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China#39;s Tencent Holdings Ltd and JD.com Inc are strengthening their ties in social e-commerce by creating a joint partnership to reshape the country#39;s traditional marketing and advertising industry.中国的腾讯控股有限公司与京东商城通过建立合作伙伴关系,加强了其在社交电商方面的合作,以此来改造中国传统的营销和广告行业。On Saturday, Tencent, founder of popular social media platforms WeChat and QQ and China#39;s second largest e-commerce player JD.com launched a project in an aim to provide a solution for companies in terms of building their brand images and improving their marketing performances.流行社交媒体平台微信和QQ的创办者腾讯,与中国电商行业第二大巨头京东于周六推出了合作项目,其目的是为公司在建立品牌形象、提升市场绩效方面提供解决方案。By integrating Tencent#39;s social networking data with JD.com#39;s online shopping data, the project named #39;Brand-Commerce#39; is expected to help companies reach their target buyers in the most ideal online channel while facilitating purchases for the consumer.此项目名为“品商”,通过整合腾讯的社交网络数据和京东的网上购物数据,帮助企业以最理想的在线渠道触达目标消费者,增加消费者的购买量。Liu Qiangdong, chief executive officer of Beijing-based JD.com, said the project will help companies achieve better sales performance as well as bring a better shopping experience for customers.京东总部位于北京,其CEO刘强东称,此项目可以帮助企业取得更好的销售绩效,同时带给消费者更好的购物体验。;We don#39;t want to boost the number of advertisements. On the contrary, we want to reduce it by advertising to the right group of people,; said Liu.“我们不会增加广告的数量。相反,我们会通过精准定位消费人群来减少广告数量,”刘强东说。Shenzhen-based Tencent, which has about 600 million monthly active users on WeChat and 843 million monthly active users on QQ, aly owns 15 percent stake in JD.com.腾讯总部位于深圳,其微信的月活跃用户量约为6亿,QQ的月活跃用户量约为8.43亿。腾讯现已获得京东15%的股份。Pony Ma, chief executive officer of Tencent, said that his company#39;s social networking tools cover a wide range of age groups. ;Through further cooperating with JD, companies are able to better understand their customers and reach their target buyer in a more accurate way,; said Ma.腾讯CEO马化腾称,其公司社交网络工具覆盖的年龄群体范围极广。“通过与京东的进一步合作,企业能够更好地了解他们的客户,更精确地触达他们的目标消费群体。”马化腾说。The strengthened cooperation with Tencent is seen as the latest move for JD.com in its ongoing battle with e-commerce rival Alibaba.京东与电商巨头阿里巴巴一直在进行竞争,而加强与腾讯的合作可视为是京东在此竞争中所采取的最新举措。Due to the slowdown in China#39;s economy, the population of Chinese online shoppers may soon reach its peak. E-commerce players have been eagerly sping their wings to other industries in order to maintain solid future growth.由于中国经济放缓,网上购物人数可能会在不久后达到顶峰。电商卖家们正急切地将其业务扩展到其他行业,以此来保持在未来的良好发展。Alibaba Group announced Friday its proposal to take full control of Youku Tudou Inc, a leading Internet company in China. It#39;s a move to push into the digital entertainment industry.阿里巴巴集团于周五宣布全面收购优酷土豆——中国一家领先的网络视频公司。 这是阿里巴巴进军数字产业的一项举措。 /201510/404841。

  • More than 100,000 sign petition calling for The Queen to pay for 369million repairs of Buckingham Palace.10万多英国民众在请愿书上签名,要求女王为白金汉宫付3.69亿英镑的修缮费。The petition was started after it was announced on Friday that the taxpayer would be funding a 369 million 10-year refurbishing project.上周五,英国政府宣布纳税人需为白金汉宫十年的修缮工程费3.69亿英镑买单后,民众开始请愿。Critics immediately pointed out that public money was also crucially needed elsewhere, such as in schools and hospitals.反对者立刻指出学校和医院等许多地方都急需公共资金的持。The 38 Degrees petition, started by Mark Johnson, said: ;There is a national housing crisis, the NHS is in crisis, austerity is forcing cuts in many front line services. Now the Royals expect us to dig deeper to refurbish Buckingham Palace.;马克. 约翰逊在网站“38度”上发起了这次运动。他说:“目前,全国范围内都存在着住房危机,英国国民健康保险制度也遭遇困境,财政紧缩迫使许多一线公共务被削减。现在王室为修缮白金汉宫企图让我们付出更多。”Labours shadow business secretary Clive Lewis told ITVs Peston Show that there were lots of priorities out there and he wouldn#39;t place Buckingham Palace as the highest.在做客英国独立电视台的佩斯顿秀时,工党影子内阁商务大臣克莱夫.刘易斯表示,政府有很多更重要的工作,他不可能把修缮白金汉宫当作头等大事。He added: ;I think the Queen could contribute quite a bit towards that - she#39;s one of the wealthiest people in the country. Why not?;他继续说道:“我认为女王可以拿出一大笔钱来整修白金汉宫,为什么不呢?她可是英国最富有的人之一。”Asked on the Marr Show if the Royals should pay, Labour#39;s shadow chancellor John McDonnell said: ;Well, I think that#39;s for them to consider. I think we#39;d welcome it. ;He went on: ;It#39;s a public monument, a heritage building - so we have to invest in it to preserve it.;有人在马尔秀上向工党影子内阁财政大臣翰.麦科唐纳尔提问:王室是否应该自掏腰包整修白金汉宫?他回答说:“嗯...王室的确应该考虑这个问题。民众会很乐意由王室来出这笔钱的。白金汉宫是属于英国民众的历史古迹,是我们大家的遗产,所以我们必须出资保护它。”;If the Queen and the royal family want to consider a contribution I certainly wouldn#39;t send the cheque back.;“如果女王和其他王室成员都愿意捐款的话,我当然不会把票退给他们。”;It does show though that when we need the money for buildings and maintenance we can afford it.;“但是这确实表明,如果我们真的需要出资整修白金汉宫,钱并不是问题。”As well as receiving the annual Sovereign Grant from taxpayers, The Queen also pockets annual net profits from the Duchy of Lancasters Estate in her role as Sovereign, which next April will be 17.8 million.女王除了每年从纳税人手中拿到君王拨款外,还可以凭借她的君主地位,轻轻松松从兰开斯特公国的地产经营净利润中分一杯羹。到明年4月,这笔收入将达1780万英镑。She also has personal wealth which she is not required to disclose.同时她还有私房钱,法律并不要求她公开这些私人资产。In 2014 the Public Accounts Committee criticised the Royal Household for mismanaging its finances and said it could to do more to generate more income and reduce its costs further.2014年,政府账目委员会批评王室理财不善,称王室没有为“进一步开源节流”竭尽全力。One suggestion to fund improvements was to open the palace more to the paying public.有人提议,进一步开放白金汉宫吸引游客,门票费可用于整修白金汉宫。However, it has fallen into a state of disrepair and a report has found major works are now necessary.但是,白金汉宫现已破败不堪。有报告显示,白金汉宫需要大力整修。 /201611/480242。
  • Time seems to pass faster or slower depending on the language you speak, new research has revealed, because of the way your native tongue speaks about time.新的研究表明,时间流逝的快慢取决于你掌握的语言,取决于你的母语描述时间的方式。A team from Stellenbosch University in South Africa and the University of Lancaster in the UK say their work also shows how bilingualism encourages the brain to think in new ways.一个由南非斯泰伦斯大学和英国兰开斯特大学组成的研究团队称,他们的研究也揭示了双语如何使大脑用新的方式思考。In one experiment, a computer animation of a slowly growing line was shown to 40 Spanish speakers and 40 Swedish speakers. All the animations lasted 3 seconds, but the line didn#39;t always grow to the same length.在一项实验中,研究者向40名西班牙语母语者和40名瑞典语母语者展示了一条逐渐变长的线的电脑动画。所有动画都持续3秒钟,但每个动画中线的长度不一。The researchers expected that because Swedes talk about time in terms of distance, they would find it harder to accurately estimate how much time had passed—and they were right.研究者预测,由于瑞典人习惯用物理距离来描述时间,所以他们会更难估计过了多长时间,实验明研究者的预测是对的。Meanwhile the Spanish speakers, who refer to time in terms of volume (as in a ;small; break rather than a ;short; break), were much better at realising that the same 3 seconds had elapsed, no matter how far the line grew.同时,西班牙母语者是以体积来描述时间(休息时间“小”而非“短”),所以不管动画中的线多长,他们都能较准确地感知流逝的时间大概为3秒。;The Swedish speakers tend to think that the line that grows longer in distance, takes longer,; one of the researchers, linguist Emanuel Bylund from Stellenbosch University explained.来自南非斯泰伦斯大学的研究者,语言学家伊曼纽尔?拜兰德解释说,“瑞典语母语者认为线变得越长,所需时间就越多。”;Spanish speakers aren#39;t tricked by that. They seem to think that it doesn#39;t matter how much the line grows in distance, it still takes the same time for it to grow.;“西班牙母语者不会受到线长短的迷惑。他们认为不管线变得有多长,所需的时间都是一样的。”In another experiment, participants were shown animations of a jug slowly being filled up: the length of the animation was fixed, but the jug filled up by different amounts.另一项实验中,研究者向参与者展示灌水壶的电脑动画:动画的长度为定量,但水壶盛水量不同。Sure enough, this time it was the Spanish speakers who had more trouble estimating the passage of time.果然,这次是西班牙母语者估计时间时遇到了困难。Interestingly, when the spoken prompts in a particular language were taken away, the volunteers were much better at judging time, as if being asked out loud how much time had passed triggered something in the brain.有趣的是,撤走影响某一语种参与者估计时间的道具后,那些受参与者能更准确地估计时间,就好像被大声问到过了多久时间激发了大脑中的某种东西似的。To gain more insight into what was happening, 74 bilingual speakers of both Spanish and Swedish were also recruited, and shown similar animations.为了更深入地研究到底是怎么回事,研究者召募了74名西班牙语和瑞典语双语志愿者进行实验,向他们展示类似的动画。The end results were the same: when instructed in Swedish, the volunteers were more easily fooled by the line animations, and when instructed in Spanish, it was the jug animations that interfered with their perceptions of time.最后得到了相同的结果:用瑞典语发出指令时,志愿者们更易被线的动画骗到,用西班牙语发出指令时,水壶的动画就会扰乱他们对时间的感知。 /201705/509385。
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