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东阳脱毛多少钱义乌市第二人民医院口腔科87 natural resources words coal metal iron ore oil water precious metal diamond export import refine mine mining miner drill(ing) engineer supply infrastructure wood stone pure natural aluminium oil well phrases drill for oil explore for oil discover gold mine precious metals refine oil dig a mine exploit resources beginner a: does your country export a lot of natural resources? B; we export some coal to European countries, but our biggest exports is copper, which we export to Europe, north America, and china. A: which resources do you have to import? B: we import a little oil from Venezuela, but we are fairly self-sufficient. We import some iron and a lot of aluminium from neighouring countries. A: I heard that you country recently discovered deposits of precious stone. B: yes, that’s right. So far, only small deposits have been found. Engineers in my country are focusing on drilling for oil. The government is keen to exploit our natural resources to get money to import our country. A: if your government invests in your country’s infrastructure, it will be money well spent. B: yes. We need to put the money into long-term projects rather than wasting it on short-term ones. Intermediate A: is there a lot of oil and coal in your country? B: there is some, but my country is not amongst the leading producers. The oil and coal deposits are in the north of my country. Your country is a big oil producer, isn’t it? A: yes, it is. My country is famous for having that natural resources. We also have a lot of natural gas. B: we have some too. Do you have a lot of coal? A; no coal has been discovered in my country, but there may be undiscovered deposits. We don’t have many metal deposits. B: there are a few in my country. We have deposit of gold, but they are very small. A: when I traveled around your country, I bought some jewellery made from gold form your country. The jewellery told me that there are few gold mines in your country. The gold was found in mountain steams. B: that’s right. A few people go panning for gold in rivers. A: you have many trees in your country. That’s another natural resources. B: it’s a natural resources that we hardly use. Government policy is to conserve those forests. A: I see. That’s probably a good idea. Too many forest are being destroyed. B: is your country’s environment being damaged by the oil industry? A; we have some inspections, but it is very hard to avoid pollution when extracting oil. There has been some damage, but it is under control. /200706/14072金华义乌注射丰太阳穴多少钱 英语场景口语:跑得了和尚跑不了庙那天我去要账,刚进门,那个狡猾的老板就说:对不起,我内急!【口语要素1】Sorry, nature calls.结果我就在那里傻等。半个小时了他还没有回来。【口语要素2】He didn’t show up.我想去厕所看看,于是我问公司的员工:厕所在哪里?【口语要素3】Where’s the john?他却说:附近根本没有厕所。我猜可能这一次又被放鸽子了。【口语要素4】He stood me up again.我自言自语道:就算你跑得了和尚也跑不了庙。【口语要素5】You can run, but you can't hide. /200604/6672义乌去除肥胖纹哪家医院好

诸暨中医院激光去掉雀斑多少钱Hello, everybody. This past week, we lost an American icon and one of the most influential figures of her time-former First Lady Nancy Reagan.大家好!上个星期,我们失去了一位美国的标志人物,也是她那个时代最有影响力的人物,前第一夫人,南希·里根。Born in New York City, and raised mostly in Chicago, Nancy Davis graduated from Smith College in 1943. As an actress, she appeared in 11 films. And off-screen, she starred in a real-life Hollywood romance with the love of her life, Ronald Reagan, whom she married in 1952.南希·戴维斯出生于纽约,长大在芝加哥,1943年毕业于史密斯学院。作为一名演员,她演了11部电影。离开银屏之后,她遇到罗纳德·里根,在现实生活中找到了好莱坞式的浪漫爱情,二人于1952年结婚。As President, I know just how important it is to have a strong life partner, and President Reagan was as lucky as I am. Nancy Reagan redefined the role of First Lady of the ed States. In addition to serving as a trusted advisor to her husband, and an elegant hostess for our nation, she was a passionate advocate for issues that touched the lives of so many. She raised awareness about drug and alcohol abuse. She was a staunch supporter of Americas veterans. And after her own battle with breast cancer and a mastectomy, she spoke in personal terms about the need for women to get mammograms.作为总统,我深切感受到,找到一个坚定的生活伴侣是多么重要,在这一点上,里根总统跟我一样幸运。南希·里根重新定义了第一夫人的形象。她不仅是她丈夫忠实的顾问,也是这个国家优雅的女主人,她为与广大人民生活相关的事情奔走呼吁。她唤醒了人们对毒品和酒精上瘾人士的关注。她是美国退伍军人的坚定持者。患上乳腺癌之后,她切除了乳房,战胜了癌症,自此之后,她以个人身份,向妇女讲解经常进行乳房扫描检查的重要性。The American people were deeply moved by the love Nancy felt for her husband. And we were inspired by how, in their long goodbye, Nancy became a voice on behalf of millions of families experiencing the depleting, aching reality of Alzheimers disease. She brought her characteristic intelligence and focus to the twin causes of stem cell research and Alzheimers research. And when I signed an order to resume federal stem cell research, I was proud that she was one of the first phone calls I made. Nobody understood better than Nancy Reagan the importance of pursuing treatments that hold the potential and the promise to improve and save lives.美国人民对南希对她丈夫的爱深深打动。在里根总统患上阿兹海默症之后的漫长日子里,她陪伴他度过了艰难而痛苦的每一天,这期间,她也成为千千万万家有老年痴呆患者的代言人,正是这样的行动,到现在一直激励着我们。她将她的聪明才智和人生都投入到对干细胞和治疗阿兹海默症的研究中。当我签署继续持干细胞研究的联邦行政命令之后,她是第一个给我打电话的人,我深感自豪。没有人能比南希·里根更深切的理解到这项工作的重要意义所在,我们要继续寻找潜在的治疗方案,改善病人的生存条件,挽救病人的生命。Thats why, last year, my administration announced the Precision Medicine Initiative to advance our ability to tailor health care and treat diseases like cancer and Alzheimers by accounting for individual differences in peoples genes, environments, and lifestyles. Last month, we took new actions to foster more collaboration between researchers, doctors, patients, data systems, and beyond to accelerate precision medicine. And more than 40 organizations stepped up with new commitments in this cutting-edge field. Weve also launched the BRAIN initiative to revolutionize our understanding of how the human brain works.因此,去年,我们宣布实施精准医疗创新计划,以提升定制化医疗务水平,治疗因不同人的因基因、生活环境和生活方式不同引发的癌症、阿兹海默症等疾病。上个月,我们采取新的措施,在研究人员、 医生、病人、信息系统以及其他方面开展合作,加速推动精准医疗的发展。已经有40多个机构组织跟进,并表示要致力于这一前沿研究领域。我们还启动了一项大脑创新计划,彻底革新我们对人类大脑工作机制的理解。Thanks to the tireless efforts of people like Nancy Reagan, Ive never been more optimistic that we are getting closer to the day when every single patient can get the care they need and deserve. Ive never been more optimistic that we will one day find a cure for devastating diseases like Alzheimers. And I can think of no better way to honor our former First Ladys legacy than by working together, as one nation, toward that goal. Thanks, everybody.正是有了南希·里根这样的人不知疲倦的付出和努力,我对未来充满的无与伦比的信心,我们一定能让每一个病人都得到他需要的得当治疗,我们离这个目标越来越近了。我也相信,终有一天,我们能找到治愈像阿兹海默症之类的严重疾病的良方。为了继承前第一夫人的遗志,任何方式都不如我们全国上下共同努力更能表达我们对她的尊重。谢谢大家!201603/432189诸暨江东分院治疗疤痕多少钱 点击此处下载音频大家好,笨小孩广播学口语准时与大家相约,Andy 送上最诚挚的问候, good day, everyone !今天我们要学习的两个俚语是You said it. 和Itrsquo;s a good idea to have something put by.(过渡音乐)我们先来看第一句俚语You said it。Say是;说;的意思。You said it,你说着了,也就是;真是这样,千真万确;的意思 。阿旺平时呆头呆脑的,有些坏男生总想耍他。有一次阿伟想整他一下,就叫了几个兄弟, 和阿旺说要出去聚一聚,挑了一个饭菜难吃而价钱又很贵的饭店。阿旺说:;The food is awful ! (这东西真难吃!); 阿伟说:;You said it! (真是这样!);快吃完时,阿伟去了洗手间,其他几个人也都找借口离开了,只剩阿旺在那里,左等右等也不见有人回来, 最后他只得付了帐。回班后, 他愤愤地对阿华说:;Irsquo;m quite silly. (我真傻 !) ; 阿华打趣说:;You said it! (你说着了!); 这句话大家都会用了吧. 好,不要走开,音乐过后马上回来.(过渡音乐)下面我们来看第二句话Itrsquo;s a good idea to have something put by . Put 是;放置; 的意思,put by, 是;储存;的意思。提到储存,大家一定都想到存钱了吧。You said it. 你还真说着了. Itrsquo;s a good idea to have something put by. 就是;储存点钱是个好主意;的意思。燕子的邻居孙大妈一直一个人生活,也没有儿女. 有一天阿波去找燕子, 看见了她,便问燕子孙大妈靠什么生活,燕子说:;When she was young, she had a fair amount of money put by.(在年轻的时候,她存了不少钱。);阿波听后,笑了,感觉这老人还有点先见之明,他对燕子说:;Itrsquo;s always a good idea to have something put by.(储存点钱总是个好主意。); 怎么样,是不是大家都准备或已经建立一个自己的 ;小金库;了。确实,有钱能使鬼推磨嘛。(过渡音乐)在今天的节目里,我们学了两句俚语You said it和Itrsquo;s a good idea to have something put by. 大家都会用了吗?我是笨小孩英语的Andy老师,下次再见! /200605/7248义乌芙洛拉医院双眼皮多少钱

义乌注射隆鼻中级英语口语闪电速成[31] /200703/10896 Hi, everybody. This weekend, as we search for ways to bridge our differences,大家好。这个周末,在我们寻求弥合我们分歧办法时,we look to the principles that are more enduring than politics.我们转向比政治更持久的法则。And some of the best examples are found in the men and women we saluted yesterday, and every day – our troops and veterans.一些最好的榜样是我们在昨天以及每一天都要向其致敬的男男女女--我们的军人和退伍军人。It is the example of young Americans – our 9/11 Generation这就是年轻人的榜样--我们9/11的一代人who, as first responders ran into smoldering towers, ran to a recruiting center and signed up to serve.他们是奔向燃烧中双子塔的急救队员,他们是奔向征兵中心,并签约去役的人们。It is the example of a military that meets every mission, one united team,这就是军队中的榜样,胜任每一个任务,一个团结的团队,all looking out for one another, all getting each others backs.所有人都照顾着其他人,所有人都是其他人的坚强后盾。It is the example of the single most diverse institution in our country这就是唯一一个我们国家最多元化机构的榜样soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, and coastguardsmen who represent every corner of our country,陆军,海员,空军,海军陆战队,海岸警卫队,他们代表着我们国家的每个角落,every shade of humanity, immigrant and native-born, Christian, Muslim, Jew, and nonbeliever alike, all forged into common service.人道中的每个阴影,移民和国内出生人们,基督徒,穆斯林,犹太教徒和无神论者,所有人都进入到这个公共务领域。It is the example of veterans – patriots – who, when they take off their fatigues,这就是退伍军人的榜样--爱国者--他们,当他们卸下疲劳,201611/477750义乌最好的音波拉皮医院义乌脸上伤疤怎么才能消除



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