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News Corp boss, Rupert Murdoch, has filed for divorce from his third wife, Wendi Deng. A spokesman for the media mogul says he made the decision after their 14 year marriage had ;irretrievably broken down;.传媒大亨默多克已经申请与其第三任妻子邓文迪离婚。其发言人表示在默多克正式提出和邓文迪离婚前,他们的婚姻就已经“不可挽回地”破裂。Murdoch met the Chinese-born Deng in 1997 at a cocktail party in Hong Kong. They were married two years later, just weeks after his second divorce. The couple have two daughters together, Grace and Chloe. They are said to have had a pre-nuptial agreement so the divorce is unlikely to lessen Murdoch#39;s grip on his media empire.默多克于1997年在香港的一个鸡尾酒会上认识了这位中国妻子。俩人2年后结婚,而默多克此时刚刚与第二任妻子离婚数周。夫妇俩育有2个女儿Grace 和Chloe。据说,俩人婚前曾签有婚前协议,所以此次离婚不会对默多克的媒体事业造成影响。Murdoch#39;s global media portfolio includes the Wall Street Journal, Fox News and Sky TV, and the 20th Century Fox movie studio. The divorce filing comes just two days before News Corp is to be split into two companies, one for its entertainment assets and the other for its publishing business. Murdoch is to be chairman of both firms.默多克在全球的媒体投资包括华尔街日报,福克斯新闻和天空影视,以及20世纪福克斯电影工作室。默多克此次提出与邓文迪离婚的时机非常微妙,恰好赶在新闻集团准备拆分并重组之时,一个作为资产,另一个开展出版业务。默多克将担任倆家公司的主席。 Article/201306/243871。

The body has natural means of regulating its own temperature—but failure to do so in the face of extreme heat is called heatstroke, and it can result in permanent organ damage or even death. Infants, the elderly, and athletes are at highest risk, but anyone is susceptible.人体有调控提问的天然方法,但在极端高温导致中暑的情况下,这种功能就失调了。中暑会导致人体器官的永久性损坏,甚至死亡。婴儿、老人、运动员中暑的风险最高,但任何人都有中暑的可能。You Will Need你需要An air conditioned or shaded place空调环境或荫凉处A phone电话Cool water凉水A fan or something to fan with扇子或可以扇风的东西Ice packs冰袋Towels毛巾A sheet (optional)床单(可选)A bathtub (optional)浴缸 (可选)Steps步骤Call 911 if a victim is suffering from heat stroke, the symptoms of which may include a body temperature of over 104 degrees Fahrenheit, strange or confused behavior, rapid heartbeat and breathing, an absence of sweating, seizures, or coma.如果有人中暑,请拨打急救电话,中暑症状如下:体温超过40度,行为怪异,无汗,抽搐,昏厥等。STEP 1 Cool victim1.给患者降温Cooling the heat stroke victim is the first and most important thing you can do. Get him or her out of the heat, either into air conditioning or into a shaded area, immediately.给中暑患者降温,是最主要的事情。让将患者摆脱暑热环境,立即转移到有空调或荫凉的地方。STEP 2 Call 9112.拨打急救电话If there are bystanders nearby, ask one of them to call 911. If not, call 911 as soon as you can as you proceed with cooling the victim.如果附近有人的话,让他们拨打急救电话911。如果没有的话,在给患者降温的同时尽快拨打电话911。STEP 3 Remove clothing3.脱下患者的衣Remove the victim#39;s clothing and lay them down or seat them.将患者的衣脱下,让患者平躺或坐下。STEP 4 Apply cool water4.洒凉水Apply cool water to the victim#39;s body or drape him or her with a cool wet sheet.向患者身上洒凉水,或用湿凉的床单覆盖患者的身体。If you#39;re near a bathtub, fill it with cool water--but not ice cold, which could send the victim into shock--and sit or lay the victim down in it. Make sure his or her face is clear of the water.如果附近有浴缸的话,将浴缸充满凉水,但不能冰凉,否则会让患者休克,让患者坐在或躺在浴缸里。要保面部不要接触水。STEP 5 Fan victim5.扇风降温Direct a fan to blow on the victim#39;s wet skin, or manually fan the victim. This promotes evaporation of the moisture, which helps cool the body.用电扇正面吹患者潮湿的身体,或用手扇风给患者降温。这有助于湿气蒸发,从而给身体降温。STEP 6 Place ice packs6.放置冰袋Place ice packs wrapped in towels in the victim#39;s armpits and between his or her thighs.将冰袋裹在毛巾中,放在患者腋下,及大腿两侧。The best way to treat heat stroke is to prevent it: stay hydrated, wear hats and light-colored, loose clothing, and avoid alcohol, coffee, and tea in hot weather.治疗中暑的最佳方法就是防止中暑:多喝水,戴帽子,穿浅色宽松的衣物, 穿宽松的衣物,避免在炎热的天气下喝酒、咖啡和茶。视频听力译文由。 /201407/314640。

一个超级碗的球迷无意间用番茄酱在衣上勾勒出一幅神奇的头标,上电视、接受采访、人们慕名而来,这哥们彻底火了。妻子不堪其扰,于是用汰渍把衣洗掉了。特别逗趣儿的一个广告。以下是双语文本:两个人正热血沸腾的看着比赛。Yes! OH!好!嗷!拿着食物的手一抖,食物上的酱汁惯性撒到球衣上,形成了不可思议的图案——Dude, you got Montana on your jersey! Joe Montana.老兄,你球衣上印了个蒙塔纳!乔·蒙塔纳(唯一一位三获超级碗MVP的橄榄球球员)男人先是疑惑的低头随后兴奋激动的的不能自已,两眼上翻——It is.是他!It#39;s a miracle stain.这是个奇迹般的污渍。I can see the miracle.我能看到奇迹。It#39;s a miracle stain.这是个奇迹般的污渍。See the miracle.我看得到。Baby, I got a Montana miracle stain on my shirt.亲爱的,我的衬衫上印上了奇迹般的污渍。消息传开,新闻开始大肆报道——There#39;s been a lot of talk about a miracle stain.现在人人都在谈论奇迹污渍。也引来媒体疯狂采访——And then I was holding my chip like this and it dropped.我正这样拿着我的薯条,然后它掉下去了。Is that real?这是真的吗?Ya, it#39;s real.是,绝对是真的。Crazy!太疯狂了!49′ers!49人!The miracle Montana stain is sweeping the nation.奇迹污渍风靡全国。People from all over the world are flocking to get a glimpse of what some 49′ers fans are hoping could be a Super Bowl miracle.来自全国各处的人们涌入只为看一眼49人队粉丝们所希冀的超级碗奇迹。;I SAW THE STAIN!;“我看到污渍了!”Alright!好了!开始出现各种打着奇迹污渍旗号赚钱的卖家——Right here, .00! Here we go!就在这,20美元!这就走!Stain on a stick.污渍粘贴。MONTANALAND!蒙塔纳之地!不过最后戏剧性的转变——Where#39;s my 49′ers jersey?我的49人球衣呢?Oh, I washed it.哦,我洗了。You washed it!?你把它洗了!?It had a stain on it.上面有块脏的。AHH! Ohh!啊啊啊啊——嗷嗷嗷嗷!GO RAVENS!进入狂暴模式!;JOE! WHERE#39;D YOU GO?!;“乔!你要去哪?!” 广告语:TIDE汰渍NO STAIN IS SCARED不用畏惧任何污渍 Article/201406/302996。

Debt crisis weights heavy on Argentina Argentina#39;s economy looks bleak for the second quarter in a row. CNN#39;s Isa Soares reports. The flags are still flying high,the signs of pride that they reaped from football achievement.But behind the patriotic display,there is an undertone,uncertainty and fear in Buenos Aires.Here on the street,people are worried about fragile state of their economy,and implication of speaking what about it.After several intervew cancelation with other Argentines,we met moter L.P,who agreed to speak to me.And she dosen#39;t hold back when I asked how difficult the life has become for her.She tells me,every thing is much more expensive, our purchasing power has decreased significantly,as well as our standard of living has changed.My life style has changed.I changed my way I dress. I have comfort such as help my home.And I no longger have this.My childeren have to go to the school,and we have to lower the level of education and move schools.And then we have to change the social program we had as a family,such as eating out.We#39;ll no longger go to restaurants.Hollidays are no longger possible.This has all changed she says.Some one said he knows the hardest change may be yet to come.The country#39;s GDP was down at the first quarter this year,and the decline did further in the 2nd quarter, and recession would knowingly be made starker with the expectation the economy will contract by one and half percent this year.Economist E,S, his economy has been precarious the last several years.Basically, the economy has the highest deficit,high inflation,and instead of recuing those problems,the government decided to tighten the exchange rate controls.The only thing is, the only result of that was the declining who serve as world third,the government lost about 15billion dollars of itself,since october, 2011 to something to today.And the economy lost the momentum while we were growing at that time we are in the recession.And inflation at that time was about 25%,now was about 40%,so the thing went wrong for the government.This aly out of sustainable situation may become less sustainable still if the Argentina can#39;t find way to pay for its exchange bunghole at the end of month.The country would be in default.And then fears Argentines#39; likeliness daily faces every day may be hard to escape from.She tells me, I try not to be fearful,I fight not to be fearful,but there are things that went through on daily basis,some makes your fearful.First, economy uncertainty has been made turn out,then pressure we faces over individual freedom and security.The fears are there,they are permanent.I#39;m trying not to fear them,but they are there,she says.Getting people to talk openly and on camera,but economic reality is there,facing it has been a challenge.Many are fearful the government will look into their finance, into how they spend their money.Well, when Argentina you wish not to be on camera,basically you told me,you can smell the recession,it#39;s every where.Well, with soaring inflation,depleted reserves and social discontent, you are gonging to have smelt it, you can see it. /201408/319073。

汉斯-罗斯林教授用他的;超酷;的数据库软件展示世界各国摆脱贫困的历程;他带来的“美元街”展示了不同收入人群的居住条件;不要错过了他在结束前的惊人演出。 Article/201311/266109。

Cavani comes to break through David Louis,卡瓦尼过掉大卫·路易兹,Chelsea in trouble here, big trouble.切尔西有麻烦了。重点词汇: break through 突破,过人例句:He decides to break through the enemy lines他决定突破敌人的防线。 视频介绍:切尔西在1/8决赛中面对那不勒斯,在先进一球的情况下被对方连进三球,晋级希望渺茫。 Article/201404/289390。