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2018年01月23日 13:54:53 | 作者:天极时评 | 来源:新华社
China, EU to build partnership for peace, growth, reform中欧就和平,发展,改革建立伙伴关系China and the European Union have pledged to deepen their partnership for peace, growth, and reform.中国和欧盟承诺在和平,发展和改革方面深化合作。According to a joint statement released in Brussels, the two sides agreed the current visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping to the EU headquarters was a ;historic landmark;. And it underlined their determination to strengthen the global dimension of their cooperation. China and the EU vowed to deepen their partnership by implementing the China-EU 2020 Strategic Agenda for Cooperation.根据布鲁塞尔发布的一份联合声明,双方一致认为此次中国国家主席习近平访问欧盟总部是一个“历史性的里程碑” ,它坚定了双方加强全球性合作的决心。与此同时双方宣誓通过落实中国与欧盟2020战略议程,加深双方的合作关系。On safeguarding world peace and stability, the two sides agreed to enhance cooperation in addressing regional and global challenges. They also agreed to gradually raise the level of China-EU dialogue and cooperation on defense and security. And they reaffirmed multilateralism and the central role of the UN and emphasized the importance of resolving international and regional disputes through peaceful means.在维护世界和平与稳定方面,双方同意加强应对地区和全球挑战的合作,同时逐步提高中欧在国防与安全方面的对话与合作水平。双方重申要坚持多边主义和联合国的中心作用,并强调通过和平方式解决国际及地区争端的重要性。 Article/201404/284604Sabre makes NASDAQ debut CNN#39;s Richard Quest speaks to Sabre CEO Tom Klein about their performance over the first few days on the market.As shareholders at the company that owns Travelocity, something to celebrate this Easter Holiday.Sabre shares continue to rise on NASDAQ trading on Thursday. It was a positive debut on the NASDAQ. Sabre rose up to 3%. They closed at 16.5 dollars. Sabre#39;s known best for its online brands: Travelocity, Last Minute in the US, last.com in Europe. Sabre#39;s software business is the engine of growth. It basically is a major computer system that runs airlines and hotel companies. I spoke to the Chief Exec Tom Klein on Thursday and I asked what the debate#39;s taking place and the distribution about how companies like Sabre give you and me enough choice.We provide our suppliers the ability to personalize products. Today we announced a few product launches just today. One was for airlines to be able of managing unique experiences and personalize travel to travelers which is what that NDC initiatives all about. And then today for hotels, we announced the ability post of the guest making the reservation to be able to push out specific offers based on that guest profiles. So we believe that that personalization trend is real and for a big complex industry like travel industry, it#39;s gonna take software from companies like ours to make it happen. So, yeah, we are excited about that trend and we are working with IATA in a work group to deliver services their airlines that allow them to personalize products, because that#39;s what consumers are saying they want to have.Everybody in the entire industry is now watching with something more than curiosity. The result of cause of Malaysia 370, now you#39;re not an airline, I understand that. But you#39;re imbeded firmly in the industry and you know what people are thinking. And as we wait for further details on 370, how do you think this incident is going to change the industry?Well, of course, the first thing is, yeah, for the families of the crew and the passengers on that plane, our hearts go out to them. Malaysia#39;s a great customer of ours. And, you know, I think at the end of the day, technology is gonna be part of the solution and I think the debate that#39;s going on in the industry right now is healthy and overlong haul will make the industry better. But again, I think technology is gonna be the answer and the airline industry will decide what makes the most sense of going forwards to make sure that situations like this sort aren#39;t encoutered again. /201404/292123

A 5.1-magnitude earthquake has jolted Urumqi, the capital of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in northwest China.昨日,在中国西北部的新疆省乌鲁木齐市发生5.1级地震。According to the China Earthquake Networks Center, the epicenter of the quake that happened 1:27 pm Friday was located in a depth of 12 kilometers. Another 5.1-magnitude earthquake hit the same area 12 minutes later, at the same depth. The tremor was felt in Tianshan District in downtown Urumqi.据中国地震网络中心表示,发生在周五下午1:27的地震震源深度约12公里。12分钟后又一5.1级地震在该区域发生,震源深度相同。乌鲁木齐市区的天山区有震感。Some schools in the city organized an emergency evacuation and have notified parents to pick up their children as soon as possible.一些学校进行了紧急疏散并通知学生家长尽快接走孩子。According to some residents, communications were temporarily interrupted and they were unable to make phone calls for a time. As of 2 pm, the emergency response headquarters of the regional seismological bureau had dispatched three teams to survey the scene.据有些居民说,一段时间内,通讯暂时中断,无法接打电话。下午2点左右,当地地震局应急总部派遣三队伍前去勘察现场。 Article/201309/254816

视频出处:本影片片段来自《非洲》But the birds need to be careful,但鸟儿们需要加倍小心for the sun has played a terrible trick.因为太阳开了一个可怕的玩笑This oasis is poisonous.绿洲里的水是有毒的Intense evaporation over thousands of years上千年的剧烈蒸发has left the water saltier than the sea.使得此片水源的盐度超过了海水As if to underline the horror,更为恐怖的是the place is infested by vast swarms of flies.大量的苍蝇聚集于此But this plague is a birds#39; salvation.然而这些疫虫是候鸟们的救星The flies are filled with freshwater, filtered from the brine.它们能将盐水过滤 使体内充满淡水So, like a desert wanderer squeezing a drink from a cactus,就像沙漠迷途者挤压仙人掌摄取水分那样the birds get all the water they need from the flies#39; bodies.鸟儿们通过捕食苍蝇来获取淡水More and more migrants join in.越来越多的候鸟加入了捕食行列Wagtails.比如鹡鸰 Article/201405/295399

作为从小在朝鲜长大的孩子,Hyeonseo Lee(李炫秀/音译 )认为她的国家是”世界上最好的;。她一直这样认为。直到90年代的大饥荒,她开始怀疑。14岁时,她逃出朝鲜并开始了在中国隐姓埋名的难民生活。 这是一个关于生存和希望,令人痛心的私人故事。同时也是对那些远在他乡,却仍然时刻生活在恐惧中的朝鲜人一个鲜明有力的提醒。 Article/201307/248818

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