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浙江东阳医院治疗痘坑多少钱义乌腋臭手术Baidu Inc announced a new project - Apollo - to open up its autonomous driving platform to its partners, a move to promote the development of self-driving technology.近日,百度公司宣布了一项名为阿波罗的新计划,旨在向其合作伙伴开放自动驾驶平台,此举是为了促进自动驾驶技术的发展。It plans to introduce fully autonomous driving capacities on highways and urban roads by 2020, the company said.百度称,该公司计划于2020年前在高速公路和城市道路上引入全自动驾驶能力。By opening up the platform, the company aims to build a collaborative ecosystem, utilizing its strengths in artificial intelligence technology to work together with other companies to accelerate the popularization of autonomous driving technology.通过开放这一平台,百度计划建立一个协作生态系统,利用自身在人工智能技术方面的优势与其他公司合作,加速推进自动驾驶技术的普及。It said the Apollo project will provide a complete hardware and software service solution, which includes a vehicle platform, hardware platform, software platform and cloud data services.该公司表示,阿波罗计划将提供完整的软硬件务解决方案,包括车辆平台、硬件平台、软件平台和云端数据务。Baidu will also open the source code and capabilities in the fields of obstacle perception, trajectory planning, vehicle control, vehicle operating systems, and provide a complete set of testing tools.百度还将开放障碍感知、路径规划、车辆控制、车载操作系统等领域的源代码及能力,并提供整套测试工具。;AI has great potential to drive social development, and one of AI#39;s biggest opportunities is intelligent vehicles,; said Lu Qi, Baidu#39;s president and chief operating officer.百度集团总裁、首席运营官陆奇表示:“人工智能有很大潜力来推动社会发展,而人工智能最大的机会就是智能汽车。” /201704/506375浦江县中医医院激光去斑多少钱 General Electric led a trio of groups planning big takeovers yesterday to lift the value of transactions launched in October to more than 0bn, in what has unexpectedly become one of the busiest months for dealmaking on record.昨日,通用电气(GE)等三家谋划实施大型收购的集团宣布并购消息,推动10月发起的并购交易额超过5000亿美元,让10月意外地成为有史以来并购交易最繁忙的月份之一。The surge in blockbuster mergers and acquisitions signalled renewed corporate confidence in the outlook for the US economy, dealmakers said, even as the country’s highly charged presidential race concludes in just a week.交易撮合者表示,在美国高度紧张的总统竞选仅剩一周之际,大型并购交易的激增表明了企业对美国经济前景的信心。Operating conditions have not changed drastically in recent years: companies are struggling to increase sales and historically low borrowing rates have made acquisitions an attractive way to boost revenue. That combination has provided the impetus for a multiyear boom in dealmaking led by industries where companies are seeking consolidation to gain scale over competitors and leverage over customers.近年来,美国的经营环境一直没有发生显著改变:企业难以提升销售额,处于历史低位的借款利率使收购成为一种颇具吸引力的增收方式。这一局面催生了许多行业连续多年的交易热潮,这些行业内的公司正在寻求整合,以获得相对竞争对手的规模优势和对客户的影响力。“I’ve never tried to think about politics in terms of when I time deals,” Jeff Immelt, GE chief executive, said of his bn deal to acquire oil and gas services provider Baker Hughes. “The time do these things is right now#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;when there is a level of uncertainty, not whenever things are known.”通用电气首席执行官杰夫.伊梅尔特(Jeff Immelt)在谈起250亿美元的通用电气收购石油和天然气务提供商贝克休斯(Baker Hughes)的交易时表示,“在选择交易时机方面,我从未试图考虑政治因素。做这些事情的时机就是现在……还存在些许不确定性的时候,而不是情况已经明朗的时候。”The company formed by combining GE’s oil and gas equipment manufacturing unit with Baker Hughes will create a powerful rival to oil services group Schlumberger, with bn in annual revenues and operations in 120 countries.由通用电气旗下石油和天然气设备制造部门与贝克休斯合并而成的新公司,年收入将达320亿美元,业务遍及120个国家,将成为油田务公司斯伦贝谢(Schlumberger)的强大对手。Elsewhere, CenturyLink, the US telecoms group, said it would buy the larger Level 3, which provides infrastructure that allows business to connect to the internet safely, for bn, including debt, and private equity group Blackstone said it would acquire TeamHealth, a US provider of physician services, for .1bn, including debt.此外,美国电信集团CenturyLink表示,将以340亿美元(含债务)收购体量更大的Level 3。后者提供帮企业安全接入互联网的基础设施。私募股权集团黑石(Blackstone)表示,将以61亿美元(含债务)收购美国医疗务提供商TeamHealth。The transactions capped the seventh most-active month for global Mamp;A with 2.8bn of deals, according to data from Dealogic. Attempts for US-based companies accounted for 9.1bn of that amount, just shy of a monthly record set in July of 2015.Dealogic的数据显示,10月份以5028亿美元的交易量,成为全球并购交易第七活跃的月份。涉及美国企业的交易额为3291亿美元,仅略低于2015年7月创下的纪录。The remarkable surge in Mamp;A activity in October comes after a sluggish 2016 for dealmakers. Until recently, chief executives have been reluctant to make big bets in the US due to the turmoil associated with the presidential race and an Obama administration that has acted to block several megadeals.经历交易清淡的今年头9个月之后,10月份并购活动出现显著飙升。由于美国总统竞选引起的混乱以及奥巴马政府叫停了多个大型收购案,首席执行官们直到最近一直不愿在美国进行大规模押注。Some argue that October’s burst was partly thanks to the growing poll lead of Hillary Clinton, Democratic presidential nominee, over Republican rival Donald Trump. The FBI’s decision to release new details about its investigation into Mrs Clinton’s use of a private email server could choke off the trend.有人认为,10月并购交易爆发的部分原因在于,民主党提名总统候选人希拉里.克林顿(Hillary Clinton)在民调中对共和党对手唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)的优势不断扩大。美国联邦调查局(FBI)决定公布其对希拉里使用私人电子邮件务器情况的调查的新细节,可能会让这种趋势夭折。Scott Barshay, a senior dealmaker at law firm Paul Weiss, said the recent spree, which includes ATamp;T’s agreement to buy Time Warner for about 8bn, including debt, featured deals that had strong long-term rationales as well as few regulatory hurdles.宝维斯律师事务所(Paul Weiss)高级交易撮合人斯科特.巴尔谢(Scott Barshay)表示,最近这股并购狂潮——包括ATamp;T同意以约1080亿美元(含债务)收购时代华纳(Time Warner)——的主角,是那些从长远来看具有充分合理性并且不存在多少监管障碍的交易。“They were not just synergy or financial plays, rather they were highly #172;strategic, landscape-changing business combinations in their respective industries,” Mr Barshay said. “We don’t expect any of them to have great difficulty in obtaining regulatory approvals around the world.”“这些交易不仅仅出于协同效应或财务考量,而更是在各自行业中具有高度战略眼光、可以改变格局的企业合并,”巴尔谢说, “我们预计,这几项交易在获得世界各地的监管批准方面都没有太大困难。” /201611/475792The average American commuter spent 50hours in traffic last year. 去年,美国通勤者在路上等待的时间平均为50小时。As a nation, we spent eight billion hourssitting in our cars, waiting for lights to change, for the driver ahead tosneak into that parking spot, for an accident to be cleared.全体美国人总共花了80亿小时坐在车里,等待红灯变绿灯,等待前车司机驶入停车位,等待交通事故被处理。That’s not much more timethan many Europeans spend in cars. 这并不比许多欧洲人等在车里的时间多出多少。According to Inrix, a roadway and trafficanalytics company, drivers and passengers in Belgium spent 44 hours in trafficlast year; in Germany, 39 hours.交通路况分析公司Inrix称,比利时的司机和乘客去年等在路上的平均时间为44小时;德国人为39小时。Wherever it happens, new research suggeststhat all that sitting and waiting is exposing us to more pollutants than we’d take in ifwere we cruising along.新研究显示,不论在什么地方,比起一路畅行无阻,坐在车里等待会让我们暴露于更多污染物之下。According to a study published Thursday inEnvironmental Science: Processes amp; Impacts, pollution levels inside cars atred lights or in traffic jams are up to 40 percent higher than when traffic ismoving.根据上周四发表在《环境科学:过程与影响》(Processes amp; Impacts)上的一项研究,等红灯或者堵在路上之际,车内污染物的含量比交通顺畅时高出40%。Air quality is aly a problem outside ofcars: More than 80 percent of people living in cities where pollution istracked are exposed to air quality levels below World Health Organizationlimits. 车外的空气质量已经成问题了:污染水平受到追踪的那些城市的居民,超过80%暴露在质量未达世界卫生组织(World Health Organization,简称WHO)所设限值的大气中。The W.H.O. has estimated that poor air quality isresponsible for the deaths of 3.7 million people younger than 60 in 2012.据WHO估计,2012年,糟糕的空气质量是导致370万不满60岁的人死亡的原因。 Researchers at the University of Surrey inEngland took to the streets of Guildford, a typical English town, to look atthe effects of traffic on concentrations of polluting particles. 英国萨里大学(University of Surrey)的研究人员走上典型英式城镇吉尔福德的街头,研究交通堵塞对颗粒污染物浓度的影响。They also analyzed how ventilation settingschanged those concentrations inside of cars.他们还分析了通风设置会如何改变车内污染浓度。The scientists took their measurementsinside a car as it traveled on a six-kilometer loop, passing through 10 trafficintersections. 这些科学家让车辆沿一条六公里长的环路行驶,途经10个交通路口,同时在车内进行测量。They tracked the concentrations ofdifferent-size particles of air pollution —ranging from courseto fine —at each intersection.他们在每一个路口追踪了从粗到细不同尺寸的颗粒污染物的浓度。In a car stuck in traffic, shutting all thewindows and turning off the fan or heat reduced concentration doses of thesmallest, most hazardous particles by up to 76 percent.塞车时,关闭所有车窗、关掉风扇或暖气,会让车内危害性最强的最小颗粒物的浓度降低至多76%。The researchers also found an increase insmaller particles inside the vehicle compared with larger ones when the heatwas off and fans were on full blast, drawing in air from outside. 研究人员还发现,当关闭暖气并把风扇开到最大档来吸入外部空气的时候,车内较小颗粒物的浓度与较大颗粒物相比有所增加。Those findings suggest that the ventilationsystem was more effective at filtering out larger particles than smaller oneswhile stopped at intersections, reducing the concentration doses of thoseparticles up to 68 percent, they said.他们说,这些结果表明,车辆停在路口之际,通风系统能够更有效地过滤较大颗粒物而非较小颗粒物,让前者的浓度下降至多68%。And while they were only at trafficintersections for about 7 percent of total commuting time on average, the timeaccounted for as much as 10 percent of their exposure to harmful particles. 尽管在路口停留的时间平均只占总通勤时间的大约7%,但研究人员在这段时间里接触到的有害颗粒物,却相当于总接触量的10%。The exposure was more than six timesgreater in cars with open windows than for pedestrians at three- or four-wayintersections.在丁字路口或十字路,在窗户打开的车里接触到的有害颗粒物浓度比行人高六倍多。So when you’re stopped at anintersection, roll up the windows, and breathe easier.因此,停在路口时,请把窗户关上,呼吸也要更轻一点。 /201609/464128浙大附属义乌医院做抽脂手术多少钱

东阳广福医院美容整形科义乌芙洛拉整形医院韩式三点双眼皮多少钱 The City of Gold has turned to printing for its latest showpiece building, using a giant industrial 3D printer to construct a futuristic office space in just 17 days.迪拜近日使用3D打印技术建造的办公室日前亮相,这座颇具未来感的办公室使用了一台巨型3D工业打印机建造,仅耗时17天。Government officials suggest the “world first” development in the Persian Gulf shows how 3D printing technology can usher in an era of lower cost and faster delivery construction.迪拜政府表示,该地区所打造的世界首个3D打印办公室显示出,在追求更低成本和更快的建筑交付速度的当今时代,3D打印技术很有前景。Dubbed the ‘Office of the Future,’ the TV-shaped space was built – or should we say, printed – using a special mixture of cement, according to a government statement.根据政府声明,这间形似一台电视机的办公室名为“未来办公室”,是使用特制的水泥混合物建造的,或者应该说是打印的。Erected in just over two weeks, the single-story, 250 square meter workplace will, rather fittingly, host the Dubai Future Foundation.这座办公室的建造仅花费了两周时间,只有一层,占地250平方米,非常适合成为迪拜未来基金会的办公地。But the most amazing element of city’s newfangled approach to architecture is that the large office was made using a massive printer measuring 20 feet high, 120 feet long and 40 feet wide.但迪拜新潮的建筑方式的最大亮点是,打印这间办公室的巨型3D打印机有20英尺高,120英尺长,40英尺宽。Advanced computer-aided design programs were used in the construction, while materials were sent to both China and UK for safety testing.建造中使用了先进的电脑辅助设计程序,材料被送往中英两国进行安全检测。The creation was part of Dubai’s 3D Printing Strategy, which will see the city roll out further new-age projects based in medicine and construction.这座建筑物是迪拜3D打印战略的一部分,将见迪拜开展进一步的基于医药和建筑业的新新时代项目计划。 /201605/446117东阳激光除皱的优势

义乌妇幼保健院祛疤痕多少钱 Software maker Microsoft Corp is selling about 1,500 of its patents to Chinese cellphone maker Xiaomi, a rare departure for the US company and part of what the two companies say is the start of a long-term partnership.日前,美国软件制造商微软公司将向中国手机生产商小米出售约1500项专利。此举对微软而言十分罕见,两家公司表示,这是双方开启长期合作的部分举措。The deal also includes a patent cross-licensing arrangement and a commitment by Xiaomi to install copies of Microsoft software, including Office and Skype, on its phones and tablets.这项交易还包括一项专利交叉授权协议以及小米在其手机和平板电脑上安装Office和Skype等微软软件副本的承诺。Both companies declined to discuss financial terms of the deal.两家公司都拒绝谈论关于这项交易的财务条款。;This is a very big collaboration agreement between the two companies,; Wang Xiang, senior vice president at Xiaomi, said by telephone ahead of the deal.小米公司高级副总裁王翔在电话中谈论这笔交易时表示:“这是两家公司之间的一个非常大的合作协议。”Experts say the patent deal paves the way for the Chinese firm to sell its handsets in Western markets. Microsoft will benefit from the fact that some of its Android apps - including Office and Skype - will now be pre-installed on Xiaomi devices.有专家表示,此次购买微软专利给这家中国公司在西方市场销售手机铺平了道路。而微软方面也将会受益。微软旗下的部分安卓应用程序(包括Office和Skype)将被预装在小米手机上。The announcement comes at a time when Xiaomi has been struggling to meet sales targets. The Beijing-based company originally set itself a target of selling 100 million smartphones in 2015. But it managed to sell only 71 million, partly because of increased competition from domestic rivals.这一购买协议宣布得非常及时,目前小米正在为难以达到销售目标而头疼。这家总部位于北京的公司本来将其2015年的销售目标定为1亿台手机。但是最终只卖出了7100万台手机,部分原因是因为来自国内厂商更加激烈的竞争。Oppo and Vivo overtook Xiaomi in phone shipments in the first three months of 2016, while Huawei extended its lead, according to research firm IDC. That pushed Xiaomi down to seventh place in global market share. It had been ranked third in 2014.据调研公司IDC透露,2016年前3个月,Oppo和Vivo手机出货量都超过了小米,而华为则扩大了自己的领先优势。这使得小米的全球市场份额下跌到了第7位。小米在2014年的市场份额曾达到了全球第三位。Wang Xiang said the acquisition of Microsoft patents, which included voice communications, multimedia and cloud computing, on top of some 3,700 patents the company filed last year, was ;an important step forwards to support our expansion internationally.;王翔表示,购买语音通讯、多媒体和云计算等微软专利,再加上该公司去年申请的约3700项专利,是;持小米开展国际性扩张的重要一步;。Microsoft has recently made moves to scale back its handset operations, cutting jobs in its smartphone division and selling its Nokia-branded feature phone business. However, under chief executive Satya Nadella#39;s leadership it has tried to encourage use of its products on non-Windows handsets.微软最近收缩了其手机业务,在智能手机部门进行了裁员,并且出售了诺基亚品牌的功能手机业务。不过,在CEO塞雅·纳德拉的领导下,微软正试图鼓励在非Windows系统手机中使用他们的产品。 /201606/449421义乌祛痘印哪里好义乌手术去纹身



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