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义乌哪里隆鼻好义乌做脱毛哪个医院好After the recent Diaoyu Island protests在最近的钓鱼岛抗议事件中during which scores of Japanese cars were destroyed许多日产车被砸bilateral trade between China and Japan decline dramatically,中日双边贸易急剧下降particularly damaging Japanese automobile sales in China.特别是日本汽车企业在中国的业务受到损害At the same time,同时diplomatic relations between the two countries have been strained nearly to the breaking point.两国的外交关系可以说是箭在弦上Better understanding of the history of these islands只有更好地了解钓鱼岛历史and of the tragedies of the past了解过去发生的悲剧can only lead to reconciliation between these才能在未来two nations in the future.让两国得到和解The ed States of America要缓和两国的关系can quell the tension美国就要让其日本盟友by encouraging its Japanese ally向中国归还钓鱼岛to return the Diaoyu Island并且to China and apologize to the Chinese people对曾经犯下的战争罪行for the war crimes of the Imperial Japan.向中国人民道歉Our world has become a global village世界已经变成一个地球村We depend on each other.我们要相辅相成We must understand and respect我们要认识并尊重our diversity.彼此的多样性The forces of history历史的力量determine the future. Thank you.决定着我们的未来 谢谢201409/329694义乌注射丰太阳穴多少钱 95% of all the other large animals were wiped out.95%的其他大型动物都被消灭But 50 years ago, the scene was very different.但50年前 情况大不相同This was a thriving tourist attraction. A wild paradise.这里是旅游圣地 野生动物的天堂Visitors flocked from around the world,游客从世界各地蜂拥而来drawn by the vast range and abundance of the wildlife.被种类和数量繁多的野生动物深深吸引The most popular spot for tourists was an old restaurant,游客们最钟爱的景点是一家老饭店a look-out post for the local lions.那里是野生狮子的瞭望台The restaurant has long gone.饭店早已不复存在Along with the lions.狮子也了无踪影Gorongosa looked empty and beyond rescue.戈龙戈萨看上去空空荡荡 无药可救But not to everyone.但不是所有人都这么想A brave and ambitious project began to try and restore the park一个雄心勃勃的项目正试图恢复公园to its former richness and splendour.往日的繁荣与壮美The first stage is to find out第一步是找出which animals as well as crocodiles are still here.与鳄鱼一样 依旧生存在这里的其他动物So the team is mapping and counting团队正在标注及计算all the big animals they see in the park.视野范围内的所有大型动物201408/322044Hippo found crying on street after falling from truck河马从卡车上掉落摔断牙 趴在马路上痛哭A hippopotamus was found in tears after falling from a truck in Taiwan.一只河马从货车上掉落,趴在马路上痛哭流涕。这一幕发生在台湾。The hippo, about two meters in length, fell so awkwardly that he managed to smash some of his teeth and well, who wouldnt cry in a situation like that?这只身长2米的河马牙齿折断,满嘴是血,遇上这种倒霉事谁不放声大哭呢?The truck driver, apparently unaware he had lost a passenger, continued on his journey, leaving the poor injured hippo behind.而继续驾驶的卡车司机很显然没意识到自己的一位乘客失踪,这只可怜的庞然大物就这样被遗弃在路上。The owner of the hippo, upon learning what happened, rushed to the scene to help the animal.河马的主人得知后急忙赶往现场帮助。Experts say the poor hippo must have been startled during the journey, leading him to jump through the vent hole of the truck.专家表示这只可怜的河马一定是在卡车行驶中受到惊吓才做出跳车这种大胆举动。201412/351257义乌市人民医院祛痘多少钱

义乌市激光技术好的医院义乌祛胎记哪里好 You might expect that because the Parthenon is called a temple, it would have been a place of prayer and sacrifice;你也许会认为,帕台农名为神庙,一定是个祭祀与祈祷的所在。in fact, it became a treasury-a war-chest to finance the defence of Greece against the Persians.但事实上这里成了雅典的金库:希波战争的军费来源。In time, though, this fighting fund became protection money, demanded by Athens from the other Greek cities when Athens placed itself at the head of them.后来军费变成保护费,雅典以老大自居,要求希腊的其他城邦向它缴纳费用,It forced them into becoming satellites of its growing maritime empire.强迫它们成为不断壮大的雅典海上帝国的附庸。And a great chunk of that money was siphoned off by the Athenians to fund the Acropolis building programme.其中一大笔钱被雅典用于修建卫城。Heres Mary Beard again, on the non-Athenian view of the Parthenon:玛丽?彼尔德告诉我们,雅典以外的希腊人是这么看待帕台农的。;I think the Parthenon must have been the kind of building that you spat at and kicked if you could.帕台农神庙是那种让人想往上吐口水,如果可能的话还要踢上一脚的建筑物。You knew, if you were one of Athens subjects, that this was a statement of your own subordination.如果你是雅典的附属城邦之一,它就是你屈从的标志。There was a clear and vociferous faction in Athens when the Parthenon was built, which said the money shouldnt be spent that way.神庙修建时,雅典城内反对的声音很大,认为不能这样挥霍钱财。That this was, in the words of one, dressing Athens up like a harlot.还说它把雅典城装扮得像个。Now, thats very odd, I think, for us to empathise with now, because the Parthenon sculptures seem so austerely beautiful, I think, its hard to think of them in terms of prostitution.这样的描述今人恐怕很难理解,因为在我们眼里,帕台农雕像深具朴素之美,很难令人联想到淫邪。Its very discomfiting, I think, to think of our touchstone of good classical taste as having appeared vulgar.被我们视为古典美基准的物品,曾被人视为粗俗,这实在让人难以接受。But it clearly did, to some.;但在当时,对一些人来说的确如此。One of the many extraordinary things about the Parthenon is that its meant so many different things to different people at different times.帕台农神庙的另一个奇特之处,是它在不同的历史时期,对不同的人群具有不同的意义。201409/329235诸暨红十字医院做双眼皮多少钱

义乌市肿瘤医院激光除皱手术多少钱The relationship between the Chinese people and their environment appears to be out of balance.中国人和周围的环境似乎失去了平衡。But if we dig a little bit deeper, there are some surprising and intimate connections even today.如果我们再深究一下,就会发现即使在今天,仍然有着令人惊奇的密切联系。Clues to the nature of these links can be found in everyday life, even in the centre of Chinas capital city.那些与自然联系的线索,即使在中国首都的中心,也可以从日常生活中发现。 注:视频如无法播放,请刷新 /201408/324280 永康隆胸义乌整容医院那家激光做的好



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