就会发现其他电影的痕迹一对老夫妇最后拥吻的场景与1997年的《泰坦尼克号如出一辙The scene during which Gaines flies a plane through a collapsing building is adventurous and exciting, sure, but a similar set piece was aly pulled off in “ ”().盖恩斯驾驶飞机惊险重重、勾人心弦飞过坍塌建筑物时的场景,又将我们带回了年的《Eleven years ago, memorable global warming doomsday flick The Day After Tomorrow asked viewers to question their part in the balance between man and nature. San Andreas egoes the armchair philosophy, instead focusing almost exclusively on the hero himself.年前关于全球变暖的末日影片《后天在观众中引发了人与自然和谐相处的讨论,《末日崩塌却似乎将这样的思辨哲学忘得一干二净,只是局限于表现英雄主人公There may be nothing surprising or new here, but superb visual effects make San Andreas a fantastic feast the eyes. That’s all there is to see here, and that’s enough.虽然惊喜与亮点不多,但《末日崩塌依旧拥有一流的视觉效果,定能令你一饱眼福就这一点而言,也已足够 386

Rihanna wore a sassy little dress and sexy Stella McCartney thigh-skimming perated boots to Philippe Chow restaurant.   蕾哈娜穿着时髦短裙和性感的斯特拉·麦卡托尼过膝高筒靴前往Philippe Chow餐厅 858

Fanning graced the cover of Glamour March issue.刚刚结束新片《好女孩(Very Good Girls)在圣丹斯电影节的首映,达科塔·范宁(Dakota Fanning)又回到了聚光灯下,登陆《Glamour杂志年3月号During the darling Ellen Von Unwerth photo shoot, the 18-year-old actress dished to the mag about everything from the Marc Jacobs perfume scandalto her little sister, Elle Fanning.18岁的范宁在采访中聊到了Marc Jacobs香水广告遭禁事件以及自己的艾丽·范宁(Elle Fanning)Highlights from Miss Fanning interview are as follows.访谈节选:On the Marc Jacobs perfume ban in the UK:Marc Jacobs香水广告英国遭禁:;If you want to something into a perfume bottle, then I guess you can. But it’s also like, why are you making it about that, you creep? I love Marc and trust him, and we just laughed about it.;“如果你想就一瓶香水做文章,那我也无话可说但为什么要用那种奇怪的眼光看待它?我爱Marc,我也相信他的做法我们俩对此只是一笑而过”On her little sister Elle:艾丽:;She’s very uninhibited and will try pretty much anything. Even the way she dresses— she dresses totally herself. She risks being made fun of…by me, which I sometimes do, because I’m an older sister! But I totally admire her and think she’s very cool.;“她无拘无束,愿意尝试任何新鲜事物她的着装也是如此,她只选择自己喜欢的不过她也是在冒险,因为我有时候会拿她打趣,我可是她的啊!但我绝对欣赏她,她是个酷女孩”On a future fashion career:未来的时尚事业:;I don’t think so. I mean, I won’t rule it out, because then one day I’ll be like, I said that in Glamour in , and here I am now [with my own line]. But when you know designers and see the work that they put into making their collection, and how much passion they have that—I think that’s so amazing. And I don’t have the passion to design clothes. It’s nice to be able to grow up and know what you want to do…. I’m reminded of that every time I make a film.;“我应该不会走这条路,但是我不能说百分百没可能,因为如果有一天我真的开发了时尚产品,我会想到今天在访谈里明确否定自己不会搞时尚我看到设计师们辛勤创作,他们的热情让我震惊我对装设计没有这么大的热情我在成长的过程里逐步了解自己的追求每一部拍摄的影片都会提醒我想要什么” 5651

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been spending more and more time together privately – and now we know when they will be making their first public appearances together as well.罗伯特#86;帕丁森和克里斯汀#86;斯图尔特私下已经越来越多地聚在一起,现在我们知道他们也将第一次一起在公众场合露面The pair, who play onscreen husband and wife in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part , are scheduled to start promoting the final movie in the Twilight series in Los Angeles on Oct. , Summit Pictures confirmed to PEOPLE Monday.在《暮光之城:破晓第部的大荧幕上扮演丈夫和妻子的这一对,将于月日在洛杉矶开始宣传《暮光之城系列电影的最后一部,顶峰公司周一向《People实了The Breaking Dawn cast, including Stewart, , and Pattinson, 6, will appear at a series of press junkets and a press conference – including interviews and likely photo ops – between Oct. and Nov. in Los Angeles.破晓的演员阵容包括岁斯图尔特和6岁的帕丁森,他们月日和月日将一起出现在洛杉矶的一系列记者招待会和新闻发布会中,包括采访和可能发生的拍照活动The movie worldwide premiere is set Nov. at Nokia Theater at LA LIVE.电影的全球首映定于月日在洛杉矶现场的诺基亚剧院 Pattinson and Stewart have made several separate public appearances since the cheating scandal that almost destroyed their relationship. This will be the first time they walk the red carpet together since the scandal.帕丁森和斯图尔特曾多次单独在公众场合露面,因为几乎毁了他们关系的偷腥丑闻这将是他们自丑闻以来第一次一起走红毯After the drama erupted in July when Stewart admitted to brief fling with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders, she and Pattinson spent time apart. But they met up in L.A. on the weekend of Sept. , and have seen each other since then as well.在7月爆发的当斯图尔特承认与《白雪公主与猎人导演鲁伯特#86;桑德斯的短暂恋情的戏剧性事件后,她和帕丁森就分开了但9月日的周末他们在洛杉矶见面后,从那时起他们又照常交往了Friends urged Pattinson to move on, ;but it easier said than done,; according to a source.朋友都劝帕丁森开始新生活,“但是这说起来容易做起来难,”据消息人士透露Another source told PEOPLE Pattinson pals ;all think they will be a couple again, maybe as soon as they are together the Twilight promos.;另一位知情人士告诉《People帕丁森的老友“都认为他们会重新走到一起,也许会和他们一起为《暮光之城宣传一样快” 7

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