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2017年12月18日 20:47:16 | 作者:询价晚报 | 来源:新华社
When Beyonce Knowles dropped her self-titled album without any warning back in December, I was amazed, like the rest of the world. I was also curious to see how she’d outdo herself after an obvious career peak.去年月,没有任何预兆,碧昂斯#86;诺斯突然发布了自己的同名专辑,这让我和很多人都为之一惊与此同时,这也让我感到好奇,想要知道她在达到事业巅峰之后要如何继续超越自我?Now almost nine months have passed, and the facts speak themselves: permances in countries during her Mrs Carter Show world tour; 1 permances during the On the Run tour with her husband Jay Z, which, according to bes, should net the couple STEP 1: GET THE LOOK第一步 拥有傲娇的造型1. Buy expensive tailored clothing that only sort of fits so that most of the time your buttons appear to be just seconds from bursting.衣要买那种又贵又紧的定制款,达到下一秒纽扣就会被胸肌爆开的效果. Get a Belstaff coat and blue scarf. The coat cost about 50 pounds. It got good twirl those dramatic moments in life.外套来一套贝达弗的大衣和蓝围巾一套价值50英镑的大衣,随时准备迎接人生的精时刻3. Grow your hair slightly longish, if it isnt naturally wavy (poor you), wear curlers to bed every night.发型略长的卷发——蛤?你不是自来卷哦?小可怜,那你只好每晚带着卷发夹入睡了. Stop eating, gotta get those cheekbone sharp enough to cut butter.脸型不要吃!要瘦!瘦出能切开黄油的颧骨STEP : STIM第二步 重复标志性动作Once you grow your hair slightly longish, be sure to play with it at every opporty.一有机会就炫一下小卷毛Fiddle with items, your hair, flick your fingers, rub your leg, pace, rock, and bite your lips.(Well, most of that could just be on the ;how to cumberbatch; list)性感的小动作,比如摆弄头发、轻弹小指、擦双腿、踱步、摇晃、轻咬嘴唇(好吧,上面很多其实都是在回答“如何变成康伯巴奇”)STEP 3: PRACTICE CREEPY LOOKS第三步 练习古怪表情scary puppy like head tilts and glares斜着头,怒目,像受到惊吓的那样smiles and puma snarls笑并且像美洲狮一样咆哮STEP : REMIND EVERYONE about what an ;idiot; or ;moron; they are第四步 提醒所有人“你们其实是蠢货”Play up being smarter than everyone, develop some obvious insecurities. get social skills if you happen to have any.一定要展现自己过人的智慧,努力地表现出心神不定的样子把那些社交技巧抛到脑后吧!STEP 5: GET RID of most of your friends第五步 帅到没朋友Keep around people who like to remind you how smart you are, and stay even though they think you are a dick.只跟那些能凸显你聪明的人做朋友,哪怕他们觉得你坏坏哒Care about them, but dont let on mkay?偶尔关心他们一下,但也别太真情流露,收到?STEP 6: FIND A WATSON第六步 找到你的“花生”This is B Sherlock, so your Watson isn’t stupid. He rather smart in his own way and insecure about his sexuality (probably straight).因为这里说的是B的夏洛克,所以你的华生不是真傻,只是用自己的方式展现智慧他还有点不确定自己的性向(万一是直的呢)He also has serious thrill issues dude.他也是个妥妥儿的喜欢刺激事的家伙Be prepared to save his life on numerous occasions.请做好准备随时当他的救世主STEP 7: DEVELOP a special interest第七步 培养癖好It has to take over most of every waking minute. It all you want to talk about. Prepare to watch people eyes glaze over.你一定有一个连走路时都念念不忘的怪癖你只想聊这个瞧着吧,观众会被你帅到的Nothing else matters, not even basic astronomy.斗转星移关我何事?我的癖好才最重要Make it dangerous, this will help you keep your Watson happy.让它具有一定的危险性,因为这也会让你的“华生”兴趣盎然STEP 8: PRACTICE the method of loci or roman room, or at least pretend to第八步 反(假)复(装)练习轨迹或者罗马房间法This way you can tell everyone to shut up and get out so you can go to your ;mind palace;.让别人都滚粗闭嘴,这样你就能特别牛掰地走入“记忆宫殿”了STEP 9: BE SURE to tell everyone to shut up on a daily basis, it endearing you know第九步 每天,告诉全世界“别BB了”,其实这样蛮圈粉的STEP : Even if you dont really fit the criteria, tell everyone you are a SOCIOPATH第十步 如果以上几条都做不到——就公告天下说你有反社会人格It scaresintimidates people and they dont know better anyway.这会吓走一些人,这些人不了解你更好Except your Watson, he thinks it hot.除了你的华生,他会觉得这样的你性感极了! 01901 million (about 6 million yuan); and several new remixes of cuts from her surprise album, with guest stars including Nicki Minaj and Rihanna.现在,9个月过去了,事实说明了一切:她在自己Mrs Carter Show世界巡回演唱会上完成了个国家、场演出;还完成了与丈夫Jay Z一起的On the Run巡演1场,并据福布斯统计,夫妇俩净赚1亿美元(约合6.亿人民币);她同时发布了混音版本的新专歌曲,邀请了蕾哈娜,妮琪#86;米娜前来助阵In her latest career surprise, on Aug Beyonce received the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the MTV Video Music Awards, a special honor in one of the industry’s top ceremonies, and gave a mind-blowing 18-minute permance.而碧昂斯事业的新巅峰则是在8月号的MTV音乐录影带大奖颁奖礼——歌坛最高颁奖礼之一——上,她获得“迈克尔#86;杰克逊录影带先锋奖”这一特别荣誉,同时她在颁奖礼上的18分钟表演也成功秒杀全场So, the 33-year-old superstar has shown no signs of slowing down, and it seems that her next big move is only a matter of time. But so far this year, how Beyonce handles the gossip and negativity is even more impressive.这一切,都让我们看到这位33岁的歌坛巨星仍然熠熠夺目,看来她的下一个大动作指日可待但是,在今年,碧昂斯对流言和负面新闻的应对之道则更让人印象深刻After footage of Solange Knowles, Beyonce’s younger sister, punching and kicking Jay Z in an elevator went viral in May, many realized that things may not be as perfect as they seemed in the music industry’s royal family. Soon, rumors surrounding the couple’s divorce and custody of their -year-old daughter Blue Ivy Carter, got out of hand.5月份,一段碧昂斯索兰格#86;诺斯在电梯里拳打夫的视频在网上疯狂转发,很多人开始认为也许这对歌坛“模范夫妻”并没有看上去那么完美无瑕很快,关于碧昂斯夫妇离婚,争夺岁女儿Blue Ivy Carter监护权的传闻大肆蔓延,一度失控Beyonce, who as usual didn’t respond directly to the rumors, has handled the bad press like a superstar. First, in the remix of Flawless, released earlier this month, she addresses the elevator incident with self-awareness, saying “of course, sometimes things go down when there’s a billion dollars on an elevator.” And in the awarding ceremony on Aug , she invited Jay Z and Blue Ivy on stage an emotional moment that stole everyone’s hearts.碧昂斯一如往常,并未做出直接反应,而是像真正的巨星一样对待负面新闻:首先,她在本月初发布的混音版《Flawless一歌中,用一段自白澄清了电梯里的“插曲”:“有时,如果电梯里有十亿美元,那么发生些什么也是合情合理的”随后,在8月日的颁奖礼上,碧昂丝一家三口在台上拥吻的感人一幕更是赢得了每个人的心So, despite of all her success in her music career, the trendsetting superstar uses her recent experiences to show us that it’s OK to be imperfect. All you need to do is to embrace your imperfections. And Beyonce’s aly outdone herself in that department.所以,虽然在音乐事业上大红大紫,但是这位引领潮流的歌坛巨星也用自己最近的经历告诉我们:不完美并没有什么,你所要做的就是接受自己的不完美而碧昂斯显然已经做到了 3998-hour roller-coaster ride连坐8小时过山车Vic Kleman, 8, has recently marked the 95th ;birthday; of the Jack Rabbit roller-coaster at West Mifflin park in Pennsylvania, the US, by riding it more than eight hours straight, logging 95 spins around the wooden ride in a single day.为庆祝美国宾夕法尼亚州西米夫林公园木制过山车;杰克兔;的95岁;生日;,美国一名8岁老翁克莱曼一天内连续坐了95次过山车,整整8个小时里根本停不下来In , Kleman also said he felt ;great; after notching his 000th ride on the wooden coaster. He also rode it 80 times to mark his 80th birthday.克莱曼年已完成000次木制过山车之旅,并表示感觉良好他80岁生日那天则玩了80次 3776


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