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东阳妇保医院做双眼皮多少钱义乌市皮肤病医院打美白针多少钱Burma's Junta Leader Says He May Relinquish Power in 2010缅甸反对党派质疑军队将移交权力The head of Burma's military junta, General Than Shwe, says he intends to give up control of the government to whoever wins elections in 2010. However, members of the opposition in Burma doubt the military will allow a transition to civilian rule. 缅甸军政府领导人丹瑞大将说,他准备把缅甸政府的控制权交给任何在2010年选举中获胜的人。不过缅甸反对党成员怀疑,军队是否会允许同意把权力移交给文职政府。Burmese general Than Shwe went on national television, Thursday, to mark the country's Armed Forces Day holiday. 缅甸军政府领导人丹瑞大将为纪念缅甸建军节在全国电视台上露面。A constitutional referendum is scheduled for May, paving the way for multi-party elections in 2010, at which time the general says power will be handed over. 缅甸定于5月份就一项宪法草案举行公投,为2010年的多党选举铺平道路。丹瑞大将说,届时他将交出权力。In his speech, he said his government has what he describes as "a sincere aim for developing the country without any cravings for power." 丹瑞在讲话中表示,他的政府是一个“对国家发展有着真诚目标,但对权力却没有任何欲望”的政府。But members of Burma's opposition are expressing doubt that the military has any intention of giving up power to civilians. Veteran opposition politician Thakin Chan Tun indicates it is likely General Than Shwe, who is now 77 years old, will have no choice but to give up power in two years' time, because of his age and health. But he says that does not mean the military will relinquish power.但是缅甸反对党成员对军政府是否会把权力移交给文职政府表示了怀疑。反对党资深成员德钦貌吞说,丹瑞大将现年77岁,由于他的年龄和健康,在未来两年里他没有其他选择,很可能不得不放弃权力。The politician says the basic principles of the constitution drafted by the military leaders allow for the military to retain control of much of the parliament and key posts in the government. He says the army will be able to continue to rule the country, even if Than Shwe gives up his post. 但是德钦貌吞说,这并不意味着军队也会放弃权力。他说,缅甸军队领导人起草的宪法草案的基本原则是,允许军队保持对议会的主要控制权,并保留关键的政府职位。即使丹瑞放弃他的职位,军队还会继续保持对缅甸的统治能力。The military has ruled Burma since a coup in 1962. The military took over virtually every aspect of the Burmese economy, which has gone from being one of the most diverse and prosperous in Southeast Asia to one of the poorest. Despite being rich in natural gas, timber and other resources, per capita income is less than 240 dollars a year. 自从军队1962年发动军事政变以来一直统治缅甸。军队实际上控制着缅甸经济的每一个层面。缅甸从一个经济最具多样性、最繁荣的东南亚国家之一,跌落到一个最贫困的东南亚国家之一。虽然缅甸有着丰富的天然气、木材和其他资源,但是缅甸的人均收入却每年不到240美元。A spike in fuel prices, last year, triggered mostly peaceful protests by thousands of Buddhist monks and others who demanded reforms. 去年燃油价格飙升引发了数千名佛教僧侣和其他人举行基本上和平的示威活动,要求实行改革。Government forces used violence to crush the demonstrations and have continued to imprison people suspected of participating in protest activities. ed Nations officials say more than 30 people were killed in the crackdown. Others say the figure is probably higher. 政府部队动用暴力镇压示威,并继续关押被怀疑参加了抗议活动的人士。联合国官员说,有30多人死于政府的镇压行动,但其他人说,这个数字可能更高。The ed States and other members of the international community have called on the Burmese leaders to undertake real democratic reforms and open a meaningful dialogue with political opponents, including opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who has been under house arrest for years. 美国和其他国际社会成员国呼吁缅甸领导人切实采取改革措施,并同包括反对派领袖昂山素季在内的政治反对派人士开展有实质意义的对话,昂山素季多年来一直被软禁。Burmese leaders have launched what they call a "road map to democracy," approving a draft constitution that will go before voters in May. Washington has labeled the referendum a sham because it was drafted in a closed process by a hand-picked committee dominated by senior officials of the military government. 缅甸领导人启动了他们所称的“民主路线图”。他们批准一项宪法草案,选民将于今年5月进行表决。美国政府称这项公投是骗局,因为宪法草案是由政府筛选出来的、以军政府高级官员为主的委员会秘密起草的。200803/32617义乌市立医院激光去斑多少钱 Script:Todd Benjamin is with me, you have been banging on about credit risk for as long as I can remember in the housing market. So Todd, is this serious?Well, I think it’s serious in the short term. Right now, basically, you can’t get credit. You are having a many crises here, a many credit crunch. I think people are reassessing risk. That is what this is all about. Because for so long, financing was dirt-cheap, Richard, money was dirt-cheap. And therefore let the party continue, you had all this emanate activity. It still is, it still is relatively cheap, Todd, it’s still relatively cheap. It’s relatively cheap, and you are right. Corporate defaults are at a twelve-year low but nevertheless, people are pricing it differently. You know, so cheap. Wait a second, Richard, if it was so cheap , then the deal to finance Chrysler would have gone through this week, the deal to finance Boots would have gone through this week, and the deal for (greed, Todd, greed),no ,no, no ,no the deal to finance the North American operations of Cadbury Shops would have gone through. Right now, credit is getting more expensive and the reason it's getting more expensive is because people are questioning the amount of risk they wanna take. And that if you have like a pyramid here, and it all started from the problems in the housing market, of the sub-prime market, and now it is starting to spill out.( Alright.) Long overdue. Alright, so it’s longer overdue, and it’s a nasty blip on the horizon, that doesn’t answer our question of all our goods which they want to know tonight, is it going to continue?I think it continues in the short term, I think what people don’t know is where exactly is the cost of money going to be? And as long as eerie is this uncertainty over the credit market, it’s going to be tough for the stock market to make it away.I see a fence here, Todd, I see a fence (I'm not sitting on the fence.)here that you are sitting on.No, I am not sitting on the fence at all. Richard, listen to what I am saying here instead of trying to be a showman right now. What’s going on is this, very very simply, people think moneys can be more expensive because it’s more risky, taking on certain loans. Emanate activity has been the lifeblood of this market, alright? If the deals aren’t gonna go through, that cause them the question how long the rally can last? Now, back against the fundamentals of this is that basically the global economy is in great shape, corporate earnings are good, and therefore if it weren’t for that, we’d be in bigger trouble than we are right now. Alright, Todd, we have to act the showmen as you put it, carry on, carry on with the circus tonight. Notes:sit on a fence: To remain neutral, to refuse to take sides in a dispute200807/44309诸暨红十字医院祛痘多少钱

诸暨市红十字医院治疗痘痘多少钱;Say when!; ———— “够了说一声!”英文释义 Expression used by a host when pouring liquid that means tell me when I have given you enough.例句 My cautious grandfather always quietly said say when as he poured wine in my glass.我谨慎的祖父在给我倒葡萄酒时总会小声地说:“够了就说一声!” /201605/445081义乌去哪种医院做隆鼻好 Maoists Performing Better than Expected as Nepal Counts Votes尼泊尔清点选票无政党获绝对优势  Vote counting is under way in Nepal following the nation's historic constituent assembly election. Officials say preliminary reports indicate a high turnout and a low level of vote manipulation. That is expected to formally end more than 200 years of monarchy.  尼泊尔举行具有历史意义的国民议会选举之后,目前正在清点选票。有关官员说,初步点票结果显示选民投票率很高,而且选举中的舞弊行为很少。预计这次选举将使尼泊尔持续200多年的君主制宣告结束。 Ballot boxes are being flown by helicopter and hand-carried by porters to counting centers across this remote Himalayan country. 在这个地处喜马拉雅偏远山区的国家,直升机和搬运工把票箱送往各地的计票中心。While there were a few incidents of violence, including some casualties, overall it appears that the first election here in nine years occurred with less trouble than predicted.  尽管发生了一些暴力事件,并造成了伤亡,但总体而言,尼泊尔9年来的第一次选举中出现的问题看来比预期的要少。Aditi Bhaduri of the Asian Network for Free Elections says it is still premature, however, for international observers to render a verdict on the integrity of the election. 亚洲自由选举网络组织的比哈杜里说,尽管如此,要让国际观察员对这次选举的公正性做出评判,现在还为时过早。"Observers in Kathmandu are observing the counting. But most of our other observers are all coming back and we are having a debriefing about their observations yesterday across the five regions of Nepal. And tomorrow (Saturday) we'll be releasing our initial findings and observation," said Bhaduri. 他说:“加德满都的观察员正在对点票工作进行监督。但是,我们的其他大部分观察员还在返回途中,我们将听取他们昨天在尼泊尔5个选区观察到的情况。明天我们将公布初步结果和观察报告。”Initial results show the centrist Nepal Congress Party leading in about half of the districts in the capital. The Maoists, who were expected to do well in many rural areas, are making a better-than-predicted showing in some urban districts.  初步点票结果显示,持中间立场的尼泊尔大会党在加德满都的将近一半地区处于领先地位。毛派组织在一些地区的得票超过预期。人们预计,毛派组织将在很多农村地区得到大量选票。The Maoists waged a decade-long civil war against the government to rid Nepal of the monarchy and have been in and out of the interim coalition government since signing a 2006 peace accord. 毛派组织为了推翻尼泊尔的君主制而发动了持续10年之久的反政府内战。自从2006年签订和平协议以来,毛派组织与临时联合政府时分时合。Their strong showing does not worry jewelry merchant Mohan Rajbanshi, who runs a shop inside one of Kathmandu's top hotels.  珠宝商拉吉班什的店铺设在加德满都的一家顶级酒店里。他对毛派组织在选举中的强劲势头并不感到担忧。"They're also educated people and they will, I hope, make a good Nepal," he said. 他说:“他们也是受过教育的人,我希望他们会把尼泊尔建设好。”No one party is expected to be dominant. Regardless of the outcome there is tremendous anticipation here that the election will end years of bloodshed and bring peace to this impoverished nation.  预计任何一个政党都不会取得压倒优势。无论选举结果如何,人们强烈预期这次选举将结束多年的流血,把和平带给这个贫穷的国家。The 601-member special assembly is mandated to write a new constitution. The assembly is expected to formally put an end to the world's last Hindu monarchy, making Nepal a republic.  共有601个席位的尼泊尔特别国民议会受权起草一部新宪法,预计这将正式宣告世界上最后一个信仰印度教的王国抛弃君主制,成为共和国。Nepal is heavily dependent on foreign aid and Japan is the largest donor among foreign countries. An influential Japanese lawmaker who observed the election, Tadahiko Ito, told reporters Friday that while Nepal should not expect a boost in development assistance from Tokyo, the peaceful election will certainly yield economic dividends. Ito says political stability will heighten interest about Nepal among Japanese investors. Re-polling is expected to be needed at several dozen polling booths. Results for most, if not all, seats allocated by the constituency method are set to be announced in about 10 days. Two-thirds of the assembly will be seated through proportional representation and the complex calculation for those slots could take several weeks. 预计几十个投票站将重新举行投票。按照预定日程,将在大约10天内宣布大部分选区或者全部选区的议会席位分配情况。尼泊尔国民议会三分之二的席位将按照选区的人口比例加以分配,由于涉及复杂的计算,这个过程可能需要几个星期才能完成。 200804/34376义乌打水光针医院

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