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Good and Bad面料优劣I want to buy some cloth to make a curtain. Which one is better?我想扯点布做窗帘哪一种比较好?What about the twill? It washes well and wont lose shape.斜纹布怎么样呢?很容易洗并且不会走样What about the cotton one?棉布呢?Well, it cheap and actually the color fades easily when washed.嗯,棉布很便宜,但事实上一洗颜色就掉了 575 Take your vitamins 5 用适合自己的维他命You wont lose more weight by taking vitamin and mineral supplements,but you will get the proper balance of nutrients to keep you in top shape while you lose weight.用维他命和矿物质这两种补品是不会让你多减几磅的,但在你减肥时,却可以适当补充均衡的营养使你的健康保持在最佳的状态But dont megadose.No one needs more than 0 percent of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of a nutrient,says the American Dietetic Association.In fact,taking some vitamins in excess can be toxic.Your best bet is to take a multiple vitamin that meets the daily RDA.但是千万不要用过量美国营养协会表示,我们用一种营养品时,绝不可超过其标示的建议剂量(RDA)事实上,某些维他命吃太多可能会中毒最好的办法是吃符合每日RDA的多种维他命健身短语1.in excess 过度.Your best bet is to V 你最好的办法是.... 36

必背句型:A:The federal government promulgated the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act.联邦政府颁布了《水清洁法和《空气清洁法B:When did the federal government promulgate them?什么时候颁发的?The federal government issued the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act.联邦政府颁布了《水清洁法和《空气清洁法The government will issue new law.政府将要颁布新的法律The government will promulgate new law.政府将要颁布新的法律延伸阅读:A:What does the law requires?法律规定什么?B:The law requires a detailed analysis of a proposed project.法律规定要对拟定项目作详尽的分析He requires a detailed analysis of the contract.他要求对合同作详尽的分析He needs a detailed analysis of the contract.他需要一份对合同详尽的分析Who will make a detailed analysis of the contract?谁将对合同作详尽的分析? 5

The service on the plane机上务May I leave my baggage there?我的行李可以放在那里吗?How do you adjust this seat?这座椅怎么调整?Do you have anything to ?有什么可供阅读的?Will you explain how to fasten the seat belt?能告诉我如何系安全带吗?Please show me how to turn on the light.请教我如何开灯Should I pay the drinks?我要付饮料费吗?When can I buy some duty-free goods?我什么时候可以买一些免税品Please put out your cigarettes and fasten your seat belt.请熄灭您的烟,同时系上安全带Can you warm the milk me?请您把牛奶给我热一热好吗?Please wake me up dinner.请吃饭的时候叫醒我You can just press the button on your armrest.您只需一下扶手上的钮Slip the belt into the buckle and pull tight.把带子穿进扣环,然后抽紧The seat belt may remind one of something dangerous.安全带让人想到某些危险 3883

共进午餐Having Lunch Together午餐时间lunch breakA: Will there be time given to eat something at noon?B: Yes.We have an hour lunch break.该吃午饭了It time lunch.It lunch time.A: It time lunch.Let go.B: OK,Im hungry.吃午饭时谈discusstalk it over lunchA: We need to talk about the plans next year.B: Let discuss it over lunch.食堂canteencafeteriaA: Let go lunch right now,there a meeting 30 minutes from now.B: All right,weve no choice but to the canteen.出去吃午饭go out lunchA: Where do you want to go lunch? Im bored of the Cafeteria.B: How about going out lunch?推荐recommendA: Where shall we have lunch?B: Id like to recommend a place to go.点菜orderplace an orderA: Are you y to order?B: Id like something fast.Any recommendations?随便Anything is OKfinewill do.A: Here is the .What would you like?B: Anything is OK.便餐清淡的light mealA: What are you in the mood ?B: I want to have a light meal.餐具dishwareA: Excuse me,where can I get some dishware?B: Right by the checkout desk.餐巾纸napkinA: Could you get us some napkins?B: Sure.I will be right with you.午休时还工作work through lunch breakA: Excuse me,Tom.I hate to bother you,but I do need your help.Can you brief me on the selling today?B: I would like to help.But I am really busy today.The only time I can manage to squeeze you in is the lunch break.A: I hate to make you work through your lunch break.B: It ok,I have got used to that. 3510

Closing Days of Museums物馆闭馆I dont think we come here at a right time.我觉得我们来的不是时候What wrong?怎么了?The museum doesnt open today.物馆今天不开放What a pity!太遗憾了Where shall we go now?我们现在去哪里?Why not have a visit to the zoo?为什么不去动物园呢? 58195

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