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On Monday, health officials confirmed Arizonas first case of the Zika virus in a Maricopa County woman. 周一卫生官员实,亚利桑那州马里科帕县出现首位寨卡病毒病例。The state Department of Health Services and county Department of Public Health said that the unidentified adult woman traveled outside the U.S. to a Zika-affected area before developing symptoms. 该州健康务和县公共卫生部表示,不明身份的成年女子出现症状前,到寨卡病毒感染的美国境外旅行。Cara Christ, director of the Arizona Department of Health Services, said in a statement, ;While this is a first, the risk of this virus sping throughout Arizona is very low.; 亚利桑那州卫生务部主任卡拉在一份声明中表示,“尽管这是首列,这种病毒在整个亚利桑那州蔓延的风险非常低。”Authorities add that the states public health system aly has a plan in place to combat the sp of the virus.当局补充道,州公共卫生体系已经有计划应对病毒的传播。译文属。201603/434458And, it was...it was pretty rough there.挺艰辛的I have to say,I had the experience of moving out here,我得说 我是22岁时When I was 22 and it was like going to the moon.搬了过来 简直像登月一样you know,I was just getting started in the business and not having any idea,我刚刚入行 我根本不知道like, not really having a real job yet and not knowing what I was going to do and being freaked out.没有份正经工作 也不知道我能做什么 特别害怕Was it like that way for you?你也是那样吗Yeah,I mean, I had...I had a school that I was in,that I was able to go to for a little while but you dont have no money, you really...是啊 当时有所学校 我去了一阵子 但我没有钱You dont...I dont...I didnt know the area and I was living in a strange place.I didnt have a bed for a while.我不熟悉这一带 我住在一个很怪的地方 很长一段时间没有床睡what do you mean you didnt have a bed? -I just didnt have a bed. -I had a bed.-I didnt even have a什么叫没床睡 -我就是没床睡 -我都有床-我甚至都没有I started crashing at a friends house because I couldnt afford rent.我起初是住在朋友家 我付不起房租I laid down a bunch of towels,I slept on about five towels for a while.我放了一堆毛巾 有一段时间是睡在五条毛巾上的And then I got my..., and then I got an apartment, I was able to get an apartment in the complex 后来我在大楼里找到一间公寓 and actually found a mattress in the dumpster in the carport and I thought, sweet, free mattress.在车库的垃圾箱里找到了一张床垫 我还想 太棒了 免费床垫啊So I hauled it up to my new apartment,slept on it,woke up the next morning covered in red bumps.我把床垫拖进我的新公寓里 睡在上面 第二天早上醒来浑身是红点But I kept it.Thats when anyone else burns it.但我还是把它留下了 这个时候正常人都把床垫烧了so clearly there was vermin,there was vermin in your bed.那上面显然是有害虫啊I think I sprayed it with Lysol and I was just like我好像喷了来苏尔 然后就because when youre 20,youre just like and then eventually the bugs went away.20岁的时候 不在乎这种事 最后 虫子走了201607/452391Most birds flap their wings up and down, but hummingbirds move their wings in a figure-eight pattern.大多数的鸟是上下拍打翅膀飞行,但蜂鸟不一样,它是以八字形移动翅膀。With each flap they twist their wings one-hundred-eighty degrees so that they create a downwardthrust on both the forward and backward strokes.蜂鸟每次拍打翅膀都会旋转180度,以便为前后的拍打创造一个推力。If each loop of the wings is of the same strength, they hover.如果每次翅膀旋转的力度一样,蜂鸟就会盘旋在空中。They can go forward, backwards, orsideways by tilting their wings in the direction they want to go.它们只要往想去的方向倾斜翅膀,就可以前进,后退,或横向移动。Kind of like a helicopter.Exactly.就像直升机一样。是的。In order to hover, hummingbirds have to be really strong.要盘旋在空中,蜂鸟必须得很强壮。Their wing muscles are thirty percent oftheir total weight.它们翅膀的肌肉重量占身体整个体重的三分之一。When a small hummingbird hovers it flaps its wings about eighty times persecond.一只小蜂鸟盘旋在空中时,翅膀的震动频率约为每秒80次。Hummingbirds have to eat close to fifty percent of their weight in food everyday to keep up theirstrength.蜂鸟每天吃的东西是它们体重的二分之一,这样才能维持体力。They eat things that are packed with calories and produce lots of reusable energy, likeseeds, nuts, fruit, and nectar.它们吃的东西都是高热量食物,能产生大量可重复使用的能量,像种子,坚果,水果和花蜜。 201410/336587

;Dear A Moment Of Science, Can you settle a debate between my friend and me?亲爱的科学一刻,您能否解决我和朋友之间的一场争论么?She says thatgreen tea has some magic property that fights cancer.她说绿茶具有抗癌的魔力,我觉得这不切实际。I say this is bogus. Whats the scoop?;事实的真相到底如何呢?Well, its not magic, but it can help in the fight against cancer.它当然没有魔力,但是的确有助于抗癌。Studies have shown that peoplewho drink green tea develop fewer cancerous tumors, and animal studies also support this idea.研究显示,喝绿茶的人激发恶性肿瘤较少,动物研究也持这一说法。Some researchers at Purdue University have a guess why.普渡大学的一些研究者对此进行了猜想。Green tea contains a powerful antioxidant called EGCg, whose full name is just too darn long to write out.绿茶包含了一种有效的抗氧化物茶多酚,这里就不赘述其冗长的全名了。But this chemical seems to counteract an enzyme called quinol-oxidase.但这种化合物似乎可以抑制苯二酚氧化酶。Thats anenzyme cancer cells need in order to reproduce.复制癌细胞需要用到这种酶。When they cant reproduce, cancerous cells dieoff instead of becoming dangerous.若癌细胞无法复制,它们就会消亡从而不(对人体)造成威胁。Green tea isnt the only beverage that contains EGCg; black tea has it as well, just not as much of it.绿茶并非唯一含有茶多酚的饮料;红茶也包含这种物质,只是没那么多。Again, theres no magic pill for avoiding cancer.再次澄清一下,没有避免癌症的神奇药片。Drinking green tea may be a good counter-measure, but bear in mind that it takes a lot to get the possible benefit.喝绿茶可能是一个好对策,但记住,这可需要喝很多才能起效。And of course there is theold stand-by good-health stuff: diet and exercise.当然,还得佐以老生常谈的健康措施:均衡饮食,合理运动。 /201410/336885

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