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Regulating the internet监管互联网Google's enemies谷歌的敌人The search giant’s antitrust headache gets bigger搜索巨头的反垄断之困日渐增大Jun 30th 2011 | SAN FRANCISCO | from the print editionSINCE the start of this year, Google’s share price has fallen steadily as investors have begun to fret about its longer-term prospects. Now they have another reason to worry. On June 24th the company revealed that America’s Federal Trade Commission (FTC) had opened a broad investigation into its online-search and online-advertising businesses to see if it has abused its dominant position. Some pundits predict that the trustbusters’ tussle with Google could turn as bloody as their battle with Microsoft in the 1990s.自今年初以来,由于投资者开始对谷歌发展远景感到担忧,其股价稳步下跌。如今他们又有了新的担忧理由,该公司在6月24日透露,美国联邦贸易委员会为确定谷歌是否滥用了主导地位,对其在线搜索和在线广告业务展开了广泛调查。一些专家预测,联邦反托拉斯检察官与谷歌的角力可能会变得非常残酷,其激烈程度可能与1990年代对决微软不相上下。The regulators’ move comes at an awkward time for Google, which faces a growing threat from Facebook, the world’s biggest social network. Facebook aims to supplant Google as the main conduit via which people access the web. On June 28th Google hit back, unveiling Google+, a social-network platform to rival Facebook.世界最大的社交网络Facebook意欲取代谷歌成为人们上网的主要媒介,对谷歌的威胁与日俱增,可是恰在此时监管者又对谷歌展开了行动。在6月28日,谷歌还以颜色,发布了社交网路平台Google+,以与Facebook一争高下。Google’s new offering, which is still in trial form, boasts some handy features. It makes it easy to set up separate groups, thus sparing your boss from seeing your semi-clothed and inebriated party snaps. It also lets up to ten people hold a chat together. But this will probably not be enough to get people to abandon Facebook, which benefits from a powerful network effect: people join it because most of their friends aly have.谷歌的新产品(仍处在测试阶段)具有一些方便的功能。它让创建不同的群变得容易,因此不会让你的老板看到你的半裸和醉态熏熏的派对快照,同时它最多还能容纳十个人在一起视频聊天。但Facebook从强大的网络效应受益良多,这可能也不足以让人们割舍它:人们加入Facebook是因为他们大多数的朋友已经加入。Still, Google’s determination to keep innovating has served it well in its core business of search, where it commands nearly two-thirds of the market in America and an even higher share elsewhere (see chart). It is this dominance that has attracted regulators’ attention in America and abroad. Last November the European Commission announced a similarly sweeping review of Google’s operations.然而,谷歌不断创新的决心对其核心搜索业务帮助很大,在这项业务上谷歌几乎占据美国市场的三分之二,而在其他地区甚至拥有更高份额(见图表)。正是这种优势地位吸引了美国和海外监管者的注意。去年十一月,欧盟委员会宣布对谷歌的业务展开类似的全面调查。201107/144255Scientists in Britain close to cracking chicken-egg puzzleWhat came first, the chicken or the egg? Scientists in Britain think it was probably the chicken, after using new computer technology to try and crack the age-old riddle.Researchers at the Universities of Sheffield and Warwick, in northern and central England, say the secret lies in the eggshell -- specifically the vital role played by a chicken protein in forming it.Scientists aly knew that the protein, ovocledidin-17 (OC-17), plays a part in eggshell formation, but the new technology allowed the team to demonstrate exactly how the protein makes it happen.In a computer simulation, the OC-17 protein acted as a catalyst to kickstart the formation of crystals that make up an eggshell by clamping itself on to calcium carbonate particles.The OC-17 protein then dropped off when the crystal nucleus was large enough to grow on its own, freeing up the protein to start the process again.Eggshells are created when this happens many times over within a short period of time."Understanding how chickens make eggshells is fascinating in itself but can also give clues towards designing new materials and processes," said Professor John Harding from Sheffield University, one of the authors of the research."Nature has found innovative solutions that work for all kinds of problems in materials science and technology -- we can learn a lot from them," he added.Vocabulary:play a part in: 与……有关,对……有影响kickstart: to help a process or project start more quickly(促使……开始,使尽快启动)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/109124US Vice President-Elect Promises Action to Revive Economy美新经济刺激方案细节正逐步形成  U.S. Vice President-elect Joe Biden says the incoming White House economic team is making progress toward agreeing on details of an economic stimulus plan. President-elect Barack Obama's advisers are increasing the number of jobs they want to create. 美国副总统当选人拜登表示,即将走马上任的白宫经济团队正在就一个经济刺激方案的细节达成一致。当选总统奥巴马的顾问们希望创造更多的就业机会。As he met with the economic team, Biden said Tuesday that America's job losses are more than experts had previously believed, and so a bigger stimulus package is needed.  拜登星期二和经济团队会面。他说,美国人失去的工作比专家们预计的还要多,因此需要一个更大的经济刺激一揽子计划。"This deterioration in the nation's unemployment situation has led the president-elect to instruct our economic team, some of which are assembled here today, to raise the goal of our stimulus plan from 2.5 milion jobs to three million new jobs to be created over the next two years," he said. 他说:“全国失业情况的恶化导致当选总统向我们的经济团队作出指示,把经济刺激方案中在今后两年里创造250万个新的工作机会的目标提高到300万。”Former Clinton administration Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, who will lead Mr. Obama's National Economic Council, told reporters that bold action is required immediately. 前克林顿政府的财政部长萨默斯是奥巴马国家经济委员会负责人。他对记者们表示,需要立即采取大胆的行动。"Without substantial policy action, we would almost certainly face the worst economic downturn since the Second World War," he said. 他说:“如果不采取广泛的政策行动,我们必定面临第二次世界大战以来最恶劣的经济滑坡。”Mr. Obama's economic team and the Democrats who control Congress are trying to agree on the outline of the plan in time for lawmakers to act on it early in January. They hope to have it y for Mr. Obama to enact it as soon as possible after he takes office on January 20. 奥巴马的经济团队和控制着国会的民主党人正在试图就经济刺激方案的大纲达成协议,以便明年1月国会复会时进行讨论。他们希望奥巴马1月20号宣誓就职后马上就可以批准国会通过的方案。Vice President-elect Biden says the new administration and congressional leaders are very close to agreeing on the size of the stimulus package, and where the money will go. He says the president-elect and his advisers want to spend much of it to rebuild the nation's infrastructure. 副总统当选人拜登说,新政府和国会领导人已经接近就刺激方案的规模以及资金流向达成一致。他说,当选总统和他的顾问们希望把大部分钱用于改建美国的基础设施。"This plan will be focused on making investments in health care, education and energy, among other areas. And it will be directed at critical investments in the nation's roads and our bridges," he said. "I know there is some talk of us investing in programs that are aly in existence. But we have let our infrastructure crumble for a long, long time - from water to roads to bridges - and it makes sense to invest in them now." 他说:“这个方案的焦点是对医疗保险、教育和能源以及其他领域进行投资,其中包括对全国道路和桥梁的关键投资。我知道有些人说我们是在对现有项目进行投资。但是我们忽略基础设施--从水利工程到道路桥梁--的时间太长了,现在加强这方面的投资是有道理的。”The cost of the proposed stimulus plan is estimated to be between 0 billion and 0 billion. Mr. Biden says U.S. taxpayers can rest assured that the package will not contain earmarks - special-interest projects that lawmakers often attach to spending bills. 预计,拟议中的经济刺激计划的总金额将达到6千5百亿至8千5百亿美元。拜登表示,美国纳税人可以放心,经济刺激方案中将不会包括特别拨款,也就是国会议员们通常夹在出法案中对自己选区有好处的工程。"This is not going to be politics as usual. And we will not tolerate business as usual in Washington," he said. "There will be - let me say it again - there will be no earmarks in this economic recovery plan." 他说:“现在不能够一如既往了。我们不能够容忍华盛顿一如既往地运转。让我再说一遍,在经济复苏计划中,不会有任何特别拨款。”Meanwhile, the Commerce Department reported that the nation's gross domestic product, or GDP - the value of all of the goods and services produced in the ed States - shrank by an annual rate of one-half of one percent between July and September. 星期二,美国商务部报告说,从今年7月到9月,美国的国内生产总值缩减了百分之零点五。200812/59631

Bacteria and behaviour细菌和行为学Gut instinct肠道反应 Tantalising evidence that intestinal bacteria can influence mood逗引的据表明,肠道细菌可以影响人的情绪Sep 3rd 2011 | from the print edition A GOOD way to make yourself unpopular at dinner parties is to point out that a typical person is, from a microbiologist’s perspective, a walking, talking Petri dish. An extraordinary profusion of microscopic critters inhabit every crack and crevice of the typical human, so many that they probably outnumber the cells of the body upon and within which they dwell.一个让你自己在晚宴上不受欢迎的好方式就是,从微生物学家的角度指出,一位有代表性的人就是一个会走动并会说话的皮氏培养皿。每位有代表性的人的裂纹和缝隙里生活着无数的微小生物,它们的数目如此之多可能超过它们所依靠并栖息的人体细胞。Happily, these microbes are mostly harmless. Some of them, particularly those that live in the gut, are positively beneficial, helping with digestion and keeping the intestines in good working order. That is no surprise—bacteria as much as people have an interest in keeping their homes in sound condition. What is surprising is the small but growing body of evidence which suggests that bacteria dwelling in the gut can affect the brain, too, and thereby influence an individual’s mood and behaviour. The most recent paper on the topic, published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, reports (like much of the research in this field) on results in mice.幸运地是,这些微生物大部分都是无害的。其中一些,特别是那些生活在消化道里的微生物,实际上是有益的,不仅有助于消化还保持肠道良好的工作秩序。这毫不奇怪——细菌和人一样也喜欢保持家园状态完好。奇怪的是,虽然数量不多,但越来越多的据表明,生活在肠道的细菌也可能影响大脑,继而影响个人的情绪和行为。本周有关该主题的论文刊登在《美国国家科学院院刊》的一篇文章报道(像这个领域的许多研究一样)了应用小鼠的实验结果。The researchers, led by Javier Bravo of University College, Cork, split their rodent subjects into two groups. One lot were fed a special broth containing Lactobacillus rhamnosus, a gut-dwelling bacterium often found in yogurt and other dairy products. The others were fed an ordinary diet, not fortified with microbes.科克大学学院的哈维尔#8226;布拉沃(Javier Bravo)带领下的研究人员将这些啮齿目动物分成两组。一组以一种在酸奶和其它乳制品中经常发现的含乳酸杆菌属鼠李糖乳杆菌(学名为Lactobacillus rhamnosus)的特别液体培养基喂食。另一组则以不用微生物强化的一般食物喂食。The team then subjected the mice to a battery of tests that are used routinely to measure the emotional states of rodents. Most (though not all) of these tests showed significant differences between the two groups of animals.然后,研究组人员对小鼠进行了一套测试。这套测试经常用于衡量啮齿类动物的情感状态。大部分(虽然不是所有的)测试表明,两组动物之间有着显著的不同。201109/152865

Jimmy Kimmel behind the promo scene Behind the scene of Jimmy Kimmel Live promo From Hollywood it's Jimmy Kimmel Live!If you watched the Oscar Night without speeding through the commercials, you may have noticed that a promo for our show starring me and the actor Tom Cruise. Aired was me saving Tom from burning house. We shot the promo the other night and thought it might be fun to show you just how we did it. So join us now as we go behind the scenes at the making of what we in the television industry call a promo.Tom will be here at any minute. It is gonna be some hand-holding in this, because, you know, he is not... he's used to doing, doing movies. I mean, this is a promo. So, I'll do what I can to get him through it.Now you know Jimmy just kept calling and calling, begging his manager and producer and lawyers.When I got the call saying that Tommy wanted to do something with me, you know, I had two questions, what time and where and when. He kept saying he had two questions which were actually three. But I guess it was more like two because he was pretty redundant.Well, I’ve never been in an action movie. I’ve never "acted".I’ve been fortunate because I have worked with so many great actors in my career. This is a nice change. Jimmy, it’s a big night for you. You’re Tom Cruise fan...Yeah, of course, yeah.Thanks man.Yeah.Interview with the Vampire, Born on the Fourth of July, Top Gun, You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'.I dig your stuff too, you know.Yeah, you do?Yeah.Like what? I don’t wanna, you know, I know but like what stuff of mine have you liked?You know, the stuff for you talking, you know, that with the guy, you know, Top Ten Lists. That’s hilarious and Jay Walking. I love that stuff. It’s great, man. Let’s go.Three, two, go.Wow, I was great. I was really good. You see that?Where is Kimmel? Why are we always waiting on Kimmel?Action!Jimmy Kimmel. You saved my life. Yes, I did. Go in to save my cat.Cat? (I need my cat.) Ok, Ok. Should I go in this house?Well, I was, I thought I was really good. Tom'll get it, get it.Get caring me.Please, save my cat. I’ll do your show. But please, save my cat.(Lovely, lovely) I feel like he would kill Hitler now. Yeah, exactly. You guys had fun on set? Yea, Jimmy, he is a big kid.(Oh, me? How about this guy?) He’s always pranking.(I’m always pranking?) Always. You see that?He is looking at him. No. but earlier. He is burning my tie to make it look like my tie went on fire. Billy, isn't that awesome? Ah…That’s all right. That’s a good time. We are having fun to do.Yea, sometimes we had a lot of fun.Yea, this is great. Last one.Save my cat. Done.(three, two)Awesome. This has been the Behind the Scenes of Jimmy Kimmel Live Thirty Second Promo for the Academy Awards, promoting the Jimmy Kimmel Live after the Academy Awards promo.Do you leave anything for me to say?They told me to say that...That one, I figure, it split up.They said that I should do the whole thing.(Who did?) They did. (Who’s they?) Them.Who told him that? Jimmy Kimmel. You saved my life. That’s right. And here now in case you missed it earlier, the fruits of our labor, the product of our blood, sweat and tears, our baby, the promo. Jimmy Kimmel, man, you saved my life.I did and I want you to know that I would never set your house on fire intentionally and just so you'd owed me and have to do my show.That never crossed my mind.Good, cause not the case here.You set my house on fire? OK, look, I’ll do you show. But please, please save my cat.Done.I don’t have a cat. Jimmy Kimmel Live Late Nights on A.Thanks coming. We’ll be right back with Robin Thicke.03/65605Im standing at the north pole, the very top of the earth. Up here, is easing sea while the polar regions are so cold. The sun never rises higher enough in the sky to warm my back. And those rays do strike the surface, eventually reflected back from these white wildness. But the fundamental problem is that theres no sun here at all for half the year.我站在地球的最顶端北极。这里是非常寒冷的极地地区。太阳永远不会天空中升起很高来使我的背保持温暖。光线只是射到地面而已,最终还会从白茫茫的荒野中反射回去。但根本的问题是,这里一年中的一半根本没有太阳。The polar winter is unrivaled in its harshness, a night that lasts for months. Only the toughest day as temperatures plunge to minus 70 degree centigrade. And yet, the greatest challenge survive here is not the cold, but the extreme swings between the seasons.极地冬季是无与伦比的荒芜,一个晚上就像好几个月一样。最艰难的一天气温降至零下70摄氏度。然而在这里生存的最大挑战并不是寒冷,而是极端季节之间的变化。When the sun finally returns, an extraordinary transformation begins. This frozen world begins to melt away. The polar sping bings a brief opportunity for life. By summer, the sun no longer sets and works its magic for 24 hours a day. Now its a race to breed before the sun departs. By autumn, all but the hardest abandon the poles and the ice extends script. And the sea closes down for the long polar winter until once again the sun returns.当太阳终于返回,一个异乎寻常的变革开始。这个冰冷的世界开始融化。极地春天为生命带来了短暂的机会。到了夏天,太阳不再光顾而且不会出现一天24小时的情况。所以物种们现在要在太阳离去前繁衍生息。到了秋天,只有冰冷的两极而且冰层开始延伸。海水在冬季结冰直到太阳再次返回。Its spring in the high arctic and the sun illuminates a giant frozen ocean, the first stop on our journey. The most powerful land predator is on the prowl.这是春天的北极高地,太阳照亮一个巨大的冰冻的海洋,我们旅程的第一站就是这里。最强大的陆地捕食者被放出来了。166372Bush in Peru for APEC Summit; Meets with China's Hu布什启程前往秘鲁参加亚太峰会 U.S. President George Bush is in Peru for his final Pacific Rim summit. After his arrival Friday, Mr. Bush met with Chinese President Hu Jintao in Lima ahead of the two-day Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, which opens Saturday. This is expected to be Mr. Bush's last foreign trip before leaving office. 美国总统布什前往秘鲁出席亚太经合组织高峰会。这很可能是布什总统结束八年任期之前的最后一次出访。President Bush attended his first Pacific Rim summit just two months after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the ed States. 2001年,美国本土发生9/11恐怖袭击后两个月,布什总统第一次出席了亚太经合组织高峰会。Now, with the nation in the midst of a financial crisis, he is making his last appearance at the 21-nation Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum. 目前,在金融危机席卷美国之际,布什将以总统身份最后一次出席这个峰会。White House aides say the president will urge APEC to endorse steps aly being taken to boost the global economy. They indicate he will likely focus on the need to expand trade worldwide and open markets. 白宫官员说,布什总统将敦促亚太经合组织持已经采取的提振全球经济的措施,同时还将重点阐述扩大国际贸易和自由市场的重要性。Charles Freeman is a former U.S. trade official. He says even though Mr. Bush has little time left in office, his words can have an impact at the forum. 前美国助理贸易代表傅瑞伟(Charles Freeman)说,尽管布什总统任期即将结束,但他在此次峰会上的发言仍将产生影响。"Well, I mean, words count," Freeman said. "So I think what the leadership says about trade liberalization is very important. And standing up for that is key." 他说:“我的意思是说,他的表态仍然会有作用。美国领导人关于贸易自由的发言非常重要。坚持自由贸易原则是一个关键问题。”The Pacific Rim countries account for about half of the world's trade and population. And the number of bilateral and free trade agreements between and among APEC members has soared in recent years. 亚太地区国家占全球贸易和人口的大约一半。最近几年,该地区内部的双边和多边自由贸易协议数量增长迅速。APEC is not a formal organization or a negotiating body, but a venue for leaders to come together to exchange thoughts and ideas. And while it does not have the clout of the Group of 20 leading industrialized and emerging economies, it is an instrument of dialog in a key region of the world. 亚太经济与合作组织不是一个拥有谈判权的正式机构。不过,该组织为成员国领袖交换意见提供了一个论坛。尽管亚太经合组织不具备由工业化国家和新兴经济体共同组成的20国集团那样的影响力,但仍然不失为亚太这个关键区域的对话平台。Steven Schrage, an expert on international business and trade at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, says the Pacific Rim is vitally important. 华府智库国际与战略研究中心的国际商贸专家斯蒂芬.施拉格通过列举一系列数字来阐述该地区的重要性。"You've got 60 percent of U.S. exports, 60 percent of world GDP [i.e., gross domestic product]. I believe it is over 50 percent of world trade, three billion consumers - so there is a critical mass of world leaders here with some of the most advanced and important economies," Schrage said. 施拉格说:“亚太地区涵盖了美国60%的出口,全球60%的GDP。我相信这里占全球贸易的二分之一强,这里的消费者人口高达30亿。所以说,这个峰会汇聚了一些世界上最发达、最重要的经济体领导人。”The APEC forum also gives Pacific Rim leaders a chance to hold numerous one-on-one meetings on the sidelines. President Bush, for example, is expected to confer with the leaders of China, Russia, South Korea, Japan and host Peru. 峰会期间,很多领导人将举行双边会晤。布什总统预计将和中国、俄罗斯、韩国、日本、以及东道国秘鲁领导人举行会谈。While it will be an opportunity to say his farewells, aides say Mr. Bush has a full agenda for these meetings. They say he wants to discuss North Korea's nuclear ambitions with others involved in the negotiating process with Pyongyang. And they say he wants to discuss Georgia and a proposed missile defense system for Europe with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev. 这些会面将给布什提供一个话别的机会。但白宫官员说,布什总统也将和这些领导人探讨实质性问题,其中包括和北韩核问题谈判的参与方讨论平壤核计划。同时,白宫官员说,布什也计划和俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫讨论格鲁吉亚以及拟议中的欧洲导弹防御系统。200811/56870

Yael: Today, were talking penguin eggs.今天,我们来谈下企鹅的蛋。Don: Why?为什么?Y: Penguins lay their eggs on hard surfaces near coastlines, or they might dig burrows if the soil permits. And because theyre optimized for swimming rather than walking, its difficult for penguins to gather a lot of soft nesting material. See the problem?企鹅在海岸边坚硬的地表产蛋,如果土地合适,它们也会挖洞。因为它们更擅长游泳而不是走路,对企鹅来说要收集到很多柔软的筑巢的材料是很难的。明白问题了吧?D: Hmm! the penguin lifestyle isnt exactly eggshell-friendly.企鹅的生活方式对蛋壳来说并不很友好。Y: And thats not counting the nasty fights penguins can get into over things like space for their nests or burrows, and the stones that some species pile up around their nests if theyre in the open.那还不包括,企鹅为了争夺筑巢或洞穴领地而发生的激烈争斗,而且如果企鹅在开阔地,它们会在巢穴旁堆积石块。D: I bet all that hubbub isnt very good for eggs either. So do penguins lose more eggs than other species?我打赌所有的吵闹声对蛋也是不利的。那企鹅会比其它物种损失更多的蛋吗?Y: Actually, according to one study, only 2.6 percent of penguin eggs break from causes other than human interference or predators. That rate is similar to the rate in the rest of the bird world, even including those birds that have cushy nests and never fight near their eggs.事实上,根据一份研究显示,排除人类的破坏和掠夺者的影响,只有2.6%的企鹅蛋会破裂。这个机率和其它鸟类是一样的,甚至包括那些有舒适的巢穴且从不在蛋附近打架的鸟类。D: So how do they do it? By producing thicker shells?那企鹅是怎样做的?产出更厚的蛋壳?Y: Yep. Penguin eggshells are fifty percent thicker than expected for their size. But it isnt easy to produce thick egg shells. It requires a lot of calcium, more than female penguins normally get in their diets.是的,企鹅蛋壳比估计的尺寸要厚一般。但是不容易产出厚蛋壳,这需要很多钙,远多于雌性企鹅正常猎食中所获得的钙。D: And they cant just run to the store for a supplement.而且它们还不能去商店来补充。Y: Nope. So in the period right before they lay eggs, female penguins eat a lot of mollusks. The clam and mussel shells in their stomachs slowly leach calcium which is then used to form eggshells. Incidentally, thicker shells also help prevent breakage for birds that lay eggs on rocks, and for ostriches and rheas.不能。所以在企鹅产蛋前,雌企鹅会吃很多软体动物,胃中的蚌和贝壳类会缓慢 过滤用于形成蛋壳的钙。顺便说一句,厚蛋壳还能避免企鹅在岩石上产蛋时蛋壳的破损,就像鸵鸟和美洲驼一样。D: I always did wonder about those ostriches. 我总是对这些鸵鸟感到惊奇。201111/161594Its morning in the Kalahari, and this female cheetah has discovered that her cubs are growing ever more independent. She calls for them, but theyve aly gone out exploring. And theyve discovered a wounded gemsbok that may have escaped from a lion. Its weak, but something tells them, they are still out of their league. Theyre intrigued, but they dont know what to do. Its horns could be lethal. Its too big, even for their mother to tackle. Eventually, their curiosity satisfied, they heed their mother, and leave the gemsbok to its fate. 现在喀拉哈里沙漠是早晨,一只母猎豹发现她的幼崽越来越独立。她呼唤他们,但他们却已经出去探索了。他们发现一只受伤的大羚羊,它可能刚从狮子的魔掌中逃脱。大羚羊非常虚弱,但一些东西告诉他们不要忘记自己出来的目的。他们马上对这只孱弱的动物感兴趣,但是他们不知道该做什么。铃羊可以致他们于死地。面对这个大角,甚至他们的母亲也会感到棘手。最后,他们的好奇心得到满足,他们注意到自己的母亲,离开了大羚羊。Young male cheetahs like these often team up together. Whereas female cheetahs live solitary lives unless they have cubs. These two are probably brothers and partners for life. They hunt, go courting, and today, they are exploring together. The cheetah cubs have gone out hunting without their mother, and have come across a herd of gemsbok. And the hunt is on. Theyve caught a calf, but they are about to find out that like their own mother, the calfs motherrsquo;s fierce, when her offspring are threatened. 像这样的年轻公猎豹经常会成群结队。而母猎豹则过着孤独的生活,除非她们有幼崽。这两只猎豹可能是兄弟或伙伴。他们打猎,互相追逐。而今天,他们正在一起探索。猎豹幼崽已经在没有母亲的陪伴下外出打猎,他们遇到了一群大羚羊。狩猎,追逐与被追逐马上上演。他们的战利品是一头小崽,但他们发现猎物的母亲异常暴躁,因为她的后代受到生命威胁。Shes desperate to free her youngster from the cheetahs strangling bite. The calf seems none the worsefor its adventure. And its mother turns her attention again to the cheetahs. The calf had a lucky escape. But the cheetahs have been fortunate as well. Gemsbok horns are deadly weapons. The cow could so easily have killed them. 她不顾一切的想要让她的幼仔摆脱猎豹的撕咬。小崽目前看起来性命攸关,她的母亲把注意力再次集中到了猎豹身上。小崽很侥幸地逃过一劫。但现在猎豹却很幸运,因为大羚羊的角是致命的武器,这些角可以轻而易举将他们置于死地。When the cheetah cubs are about 18 months old, they are old enough to leave their mother, and to seek their own fortunes. Once they go, she may never see them again.当猎豹幼崽大约有18个月大的时候,他们已经长大,并且必须离开他们的母亲自寻出路。一旦他们去的时候,母亲可能会再也见不到他们了。词语解释:cheetah n. 猎豹cub n. 幼仔gemsbok n. 大羚羊201111/162364Indian Trade Pacts Will Contribute to Economic Integration of Region印度新签贸易协定将促成区域经济整合Two trade pacts signed recently between India and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and India and South Korea are expected to promote economic integration of one of the world's fastest growing regions. The pacts also signal that India is keen to attract more investment from East Asia.印度最近分别和东南亚国家联盟及南韩签订了两项新协定。这两项新协定预计将有助于推动全球发展最快速地区之一的亚洲经济的整合。协定也显示出印度渴望从东亚国家吸引更多的投资。It took six years of hard negotiations before New Delhi could seal a free trade pact with the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) this month.经过六年困难的谈判,新德里终于在本月与东盟签订了自由贸易协定。The pact with the ten ASEAN countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar, Brunei, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos) was signed a week after India and South Korea concluded a separate agreement to scrap or reduce tariffs, in the coming years. 东盟有十个成员国,包括印尼、马来西亚、新加坡、越南、菲律宾、缅甸、文莱、柬埔寨、泰国和老挝。就在跟东盟十个成员国达成协定的一个星期前,印度刚刚和南韩达成了一项协议,双方同意在未来几年降低关税。Greater economic accessEconomists say the benefits which will eventually flow from these pacts will be worth the wait, as India gains easier access to an economically dynamic region of more than 600 million people. In turn, India offers South East Asian countries a market of over a billion people.经济学家说,这些协定最终带来的好处会让印度感到之前的等待是值得的。印度可以更加方便地进入这个拥有六亿多人口的充满活力的经济区,而印度给东盟提供了一个超过十亿人口的市场。The pacts are seen as a significant step in a process that has seen India gradually look beyond its traditional trading partners in the West towards the faster growing economies of several East Asian countries, which are lie closer to its shores.这两项新协定被视为印度贸易东扩过程中很重要的一步。印度的视野中不再只有传统贸易对象西方国家,它正在逐渐转向东亚这些快速发展的新兴经济体。这些国家比起传统西方贸易伙伴在地理位置上更接近印度。Rajiv Kumar, head of the Indian Council of Research in International Economic Relations in New Delhi, points out that Asia's share in India's exports has risen steadily in the last four years. He says that the free trade associations or FTAs have been signed at a crucial time, when global economic patterns are changing.新德里印度国际经济关系研究会(India Council of Research in International Economic Relations)的会长,库马尔(Rajiv Kumar)指出,过去四年亚洲市场占印度出口的比例稳定上升。他说,自由贸易联盟或者是自由贸易协定,现在签定的时机极为重要,全球经济格局正在发生变化。"We know the global economic gravity is slowly but steadily shifting toward the Pacific basin and to Asia and it will be good for India to be connected and integrated with that," said Kumar. "And, these two FTAs will be key for India to explore the Asian markets, make better use of it, and it will be key to India's interest in joining and strengthening the Asian economic community, which is in an incipient stage."“我们知道全球经济重心正在缓慢但稳定地往太平洋和亚洲转移。因此,印度加入这一进程并与之进行整合,对印度来说,是件好事。新签定的这两项协定对印度开发亚洲市场是很关键的,所以要好好利用。这对印度加入和加强亚洲经济共同体的愿望也是很重要的。这个共同体目前目前还处于初始阶段。”High expectationsHopes are high that trade between India and ASEAN, which totaled billion last year, will jump by at least 20 percent in the coming years.人们对印度和东盟之间的贸易量将会大幅度增加有着很高的期望。去年双方贸易总额为470亿美元,未来几年估计会跃升至少20%。Under the pact, tariffs on textiles, electronics, chemicals and machinery will be reduced and eventually eliminated. However imports which could affect India's crucial farm sector, such as rubber, have been excluded.根据协定,纺织品、电子产品、化学品和机械类的关税将会下降,最终将会完全取消。不过,橡胶等影响到印度农业部门进口的商品没有包含在内。India is hoping the pact will give a push to exports in it pharmaceuticals, chemicals and auto sectors.印度希望协定可以推动该国药品、化学和汽车部门的出口。S.K. Mohanty is a senior fellow at the think tank, Research and Information System for Developing Countries, in New Delhi. He says that India's rapidly growing economy has been getting much of its momentum from a huge domestic market. But he says higher exports could contribute to higher growth. 莫罕堤(S.K. Mohanty)是新德里发展中国家资讯系统研究中心(Research and Information System for Developing Countries)的资深研究员,他说,巨大的国内市场给印度经济迅速发展提供了相当的动力。不过,他表示,出口的增加将会给经济增长加速做出贡献。"Export is becoming a very important factor for India, in terms of having a very high level of economic growth and, therefore, export sector has been given high priority," said Mohanty. "So, India's persistent strategy is to ensure that its external sector is growing much faster than the rest of the economy." “出口正在成为印度追求高速经济增长目标的一个非常重要的因素。所以出口业的优先地位很高。印度所坚持的策略是确保出口业的增长速度高于其他经济行业。”Looking beyond tradeIndian policy makers also hope that the benefits of the pact will extend beyond trade and make it easier for India to attract investors from East Asian countries. India is looking for billions of dollars in foreign investment in sectors such as infrastructure. But investment has been slow to flow, as many investors worry about regulations which make it difficult to do business in the country.印度的政策制定者也希望自由贸易协定带来的好,不只是扩大贸易,还能够为吸引更多东亚国家投资印度提供便利。印度正在为基础设施建设之类的部门寻找大量的外资。不过,外资流入印度的速度很慢,因为许多投资人担心,印度的规章条例繁杂,做生意很不容易。Rajiv Kumar says the free trade pacts may reassure investors that India is changing as its economic profile grows. 库马尔说,自贸协定可能会让投资人看到,随着经济发展,印度正在变化。"These FTA's would also signal to the investors in South Korea and ASEAN that India is now, as it were, much more open to business," he said. "So we can expect more investment and technology flows. We need as much investment as we can get in infrastructure, in energy, in roads, in buildings and, even more important, we will need investment in our housing sector." “这些自贸协定还会给韩国和东盟的投资人发出一个信号,那就是印度的经济开放程度比过去提高了。我们期待更多的投资和科技流入。我们在基础设施、能源开发、修路和建筑许多方面都需要大量的外资。更重要的是,我们的住房业也需要投资。”However, economists point out that India will have to compete with China, whose goods have aly flooded Southeast Asian countries. India and East Asia will also need to build better transport and communication links to realize the full benefits of growing trade.不过,经济学家指出,印度将必须和中国竞争。中国货物早已进入东盟国家。印度和东亚之间还需要建立更为通畅的运输和通讯管道,使贸易增长的各种好处都能够充分实现。08/82207

New York has legalized same sex marriage, making it the sixth U.S state to do so. Gay rights advocates call the vote a major victory in their quest for equality.同性恋婚姻在纽约州已经取得合法化地位,这使得纽约州成为美国第六个实现同性恋婚姻合法化的州。同性恋权利保护者称,这次表决是他们追求平等的道路上取得的一次重大胜利。The New York State Senate approved the legislation Friday night by a vote of 33 to 29, as four Republican lawmakers crossed party lines and voted in favor of the bill. Governor Andrew Cuomo, who had pushed for the bill, quickly signed the legislation into law meaning, pending court challenges, same sex couples can begin legally marrying in New York in 30 days.纽约州参议院6月4日(星期五)以33票对29票的表决结果,批准了同性恋婚姻合法化的法案,其中有四名共和党议员跨越党派,投出了持票。一直在推动这项法案的纽约州长安德鲁.库默随后签署这项法案,使之成为法律。这意味着, 如果无人到法院提出诉讼,同性恋者将可以在30天后开始在纽约州合法结婚。"New York made a powerful statement, not just for the people of New York, but [also for] the people all across this nation. We reached a new level of social justice this evening," Cuomo said.库默州长说:“纽约州发出了一个强有力的声明。这不仅为了纽约州的人民,同时也是为了全国的民众。今晚,我们在社会公正方面达到了一个新的水准。”New York could become a destination for same sex couples wanting to legally marry because the state has no residency requirement for obtaining a marriage license.希望合法结婚的同性恋伴侣可能会前往纽约州结婚,因为纽约州并不要求在该州登记结婚者必须是本州居民。201106/142196Negative News Further Depresses Global Markets负面消息导致全球股市下挫  World markets are lower after new figures show Japan's economy is shrinking at a rate not seen for decades and more bad financial news is released in Britain. 新的经济数据显示,日本经济出现数十年未曾有过的收缩,英国也发布了更多负面的金融消息,所有这些导致全球股市下挫。In Japan, a fourth-quarter economic contraction of 3.3 percent rattled the markets. 日本去年第四季度的经济收缩了3.3%的消息震动了市场。For the year, the world's second-largest economy shrank by 12.7 percent, which is a much steeper decline than is being seen in either the ed States or Europe. 过去一年,全球第二大经济体日本的经济收缩了12.7%,下降幅度大大超过美国和欧洲。Reinforcing the point, Japan's Economic Minister said his country faces its worst economic crisis since the end of World War II. 日本经济大臣实了这种看法,他说日本面临二战结束以来最严重的经济危机。The Tokyo market finished four-tenths of a percent down on the day while Hong Kong finished seven-tenths off. 东京股票市场当天下跌0.4%,香港股市下降0.7%。In Europe, financial stocks again dragged the markets down. 在欧洲,金融类股再次带动股市下跌。In London, all eyes were on the Lloyds Banking Group. Much larger than expected losses at Halifax-Bank of Scotland or HBOS, which Lloyds recently acquired, sent jitters through the market. 伦敦股市的所有注意力都集中在劳埃德集团身上。劳埃德集团最近收购的苏格兰海法的损失远远超出意料,令股市感到不安。London market analyst Richard Hunter says depending on how things go, some sense that Lloyds may need additional taxpayer backing further down the recessionary road. 伦敦市场分析师理查德.亨特说,取决于形势进展如何,劳埃德集团也许需要纳税人投入更多资金,以避免在衰退的道路上越陷越深。"A lot of the sting was taken out on Friday, obviously, with that 32 percent drop. There are indeed concerns around nationalization. There are further concerns as well," Hunter noted. "We are of course getting into a state of the recession where credit write-downs will become less of an issue, but normal write-downs, if you like, as people will start defaulting on loans will become more of an issue." “资产损失了32%,这显然对市场是一个很大的刺激。确实有人担心国有化的问题,还有更进一步的担心...... 我们当然正处于这样一种衰退状态,信贷下降将不是一个主要问题,但是当人们开始违约偿还贷款时,通常资产的下降将成为主要问题。”Adding to the gloom, a new report by the Confederation of British Industry shows that this is going to be a rough one economically in Britain with unemployment heading up.  英国工业联合会发布的一份最新报告进一步加剧了经济前景的黯淡。报告显示,失业率上升将使英国面临经济艰难的一年。"The slowdown in the economy, much faster than anticipated means that tax revenues will be way down, like 50 billion [Pounds] over the next couple of years and benefits will rise as unemployment increases," said CBI Director-General, Richard Lambert. "So it looks as though we are talking about government borrowing over the next couple of years being, getting on for a 100 billion more than the Chancellor hoped for last time around." 英国工业联合会秘书长理查德.拉姆伯特说:“经济衰退的速度大大超出人们的预料,这意味着税收将出现下降,今后两年将下降500亿英镑。而随着失业率不断攀升,政府的福利费用也将增加。所以看起来我们将面对政府在今后两年将靠借债度日的局面,借债数额可能要比财务大臣上次所说的高出1千亿英镑。”Also adding to the depressed mood Monday, some investors reacted with disappointment after finance chiefs from the Group of Seven industrialized countries failed to produce any concrete measures at their meeting this weekend in Rome. 另外,一些投资者对工业化7国集团的财政主管官员们上个周末在罗马的会议上没有制定出任何具体措施感到失望,这也增加了星期一市场的负面情绪。02/62606

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