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Pro-government forces in Libya say they have taken control of Islamic States headquarters in the city of Sirte. The statement was issued by forces loyal to Libya’s Government of National Accord (GNA).利比亚亲政府部队说,他们已经控制了伊斯兰国组织在苏尔特市的总部所在地。这份声明是由效忠利比亚全国团结政府的部队发出的。The U.S. has been carrying out airstrikes aimed at pushing IS out of Sirte, a key coastal city that has served as a base for the terror group’s operations.美国一直在对伊斯兰国组织的目标发动空袭,意图是要把这个恐怖组织赶出苏尔特市。这个沿海城市一直是伊斯兰国组织实施行动的一个据点。U.S officials on Wednesday stressed that U.S.troops are not engaged in any direct fighting on the ground.美国官员星期三强调,美军地面部队不参与任何直接地面战斗。Pentagon Press Secretary Gordon Trowbridge said, ;our mission in Libya is focused solely on conducting air strikes at the request and in support of forces aligned with Libyas Government of National Accord. We are providing unique capabilities - notably intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) and precision strikes - that will help enable GNA-aligned forces to make a decisive, strategic advance.;五角大楼发言人特洛布里奇说:“我们在利比亚的使命仅限于空袭行动,这是在效忠利比亚全国团结政府部队的请求下给予的持。我们提供特殊帮助-特别是在情报、监视、侦察以及精准打击方面,这将有助于叙利亚全国团结政府的部队做出果断和战略性推进。”来 /201608/460663The most distinctive characteristic of the French presidential election campaign so far has been its dramatic challenge to the French establishment. Former conservative leaders Nicolas Sarkozy and Alain Juppé were soundly defeated in the Republican primary, while the abysmally unpopular Fran?ois Hollande was forced to withdraw from the race the first time a sitting president has been too weak to stand for re-election. To complete the rout, prime minister Manuel Valls was pushed out of the Socialist primary by the more radical Beno?t Hamon.目前为止,此次法国总统大选最与众不同的特征,是它给法国建制派带来的巨大挑战。前保守派领导人尼古萨科Nicolas Sarkozy)和阿朱佩(Alain Juppé)在法国共和党(Republican)初选中彻底落败,而极不受欢迎的弗朗索奥朗Fran?ois Hollande)被迫退出角逐——现任总统弱势到不竞选连任的地步,这是头一次。让建制派的溃败成为定局的是,前总理曼努埃尔?瓦尔Manuel Valls)在社会党(Socialist)初选中败给了更激进的伯努阿蒙(Beno?t Hamon)。This anti-incumbent surge echoes the Anglo-American insurgencies that recently produced the Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump. But it also expresses a widesp French distrust of political parties, itself part of an older anti-establishment populist tradition. “Sortez les sortants(“Kick the bums out, the slogan of the 1950s populist politician Pierre Poujade, could well serve as the motto of the 2017 campaign.这股反现任浪潮呼应了在英美出现的反叛——最近造就了英国退欧的公投结果以及唐纳特朗Donald Trump)当选美国总统。但这也反映了在法国普遍存在的对政治党派的不信任——这种不信任本身是过去反建制派民粹主义传统的一部分。上世纪50年代民粹主义政客皮埃布热Pierre Poujade)的口号——“把混子踢出局Sortez les sortants),同样很适合作为2017年大选的座右铭。Turbulence has now become the defining feature of the campaign. The Republicanscandidate, Fran?ois Fillon, who at the end of 2016 looked like he was coasting to an easy victory, has become mired in a scandal after the satirical newspaper Le Canard Encha?né uncovered how he allegedly turned his parliamentary allowances into family benefits over a period of more than two decades.如今动荡已经成了此次大选的决定性特征。在2016年底时看似会轻松取胜的法国共和党候选人弗朗索瓦?菲永(Fran?ois Fillon),在讽刺性报道见长的报纸《鸭鸣报Le Canard Encha?né)曝光其涉嫌在长达20多年的时间里,把议会津贴转为家庭福利后,陷入丑闻之中。Although Mr Fillon survived the revelations, and offered a (grudging) apology, the scandal has damaged his position in the polls. The affair also revealed the underlying frailty of his campaign, widely perceived as unimaginative, lacking a presidential grand narrative and incoherent: for all his claims to represent fundamental change, Mr Fillon was, after all, Mr Sarkozy’s prime minister for five years.尽管菲永挺过了那次曝光并(勉强)作了道歉,但这一丑闻损害了他在民调中的地位。此次事件也暴露了他的竞选的潜在弱点:尽管他声称自己代表着彻底改革,但毕竟他给萨科齐当年的总理。菲永的竞选也被普遍认为缺乏想象力、缺少总统应该具备的宏大叙事并且前后不连贯。The immediate beneficiary of Mr Fillon’s misfortunes was Emmanuel Macron, Mr Hollande’s former economy minister, who is running as an independent centrist. Mr Macron’s appeal lies in his youthful energy, intelligence, cosmopolitan outlook and his belief that the French people are tired of the hackneyed debates between left and right.菲永丑闻的直接受益者是奥朗德的前经济部长埃马纽埃尔?马克Emmanuel Macron)——目前以独立的中间派身份参加竞选。马克龙的吸引力在于他的朝气蓬勃、才智、国际化的视野、以及他相信法国民众已经厌倦了左右翼之间陈腐的辩论。Borrowing from the Poujadiste playbook and pitching himself as an outsider, he saw his ratings surge as he briefly overtook Mr Fillon in the polls. But Mr Macron, too, has now become embroiled in controversy: his description of the French colonial era in Algeria as a “crime against humanityprovoked an outcry among conservatives.马克龙借鉴了布热德主义(Poujadiste)的剧本,把自己定位成局外人,从而持率飙升,曾在民调中短暂超越了菲永。但眼下马克龙也陷入了争议之中:他把法国在阿尔及利亚的殖民时期形容为“反人类罪行”,这引发了保守派的强烈抗议。Interesting in itself as a measure of the continuing incapacity of French elites to address France’s colonial legacy, the row also underscores Mr Macron’s greatest frailty: his vulnerability to attack as soon as he offers specific pronouncements (so far, his campaign has been decidedly thin on detail). More fundamentally, as a graduate of the école Nationale d’Administration, the cocoon for the French elite, a former banker at Rothschild’s and close adviser to the president, his claims to represent renewal are unsustainable.这场反映了法国精英持续无法应对法国殖民遗产的争论本身很有意思,同时也突显了马克龙最大的弱点:他一提出具体声明,就容易受到攻击(目前为止,他的竞选在细节上明显十分薄弱)。更根本的是,作为法国国家行政学école Nationale dAdministration)——法国精英的孵化器——的毕业生、洛希尔(Rothschild amp; Cie Banque)的前家、以及法国总统的亲密顾问,他声称自己代表革新的说法站不住脚。The misfortunes of Messrs Fillon and Macron should have provided a perfect opportunity for the two main candidates of the left, Mr Hamon and Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who both espouse a form of progressive populism. Their programmes overlap in a number of significant respects notably on the need for a new constitutional settlement in the form of a “Sixth Republic the abolition of controversial labour laws and higher taxes on the wealthy.菲永和马克龙二人的霉运本应该为剩下的两名主要左翼候选人带来天赐良机——伯努瓦?阿蒙和让-吕克?梅朗Jean-Luc Mélenchon),两人都持某种进步民粹主义。阿蒙和梅朗雄的方针在很多重要方面都存在重合——特别是主张需要代表“第六共和国Sixth Republic)的新的宪法,废除具有争议的劳工法并对富人增税。These convergences could have provided the basis for a common platform, thereby energising the leftwing rank and file who have been in a catatonic state during the Hollande presidency. But it appears that negotiations between the two men have broken down, with the abrasive Mr Mélenchon declaring that he had “no intention of going and hitching myself to a hearse这些共通点本可以为建立共同的政治纲领奠定基础,从而促使那些在奥朗德任期内死气沉沉的左翼普通成员活跃起来。但二人之间的谈判似乎破裂了,梅朗雄不客气地宣称,他“无意搭上一辆灵车”。With a neutered right, a flaky centre and a divided left, the only beneficiary has been Marine Le Pen fittingly, as her far-right National Front is the inheritor of the Poujadiste tradition. She is now clearly the frontrunner, and though the polls predict that she would lose to any mainstream candidate in the second round of the presidential election, the margins of her projected defeats are getting thinner.在右翼没戏、中间派地位不稳、左翼存在内部分歧的情况下,唯一的受益者是马琳?勒庞(Marine Le Pen)——她领导的极右翼党派国民阵线(National Front)继承了布热德主义传统的衣钵。眼下她明显成了领跑者,尽管民调预测她会在第二轮总统竞选中输给主流候选人,但对于她会以多大差距落败的预测值正变得越来越小。Until now, the prevailing view has been that it is inconceivable that France could elect a National Front president. Yet we have heard that before, closer to home. If French political elites do not get their act together soon, a Poujadiste “Frexiterand admirer of Mr Trump could well find herself in the Elysée Palace in May.目前为止,普遍观点是法国选出一位国民阵线领导人担任总统是一件不可思议的事。不过我们之前听到过同样的话,就在我们自己的国家。如果法国政治精英不快点采取有效行动的话,一位崇拜特朗普的布热德主义“法国退欧派”可能会月发现自己已经入主爱丽舍Elysée Palace)了。来 /201702/494234Beijings high-tech zone Zhongguancun saw fast revenue growth in the first eight months this year despite the countrys economic slowdown, statistics show.统计数据显示,尽管我国的经济有所放缓,不过北京高新技术区中关村今年前8个月的收入增长依然很快。The revenue of high-tech enterprises above a designated size in the zone reached 2.49 trillion yuan (373 billion U.S. dollars), an increase of 16.4 percent year-on-year, the fastest this year, said the Beijing Statistics Bureau.据北京市统计局表示,中关村是今年收入增长最快的地区,该地区的高新技术企业的收入达到.49万亿元(约为3730亿美元),同比增6.4%。The six key high-tech sectors including new materials, electronics and information, in the zone, all maintained rapid growth, said the bureau.该统计局称,中关村开发区内包括新材料、电子信息在内的六个主要高新技术领域,都保持着快速增长的速度。Innovation continued to be active among the companies.企业间的创新发展保持着活跃的势头。From Jan. to Aug., the number of research and development personnel in Zhongguancun totalled 544,000, an increase of 5.8 percent from the same period last year.从今月份月份,中关村研发人员的总人数达到了54.4万人,与去年同时期相比的人数增加.8%。The companies daily research and development expenditure grew 16.4 percent year-on-year to reach 85 billion yuan during the period.在此期间,这些企业的日常研发出高达850亿元,同比增加了16.4%。Zhongguancun, known as ;Chinas Silicon Valley,; has the biggest concentration of listed technology companies in China.中关村被称为“中国的硅谷”,是中国上市科技公司聚集最多的地区。The high-tech park plays a vital role in the countrys plan to transform Beijing into a national scientific and technological innovation hub.高新技术园在促使北京转变成国家科技创新中心的国家规划中,起着至关重要的作用。来 /201610/470705

Beijing will ;resolutely curb; secessionist activities seeking ;Taiwan independence; in any form, and will never let the historic tragedy of ;national separation; recur, President Xi Jinping said on Saturday.国家主席习近平上周六表示,中国政府将“坚决遏制”任何形式的“台独”分裂行径,决不让“民族分离”的历史性悲剧重演。It is the first time Xi has made remarks on cross-Straits relations since Tsai Ing-wen, chairwoman of Taiwans pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party, won a leadership election on the island in January. She is scheduled to take office in May.这是自倾向台湾独立的民进党主席蔡英文于今年1月当选台湾领导人后,习近平主席第一次就两岸关系发表言论。蔡英文按计划将于今年五月正式上任;Our policy toward Taiwan has been consistent and clear and will not change because of political changes in Taiwan,; Xi said.习近平主席表示:“我们对台方针始终如一,也非常清楚,不会因台湾政权更迭而有所改变。”He said the 1992 Consensus, which says both Taiwan and the mainland are parts of one China, explicitly defines the nature of the cross-Straits relationship and is crucial to the stable and long-term development of cross-Straits ties. Only by acknowledging the 1992 Consensus, and accepting its core content, can the two sides have a common political foundation and maintain healthy interactions.习主席表示,《九二共识》规定,台湾和大陆都是中国的一部分,它明确界定了两岸关系的性质,是确保两岸关系长期和平发展的关键。只有承认《九二共识》这一历史事实,认同其核心内涵,两岸间才有共同的政治基础,才能保持良性的互动。The past eight years, during which time Ma Ying-jeou has served as the islands leader, have been marked by smooth exchanges between the mainland and Taiwan.在马英九担任台湾领导人的过去八年间,大陆和台湾之间一直保持着良性的互动;Compatriots across the Straits are very expectant about the peaceful development of cross-Straits ties, and we should not let them down,; Xi said.习近平主席表示:“两岸同胞对推进两岸关系和平发展充满期待,我们不应让他们失望。”Premier Li Keqiang also said in the Government Work Report on Saturday that authorities on the mainland will uphold its policies toward Taiwan, oppose separatist activities, maintain the peaceful development of cross Straits relations and safeguard peace and stability of the Taiwan Straits. ;We will strive to make progress in cross-Straits economic integration. We will encourage cultural, educational, scientific and technological exchanges and help strengthen exchanges between ordinary people and the younger generation on both sides of the Straits,; he said.在周六的政府工作报告上,国家总理李克强也表示,中国政府将继续坚持对台工作的大政方针,坚决反对“台独”分裂活动,维护两岸关系和平发展和台海和平稳定。他说,“我们将努力推进两岸经济融合发展,促进两岸文化、教育、科技等领域交流,加强两岸基层和青年交流。”He added that, guided by the conviction that people on both sides of the Straits belong to one and the same family, the mainland will share with people in Taiwan both the responsibility of the Chinese nation and opportunities for development, and jointly build a cross-Straits community of common destiny.此外,李克强总理还补充说道,我们将秉持“两岸一家亲”理念,同台湾同胞共担民族大义,共享发展机遇,携手构建两岸命运共同体。来 /201603/430668

If you sign your name in a large flourish, you just might be a narcissist.如果你的签名字体比较大,那你可能是个自恋狂。According to recent studies, signatures can be a tell-tale sign of a person’s darker traits, revealing if they are authoritative and exploitative.根据最近的研究,签名或是揭露人是否有权威感和特权感等腹黑个性的标志。In addition, researchers have found that a large signature is linked to those who enjoy being the center of attention and for women especially, this writing style was tied to narcissism.此外,科研人员们还发现,字体大的人喜欢成为众人瞩目的中心。尤其是女性,使用这种大字体书写方式的女性非常自恋。A study analyzing the signatures of 500 chief financial officers found that signature size is linked only to the dark elements of narcissism, according to PsyBlog.心理客表示,一项对500名首席财务官的签名的研究发现,签名的大小与只与自恋特质中的阴暗面有关。Positive traits associated with narcissism, such as self-confidence, were not found to be related.但研究发现,与自恋相关的积极个性特征,比如自信,与此并无关系。Instead, they noted a relationship between signature size, authoritativeness and exploitativeness.研究人员注意到,签名大小与权威感和特权感有关。And, CFOs with the largest signatures were more likely lie about the company’s earnings or relax internal controls.签名字体越大的首席财务官,越有可能谎报公司盈利或对公司疏于管理。‘In an ideal setting, you would be in direct contact with executives and have them take a personality test,said Dr Charles Ham, one of the study’s authors.该研究的一位作者Charles Ham士说:“理想研究环境是直接接触高管,并对他们进行人格测试。”‘But that’s not usually possible. A signature comes directly from the executive.“但这行不通。可签名却是直接来自高管的。”‘We used two laboratory tests to establish the link between signature size and narcissism.’“我们使用两个不同的实验室测试,来确定签名大小和自恋之间的联系。”President Trump is among many well-known figures to use a large, illegible signature.特朗普总统经常使用一个很大又难以辨认的签名,这样的名人还有很多。And in his hand-written letters, he often uses all uppercase and overtakes much of the page.在他手写的信件中,他的签名经常使用大写,占据很大的页面。In a similar study, published in the Journal of Research in Personality, researchers investigated the relationship between signature size and a number of traits, including aggressive and sociable dominance, narcissism, and self-esteem.发表在《人格研究杂志》上的一项类似的研究中,研究人员调查了签名的大小和个性之间的关系,包括好斗和社会配倾向,自恋和自尊。The team analyzed the signatures of 340 Uruguayan university students.研究小组分析40名乌拉圭大学生的签名。This revealed ‘a significant link between signature size and sociable dominance, both for males and females, while narcissism was only in females significantly associated with signature size.’研究显示了签名大小和社会配倾向之间的显著联系(不论男女),而自恋只与女性的签名大小显著相关。People who score higher in sociable dominance often like to be the center of attention, the researchers explained.研究人员解释说,有社会配倾向的人通常喜欢成为关注的焦点。‘Given the positive association of signature size and sociable dominance, larger signatures could be interpreted as a signal of the inclination to stand out and occupy a central position within a group,they wrote.研究人员写道,“考虑到签名大小和社会配倾向的正相关,更大的签名可以解释为,签名者倾向于在群体中引人注目,成为人们关注的焦点。”And, signature size isn’t the only indication that a person might be a narcissist.但签名大小不是暗示一个人自恋与否的唯一标志。The use of extra lines or exclamation marks could be revealing as well, according to PsyBlog.心理客说道,使用额外的划线或感叹号也可以揭示自恋倾向。‘We’ve looked for that silver lining, and we haven’t found it,Dr Ham said, explaining that many people consider narcissism a ‘good traitand often link it to Steve Jobs.哈姆士解释说,很多人认为自恋是一个“好的特质”,并且经常把它与史蒂夫?乔布斯联系起来。他说,“我们也在寻找这种可能,然而并没有发现。”‘We didn’t predict at first that signature size would be related only to the dark elements of narcissism. But that’s what we found.’“我们一开始并没有想到,签名的大小只会与自恋特质中的阴暗面有关。但这就是我们的研究发现。”来 /201703/496350

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