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三门峡市男科医院三门峡市中医院泌尿外科第80期:Buying A SouvenirY:Can I help you,maam?Y:女士,要我效劳吗?Z:Yes,I want to buy something my husband as a souvenir.Any suggestions?Z:好的,我想买个东西给我先生当纪念品能否给个建议?Y:How about a wallet?That might come in handy.Y:皮夹怎么样?也许会用到Z:Sounds good.He might like a black one.Z:好主意,他可能喜欢黑色的Y:This way,please.Y:这边请 367三门峡网上预约 International peace envoy Kofi Annan says Syria has accepted his plan to end violence in the country. A spokesman for Mr. Annan said Tuesday Syrias response came in a letter to the U.N.-Arab League envoy. Mr. Annan met with Chinese officials Tuesday in Beijing, including Premier Wen Jiabao, as China pledged to support his mediation efforts.国际和平特使科菲.安南说,叙利亚接受了他提出的在叙利亚结束暴力的方案。安南的发言人星期二说,叙利亚通过一封给这位联合国和阿拉伯国家联盟特使的信作出了这一回应。安南星期二在北京会见了中国总理温家宝等领导人。中方承诺持他的斡旋努力。The plan calls on Syrian government forces and rebels to agree on a cease-fire and engage in dialogue. The blueprint, endorsed by the U.N. Security Council, does not include a Western and Arab demand for President Bashar al-Assad to resign ; a requirement that Russia and China oppose. U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes said Tuesday there is a basic structure in place to discuss with Russia and China what they can do to support Mr. Annan. 这一计划呼吁叙利亚政府军和反政府力量达成停火协议,并进行对话。这份联合国安理会持的草案没有纳入西方和阿拉伯国家对阿萨德辞职的要求。俄罗斯和中国的反对这一要求。美国副国家安全顾问罗兹星期二说,目前已有了基本架构,可与俄罗斯和中国讨论如何持安南。来 /201203/175632出差Business Trip出差travel on businesson the roadA: Do you often travel on business?B: Yes,I need to visit our clients here and there.出差制度travel regulationsA: What are the travel regulations of our company?B: It in the employee book. You can have a look.差旅费标准expense standard travelA: What the expense standard travel?B: It all depends.I have the related document,Ill email it to you later.出差借款advanced moneyA: Did you request advanced money?B: No.it too much trouble.Ill just use my credit card.差旅费报销单expense reportA: How to report the expenses travel?B: Attach the receipts with the expense report and submit it to the manager his signature.当天就回来make a day tripA: I have to make a day trip to Jinan.B: Oh,youd better leave very early in the morning.总公司有急事There something urgent at the head office.A: I must go as soon as possible.There something urgent at the head office.B: OK,I will arrange you at once.出差一段时间be awayout of town some timeA: What do you plan to do next month?B: I have to be away some time.出差日程安排arrangement business tripA: Can you tell me the arrangement my business trip to Beijing,Miss Liu?B: Of course.Next Monday,youll leave Beijing by plane at oclock in the afternoon.Mr.Wang will meet you at the airport and drive you to Beijing Hotel.订机票book the flightA: Have you booked the flight to Beijing?B: Yes.And Ive got your plane tickets.A: Thank you.接机airport pick-upA: When will you arrive in New York?B: a.m.A: Will anybody pick you up at the airport?B: Theyve arranged it.I just hope the chauffeur could show up.订一个单人间reservebook a single roomA: How about the hotel?B: Ive reserved a single room in Beijing Hotel there.It said to be the best there. 9三门峡郑大中医医院在那

三门峡中医院包皮手术多少钱三门峡腺性龟头炎要多少钱 Donors Find A Home In Obama's Ambassador Corps摘要:前副总统蒙代Walter Mondale)、前参议院多数党领袖曼斯菲尔Mike Mansfield)和贝克尔(Howard Baker)及前众议院议长福Tom Foley)都曾担任驻日本大使,他们在这个充斥着军事与贸易紧张关系的地区经营着美国与日本这一复杂而重要的盟友的关系。The U.S. Embassy in Tokyo has seen its share of luminaries in the ambassador's suite. Former Vice President Walter Mondale, former Senate Majority Leaders Mike Mansfield and Howard Baker and former House Speaker Tom Foley are among those who have brokered relations with a complex and critical ally in a region bristling with military and trade tensions.President Barack Obama's pick for the post is from a different mold: John Roos, a San Francisco Bay area lawyer, was the president's chief Silicon Valley fundraiser and contributions 'bundler.' He has no diplomatic experience.Mr. Obama's choice of Mr. Roos, along with other political boosters -- from former investment banker Louis B. Susman, known as the 'vacuum cleaner' for his fundraising prowess, to Pittsburgh Steelers owner Dan Rooney -- has raised eyebrows among some who thought the president would extend his mantra of change to the diplomatic corps.'We're not only insulting nations [that] we're appointing these bundlers to, we're risking U.S. diplomatic efforts in these key countries,' said Craig Holman, a government-affairs lobbyist at watchdog group Public Citizen.This tension can be traced back to Mr. Obama's claim during last year's campaign that President George W. Bush engaged in an 'extraordinary politicization of foreign policy.' Mr. Obama said he instead would ensure that hires are based on merit, rather than party or ideology. The American Academy of Diplomacy, an association of former diplomats, seized on the comments in lobbying him to lower the portion of ambassadors drawn from outside the foreign-service establishment to as little as 10% from the 30% average since President John F. Kennedy's tenure. (Mr. Bush's score was 33%.)Of the Obama administration's 55 ambassadorial nominees so far, 33 -- or 60% -- have gone to people outside the foreign-service ranks, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.That ratio is almost certain to tilt back toward career diplomats as dozens of the remaining posts are filled.'The president said in January that he would nominate extremely qualified individuals like Mr. Roos, former Congressman Tim Roemer, and Miguel Diaz, who didn't necessarily come up through the ranks of the State Department, but want to serve their country in important diplomatic posts,' said White House spokesman Tommy Vietor.Mr. Obama has chosen some diplomatic heavy hitters. Diplomacy experts have praised the experience of Christopher Hill, ambassador to Iraq; Lt. Gen. Karl Eikenberry, ambassador to Afghanistan; and ed Nations Ambassador Susan Rice.Representatives of Mr. Roos and other ambassadorial nominees said they wouldn't comment before confirmation, a customary position for all nominees, White House aides said.Ronald E. Neumann, president of the Academy and a retired Foreign Service officer, cautioned that it is far too early to tell how the Obama lineup will look. When administrations turn over, the first ambassadors to leave their posts often are the prior president's political appointees; those spots are first to be filled, in turn, with new political appointees. Mr. Roos's predecessor in Tokyo, in fact, was a former business partner of Mr. Bush, although he had served as ambassador to Australia before the Japan post. /07/76695卢氏县第二人民医院泌尿系统在线咨询

三门峡郑大中医泌尿专科医院泌尿系统在线咨询 导购口语:Pearls of higher quality have better gloss.高品质的珍珠色泽较好A flawless diamond is invisible underwater.毫无瑕疵的钻石在水中是看不见的This bracelet is studded with diamonds.这幅手镯镶满了钻石 语句:Pearls of higher quality高品质的珍珠;a flawless diamond毫无瑕疵的钻石;be studded with diamonds镶满了钻石 情景再现:Natural pearls are of higher value but the cultured pearls have equal luster and beauty.天然珍珠的价值较高,不过养殖珍珠也跟天然珍珠一样光美丽 73三门峡男科致三门峡市治疗包皮多少钱

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