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Meredith Perry is tired of wires.梅雷迪斯o佩里已经受够了各种充电线。The 25-year-old was still an undergrad at the University of Pennsylvania when she built the first model of her wireless charging system and demonstrated it at the All Things Digital conference in 2011. (“It was basically like two toaster-sized boxes that were two feet apart, and we showed that you could beam a certain amount of power over that distance with ultrasound,” she says.) Its name? uBeam.2011年,现在25岁的佩里还是宾西法尼亚大学的一名本科生。就在那一年,她发明了她的第一款无线充电系统,并在All Things Digital科技峰会上展示了一番。(她介绍说,“它基本上是由两台烤箱大小的盒子组成,相距两英尺远,我们在峰会上展示了一下如何通过超声波将电能跨越那段距离输送过去。”)这款设备叫做uBeam。Now a company in its own right, uBeam says it has a working prototype and could have a product on store shelves within two years. There are other wireless charging systems aly out there—Qi, for example, charges your phone as long as it sits on or inches away from a small base—but Perry believes uBeam’s technology is superior to all competitors. As part of the Shape the Future package in the January 2015 issue of Fortune, Perry, who lives in Los Angeles, sat down for a long conversation by phone about how she created uBeam and her vision of other future technologies. What follows is an edited transcript.现在,这家名为uBeam的公司表示,它正在研制一款可能在两年内就会上市的原型产品。目前市面上已经有了一些无线充电产品。比如,只要你把手机放在一个小基座上,或者离它几英寸远,一种名为Qi的系统就可以给手机无线充电。不过佩里认为uBeam的技术比所有竞争对手都要先进。作为2015年1月《财富》杂志“塑造未来”系列文章的组成部分,佩里在洛杉矶接受了长时间的电话专访,畅谈了她一手创建的uBeam,以及她对其它未来技术的看法。以下是经过编辑的采访实录。Fortune: Let’s go to a few years ago when you were first beginning to work on uBeam. What was the invention process like?财富:首先,请谈谈几年前你刚开始研究uBeam时的情形。发明的过程是什么样的?Meredith Perry: To create something really new is extremely difficult, because there’s no protocol. I can’t Google it online and find, “These are the steps that need to be taken,” or, “When somebody created something similar, these are the questions they asked, these are the people they talked to, and these are the materials they used.” Sometimes you have to create your own materials, your own design, your own manufacturing process. You have to create your own shipping materials that can cover the parts that you built. And we were building all of these tiny little devices by hand. We 3-D-printed tools that were useful in creating these devices. For example, we needed a holder that could hold a certain amount of micro beads. So that’s the level of minutiae you have to get involved with in order to actually execute on something that hasn’t been done before.梅雷迪斯o佩里:发明某个全新的东西是极为困难的,因为没有原型可以参考。不是说你在谷歌上一搜索,就会显示“需要采取如下步骤,”或者“当某人发明了类似的东西时,他们问了这几个问题,咨询了那几个人,这些是他们用过的材料”。有时你必须创造你自己的材料、你自己的设计以及生产工艺。而且你的材料必须涵盖你要制造的零部件。这些小设备当时都是我们手工制作的。有些对发明这些设备有益的工具,则是采用3D技术打印的。比如,我们需要制作一个容器来放一定量的微珠。为了完成某件从前没有人做过的事情,你必须要做好这些微小的细节。In the beginning I looked at every possible option. I just wanted to solve a problem. And that was: I don’t want to plug in my laptop anymore. I want to be able to move around a room and use all my devices without plugging them in. And I learned that ultrasound was the only type of technology that would work for the experience we are trying to give, which is the Wi-Fi for charging.最开始,我几乎看过了每个可能的方案。我只是想解决一个问题,而那个问题就是:我不想再给我的笔记本电脑插电了。我想在一个房间里随时随地使用我的所有设备,而不用给它们充电。我了解到,超声波是唯一一种能够提供我们想要的无线充电体验的技术。Then I basically stopped at what materials we needed to make that happen—they’re called transducers, which convert electrical energy into sound and sound back into electricity. I knew that for this project to work, I needed the right transducer, and a transmitter that needs to have this amount of power and be able to beam that power across the room and hit these targets, and so on.然后,我基本上停顿在这种技术所需要的材料上——这种材料叫做“换能器”,它可以把电能转化成声波,再把声波转化为电能。我知道这个项目要想成功,必须要有正确的换能器,另外还得有一个能发射足够额度电能的发射机,等等。And that existed aly?这些是否已经有了?Yes, transducers are used in speakers. And that’s effectively what uBeam is: a speaker. To make sound, in general you plug in a speaker, which is a bunch of sonic transducers. And we’re using ultrasonic transducers, which is sound above what you can hear. So when you plug in a speaker, you’re taking electricity from a wall, and the electricity is converted into sound, and that sound travels through the air. You’re converting electrical energy into acoustic energy. So that aly exists. But a speaker is radiating out sound in 360 degrees, and you’re not going to get that much power from sound unless you focus it. So you have to do the same thing you would do with a laser beam, or with a light bulb—you take the energy and funnel it into a cone. But we’re not physically focusing it, we’re digitally focusing it. So we had to create a transmitter that digitally focuses sound to get enough power out of our ultrasonic speaker across the room. So the whole concept of uBeam worked because I knew that transducers existed. It was just a matter of thinking about sound as a form of energy, which people don’t often think about.是的,换能器被用在扬声器中。而且其实uBeam本质上就是个扬声器。为了发出声波,你要先给一个扬声器通电,这个扬声器包含了很多声波换能器。我们使用的是超声波换能器,它的音频是人耳听不到的。所以当你把这个扬声器通电后,你可以从墙上的电源获得电力,然后电力会被转化为声波,声波会在空气中运动,这样你就把电能变成了声能。这种技术已经存在了。但是扬声器是360度辐射的,这样散射的声波没法产生足够的能量,除非你让它集中起来。所以你要做的事情就是像激光或电灯一样,要用一个漏斗体让它聚焦。但我们并没有采用物理设备让它聚焦,而是利用数字技术让它聚焦。所以我们必须构建一个能令声音进行数字聚焦的发射机,让我们的超声波扬声器能发出足够的能量贯穿整个房间。所以uBeam的理念之所以有效,就是因为我知道换能器是存在的。所以你只需要把声波想成一种能量即可,只是人们通常想不到这一点。Anyway. I’m kind of going into weird details about this.关于这个东西我好像说得太过细节了,听起来有点奇怪吧。No, it’s fascinating. Let’s talk more about the general process. What was your work method?不,它非常有意思。让我们多说说它的一般程序。你的工作方法是怎样的?Well, back in 2012, we had raised a bunch of money, I had this whole plan planned out, but it was extremely difficult because I was working with only contractors. Up until a few months ago, even. Until we raised our Series A [funding round, totaling million and led by Upfront Ventures] we didn’t have any full-time employees except me. So what I did was broke apart the technology into its pieces. I had people working on the transmitter, and there are the electronics behind the transmitter, so I contracted people to create the electronics behind the transmitter. Then I did tons and tons of research to figure out, “What is the most powerful, in-air, ultrasonic transducer I can get?” There are a zillion different types of ultrasonic transducers. Most are made for medical purposes, like sonograms. Then there are people that have designed transducers for cars, like when you back up and you hear the “beep beep.” Then there are transducers you use underwater for sonar, like on a submarine. I needed to figure out which is the best transducer I can use that will beam power through the air. And of course, nothing had been created before that was even close.在2012年的时候,我们融到了不少资金,我已经有了整个计划,但整个过程还是极为艰难的,因为当时我只能与承包商合作。甚至一直到几个月之前还是这样。一直到A轮融资结束(该公司获得了由Upfront Ventures公司领投的1000万美金),除了我自己以外,我们甚至连一名全职员工都没有。所以我只好把技术分成一块一块的。有人专门做发射机,发射机后面还有一些电子元件,所以我又跟人签了合同,让他们去做发射机后面的电子元件。然后我做了大量的研究,试图找出我能获得的最强大的超声波换能器。超声波换能器的种类数不胜数,大多数都用于医疗用途,比如超声波扫描。另外还有人设计了汽车用的超声换能器,比如倒车雷达。还有一些是用于水下定位的,比如潜艇用的那种。我需要确定哪种换能器是我需要的,也就是能够通过空气传递能量。当然,在此之前从来没有人做出过哪怕与它比较接近的东西。There was one type of transducer that came out of a university, and it was kind of close, all we had to do was change this, this, and this, and theoretically we should be able to output the power we need using this design… so I contracted the people that wrote those papers to design those transducers. Then I needed someone to design the transmitter transducer, but I also needed someone else to design the receiver transducer, which would capture the energy. So I had individual people working on individual parts of the system.有一个大学做过一种换能器,它算是比较接近了,但是我们也得对它改了又改。理论上我们可以通过这个设计传递能量……所以我联系了这些论文的作者,请他们设计这些换能器。然后我需要有人设计发射换能器,同时我也需要有人来设计接收换能器。所以我是让不同的人来设计系统的不同部分。It sounds almost like an assembly line.听起来像一条组装线。Right. But it was very difficult because everybody was remote. That was the challenge of the way I set it up. But I could not get anyone to come on full-time. And I didn’t necessarily need anyone to come on full-time, I just needed each person to finish their one part.是的,但这个过程很困难,因为每个人都离我很远。这也是我的工作方法所带来的挑战。但是我没法让任何人来全职工作,而且我也没有必要让任何人来全职工作,我只需要每个人完成他们那一部分就可以了。The part we couldn’t crack was the transducer. It took us a total of 14 months working on that one particular problem.最难啃的骨头就是换能器,这个问题花了我们整整14个星期的时间。But that one part is the core engine, isn’t it?但这个部分正是核心引擎,是吗?Well, for a system to function each part needs to work, but ultimately this piece is the heartbeat, yes.一个系统要想工作,每个零部件都得工作才行,但最终这个部分是它的心脏,所以是的。So then it makes sense that the transducer took the longest.所以说,换能器花了最长的时间是也有道理的。Yes, but I didn’t realize just how hard it would be.是的,但当时我没意识到它会这么艰难。Had no one ever tried wireless charging before?之前没有人尝试过无线充电吗?Wireless charging as a category absolutely has been tried before and is being done by multiple parties using different technologies. But in terms of ultrasonic power, no. Anything that can be beamed through the air can be converted into a usable type of energy. So, people have tried laser for wireless power, but lasers can blind you. And then there’s [Duracell] Powermat, which uses induction and is magnetic, so you stick your phone on a mat and it charges. I don’t consider that true wireless power. Then with magnetic resonance coupling, which a company called WiTricity is using, it’s a totally viable technology but it’s only effective in charging really large objects over really short distances. If you want to charge something that way at a greater distance, you need receivers that are larger than the device you’re charging, so there’s a convenience issue.无线充电作为一种技术门类,当然肯定已经有人尝试过了,而且是被很多人使用很多不同的技术尝试过了。但在超声波这一块还没人尝试过。任何能被发射到空气中的东西都可以被转换为某种可用能源。因此人们已经尝试过用激光无线充电,但激光可以致盲。此外还有一家叫Powermat的公司使用了电磁技术,你可以把手机放在一张充电垫上实现充电。但我认为它还不是真正的无线充电。另外一家名叫WiTricity的公司还使用了电磁共振耦合技术,这也是一种完全具有可行性的技术,但它只在给距离很近的大型物体充电时才有效。如果你想在更远的距离上给设备充电,那么它的接收器要比你想充电的设备还要大。所以还存在一个便利性问题。So at the end of the day, ultrasound is the only technology that is safe, that can travel the distance, that can charge your device, while remaining small and compact. Ultrasonic is the only type of energy that can be commercialized for consumer devices.因此,归根到底,超声波是唯一一个既安全又可以远距离充电的技术,同时又可以保持设备的小巧紧凑。超声波是唯一一种能够用于消费电子产品的具有商用前景的无线充电技术。Well, with one hurdle being that it doesn’t work through walls, like Wi-Fi does.但是它也有一个缺陷,就是没有办法像Wi-Fi那样穿墙。Well, it’s not necessarily a hurdle if you look at the positives. It’s what makes ultrasound the most secure data transmission system in existence.不过,如果你看看它的好处的话,这也未必算一种缺陷。正是这种特性,使得超声波成为目前最安全的数据传输系统。But, pie-in-the-sky hope, you’d want it to work through walls, right?但是你还是希望它能够穿墙的,对吗?Oh, of course. But it’s physically impossible. If it were possible, I would take that over the secure data transmission. But even working in one room, think about where that can be applied. Not only within homes and rooms, but think about airports, conference halls, concerts. And you can charge an arbitrary number of devices at any time.当然,但它在物理上是不可能的。如果真有这种可能,我认为它可能会损害数据传输的安全性。但即便它只能在室内使用,你也不妨妨想想它的应用前景。它不仅可以在家庭和办公室使用,同时也可以用于机场、会议厅、音乐厅等等。而且你随时都可以给任意数量的设备充电。You first raised big funding when uBeam was in really early stages. Did you feel a lot of pressure and urgency?当uBeam还处于非常早期的研发阶段时,你就获得了融资。当时你的压力和紧迫感是否很大?There was a sense of insane urgency throughout the entire process. And I pushed and pushed and pushed, but you can only push so hard. I had set myself an artificial deadline, and I was continuously disappointed that I wasn’t hitting that. But in speaking with people who had created new technologies before, they would say, “Holy crap, you did that in two years? That’s incredibly short.” In my mind, we were like dinosaurs aly, but people who have actually experienced creating new technology before said this was actually pretty fast. But the process killed me. People would check in and ask our progress, but to explain what was actually taking so long would take hours.在整个过程中,我都有一种近似疯狂的紧迫感。我不断地向前推动它,但你能做的也就是用力推动它而已。我给自己设定了一个时间线,但由于无法满足它,因此我经常感到失望。但是在与发明过新技术的人聊天时,他们会说:“天哪,你用了两年就把它做出来了?时间短得令人难以置信。”在我看来,我们花的时间像恐龙时代一样漫长,不过对于那些真正经历过发明创造的人来说,他们会觉得这个过程已经很快了。但是这个过程痛苦死了。人们会过来问我们的进展,但是光要解释哪个流程要花这么长时间,就得花上几个小时。Was that frustrating?这个过程令人沮丧吗?Of course. And the other thing is that throughout the process, I always thought, “Okay, it’s going to work in three months. We’ve got this great new idea to make this transducer function.” So instead of giving someone an update I’d say I’ll tell you in one month. But then we’d fail, and then we’d say we will make a certain change, and then it will work, and that happened about five times. It took about three months to make each change. It was extraordinarily expensive every single time we wanted to make a change to the device. And the lag time was mind-boggling. When you fail five times but you take tiny steps forward each time, it keeps you going. You can stay positive because there’s still light at the end of the tunnel. But at the same time, it really wears you down. You constantly have to think, “Okay, so if this next option doesn’t work, what will we do?” And you just can’t stop until you accomplish your goal. What really kept me going through the entire process was, “Even though this is so hard, it’s still possible.” And I knew that if it was still possible, I had to do it, because it would be so huge. I know that if I was working on something smaller, or something that I didn’t believe could make such an impact on the world then I wouldn’t have been able to keep going through those times.当然。这种沮丧感贯穿整个研发过程,我总是想:“好吧,三个月里就会见效果,我们已经有了很好的新点子来让这个换能器出效果。”所以有人问时,我不会马上给他反馈,而是说我会在一个月内告诉你。不过后来我们失败了,然后我们会说,我们要做一些改变,这样它就能出效果。这种情况大概重复了五次,每次改变都需要三个月的时间。每次我们想对设备做出某种改变,代价都是极为高昂的。而且它拖延的时间也是非常长的。当你失败了五次,但每次都取得了某些微小的进步时,它依然促使着你继续前进,你仍然可以保持乐观,因为前方已经出现曙光了。但与此同时,它也的确令你感到心力交瘁。你会不停地想:“如果下次还不成功,我们该怎么办?”在最终实现你的目标之前,你根本停不下来。真正使我熬过整个过程的是这种想法:“尽管它很难,但它是可能实现的。”我知道只要它是可能的,我就必须做下去,因为它是一件意义非常重大的事。如果我做的是某件稍小的事,或是某件我觉得不会对全世界产生如此大影响的事,那么在这些时候,我可能就坚持不下去了。So one of our contractors we brought on, who is is now our CTO, created an entirely new type of transducer during our 14-month marathon of death— it ended up working on the first try. We were running out of money. We had two designs running in parallel, and we knew one of them had to work or we’d be screwed. In the end, both designs worked, but his was so much cheaper and so much more powerful that we went with his.最后,我们的一位承包商,也就是我们的现任CTO,经过长达14个月的“死亡马拉松”,终于开发出一种全新的换能器。当时我们已经没有资金了,我们同时在测试两个设计,我们知道其中一个必须成功,否则的话,我们就彻底玩完了。最后,两个设计都成功了,但他的设计要便宜得多,也强大得多,所以最后我们采用了他的方案。Take me to the moment when the prototype worked successfully, if there was one big moment.说说原型产品成功的那一刻,如果存在某个重要时刻的话。It was when our CTO’s transducer worked. To paint the picture of what life was like at that time: for six and a half months, from December 2013 through June 2014, I was basically living in the tiny garage of my CTO in northern Virginia. It was the worst winter of my entire life, and we spent 10 hours a day just like little Foxconn workers in this garage with no windows, breathing in toxic fumes and trying to get this thing to work over and over and over again.那就是我们CTO的换能器开始奏效那一刻。我给你描绘一下我在那段时日的生活状态:从2013年12月到2014年6月的六个半月里,我基本上都是住在我们公司CTO那间位于在北弗吉尼亚的小车库里。那是我整个人生中最糟糕的一个冬季,我们就像富士康工厂的工人一样,每天要在那间没有窗户的小车库里工作10小时,呼吸着有毒的气体,一遍又一遍地反复尝试。It was either in April or May when we tested out the hybrid, it worked, and I literally screamed for joy. I had the biggest smile on my face because I knew that the future was bright. We knew it was real, it’s going to work, we proved the last piece that we needed to prove.到了四月或五月,我们终于测试了最后的产品,而且它成功了,毫不夸张地说,我快乐得尖叫了起来。我的脸上挂着最大的笑容,因为我知道前途是光明的。我们知道这是真的,它会成功的,我们验了需要验的最后一步。And now we all just wait for it to come out.现在我们都在等它上市销售。Yes. Most of the world still doesn’t know about this, which is awesome. So we’re going to release it when we release it, and it’ll be something completely new, and I think that the world will be delighted by the experience.是的,全世界大多数人还不知道它,但它的确很赞。所以我们会选择合适的时机举行发布会,它会成为一种全新的技术,我认为全世界都会因为这种体验而感到兴奋。Looking toward the future, what are some of other existing or eventual technologies that excite and interest you?放眼未来,在现有或可能出现的技术中,有哪些让你兴奋或感兴趣?There are a few. And I’ll try to be quick because I get a little too excited. They span between health and transportation and 3-D holograms. So, last year I got really into the idea of creating 3-D, touchable holograms in the air using fog. I wanted to create a system where you could be sitting next to somebody who is in China but could actually touch them, see them, feel them. I built a bunch of hologram machines, which was cool.有一些。我会快点说,因为我有点太兴奋了。这些技术主要在健康、运输和3D全息技术领域。去年我对利用光雾效果建立3D全息影像的技术非常感兴趣。我想构建这样一个系统:你坐在这里,而你旁边那个人其实身在中国,但你可以触摸他、看到他、感觉他。我制造了很多全息投影仪,它们也很酷。Is this different from the Tupac hologram at Coachella in 2012?它与2012年科切拉音乐节上已故歌手图派克的全息投影有什么区别吗?Yeah. This would actually be a three-dimensional display, not just a projection. That’s one thing, the other is I think that people should have some kind of embedded blood sensor that s your levels continuously. To me, it’s kind of crazy that only once people feel really crappy, they go to a doctor and find out what’s wrong with them. Why don’t we have some sensor built into the body that lets you know before you feel ill, and ultimately, is connected to an embedded dispensary that can put sugar into your body if your glucose is low? You basically would have an external, but embedded, automatic system that regulates your body.是的,有区别。它是真正的三维影像,而不仅仅是一个投影。另一种技术是,我觉得人们应该在身体里植入某种血液传感器,不间断地监测你的体征指标。现在人们只有在很难受的时候才去看医生。为什么我们不在身体里植入一个传感器,在症状显现出来之前就给我们发送警报呢?另外,这个传感器还可以与嵌入式“药箱”搭配使用,比如说当人体处于低糖状态时,它就会自动向身体提供糖分。也就是说,你会有一个外部的,但同时又是嵌入式的自动化系统来管理你的身体健康。This sound like the first step in making us all half-robot, though…这听起来像是人体半机器人化的第一步。Right! Yes. What I think is crazy is we have so much data and insight into our digital world, but we have no insight into what’s actually going on inside the most important system of all, our bodies. And then, finally, curing cancer is a big one. If it’s not curable, we need to make MRI machines that detect lumps and growths much smaller than what they can detect right now. Part of the reason we detect cancer at stages where it’s a little too late is that the machines that detect cancer can only see lumps of a certain size. If we were able to detect cancerous growths at a size smaller, we could stop it earlier on. So instead of curing it maybe what we need to do is use machines to catch it much earlier.是的!对于我们的数码世界,我们已经有了很多数据和见解,但对于最重要的系统,也就是我们的身体,我们却没有足够的认识。最后,治愈癌症也是一件大事。如果癌症是无法根治的,那么我们也可以研制新型的核磁共振仪,在肿瘤比现在小得多的时候探测到它们的存在。目前癌症一检查出来经常就是晚期,主要原因就在于现有的设备只能看到一定大小的肿瘤。如果我们能探测到更小尺寸的肿瘤,我们就可以更早地阻止它。所以说,与其想办法根治它,或许我们应该做的是利用机器更早地捕捉它。Many of these ideas you like—wouldn’t they scare most people? Its all very Isaac Asimov.很多你喜欢的点子会不会吓到多数人?它们听起来很有阿西莫夫的风格。I’ve thought about how to implement this. Speaking for myself, I never want to go to the dentist, I never want to go to the various doctors. So if someone told me to implant something in my body, as a futurist, I’d be down, but as a citizen I would think it is annoying. And maybe scary. So I think it’s something that needs to be done when you’re super young with the guidance of a pediatrician. We could just get in the habit of, once you’re born, when you’re two years old or something, you get this thing implanted and you grow up with it and it becomes part of your life. People are just scared of things that they’re not used to.我已经想过怎样实施这些点子了。说到我自己,我从来不喜欢看牙医,也从来不喜欢看医生。所以如果有人让我往身体里植入一个东西,作为一个未来主义者,我可能被说;但作为一个普通人,我会觉得这样做很讨厌,甚至有些吓人。所以我认为这种事情应该在人非常小的时候,在儿科医生的指导下完成。我们以后可能养成这种习惯,也就是出生后,大约两岁大的时候,你就会被植入这种东西,然后带着它长大,它会成为你人生的一部分。人们只不过是对自己不习惯的东西感到恐惧。(财富中文网) /201501/355696

For the first time since Apollo 17 returned from the moon in 1972, NASA is scheduled to loft an astronaut capsule on Thursday to soar beyond low Earth orbit.美国航空航天局(NASA)预定本周四把一个可以载人的太空舱发射到低地轨道之外的地方,这还是1972年阿波罗17号从月球返回之后的第一次。No one will be aboard this flight test of the new capsule, Orion, but NASA hopes it is the first step toward human exploration of the solar system, including an eventual landing on Mars. Orion’s first manned mission is planned for the early 2020s.新的太空舱名为“猎户座”(Orion),这次试飞不会载人,但NASA希望它会开启包括登陆火星在内的人类新一轮太阳系探索的第一步。猎户座首次载人飞行任务安排在2020年代初。“Thursday is the beginning of that journey,” Mark Geyer, Orion’s program manager, said at a news conference on Tuesday.“本周四是旅程的开始,”“猎户座”项目负责人马克·格耶(Mark Geyer)在本周二的新闻发布会上表示。Orion, which looks like a larger version of the cone-shaped Apollo capsule, is sitting atop a Delta IV Heavy rocket at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. Liftoff is scheduled for 7:05 a.m. Thursday, minutes after sunrise. In case of bad weather, the launching can be pushed back by up to two hours and 39 minutes.“猎户座”的外形与阿波罗(Apollo)锥形太空舱相近,但是体积更大,它已经搭载在了佛罗里达州卡纳维拉尔角空军基地的德尔塔IV重型火箭上。升空时间定于本周四上午07时05分,日出之后不久。如遇恶劣天气,发射最多可延迟2小时39分钟。The rocket’s second stage should push the 11-foot-long Orion into an elliptical orbit that reaches 3,600 miles above the Earth’s surface on its second orbit. (By contrast, the International Space Station is about 250 miles from Earth.)火箭的第二级将把11英尺(合3.35米)长的”猎户座”推送到一个椭圆轨道上,其第二轨道距离地球表面约3600英里(参考:国际空间站距离地球大约250英里)。Orion will then re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere at 20,000 miles per hour, close to the speeds of a capsule returning from the moon, and temperatures on its heat shield will approach 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit.然后“猎户座”将以每小时2万英里的速度重新进入地球大气层,这与太空舱从月球返回的速度很接近。而“猎户座”隔热板上的温度将接近4000华氏度(约合2200摄氏度)。At the end of the four-and-a-half-hour flight, it will splash down in the Pacific Ocean, about 600 miles off the coast of Baja California, and will be pulled from the water by an amphibious Navy ship, the Anchorage. The capsule will then be trucked back to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida for closer examination.四个半小时的飞行结束后,“猎户座”将会坠入距离加利福尼亚州海岸约600英里处的太平洋水域,由美国海军两栖舰“安克雷奇拉”号(Anchorage)打捞出水,然后用卡车运回佛罗里达州的肯尼迪航天中心,接受仔细检查。The flight, estimated to cost 5 million, will provide a full-scale test of the performance of Orion’s parachutes, heat shield and other systems, with 1,200 sensors recording data.这次飞行估计耗资约3.75亿美元,它使用了1200个传感器来记录数据,将全面测试“猎户座”的降落伞、隔热罩和其他系统的性能。“We expect it to go fine, but you really have to fly it to test it out,” Mr. Geyer said.“我们认为这次飞行会很顺利,但你必须做升空测试才行,”格耶说。While the capsule will not be carrying any people, it will be taking mementos and artifacts. They include a small sample of lunar soil, part of a Tyrannosaurus rex fossil and several artistic works, like poems by Maya Angelou and a recording of the Mars movement from Gustav Holst’s “The Planets.”虽然这次试飞不会载人,但太空舱里会装有一些纪念品和工艺品。其中包括一小份月球土壤样品,一块霸王龙化石的一部分和一些艺术作品,比如玛娅·安杰洛(Maya Angelou)的诗歌,以及古斯塔夫·霍尔斯特(Gustav Holst)《行星》组曲中的火星部分录音。Also aboard will be some items from “Sesame Street”: Cookie Monster’s cookie, Ernie’s rubber ducky and Grover’s cape, part of a collaboration between NASA and the children’s television program to promote science and math education.另外还有《芝麻街》(Sesame Street)的一些道具:饼干怪兽(Cookie Monster)的饼干,厄尼(Ernie)的橡皮鸭和格罗弗(Grover)的斗篷,这是NASA与这个儿童电视节目合作,促进科学和数学教育的项目的一部分。After the flight test, NASA’s progress for future astronaut missions will be slow, hemmed in by tight federal budgets and competing visions of the agency’s future. Orion’s next flight, also without people aboard, is not expected until 2018, and the first ride for astronauts would not occur until at least 2021.由于受到联邦预算的严格控制,以及人们在NASA的未来愿景上存在分歧,在这次试飞结束后,NASA在宇航员未来任务方面的步伐将会迈得很缓慢。“猎户座”的下一次非载人飞行任务预计将在2018年进行,它的首次裁人飞行最早也是2021年了。“We feel really fortunate to be in the budget plan, a bipartisan agreement on the budget plan, and our job is to execute to that plan,” Mr. Geyer said. “Yeah, I wish we could go faster, but I think this is a good plan.”“被包含在两党赞成的预算计划之中,让我们感到非常幸运,而我们的任务就是执行那个计划,”格耶说。“是的,我希望我们的步伐能更快一些,但我认为这个计划很不错。”The next destination is also unclear. NASA is pursuing the idea of capturing a small asteroid and taking it to the neighborhood of the moon, and astronauts would then fly in Orion to the asteroid to take a look. NASA officials contend that this “asteroid redirect” mission would be within its budget and would develop technologies necessary for the eventual trip to Mars.下一个任务仍不明朗。NASA希望捕捉一个小行星,并把它带到月球附近,然后宇航员将乘坐“猎户座”飞到小行星上去看一看。NASA官员表示,这个“小行星重定向”任务在预算范围之内,而且可以推动最终登陆火星所必需的技术发展。Some skeptics have questioned whether Orion, originally part of a program started under President George W. Bush to send astronauts back to the moon, is even necessary, or a waste of billions of dollars.“猎户座”原本是让宇航员重返月球计划的组成部分,该计划在乔治·W·布什(George W. Bush)担任美国总统期间启动。一些怀疑者质疑“猎户座”是否有存在的必要,觉得这可能是在浪费数以十亿计的美元。The Obama administration canceled Orion and the entire moon program as too expensive and too far behind schedule. But many members of Congress disagreed, and NASA revived a stripped-down version of Orion to be used as a lifeboat for the International Space Station, then resumed a design very close to what had been canceled.奥巴马政府取消了”猎户座“项目和整个登月计划,理由是它的费用太昂贵,而且远远落后于计划日程。但国会很多议员并不同意取消它,于是NASA重新启动了一个精简版的”猎户座“项目,将其作为国际空间站的救生艇,它的设计非常接近于被取消的那个。NASA also started work on a heavy-lift rocket known as the Space Launch System that will carry Orion on future launchings. Together, the rocket and the capsule are estimated to cost billion to billion.NASA也已经开始建造一款重型火箭,名为太空发射系统(Space Launch System),它将在以后的发射任务中搭载“猎户座”。火箭和太空舱总共将耗资190亿到220亿美元。Some House Republicans have pushed to revive plans to return to the moon, but have not proposed funds to build a lander.众议院的一些共和党人已经在努力恢复重返月球计划,但尚未提出建造着陆器的资金方案。 /201412/346735

A patent dispute has dealt a blow to Xiaomi’s international expansion, leaving the fast-growing Chinese smartphone maker facing a temporary ban on sales in India and further pressure on margins.一场专利纠纷给小米(Xiaomi)的国际扩张造成打击,这家发展迅速的中国智能手机制造商在印度遭遇暂时禁售,利润率面临更大压力。Xiaomi, anointed a valuation in excess of bn at its latest fundraising in November, is keen to replicate its popularity in China into other major emerging markets. In April it unveiled plans to expand into as many as 10 foreign markets.小米希望将其在中国的受欢迎程度复制到其他主要新兴市场。在11月的最新一轮融资中,小米估值超过400亿美元。今年4月,该公司宣布了进军10个国外市场的计划。However, a Delhi High Court case suggests that this march abroad may also open it to more patent disputes, with companies demanding it pay royalties — something that rivals are less keen to pursue in China where claims are harder to press. Such payments would, in turn, eat into margins or drive up handset prices. In a ruling on a patent dispute with technology group Ericsson, the court ordered Xiaomi to suspend sales until February, pending a further hearing relating to its dispute with the Swedish company.然而,印度案件预示着小米在进军海外路上可能还会遭遇更多专利纠纷,拥有专利的企业将要求其付许可费——竞争对手不太愿意在中国起诉,因为在中国索赔会比较困难。这些出将进而侵蚀利润率或推升手机价格。在一项有关小米与瑞典科技企业爱立信(Ericsson)专利纠纷的裁决中,德里高等法院下令小米在明年2月前暂停销售,等待有关其与爱立信诉讼的进一步审理结果。Wednesday’s ruling stated that Xiaomi was “restrained from manufacturing, assembling, importing, selling or advertising” its products in India pending a further hearing, while India’s customs authorities were “directed not to allow the import” of mobiles and other products that may infringe Ericsson’s patents.周三的裁决称,小米被“禁止”在印度“制造、组装、进口、销售或宣传”其产品,需等待进一步审理结果,同时印度海关被“指示不要放行”可能侵犯爱立信专利的手机和其他产品的“进口”。Without a trove of its own patents, manufacturers such as Xiaomi could ultimately see their costs inflated by 5-20 per cent due to licensing fees, according to some experts. Xiaomi says it acquired 1,141 patents last year, a number considered unimpressive in the tech industry.一些专家表示,在缺少自主专利的情况下,小米等制造商的成本最终可能会因为许可费而上升5%至20%。小米表示,去年该公司获得1141项专利,在科技行业,这一数字并不起眼。Experts said this appeared to be the first patent litigation targeting Xiaomi since it outlined plans to launch into up to 10 foreign markets.专家们表示,这似乎是小米宣布计划进军10个国外市场以来,首例针对该公司的专利诉讼。“It looks like Xiaomi is experiencing a bit of culture shock in India,” said Wang Yanhui, secretary-general of the Mobile Phone China Alliance, an industry lobbying group. He said Xiaomi was not the first Chinese smartphone maker to be sued in India, however, it was the first time imports had been halted.行业游说组织——手机中国联盟(Mobile Phone China Alliance)秘书长王艳辉表示:“看来小米正在印度遭遇文化冲击。”他表示,小米并非唯一一家在印度被起诉的中国智能手机制造商,但它是首个被暂停进口的中国企业。The Delhi court ruling is likely to raise new concerns about possible intellectual property challenges affecting other Chinese smartphone and device makers — a group that includes Huawei, ZTE and Lenovo, analysts said.分析人士称,德里高等法院的这项裁决,可能会重新引起外界对其他中国智能手机和设备制造商面临潜在知识产权挑战的担忧,其中包括华为(Huawei)、中兴(ZTE)和联想(Lenovo)。Manu Jain, head of Xiaomi in India, said the group had not received official notification of the ruling from the court, but that its legal team was “evaluating the situation”.小米印度分公司负责人马努#8226;贾因(Manu Jain)表示,小米尚未接到法院方面关于裁决的正式通知,但公司法律团队正“对目前的形势进行评估”。 /201412/348651

  In some countries, Millennials almost take the “sharing economy” for granted.在一些国家中,“千禧一代”几乎认为“共享经济”是一种理所当然的存在。It’s easy to pull up an app, push a few buttons, and have a taxi at your doorstep within minutes, or press a few laptop keys and find the best couch to crash on for a few days. It’s easy on the wallet and takes little time.打开一个应用,点击几下按钮,几分钟后就会有一辆出租车停在家门口,一切就是这么简单。再或者,敲几下键盘,就可以找到一个最棒的沙发,舒舒地躺上几天。而且,付款简单,超级省时。However, this new economic model could serve to benefit more than the average smartphone-wielding consumer. A paper released earlier this year by New York University found that those with the most to gain are the low-income participants in this new economy.除了普通的智能手机消费者,这种新兴经济模式同样可以给其他人群带来好处。纽约大学在今年早些时候发布了一篇论文,该论文通过研究发现,在这种新兴经济模式下,受益最大的是低收入群体。“We highlight this finding because it speaks to what may eventually be the true promise of the sharing economy as a force that democratizes access to a higher standard of living,” the researchers wrote in the paper, which analyzed data from a car rental app.“我们强调这一研究结果,是因为它能实分享经济最终能给我们的生活带来什么好处,这种经济模式作为一种手段,使普通大众也可以享受到较高的生活水平。”研究者通过分析一个汽车租赁软件的数据,在论文中写道。Two big names come to mind when thinking of the sharing economy: ridesharing company Uber and lodging rental company Airbnb. The latter allows people to rent out their homes as an alternative to hotels and motels. Renting out items is a way in which those with lower income can benefit from the sharing economy.一提起分享经济,两大品牌的名字便会在人们脑海中浮现:拼车公司Uber以及租房公司Airbnb。后者让人们把自己家里的房间出租出去,作为替代酒店和汽车旅馆的一种选择。那些低收入者能够从分享经济中获利的方式就是出租物品。“Lower-income consumers also stand to gain the most from renting out their goods on these platforms,” Emily Badger wrote in The Washington Post. “The ability to make extra income off expensive items makes those items less expensive.”“低收入者也是通过在这些平台上出租物品而获利最多的人,”,艾米丽拜哲在《华盛顿邮报》上写道。“在共享经济的平台上,能够利用贵重的物品赚取额外收入,而这一过程正好又降低了这些物品的价格。”For example, Badger notes, an extra (about 124 yuan) here or there for a waitress renting out her car could serve to really boost a waitress’ income more than a lawyer’s.拜哲指出,比如,与律师相比,一位务员通过出租车辆赚取的20美元(约合124元人民币),可以大大提升她的收入。That said, in the real world, there’s yet to be strong evidence that large numbers of lower-income consumers are actually taking advantage of such services.话虽如此,在现实生活中,还没有有力的据能够明,大量的低收入者确实可以利用这些务获利。“Part of the barrier is logistical; you have to have a credit card and a smartphone to access many of these platforms today,” Badger writes. “But another piece may be cultural.”“部分障碍源于基本的务保障;你必须有张信用卡和一个可以登录现今这些共享经济平台的智能手机,”拜哲写道。“但是,还有一部分原因可能是文化的障碍。”For individuals, the sharing economy is helping to save – or even create – money and time for consumers, and may even help those with less money the most. However, the new model is so new that it, along with the research and data to go with it, hasn’t fully caught on.对于个人来说,共享经济正在帮助消费者节省——甚至创造——金钱和时间,对于那些低收入者也许帮助最大。然而,根据相关研究和数据发现,这种新模式才刚开始出现,还没有完全流行起来。 /201507/387774

  Lenovo, the largest seller of personal computers, is spurning what Yang Yuanqing, chairman and chief executive, has described as the “so-called new business model” of content-subsidised hardware that has taken China by storm, and will stick with devices.全球最大的个人计算机销售商联想(Lenovo),正在摒弃被其董事长兼首席执行官杨元庆称为用内容补贴设备的“所谓的新业务模式”,将专注于设备。Speaking yesterday, Mr Yang said Lenovo — which has made the jump into smartphones — would focus on developing devices with voice recognition.杨元庆昨日在发表讲话时表示,已大举进军智能手机业务的联想,将致力于研发具有语音识别功能的设备。The strategy, designed to carry the company into the post-smartphone era, is a test of Lenovo’s ability to evolve from its roots as the grandfather of China tech — it was founded in 1984 — to a landscape ruled by nimbler, rapidly developing rivals.该战略旨在将联想带入后智能手机时代,它将考验创建于1984年的联想作为中国科技行业一家元老级公司,能否适应由更灵活和快速发展的竞争对手主导的环境?Upstart Xiaomi, for example, last year became the largest seller of smartphones in China, based on a savvy internet-first marketing strategy and using content to sell phones.例如,借助精明的互联网优先营销策略,并利用内容来销售手机,手机新贵小米去年成为中国智能手机销量最高的公司。Lenovo executives privately chafe at the comparison, but the numbers illustrate the new order. Based on its last funding round, Xiaomi is worth bn — roughly three times Lenovo’s market capitalisation — despite the fact that it has less than one-third of the PC maker’s sales.联想高管私下里对这种对比感到不满,但数据揭示了新秩序。按照最近一轮的融资,小米的估值达到450亿美元,差不多是联想市值的3倍,尽管其销售额不足联想的三分之一。“We’re going to show the world that innovation still matters,” Mr Yang said in an interview with the Financial Times at Lenovo’s inaugural Tech World expo in Beijing, where it unveiled a new logo.联想在北京举行了首届“联想科技创新大会”(Lenovo Tech World),并在会上发布了新的标识。杨元庆在会上接受英国《金融时报》采访时表示:“我们将向全世界表明,创新仍至关重要。”“This is particularly important in China, where all the players are just focusing on the so-called new business model, to use the content and services to subsidise hardware.“它在中国尤其重要。在中国,所有公司只是聚焦于所谓的新业务模式,使用内容和务来补贴硬件。”“We will tell the market and the world that this is not the only thing you should be focusing on. We should still focus on innovation, we should still focus on technology.”“我们将告诉市场乃至世界,这不是你应该聚焦的唯一事情。我们仍应该聚焦于创新,我们仍应该聚焦于技术”。Lenovo, which announced results last week, missed fiscal-year profit targets on the back of softening smartphone sales, and took its first tentative steps into the new era when it launched its first “wearable” internet device, a fitness band, in January.联想上周发布了财报,由于智能手机销售不佳,该公司未能实现本财年的利润目标。联想在今年1月发布了一款智能腕带,这是其首款“可穿戴”互联网设备,从而向这个新时代试探性地迈出了第一步。However, Mr Yang is candid regarding the fact that the company is still considering how best to tackle the new era following the smartphone boom of the past few years.然而,杨元庆坦承,经过过去几年的智能手机蓬勃发展,该公司仍在考虑如何最好地应对这个新时代。He was also short on specifics about timing and nature of devices, but cited a five-pronged “smart connectivity” strategy focusing on voice-activated devices, services and access to personal data.他也没有透露推出新款设备的时机和性质,但指出了致力于语音操作设备、务以及个人数据获取的5点“智能互联”战略。Many smartphone makers have begun to emulate the Xiaomi model, as have content producers. Lenovo’s -streaming company LeTV launched smartphones based on the principle of hardware being a content “gateway”.许多智能手机制造商开始效仿小米模式,内容制作商同样如此。联想旗下的视频流公司乐视(LeTV)基于硬件是内容“门户”的原则推出智能手机。Mr Yang cited Amazon’s foray into the device business, as well as Google Nexus phones, to support his scepticism.杨元庆以亚马逊(Amazon)进军设备业务以及谷歌(Google)推出Nexus手机来表明自己的怀疑是合理的。“I don’t think that by now that model [Xiaomi’s] is a proven model,” he said. “They’re still a smartphone company. They’re not a content company.”他说:“我认为到现在为止(小米的)那种模式还不是经过验的模式。它们仍是一家智能手机公司,它们不是内容公司。”He added that Lenovo had learned some lessons.他补充称,联想已汲取了一些教训。“When the internet becomes more and more popular, we must pay attention to how to leverage the internet to transform our business model. Lenovo is definitely also working on that.“当互联网越来越流行的时候,我们必须重视如何利用互联网转变我们的业务模式。联想肯定也在这方面努力。”“Obviously we think the people need both the device and the content, but different companies have different expertise and should focus on different things.#8201;“显然,我们认为人们既需要设备,也需要内容,但不同的公司有不同的专长,理应致力于不同的事情。”“We should definitely focus on the devices and co-operate with content and service providers to ensure that our customers have the best experience.”“我们当然应该致力于设备,并与内容和务提供商合作,以确保我们的客户有最佳的体验。” /201506/378121。

  This door handle kills germs这样的门把手能杀死细菌Diseases sp in many ways. An infected person can cough or sneeze on someone nearby. Or, they can transfer germs through a handshake. But sometimes we pick up germs indirectly. A sick person might leave behind bacteria or viruses when they touch a doorknob, handrail, shopping cart handle or countertop. Anyone else who touches that surface may pick up the microbes. But what if those surfaces could disinfect themselves?细菌能通过很多途径传播,一个被传染的人咳嗽或者打喷嚏,然后传染给附近的人。这些细菌会也通过握手进行传播。但有些时候,我们总是间接地被传染,比如说一个生病的人可能会通过门把手,栏杆,购物车把手或面板遗留下细菌或病毒,而其他人可能会通过接触这些物体表面而染上细菌。但假如这些物体表面可以自清洁,那么结果又是什么样的呢?Two teens from Hong Kong asked themselves the same question. Now they#39;ve developed a door handle that can knock out germs on contact.两个来自香港的少年也同样问了自己这个问题,现在他们研发了一种门把手,可以清除在接触过程中产生的细菌。The glow from this door handle activates a microbe-killing coating. That could help reduce the transmission of diseases from germy hands.该门把手发出的光能激活杀死细菌的涂料,这样就会大大减少因细菌手引起的细菌传播The concept is simple. Every time the door is opened, the movement creates power that triggers a germ-killing reaction on the handle. In lab tests, their system killed about 99.8 percent of the germs that they sp onto lab dishes coated with their material.概念很简单,每次当门打开时的运动会产生能量,这些能量触发门把手上的杀死细菌反应。实验室试验中,这一系统消灭了约99.8%实验室盘中的细菌,当然,这些盘中也涂有他们的材料。Research by others has shown that door handles in public areas often host lots of bacteria and viruses, notes 17-year-old Sum Ming (;Simon;) Wong. The tenth grader attends Church of Christ in China Tam Lee Lai Fun Memorial Secondary School in Tuen Mun, China. He and schoolmate Kin Pong (;Michael;) Li, 18, wanted to design a coating for door handles that would be hostile to germs.;其他人的研究发现公共场所的门把手上驻有大量细菌和病毒;,17岁的孙明说道。这个10年级的学生参加了中国香港屯门谭李丽芬纪念中学的中华基督教会,他和他的18岁同班同学金鹏一同设计了这种包衣,用在门把手上可以杀死细菌。After doing some research, they learned that a mineral called titanium dioxide is known to kill bacteria. It#39;s aly used for other purposes in many products, from paints to sunscreens to edible puddings.做过一些研究之后,他们发现一种叫二氧化钛的矿物质可以杀死细菌。这种矿物质也用于其他许多产品上,如涂料,遮光剂,以及可实用布丁中等等。译文属 /201506/379484

  Smart Device Translates American Sign Language To English智能传感器把美国手语翻译成英文American Sign Language (ASL), has been one of the primary means of communication for the deaf in the ed States and many parts of Canada since the 1800s. It is estimated that between 500,000 to 2 million people use the language on a regular basis.19世纪来,美国手语已成为美国和加拿大大部分地区失聪之人交流的主要方式。 据估算,大约有50万-200万的人经常使用这种语言。But popular as it is, there are millions of people with normal hearing that do not understand the language. And while most deaf Americans learn to speak with the help of speech therapy, many find it easier to communicate through sign language. Now a team of researchers at the Texas Aamp;M University has created wearable technology that will make it easy for ASL and non-ASL users to converse.美国手语虽然流行,但仍有上百万正常人无法理解手语。虽然美国大多数失聪的人借助语言障碍矫正能发声,但他们还是觉得肢体语言交流更方便些。现在德克萨斯州的Aamp;M大学研究出一种可以实现美国手语和非手语互译的可穿戴设备。The smart device is the brainchild of a team led by Biomedical Engineering Associate Professor Roozbeh Jafari. It uses two separate sensors to translate intricate ASL gestures into plain English. The first that is fitted with an accelerometer and gyroscope keeps track of the significant movements - the user#39;s hand and arm as he/she tries to communicate.这项发明是生物医学工程助理教授Roozbeh Jafari带队研发的。它主要通过两个独立的传感器把复杂的手语转换成常见英文。第一个传感器内置加速器和回转仪,用来追踪用户交流时手和手臂做的主要动作。The second sensor helps distinguish the smaller movements that follow, the larger ones. The two sensors working in tandem help provide an accurate interpretation of the gesture.第二个传感器帮助辨认主要动作后的小型动作。两个传感器一前一后配合,提供相对准确的手势翻译。However, there is still some work to be done before the technology can be used in the real world. For one, it currently recognizes just 40 primary ESL signs, which means that it has thousands more to learn. Also, the smart device only translates one word at a time making ordinary conversations painfully slow.然而,正式普及大众使用之前,这项发明还有待完善。首先,现在它只能辨认40种主要的英文手势,还有上千的英文手势需要加入;其次,它每次只能翻译一个单词,这严重拉低的日常交流的速度。The Texas team is not the only one working on making conversation between ASL and non-ASL users easier. In China, researchers have created a motion sensing device that translates Chinese Sign Language into both spoken and written words. With so many brilliant minds focused on finding a solution, communication difficulties experienced by ASL users may soon be a thing of the past!除了德克萨斯的团队,还有其他致力于使手语和非手语之间交流简单化的国家。中国的研究者就发明了一种可以把中式手语同时翻译成有声语言和文字的动作传感器。现在有这么多有才的发明家致力于解决这个问题,美国手语交流的人群遇到的困难将很快成为过去。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201512/413177

  I wanted it to work. I wanted to fall in love, like so many of my friends. “It takes a while,” they said. “Don’t expect a coup de foudre. Let it build over time.”我希望这次能成功。我希望自己能像很多朋友那样爱上它。“这需要花点时间,”他们说。“别指望一见钟情,感情是需要时间慢慢培养的。”So I did. I knew other people looked at what I had with envy. But a month and a half after we first got together, I have decided it is time to — well, call time.于是我就这么做了,我知道其他人用嫉妒的眼光看着我所拥有的东西。但当初次邂逅过去一个半月之后,我觉得——好吧,这么长的时间已经够了。I am breaking up with my Apple Watch. The relationship was, despite all expectations, not what I needed. All the focus on San Francisco and Apple’s next big innovation this week (streaming!) made me realize it was not playing my tune.我就这样抛弃了我的苹果手表。尽管我对这段关系期待颇高,但它毕竟不是我需要的。这个星期,人们都把目光投向旧金山,密切关注着苹果公司下一个重大创新(流媒体!),于是我也明白,它放的不是我喜欢的调调。Still, I will never regret the weeks we spent together. They taught me some valuable truths about myself.不过,我不会为我们共度的几个星期感到后悔。这段时间让我认识到了关于自身的重大真相。Like, for example, that I do not want to be defined by a talking point on my wrist.比方说,我确实不想用手腕上显眼的玩意儿彰显身份。There is a reason that I carry the same (no logo) handbag everywhere I go, a reason my (pre-Apple) watch had no bells or tourbillon whistles; a reason I gravitate toward clothes that are not identifiable by season or designer and do not appear in any advertisements I have ever seen.所以我走到哪儿都只是带着一个没有标识的手袋,在用这个苹果手表之前,我的手表没有闹铃,也没有陀飞轮的声响;我只喜欢那些没有标明当季时新或是著名设计师的衣,那些我没在广告里见过的衣。I spend a lot of time in a world where products are shorthand for people, and I know too well the risks of having such semiology attached to myself (though I fully acknowledge my willingness to attach it to others).在这个我生活多年的世界上,商品被简化,卖给人们,我深深知道把这样一种符号意义同自己联系起来会有什么样的危险(尽管我知道自己也会把这样的符号和别人联系起来)。But when I started wearing the Apple Watch (the 38-millimeter case with a Milanese Loop band, which is the smaller size with a flexible stainless steel bracelet), it became a subject of conversation no matter where I was: in meetings at work, at the bagel store, at my son’s track meet. It has been so everywhere, marketed to so many people, there was just no mistaking it.但是一旦我戴上苹果手表(38毫米表壳米兰尼斯表带,是比较小的型号,有可弯的不锈钢手镯表带),它就成了话题的焦点,不管我走到什么地方:工作会议、面包店、儿子的家长会。它早已无处不在,做过无数推广,人们绝不可能认错。First everyone wanted to know about it. Then they wanted to try it. Then they made certain assumptions about me.一开始,所有人都想了解它,后来他们就想试试看,再接下来他们就开始对我产生特定的猜测。Which, frankly, I would have made about any woman like myself walking around with a big black box on her arm.坦白地说,如果看到一个像我这样的女人胳膊上挎着一个大黑箱子到处走来走去,我也免不了对她产生同样的想法。Because no matter how attractive the Apple Watch is in the context of other smartwatches or smartbands, no matter how much of an aesthetic advance its rounded corners and rectangular display, it still looks like a gadget. Especially on someone, like me, with relatively small wrists.因为,不管苹果手表在智能手表和智能手环界有多么诱人,不管它的圆角和矩形显示器是多大的美学进步,它看上去仍然只是个小玩意儿。特别是对于我这种手腕很细的人来说。Not only does its face effectively span the width of my forearm, but the cool little screen saver that so many reviewers have lauded — the Mickey or the butterfly or the galaxy (which is the one I have) or the pseudo-watch hands (the one that, notably, is always on in every picture of the watch, and actually makes it look like a watch) — is also functionally sleeping most of the time.它的表盘宽度和我的手腕差不多宽,还有它那个酷酷的屏幕保护,很多人看了都啧啧赞叹——有米老鼠、蝴蝶和星空(我的就是星空),还有两个假表针(所有苹果手表的图片上都有这个假表针,搞的它好像真的是块表一样)——大多数时间,这个屏保就睡在表盘上。Every time I see it, I want to shriek, “Beam me up, Scotty.”每次看见它我都想大叫一声,“传送我上去,斯科蒂。”(语出《星际迷航》——译注)Not that it would do much good. Typing doesn’t awaken the picture. Even when I rock my arm back and forth energetically, it often takes a few tries before up the earth pops. The default position is blank.倒不是说它没用。键入不能激活屏保,就算我用力来回晃胳膊,也得花上好几次,那个地球才能跳出来。默认位置是空白的。Just as my default position when trying to an email or the text of a headline on the small screen involves raising my wrist to near eye level — or, if a phone call is involved and my actual phone is not reachable, talking into thin air. If your children or acquaintances come upon you, it’s pretty much an invitation to ridicule.在这个小屏幕上,想读email、短信、新闻标题,我习惯的姿势一般是把手腕举到视平线处,如果有电话打来,手机又不好拿,得用它来打电话的时候,感觉就像是对着空气说话。如果你的孩子或者熟人这时走到你身边,很可能会笑话你。“Why is that more embarrassing than endlessly looking at a phone?” my friends said when I complained.“为什么这比频繁看手机更让人尴尬呢?”我抱怨的时候,朋友们都这么问我。It’s a valid question, but after some contemplation I think the answer is simple: A phone is hand-held, and we are used to seeing people things held in their hands. Like, say, books. But seeing somebody staring at her wrist (or merely sneaking a surreptitious glance at it) telegraphs something else entirely: (1) rudeness or (2) geekiness.这是个好问题,但是经过思考,我觉得我的回答很简单:手机是拿在手里的,而我们已经习惯了看到人们阅读拿在手里的东西,比方说读书。但是看着某人盯着手腕(或者是鬼鬼祟祟地偷瞄自己的手腕),还用它来发讯息,这就让人觉得又不礼貌,又像是科技狂。This doesn’t seem to have bothered the tech writers, most of whom wrote persuasively positive reviews of the gadget, primarily based on what it could do for you. And it is certainly more subtle than Google Glass, though I am not sure that is saying much.对于科技写手们来说,这算不上什么大事,他们大多数人都为苹果手表写了令人信的乐观,内容主要是基于它的功能。而且它显然比谷歌眼镜精致,不过我觉得这也说明不了太多问题。Granted, all of this would likely pale in importance if the watch were truly transforming my life, as my iPhone has. But I have never had a problem turning away from my emails when I need to concentrate on something else — I’ve effectively trained myself to compartmentalize — so I need specific alerts as to what is important.退一步说,如果这块表真的能像iPhone手机那样改变我的生活,那么一切也就都没什么大不了的了。我一向训练自己把手头的事划分得很清楚,需要专心做事的时候,我从来不会分心去查email,所以我需要有个提醒,告诉我什么邮件是重要的。And the small screen is simply too small to really on, so I’ve been more annoyed than happy when it alerted me to texts from my loved ones; and when I saw a headline, all I wanted to do was find the rest of the story.小屏幕实在是太小了,根本没法用它好好读东西,所以每当它提示我,重要的亲朋好友给我发信息了,我的感觉不是高兴,而是烦躁;而且我又是那种一看标题就忍不住想读内容的人。Besides, the busywork the watch’s apps can replace — handing over airline boarding passes, opening hotel room doors — seems less like an advance than a loss of control. Call me a Luddite, but honestly, I don’t mind unlocking things with my actual hands. The new watch OS announced this week may change the situation, but I am not sure I have the patience to wait.此外,苹果手表上的应用可以替代一些工作,但看上去不像是进步,倒像是失控——提交登机牌、打开酒店房间等等。你可以说我是个厌恶技术的人,但老实说,我不介意用自己的双手打开门锁。新的苹果手表操作系统宣布这个星期可以在这方面进行改进,但我不确定我还有没有耐心等下去。Likewise (and I know this will be heresy to anyone really excited about the coming Fitbit initial public offering), the fitness-app aspect — the tracking of my steps, the measuring of my heart rate, the telling me to stand up when I am in the middle of an article — seems more like a burden than freedom.同样(我知道对于那些兴奋期待Fitbit健康手环首次公开募股的人们来说有点像异端邪说),那些健康应用更像是给人带来负担而不是自由——就是那些帮你计步、测量你的心跳、提醒你文章写到一半站起来活动的应用。I have worked hard to wean myself from a reliance on exercise machines telling me how hard I had worked — how many calories I had burned, how many stairs I had climbed — in part because I knew I was cheating pretty much all the time anyway and thus could not trust the results, and in part because it became an excuse to modify, or not, my ensuing behavior.我费了很大力气让自己不再依赖锻炼器械,不让它来告诉我我锻炼得有多么辛苦——我燃烧了多少卡路里、我爬了多少级台阶——部分是因为我知道自己经常作弊,机器给的结果靠不住,部分也是因为它成了一种借口,来掩饰或不掩饰我随之而来的行为。But the truth is, I know when I am in shape; I can see the difference in my body and feel it when I ride my bike in the park. The watch threatened to drag me back into a numbers-driven neurosis, and that’s a temptation I would rather not have. (Also, I have too many friends who look at their fitness tracker in the middle of conversation, then immediately spring up and start walking around energetically, to feel it is really additive to my life.)但事实是,我知道自己很健康;如果我去公园里骑自行车,我能感觉到自己的身体和心情发生了变化。这块表威胁着我,要把我拖回到由数字驱动的神经兮兮中去,我宁愿不要这种诱惑(我有不少朋友都是说着一半话就开始看他们的健康追踪器,然后马上跳起来,精神头十足地绕圈走路,我觉得这对于我来说完全多余)。I did like the fact that I could turn my phone ringer off, and the watch would vibrate when, say, my children were on the line and I needed to take the call. But in the end that wasn’t enough.我确实喜欢把手机关成静音,孩子们打来电话时手表会震动,我再拿起电话。但到头来这点好处还不够。When I told a colleague about the breakup, he observed that perhaps I wasn’t the target for the Apple Watch. That I should be sure to tell the Siri on my wrist, “It’s not you, it’s me.” He may be right.我告诉一个同事我抛弃了苹果手表,他指出,或许我不是它的目标用户。我一定得告诉手腕上的Siri,“不是你的问题,是我的。”他也许是对的。Except I don’t think so, and not just because often, opposites do attract. But because I actually think I am the intended: a nontech person who wouldn’t otherwise have too many gadgets (a phone, an iPad, a laptop), but who could be seduced into buying another because of its desirability.但我并不这么认为,这不仅仅是因为不是冤家不聚头。而是因为我觉得我的确是它的目标用户:一个非技术型的人,本来不愿意拥有太多科技产品(手机、iPad、笔记本电脑就够了),但却可能被诱惑着多买下一件,只因为它太诱人了。That’s the way Apple increases market share and owns a category, after all: by sucking in those who are not Apple addicts. It’s why the company worked so hard to get close to the fashion flock.所以苹果的市场份额才日益增加,并且独树一帜:靠的就是吸引那些不迷恋苹果产品的人。所以苹果公司才那么努力,去贴近时尚人群。But here’s the thing: The watch isn’t actually a fashion accessory for the tech-happy. It’s a tech accessory pretending to be a fashion accessory. I just couldn’t fall for it.但问题就是这样:苹果手表其实并不是为喜欢技术的人设计的时尚配饰。它是假装成时尚配饰的技术配饰。我就是不喜欢罢了。 /201506/380647

  If you’ve ever attended a technology conference, then you’ve likely seen your share of booth babes. Also known by the more respectable term “promotional models,” they’re the scantily-clad women companies hire in an attempt to lure conference-goers into checking out their Bluetooth headsets, Internet-enabled toothbrushes and yes, even security software.如果你参观过某个科技展会,你很可能已经欣赏过众多“展台宝贝”的倩影。她们还有一个更体面的头衔——“促销模特”。各大公司聘用这些穿着清凉的美女,主要是吸引参会者前往它们的展台,试试蓝牙耳机,联网牙刷,甚至安全软件。From the Consumer Electronics Show to Mobile World Congress, booth babes have become an expected part of the scenery, much like hours-long taxi lines and horrible Wi-Fi coverage (go figure). But some attendees have complained that stripper-like attire—yes, I’m talking pasties—is offensive in a professional environment and that they’d rather engage with actual salespeople who are more knowledgeable about the products they’re trying to sell. (Booth babes are usually temporary hires and therefore not your best bet if you want a deep dive on the latest cryptographic solutions.)从CES消费电子展到全球移动大会,“展台宝贝”已经成为各类科技展会不可或缺的一部分,就像大排长龙的出租车候车队伍和糟糕的无线网络一样。但有些参会者抱怨称,在一个如此专业的场合,她们那无异于脱衣舞女的着装——没错 ,我说的就是胸贴——显得特别突兀。他们宁可和真正的销售人员打交道,因为这些人对自己要卖的产品了解得更清楚。(“展台宝贝”往往都是临时聘用人员,如果你想深入了解最新加密技术的解决方案,她们绝不会是你咨询的最佳对象)。At least one annual tech expo has decided to listen to the complaints. Last week, the organizers of the RSA Conference, an information security event that will take place in San Francisco next month, added a new clause to its exhibitor rules and regulations. Effectively, it’s a booth babe ban.现在至少有一个年度科技展已决定听取这些怨言。上周,信息安全大会(RSA Conference)的组织者在其参展商规则里加了一条新规,实际上就是禁止“展台宝贝”入场。该组织将于下个月在旧金山举办一场信息安全展会。According to the new rules: “All expo staff are expected to dress in business and/or business casual attire… Attire of an overly revealing or suggestive nature is not permitted.” The RSA organizers even list specific examples of such clothing, including tops displaying excessive cleavage, miniskirts, offensive costumes and Lycra bodysuits (apparently that’s a thing).新规规定:“所有参展人员应一律身着正装或商务便装……决不允许穿着过于暴露或具有性暗示意味的装。”展会组织者甚至列举了这类穿着,如过分展现乳沟的上装,超短裙,暴露的装及莱卡紧身衣(这种衣确实撩人)。“I think it’s a long time coming,” Sandra Toms, VP and curator of the RSA Conference, said on a phone call with Fortune. “If you’re an attendee you have a limited time and you want to ask specific technical questions and get your answers. That’s what we’ve heard in our [attendee] surveys.”该展会副总兼策展者桑德拉o汤姆斯在接受《财富》杂志电话采访时表示:“我认为这个规定来得太迟了。如果你是一位参观者,时间有限,你就只会想问一些具体的技术问题,并寻求解答。这是我们从调研中获得的反馈意见。”According to Toms, who has been working on the conference for nearly two decades, conference-goers have also said they are offended by specific clothing worn—or more accurately, not worn—by booth babes. And such criticisms have been lobbed at tech conferences for years.汤姆斯已为这个展会工作了近二十年。她说,参观者也表示,那些穿着特殊,或确切点说,穿得很少的“展台宝贝”让他们很不舒。实际上,多年来,在各类科技展会上,这类批评时有耳闻。The fact that some large, respected companies still use women in body paint to try and draw attention to their wares seems outdated at best—kind of like handing out breath mint containers inscribed with a company logo. (Like mints, booth babes don’t necessarily help vendors generate more leads.) And while it’s not to blame for the overall dearth of women at many of these conferences, it certainly doesn’t promote an atmosphere that’s welcoming to both genders: Let’s face it, these companies are explicitly marketing specifically to men, and in the crudest way possible.事实上,一些颇受尊敬的大公司还在用人体绘来引人关注,这种做法似乎已经过时了——这有点像给参观者赠送印有公司标识的薄荷糖(而且和薄荷糖一样,“展台宝贝”也并不一定能帮参展商引来更多人气)。诚然,这类展会多数都缺乏女性参与,但这种做法并不能营造让男女都喜闻乐见的氛围:大家得直面现实,这些公司摆明了就是针对男性开展营销的,而且就要用这种最裸的方式。In case you were wondering, about 30,000 people attend the annual RSA Conference, but women make up just about 15% of attendees. As far as tech conferences go, that ratio isn’t unusual. RSA has chosen to take a stance with its new booth babe ban, and so far, says Toms, the feedback has been positive.每年有大约三万人参加信息安全大会,但其中只有15%是女性。对科技展会来说,这个比例很正常。这个大会已经旗帜鲜明地要让“展台宝贝”禁入了。而据汤姆斯称,迄今为止获得的反馈都很积极。“We’ve had a lot of support for it,” says Toms. “I think people get it, and they want to be respectful.”她说:“很多人都持我们这个做法。我想大家理解这个新规的意图,他们确实想更尊重女性。”Of course, banning booth babes does have one potential downside—the sad reality is, it could mean even less women at tech conferences. But here’s a novel thought: Technology companies, you can still have women showing off and explaining your products. Just don’t ask them to wear Lycra.当然了,禁止“展台宝贝”参展可能也会带来不利影响——参与的女性更少了。但不妨换个新思路:各家科技公司,你们还是可以请女性来展示讲解产品,只是别再让她们穿紧身莱卡了。 /201504/369349


  3.Mark#39;s Wife Priscilla Chan Is Even More Private than He Is3.马克的妻子普利西亚·陈比马克还低调The irony of the couple at the heart of the biggest source of personal information in the world being extremely private is amusing, and even Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, can see that. Chan recently gave one of her first and only interviews on The Today Show where she revealed a number of things about herself and her husband. Chan was a grade school teacher and is now a medical school graduate and hopes to become a pediatrician. She lives a very humble life considering she has been attached to one of the wealthiest and most controversial figures in tech for the last 13 years. Chan#39;s parents left their home country in a refugee boat seeking a better life for themselves and their future children, and she is the first in her family to graduate from college. Education is very important to her and she and Mark have announced that they are donated 0 million to improve Bay Area public schools. Priscilla admits that the couple want to have kids, but their busy lives mean that they will be putting it off for a while. Besides, they aly have a child named Beast, a Hungarian sheepdog who has 1.8 million followers on Facebook and possibly even more hair. Priscilla jokes that Beast is Zuckerberg#39;s number two priority after Facebook. She finds it strange that the public has so much curiosity about her because she is just the daughter of an immigrant family training to be a doctor, and that is how the people in her life treat her. She laments that it is sad that the public do not see her husband as she knows him, and Priscilla describes Mark as funny, thoughtful, sensitive and caring.这对夫妻想要在个人信息最易泄露的城市中心保有极度的个人隐私简直是荒谬、讽刺,而他们也意识到这一点了。陈最近上了《今日之秀》(The Today Show),这是她第一次也是唯一一次接受访谈。在节目里,她透露了关于她自己和马克的很多事情。陈以前是一位小学教师,现在呢,是医学院的研究生,并希望能成为儿科医师。考虑到过去的13年里她已经跟世界上最富有且最受关注的人紧紧地联系在一起了,她的生活堪称简朴。陈的父母当时是搭着一艘难民船离开了自己的国家,想要为自己,为将来的孩子寻求更好的生活。陈也是家里面第一个大学生。教育对她来说很重要,所以她和马克已经捐献了一亿两千万美元来改建旧金山湾区的公共学校。普利西亚也承认了他们其实是想要孩子的,但是他们太忙了,所以只能将生宝宝的计划延后。此外,她表示他们已经有一个;小孩;了,是一只名叫比斯特(Beast)的匈牙利牧羊犬。它在脸书上已经有一千八百万的粉丝了,并且可能还将不断上涨。普利西亚开玩笑说,比斯特是扎克伯格除了脸书之外最关心的东西了。她发现大众对她过分好奇了,这让她觉得很奇怪,因为她也不过是来自一个移民家庭,努力培训,梦想成为一名医生的普通人。她周围的人也就是这样看待她的。她感慨说大家并没有像她那样了解她的丈夫扎克伯格,她眼中的扎克伯格是一个有趣、有思想力、有点敏感又很有爱心的男人。2.Facebook Is Buying up Innovation Left and Right2.脸书正四处购买创意Facebook does not just want to be a social networking site, instead Zuckerberg dreams of a one stop shop for all online communication and development. Zuckerberg recently bought Whatsapp, a major player in online mobile messaging, for billion. If you have ever wondered how Facebook can suggest who to tag in your uploaded photos, that#39;s because they also purchased facial recognition software Face.com for somewhere between and 0 million. In the same year, Facebook bought the photo sharing Instagram for billion. While the purchase was scoffed at because Instagram wasn#39;t profitable, Zuckerberg reiterated his mission of providing an even better sharing experience. Facebook has also purchased location sharing services, advertising software, and other social media feeds including ConnectU. ConnectU is the platform created by the Winklevoss brothers and Facebook purchased it according to a court settlement for cash and a share in Facebook stock.脸书不仅仅想成为一个社交网站,相反,扎克伯格梦想把它打造成一个适合所有人网上交流、发展的一站式商店。扎克伯格最近斥资190亿美元收购了Whatsapp——一款主要用于智能手机之间通讯的应用软件。你想知道脸书是怎么实现圈人标记上传照片的功能的吗?这是因为他们大概花了五千五百万到一亿美元收购了人脸识别软件——Face.com。同年,脸书以10亿美元收购了照片分享软件——Instagram。这一收购决策遭到了众人的嘲笑,因为Instagram并不盈利,但扎克伯格却一再重复强调他的使命是提供一个更好的经验交流平台。脸书还收购了位置分享务、广告软件以及其他社交媒体订阅,包括 ConnectU。ConnectU 是温克里弗斯兄弟(Winklevoss brothers)创建的一个平台,脸书用法定结算资金及脸书的一部分股份换得了ConnectU。Facebook also bought the virtual reality firm Oculus VR for billion dollars. Zuckerberg hasn#39;t announced a specific plan for this massive purchase and so the public will just have to use their imagination for now.脸书还耗资20亿美元收购了虚拟现实公司Oculus VR。扎克伯格并没有公布详细的大批量收购计划,因此欲知详情,就只能靠猜喽。1.Zuckerberg Does Not Want to Simply Change the Internet- He Wants to Bring It to the Whole World1.扎克伯格不仅想改变互联网,他还想把它推向全世界Zuckerberg built the prototype for Facebook.com in only one week, but he is going to take his time in changing the world. Zuckerberg wants to bring Internet access to the other two-thirds of the world#39;s population because only 2.7 billion people have access right now. Zuckerberg insists that the whole world should get in on the Internet because we#39;re missing out on the creativity and ingenuity of almost two thirds of the world#39;s population. Facebook is working with NASA on a new ;Connectivity Lab; on Zuckerberg#39;s latest mission which involves drones, satellites and even laser beams. Zuckerberg hasn#39;t released a timeline yet for his massive project, but he has said that over the last year, 3 million people now have access to the Internet that didn#39;t before in the countries of Paraguay and the Philippines. This venture, entitled Internet.org, is working with manufacturer#39;s of mobile internet device and technology companies to achieve the massive goal of bringing the Internet to the entire world#39;s population. Zuckerberg has even issued a call to arms to Google, with whom they compete for advertising space, saying that everyone should be participating in this coalition because a bigger Internet is better for everyone.扎克伯格一周内建立了脸书的原型,但是他将花更多的时间来改变世界。扎克伯格想让世界上其他2/3的人口也接触互联网,因为现在互联网的使用人数只有27亿。扎克伯格坚持认为整个世界都应该参与进互联网的世界,因为我们错过了世界上大约2/3的人口的创造力。在扎克伯格的最新工作日程中,脸书会与美国国家航空航天局(NASA)合作,在新的;互联实验室;(Connectivity Lab)中对无人侦察机、卫星甚至激光束进行相关的研究。扎克伯格并没有公布这个庞大的项目的运行时间,但是他透露说,去年巴拉圭(Paraguay)和菲律宾(Philippines)已有300万人开始接触互联网了。这个名为Internet.org的联合机构与移动互联网企业携手合作,预计实现一项重大目标:向全人类推广普及互联网。扎克伯格甚至向谷歌;宣战;,与他们争夺广告空间,声称每个人都应加入这个联盟,因为互联网范围越广,对每个人就更有利。Internet.org has recently come under fire for supposedly violating the idea of net neutrality. Zuckerberg says that programs like his can co-exist with net neutrality and that having some connectivity is better than having no connectivity at all. Net neutrality has been a hot button issue in the last few years. It is a movement against internet providers like Comcast, who want to charge more data to visit certain websites. This practice is seen as discriminatory and Zuckerberg will have to face it sooner or later or face the wrath of the 5 billion new people he has worked so hard to connect to the Internet.Internet.org最近因为违反网络中立原则而受到攻击。扎克伯格表示,这个项目并不违背网络中立原则,企业联合模式优于;孤军奋战;。过去几年,网络中立原则成为一个热门话题。它是一项反对供应商(比如康卡斯特Comcast)为控制传输数据优先级,不平等对待互联网访问的运动。这种做法被视为具有歧视性,扎克伯格迟早都要面对这一问题,否则他将他将承受50亿网民的愤怒。Mark Zuckerberg is one of a number of young CEOs in Silicon Valley, but he is also one of the wealthiest and most controversial. He runs a company that provides a product that 1 billion people want to use, and that many people want to work at. His employees praise his egalitarian office structure but some lament the lack of organization in the young company. Facebook constantly surprises with new innovations and opened the gate for an entirely new use of the Internet. The man behind it is a private man but is described by those around him as a man with a big heart. Zuckerberg says that he created Facebook to be useful, not to be cool but it appears that he may have accomplished both.马克·扎克伯格是硅谷最年轻、最富有且最具争议性的首席执行官(CEO)之一。他的公司运营的产品拥有10亿用户,且许多人想为他工作。他的员工都称赞这家企业崇尚的平等理念,但同时也对其松散的管理制度表示不满。脸书不断地给用户带来了新的惊喜,并向世人打开了互联网全新应用的大门。然而它背后的这位孤僻的创始人却被周围的人描绘成了一位野心家。扎克伯格说他创造脸书是为了应用而非耍酷,只是他恰好完成了这两项而已。审校:围巾 校对:Candy 旭旭 /201507/386496


  Joe Hollier, a 25-year-old former skater turned technology entrepreneur, describes the moment of transcendental calm when he gave up his smartphone. Mr Hollier had started “going light”, leaving behind his high tech pocket companion and disconnecting from a world defined by y access to the internet.乔攠利耶(Joe Hollier)今年25岁,曾经是一名滑板运动员,现在则是一名科技企业家。他将放弃智能手机的那一刻称为超觉平静时刻。奥利耶开始“变轻”,将自己的高科技随身设备抛之脑后,与一个以随时接入互联网为标志的世界割断联系。It was not easy, he admits. “There is an initial anxiety,” he says. “It’s quite intense. You start tapping your pocket and fidgeting. But then there is this feeling of huge relief.”他承认,这并不容易。奥利耶表示:“最初感到焦虑。这种感觉相当强烈。你开始拍打口袋,感到坐立不安。但随后就是这种如释重负的感觉了。”New York-based Mr Hollier and his co-founder Kaiwei Tang used the experience as the basis for a subversive mobile phone being launched this summer: revolutionary not for all the advanced features but for the lack of any at all.居住在纽约的奥利耶及其联合创始人唐开伟(音译)利用这种体验来推介将于今夏推出的一款颠覆性手机:它的革命性不在于什么高级功能,而是在于它什么高级功能也没有。The Light Phone allows you to make or take calls, but nothing else. There is only enough storage in the phone for 10 numbers. No messaging, no camera, no internet.你可以使用Light Phone接打电话,但除此之外什么都不能做。这种电话里只有存储10个号码的空间,不能发短信、没有摄像头,更不能上网。The design is important: it is simplicity itself in a plastic shell the size of a credit card on which the numbers glow using a dot matrix screen. The recharging grind of most modern smartphones is avoided through a 20-day battery life.设计非常重要:它的塑料壳是简洁的体现,只有信用卡那么大,点阵屏幕上面的数字发着微光。电池一次可以使用20天,不用像大多数现代智能手机那样经常充电。“We tested out the concept,” says Mr Hollier, who met Mr Tang at a Google-run tech incubator. “We found that the value was not in what it can do but in the lack of it. We were offering the maximum disconnection with the minimum of choice.”奥利耶表示:“我们测试了这种概念,结果发现,价值不在于它能做什么,而在于它不能做什么。我们用最少的选择来尽可能地割断联系。”奥利耶在谷歌(Google)运营的一个科技孵化机构遇到了唐开伟。Mr Tang had been working for a smartphone company but found that the annual cycle of minor product improvements had become “gratuitous and wasteful”, according to Mr Hollier.据奥利耶表示,唐开伟之前为一家智能手机公司工作,但他发现,年复一年的产品小改进“毫无意义而且浪费”。In a market where even the cheapest smartphones have the processing power of a basic personal computer, the Light Phone is partly a protest against the digital age. But Mr Hollier hopes it can become more than that: a way for its users to cut out distractions.在一个即便是最廉价的智能手机都拥有基本个人计算机处理能力的市场里,Light Phone在一定程度上是对数字时代的抗议。但奥利耶希望它的意义不止于此:它还可以让其用户减少分心。“Solitude and boredom are two of my favourite things,” he says, pointing to the opportunity for creativity. “Pulling out the phone while waiting for a train had become a nervous habit. The side effects were surprisingly severe.”他说:“独处和无聊是我钟爱的两件事。”他指出迸发创造力的机遇。“等火车的时候拿出手机已成为一个紧张兮兮的习惯。其副作用严重得令人意外。”The pair raised 5,127 from 3,187 backers on the Kickstarter platform to develop the phone. The device is still at a prototype stage but a company in China has begun manufacturing handsets to be shipped in June. They have taken pre-orders for 0 but say the exact retail price is not yet fixed. The first Light Phone is white; a black version is planned.这两人在Kickstarter平台上从3187名持者那里筹集了41.5127万美元以开发Light Phone。该手机目前仍处于样机阶段,一家中国公司已经开始生产,准备在今年6月发货。他们以100美元的价格接受预购,但表示最终的零售价格还没有确定下来。首款Light Phone是白色的,计划今后推出黑色版本。The device has found unexpected fans. Mr Hollier, who has had an array of jobs from running his own skateboarding company to film-making and graphic design, assumed that people a bit like him would want the phone: younger users who might not want to take their expensive technology to the beach or to go skating. But the device has found special resonance with business users over 45 years old, he says, who enjoyed the days before the constant distractions of the smartphone. “They remember the importance of sitting on a park bench and just thinking.”Light Phone还发现了出乎意料的粉丝。奥利耶干过许多工作,从经营自己的滑板运动公司,到电影制片和图形设计。他原本认为,和他差不多的人将会想要这种手机:那些较为年轻的、可能不想拿着昂贵手机去海滩或者玩滑板的用户。但他表示,45岁以上的商界人士也对该手机产生了特殊的共鸣,这些人怀念没有智能手机持续干扰之前的平静生活。“他们记得坐在公园椅子上只是静静思考的重要性。”He says there has been a surprisingly warm reception in Asia, perhaps a backlash against the popularity of “phablet” phones designed primarily for access to the internet and watching .他说,这种手机在亚洲受到了意外热捧,这或许是对主要用于上网和观看视频的“平板手机”盛行的反弹。Mr Hollier admits that most people will also want a smartphone, which can be linked to the Light Phone to forward calls. As a companion device, he says, the Light Phone is useful as an emergency fallback or for carrying when doing physical sports or on an evening out.奥利耶承认,大多数人还是想要智能手机,而Light Phone可以把智能手机接收的呼叫转接过来。他说,作为一个随身设备,Light Phone可以用于紧急备用手机或者在运动或者晚上外出时携带。But in trying to create a device purposely designed to be used as little as possible, Mr Hollier and his partner may have stumbled on something that could turn out to be used rather a lot.但就试图创造一个目的是尽可能不用的设备方面,奥利耶及其合伙人可能创造了一款可能被用得相当多的产品。 /201601/424035

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