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「英文学习笔记」vary 变化cumbersome adj. 笨重的sponsor n. 赞助者chamber n. 房间repeal vt. 废除wrap up 包裹,圆满完成I’ve heard that there are a lot of crazy laws in America. example, I on a website that in Oklahoma, taking a bite of someone else’s hamburger is illegal! Can you give us some examples of some crazy laws like that?我听说在美国有许多疯狂的法律比如,我曾经在某个网站上看到,在俄克拉荷马州,咬一口别人的汉堡居然是非法的!还有其他类似的吗?there are plenty! example In the state of Georgia, you can’t keep ice cream in your back pocket on Sundays.当然!在乔治亚州,在礼拜天,你不能把冰激淋放到你后面的口袋里去And in the great state of and my home Alabama. According to Code Section A--5, persons shall not engage in bear wrestling. I find it hard to follow this law in particular.在我的家乡,阿拉巴马州根据法律A--5,人们不允许同熊摔跤我发现这法律特别难遵循Don’t you think these laws are stupid? Do American’s really like these kinds of laws.你会认为这些法律听起来有点傻傻的吗?还是美国人会比较喜欢像这样的法律You have to realize that a lot of these laws were made more than 0 years ago and repealing a law if more of a pain in the ass than passing one. So, today, they’re ignored and arent really enced. Except the one about the bear wresting, that one was made in and they actually ence it.你必须意识到这些法律都有超过0年的历史了,废除它们比新建一个要麻烦得多所以,今天的人们选择忽略这些法律除了那个关于和熊摔跤的,那是新增的,人们必须遵守更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 55

Dialogue 1:Landlord: After seeing the apartment, are you satisfied with everything?房东:看完房子以后你还满意吗?Xiao Gao: I think so. I just have a few questions if you dont mind?小高:嗯,我只是想问几个问题,如果你不介意的话Landlord: Okay, shoot.房东:当然,尽管问Xiao Gao: Im on the fence about choosing the big room or the small room. They both seem really nice.小高:我只是不太确定是要选大的房间还是小的房间,他们看起来都不错Landlord: If I were you,Id pick the big room. It closer to the bathroom and the view is facing the city. It really the best of both worlds.房东:如果我是你,我就选大的,它离洗手间更近,并且窗子冲着市区景色很好,真的是两全其美了Xiao Gao: Youre right. I am a sucker beautiful scenery. Okay, Im sold! The big room it is. What the next step?小高:你说得对,我对美景完全没有抵抗力,好吧,我就要这个了,大的房间,那下一步怎么办?Landlord: If youre sure youd like to live here, we require that all of our tenants sign a one year lease agreement.房东:如果你确定要住在这儿的话,我们会要求所有的租客签署一个一年的租约Xiao Gao: Im sure.小高:我确定Landlord: Okay, then Ill just need your John Hancock here, here, and… here.房东:好,那我们只需要你的签名,在这里,这里和这里Xiao Gao: There you go.Are we finished?小高:好的,签好了,这样就行了吗?Landlord: That it,here your key. Youre free to move in anytime. If you have any questions,please give us a call and well be glad to assist you.房东:是的,这是你的钥匙你随时可以搬进来,如果你有任何问题就给我们打电话,我们会非常乐意帮助你的习语短语:1. shoot 尽管问. on the fence 不太确定是要某事3. the best of both worlds 两全其美. a sucker something 对某事完全没有抵抗力5. Im sold! 我要了!我买了!6. tenants 租客7. lease agreement 合同8. John Hancock 签名Dialogue :Landlord: Hello, Mr. Gao. How is the new apartment?房东:嗨,高先生,新公寓住得怎么样?Xiao Gao: Well… it great, but there a slight problem.小高:嗯,挺好的,但是有一个小问题Landlord: Oh? What thematter?房东:哦?什么问题?Xiao Gao: There a huge pest problem in the kitchen. Im worried that they might come into my room.小高:厨房里虫子是个大问题,我很担心它们会进到我屋里来Landlord: What kind of pests are we talking about?房东:你说的是什么样的虫子?Xiao Gao: Roaches!小高:Landlord: Oh, well, Im very sorry to hear that sir. Have you tried cleaning the kitchen thoroughly?房东:哦,先生,我很遗憾听到这个消息,嗯,你有没有尝试好好地清理厨房?Xiao Gao: That why I came here. Isnt there something that you guys can do?小高:这就是我来这里的原因你们能不能帮我做些什么?Landlord: Im afraid not.房东:恐怕在这件事上我们帮不了您Xiao Gao: But youre my landlord! I thought your slogan was:“above and beyond the call of duty”!小高:但是你是我的房东,我以为你们的口号就是“全心全意为顾务”Landlord: It is, but you must not have the fine print in the contract. It says here on line (A)that we are not responsible any bug infestations.房东:确实是,但是,你肯定没有读到合约上的那行小字体,合约条A部分写着,我们不对任何昆虫负责Xiao Gao: Oh, I see… In that case Ill have to hire a professional to get rid of the bugs.小高:嗯,我明白了,这样的话我就不得不去雇一家专业的除虫机构来帮我了Landlord: Im afraid so.Is there anything else that we can do you today, sir?房东:我恐怕是的,还有什么我能帮你的吗,先生?Xiao Gao: No, maam.Thank you!小高:没有了,女士,谢谢你习语短语:1. pest 昆虫. roaches cockroaches3. landlord 房东. slogan 口号5. above and beyond the call of duty 竭尽全力做某事,甚至超出职责范围6. fine print 小字7. in that case 那么; 在这种情况下8. bugs 虫子

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