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东阳除皱的费用浦江县去色素痣多少钱What#39;s fascinating about trying to tell a history through objects is that they go on to have lives and destinies never dreamt of by those who made them-and that#39;s certainly true of this pot.通过物品讲述历史最迷人之处就是,这些物品自身拥有的生命与命运,远远超越了当时制造人的想象。这件陶器也并不例外。这些漆金箔内衬大概是在公元十七或十九世纪贴上去的,当时古代陶器开始陆续出土,被日本学者们收集跟展览起来。That gold leaf was applied somewhere between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries, when ancient pots were being discovered, collected and displayed by Japanese scholars. And it was probably a wealthy collector a couple of hundred years ago who had the inside of the pot lacquered with a thin layer of gold. After seven thousand years of existence, our Jomon pot then began a new life-as a #39;mizusashi#39;, or water jar, for that quintessentially Japanese ritual, the Tea Ceremony.这件陶器可能在几百年前,曾经辗转落入一个富有的收藏家手中,他就在这陶钵内壁贴上了一层薄薄的漆金箔内衬。经过七千多年的历史尘封,几百年前我们这绳纹钵被重新赐于了第二生命,变成一个水罐子,运用于最典型的日本文化礼仪之一的茶道。I don#39;t think that its maker would have minded. We know there were all sorts of rituals and ceremonies involving pots in the time of the Jomon. In that society, as in virtually all others, pots quickly went beyond their functional purpose to become objects of desire and display.我并不觉得它最初的制造者会介意这点。现在我们知道在绳纹时期,已经存在了各种与陶器相关的礼仪与仪式。在那个社会里,几乎像其他社会一样,陶器很快就超越了其最初的功能性价值,变成一种人类爱好与展示的物品。In their many manifestations, pots resonate throughout human history, from the most primitive domestic meal or drink to the Last Supper; from a nomadic snack to an international banquet. If mealtimes are a microcosm of society, then pots are the very glue that binds hosts and guests, indeed the whole of society, together.在它们众多的表现方式中,纵观人类历史,从最原始农耕时代的部落饮食,到“最后的晚餐”,从游牧民族简陋的一顿饭到国际盛宴,这些锅碗瓢盆奏响一曲永恒的绝唱。假如说进餐时间是一个社会的缩影,那么这些锅碗瓢盆便是粘合主人与客人,甚至整个社会的有机结合物。This week we#39;ve traced the beginnings of farming and settlement; in the next programmes, we#39;re with the consequences: the world#39;s first cities.本周我们追寻了人类农耕时代与定居生活的开始。在下期节目中,我们将继续探讨随之而产生的世界第一座城市。 Article/201405/297974浙大附属义乌医院做祛疤手术多少钱 Learn how to manage your allowance so you can set aside some money for special goals, like college funds or a computer.学习一下怎样管理自己的零用钱,这样就可以存钱用于特定的目标,例如大学基金或购买电脑。You Will Need你需要Discipline严于律己A journal日志Money钱Envelopes (optional)信封(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Set goals1.设定目标Set goals for the short-term and the long-term. A short-term goal may be something less expensive, while a long-term goal may cost more.设定短期和长期目标。短期目标可以是比较便宜的物品,长期目标可能就比较昂贵。Step 2 Save2.储蓄Figure out how much of your allowance you want to save and how much you want to spend. Put aside a percentage for your long-term goals.把零用钱分配好,想要存多少,想要花掉多少。把一部分放起来用作长期目标。Take two envelopes. Write ;spend; on one and ;save; on the other and use them for motivation.准备两个信封。其中一个写上“花费”,另外一个写上“储蓄”,这样可以让你更有积极性。Step 3 Ask for small bills3.要求较小的面值Ask for small bills so you can easily separate what you want to save from what you intend to spend.让父母给较小面值的零用钱,这样比较容易区分花费和储蓄。Step 4 Keep a journal4.记录Make a list of everything you buy. If you are not saving as much as you’d like, refer to your journal for clues as to why.自己购买的任何物品做好记录。如果你没有存够自己想要的那么多钱,看一下记录,寻找原因。Step 5 Think big5.不要买太多小的物品Avoid buying a lot of small things, which add up surprisingly quickly and will eat up your allowance before you know it.不要买很多小物品,这些会很快无形中消耗掉你的零用钱。Step 6 Avoid peer pressure6.不要攀比Don’t worry about what your friends are doing with their allowances. Stick to your goals.不要理你的朋友怎样处理自己的零用钱。坚持自己的目标。As of 2006, it cost the U.S. Government about 1.23 cents to print a penny.2006年之前,美国政府印制1美分硬币花费的成本已经是1.23美分。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201304/234700克雷 舍基看到“认知盈余”-这个我们一起用我们空闲脑循环来完成的共享,在线工程。当我们忙于编辑Wiki百科全书,在Ushahidi上发帖子(是的,还有狂笑猫咪LOLcats),我们正在创造一个更好的,更加合作的世界。 Article/201307/246604东阳市横店医院做双眼皮多少钱

东阳处女膜修复多少钱Flying across one or more time zones can cause jet lag, making it difficult to stay awake during the day and fall asleep at night. While a person usually recovers from jet lag after 3 or 4 days, it is often necessary to recover faster.飞越一个或多个时区会造成时差反应,白天难以保持清醒,夜间难以入睡。通常一个人可以在三到四天的时间里克时差反应,然而,现实情况却需要你更快地恢复。You Will Need你需要Twelve to 16-hour fast12到16个小时禁食Healthy meal健康的餐饮Eating and sleeping pattern进食和睡眠模式Steps步骤Step 1 Set a time1.设定时间Determine what time you want to wake up and eat breakfast in the new time zone.确定自己在新的时区想要什么时间醒来,什么时间吃早餐。Step 2 Fast2.禁食Avoid eating anything for the 12 to 16 hours before you want to wake up.在你想要醒来的时间12到16个小时之内不要吃任何东西。Step 3 Eat3.饮食Eat a healthy and nutritional meal with high caloric value after your 16 hour fast. This overrides your normal sleep cycle and resets it.16个小时的禁食之后吃一些健康有营养的东西。这样可以推翻正常的睡眠规律,重新设定。You can use this method if you are changing shifts at work.如果你的工作需要轮班,也可以尝试这种方法。Step 4 Be consistent4.坚持Keep a consistent eating and sleeping pattern until you need to switch it again.保持一致的饮食和睡眠习惯,直到你需要重新调整。In 1965, Randy Gardner set a world record for going 264 hours, or 11 days, without sleep.1965年,嘉德纳 (Randy Gardner)创下了世界纪录,264个小时,或者11天,没有睡觉。视频听力栏目译文属。 /201304/236948永康哪家医院祛斑好 Bloody late.你迟到了。Got there as quickly as I could.我已经是最快速度赶过来了。Hughie,Hughie.Yes,please,fella.哈杰,哈杰。是的,兄弟。No more of that.That is naughty.OK?不许再做这种动作,太危险了,明白吗?Away you go.一边去吧。He#39;ll think twice about doing you again.下次他就不敢再这样阴你了。Thought you didn#39;t like me.我以为你不喜欢我。I don#39;t,but my sister over there will be upset if you get hurt.我是不喜欢,但我坐那边呢,如果你受伤了,她会生气的。She thinks you look like Antonio Banderas.她觉得你长得像安东尼奥·班德拉斯。Hey,if you shag her,I#39;ll kill you.嘿,你敢碰她我就杀了你。重点词汇:naughty 放肆例句:I#39;m being very naughty—I#39;ve ordered champagne!我今天放肆一回——我要了香槟了! Article/201406/303011东阳除皱整容哪里好

义乌佛堂赤岸镇人民妇幼保健医院光子嫩肤手术多少钱president john sculley admits apple will be约翰斯考利加盟苹果公司这件事Just another personal computer company unless macintosh在个人电脑领域 同麦金塔电脑的发布一样Becomes an industry milestone in the next 100 days.具有里程碑意义there was kind of a love affair at the beginning.一开始这里还有一段关于这两人的笑谈I mean, steve really trusted him史蒂夫非常的信任他And really saw a kindred spirit, Someone who would help him build apple.把他视为能够帮助他建设好苹果公司的灵魂伙伴His love was apple.他的挚爱就是苹果公司.He envisioned being with apple for his life.他想一生都与苹果公司为伴He said, ;but that doesn#39;t mean there won#39;t be periods他说,;虽然我不会离开苹果,但是很难说不会有这样一个时期,;when I will leave and I will do other things当我离开苹果公司去做些别的什么事情,And my life will weave in and out of apple.;我的生命会依然 伴随着苹果;once again, jobs#39; foresight was spot on.又一次,乔布斯的预言成为了现实Two years after sculley arrived at apple,在斯考利到苹果公司两年后The love affair turned sour as company profits faltered.在公司盈利失败面前,那段奇妙的关系变成了痛苦的折磨Steve was never fired from apple,史蒂夫从未在苹果公司里鲁莽行事But he was ostracized and demoted但是却被排挤和降级,And put in an office in an empty building,并且被安排进了一间空建筑的办公室And after that he he resigned in 1985在那以后,他在1985年选择了辞职,And then immediately sold his more than 6 million shares并且立刻卖掉了他大约600万美元的股票He was the largest single shareholder of apple at the time,他是苹果公司当时最大的个人股东,And sold his stock at a bad price却在低价时候卖掉了他所有的股票And didn#39;t get as much money as he should have并且没有得到他应该得到的钱,Or could have had he done it smartly,如果他能聪明处理这件事的话but he was angry.但是他太生气了。He felt so betrayed, so angry, so disillusioned他感觉如此受到背叛,愤怒,失望That sculley was, in his mind,他觉得斯考利at least part of if not the ringleader in what he viewed as a coup To remove him,就是那个最终逼迫他离开苹果的罪魁祸首and steve was pissed off,乔布斯非常愤怒And he was really pissed off about sculley而他确确实实值得对斯考利感到生气Because he brought sculley in and trusted him因为正是他自己带来了斯考利并且无比信任他And then felt betrayed by him.所以他觉得自己被背叛了So he sold his stock and he went off,因此他卖掉了自己的股票,并且选择离开Took his tens of millions of dollars带着他自己几百万美元But not hundreds of millions of dollars而不是几亿资产And started a new life.开始了新的生活. /201309/256523 以下是广告词的中英对照:Hi my name is Jason Cornwell . I#39;m user experience designer at Gmail. We have been hardworked to update Gmail with a new look.I#39;m excited to share with you some of the biggest improvements.大家好 我是Gmail的用户体验设计师Jason Carmel。经过长时间努力,我们给Gmail打造了一副新面孔。让我来给大家介绍一下“整形”后的Gmail。To start, we’ve completely redesigned the looking field of Gmail. To make it clean, simple and intuitive as possible. In addition, the new Gmail automatically adapts to fit nicely in any size window. If you prefer specific display density, you can easily set that as well. Some people use a lot of labels, others chat a lot, you can now adjust the size of label and chat area to meet your needs.首先,我们重新设计了界面 看上去更加清晰、简洁、直观。新的Gmail可以根据浏览器窗口自动调整大小,可以轻松设置每页显示的内容数量。有的用户喜欢用标签 有的用户爱好聊天 你可以根据喜好调整各功能区域的大小。Even if you do nothing, Gmail adapts to you. The new look allows themes to really shine. We update many of them with new high-resolution imagery. You may wanna take a moment to check out one of the many new high definition themes.不常用的工具Gmail会为你隐藏。新界面的主题要多炫有多炫,我们添加了很多高清图片,留着慢慢品味吧。Conversations in Gmail have been redesigned to improve the ability and to feel more like a real conversation. You also add the profile pictures so you can see who said what.我们还重新设计了Gmail的聊天功能,现在功能更完善、更贴近真实对话,还可以自定义头像,一眼就能辨认出聊天对象。Searching is the heart of the Gmail. The new search box makes it easy to customize your search to find exactly what you#39;re looking for.搜索是Gmail的核心。新的搜索栏让自定义搜索变得更加简单、精准,还提供了筛选功能,用来标记邮件。We are excited to finally share the new Gmail with you. And hope you enjoy the new design as much as we do.为了新版Gmail,我们倾注了一腔热情。希望你也能喜欢。 Article/201404/289066金华市义乌去痘医院哪家好诸暨市第四人民医院做双眼皮多少钱



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