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三门峡市 包皮三门峡割包皮费用How rich is the Queen?王室资产大揭秘 英国女王究竟多有钱News that the Crown Estate returned record profits of £285m last year means the Queen is expected to receive a further £2m in public funding next year. But just how rich is the Queen and where does her wealth come from?有消息称英国皇家财产管理公司去年利润创历史记录,达2.85亿,也就是说,英国女王明年有望公共基金再多入200万英镑。但女王到底多富有?她的财富从何而来?According to the Sunday Times Rich List 2015, her estimated fortune is £340m, up £10m from last year.《星期日泰晤士报》一份富豪榜称,女王财富估计有3.4亿英镑,较去年多1000万英镑。What is known about the Queen#39;s wealth can be broadly divided between her private income and funding given to her, as the reigning monarch, by the government.据了解,女王的财富来自私人收入和政府拨给在位君王的款项。The Crown Estate owns Ascot race course.The main source of the Queen#39;s public income comes from the Sovereign Grant - a fixed percentage of the profits made by the Crown Estate.皇家财产管理公司拥有英国皇家赛马会。英国女王的收入来源中,占大头的是君王拨款--来自皇家财产管理公司占固定百分比的利润。The Crown Estate dates back to 1760 when George III reached an agreement with the government that surplus revenue from the crown#39;s lands would go to the Treasury.皇家财产管理公司可以追溯到1760年,当时乔治三世和政府达成协议,君王土地多余收入归财政部。Under the current funding arrangement, all profits from the estate are paid to the Treasury and 15% of this money is then given to the Queen.在现行的财政持安排之下,所有地产的利润都付给财政部,其中的15%给女王。This funding is known as the Sovereign Grant and is used to support the Queen in her official duties.Last year the Sovereign Grant was £37.9m - of which the Queen spent £35.7m. That money pays for staffing costs, property maintenance, travel, utilities and housekeeping, among other things.这一财政持即为君王拨款,用以撑女王的官方事务。去年官方拨款是3790万,女王用了3570万。这笔钱用于付人工费、房产维护、旅游、公共设施、家政等等。The privy purse is a private income for the Queen, which is primarily used to pay for expenses incurred by other members of the Royal Family.私用金是女王;私房钱;来源,主要用以付皇家其他成员的费用。Funds for the privy purse come mostly from the Duchy of Lancaster, a portfolio of land, property and assets owned by the Queen which is managed separately from the Crown Estate.私用金的资金大多来自于兰开斯特公爵领地,是集土地、房产和资产于一身的投资组合,属于女王,而实际由皇家财产管理公司单独经营的。The extent of the Queen#39;s private income is less well known.According to the Sunday Times, she has an investment portfolio consisting largely of shares in blue-chip British companies, which it valued at £110m.英国女王到底有多少私人收入就不那么为人所知了。据《星期日泰晤士报》称,女王的投资组合大部分来自于英国公司的蓝筹股,值1.1亿英镑。The Queen also owns personal property including Sandringham House in Norfolk, Balmoral Castle in Aberdeenshire and other smaller houses.女王私人所有的地产包括诺福克桑德林厄姆庄园和阿伯丁郡的巴尔莫勒尔堡还有其他一些小型的房产。Other personal goods include the royal stamp collection, art, jewels, cars, horses and the Queen Mother#39;s legacy, which all add to her personal fortune.It is kept between a number of locations, such as Hampton Court Palace and Windsor Castle.其他私人物品包括皇家邮票收藏、艺术品、珠宝、豪车、马匹和伊丽莎白一世的遗产,都算入女王的个人财富。女王的私有财物分散在多处,如汉普顿宫和温莎城堡。 /201506/383981三门峡哪家正规医院治疗男科病比较好 Heartburn Drugs Linked to Heart Attacks某些胃药可能增加心肌梗死的风险The widely used drugs known as proton pump inhibitors, or P.P.I.#39;s — gastric reflux preventives like Prilosec and Prevacid — may increase the risk for heart attack, according to analysis of data involving almost three million people.一项涉及近300万人的数据的分析显示,目前广泛用于预防胃反流的药物——质子泵抑制剂(proton pump inhibitors, P.P.I.,如奥美拉唑和兰索拉唑等)可能会增加心肌梗死的风险。Previous studies have found that P.P.I.#39;s are associated with poor outcomes for people with heart disease, probably because of an interaction with clopidogrel, a drug commonly prescribed after a heart attack. This new study examines the heart attack risk in otherwise healthy people.既往研究发现,P.P.I.与心脏病患者预后不良相关,这可能是因为它会与心肌梗死后的常用处方药氯吡格雷发生药物相互作用。而上面提到的这项新研究则分析了健康人中的心肌梗死风险。The researchers used data-mining, a mathematical method of looking at trends in large amounts of data, to analyze the use of the drugs over time. Evidence that they were increasing the risk for heart attack was clear as early as 2000.研究人员使用了数据挖掘,也就是一种从大量数据中寻找趋势的数学方法来分析药物使用随时间的变化。研究结果表明,早在2000年,这类药物会增加心机梗死风险的据就已经十分明显。;This is the kind of analysis now possible because electronic medical records are widely available,; said the lead author, Nigam H. Shah, an assistant professor of medicine at Stanford. ;It#39;s a benefit of the electronic records system that people are always talking about.;;是电子病历的广泛使用才使得这样的分析成为可能,;该研究的主要作者,斯坦福大学(Stanford)的医学助理教授尼加姆·H·沙阿(Nigam H. Shah)说。;这是电子病历系统为人津津乐道的优点之一。;There was no association of heart attack with another class of drugs used to treat gastric reflux, H2 blockers like Zantac, Tagamet and Pepcid. The researchers suggest that P.P.I.#39;s promote inflammation and clots by interfering with the actions of protective enzymes.治疗胃反流的另一类药物——H2受体拮抗剂/阻滞剂(如甲胺呋硫、泰胃美和法莫替丁等)则与心机梗死无相关性。研究人员认为,P.P.I.会促进炎症和血栓是因为它可干扰保护酶的活动。A significant limitation of the study, in PLOS One, is that P.P.I. usage may be a marker of a sicker patient population, more subject to heart disease in any case.不过,这项发表在《公共科学图书馆:综合》杂志上的研究也存在着显著的局限性:使用P.P.I.可能是病情较重的患者人群的一个标志,这些人本来就更容易患心脏病。 /201507/386257三门峡哪里割包皮好

卢氏县中医院男科电话三门峡男性专医生 A: Hey, good looking, wanna go on a romatic cruise?A:亲爱的,想不想来一场浪漫之旅B: Who would book us on a cruise?B:谁能帮我们预定这次巡航呢?A: The U.S.S. arkA:u.s.s方舟 /201504/370758三门峡市包皮包茎

三门峡三医院男科Lawyer’s Advice律师的忠告A doctor and a lawyer were attending a cocktail party when the doctor was approached by a man who asked advice on how to hanle his ulcer.有一位医生和一位律师出席一场鸡尾酒会,当时有一名男子走近这位医生询问有关如何处理他的溃疡的忠告。The doctor mumbled some medical advice,then turned to the lawyer and asked,这位医生就咕噜咕噜说了一些医疗上的忠告,然后转向这位律师。;How do you handled the situation when you are asked for advice during a social function?;并问他:“当你在社交宴会场合中被人询间忠告的时候,你都怎么处理这个情形呢?”;Just send an account for such advice; replied the lawyer.这位律师回答说: “就寄出一张听取忠告的账单呀”。On the next morning the doctor arrived at his surgery and issues the ulcer-stricken man a account.下一天早上,这位医生来到他的诊疗窒;开出一张五十元账单给这名罹患溃疡的男子。That afternoon he received a 0 account from the lawyer.而在那天下午他竟然就收到一张从律师那里寄来的一百元账单。 /201504/361487 Whether it#39;s a shark-shaped hat, an owl wine bottle holder or a bracelet made of beetles, we have something perfect for every type of mom.不管是鲨鱼帽、猫头鹰酒瓶托,还是甲虫手镯,总有一款礼物适合你的妈妈。Shark Costume Hat鲨鱼帽Even the humblest mother likes to show off a sense of style. So this hat that looks like a shark is biting off her forehead will help your mom feel glamorous, even on bad hair days.就算最低调的妈妈,也会想展现自己时尚的一面。所以这款看起来像鲨鱼咬掉脑门儿的帽子,一定会让妈妈感觉很带感的,再也不怕心情不好啦。Pee Pocket尿袋At some point in every mom#39;s life, she has to take a whiz. But it#39;s not always in a clean or sanitary place. The Pee Pocket will allow your mother to take a stand against dirty toilet seats by letting her answer nature#39;s call while standing up.妈妈们也是要上厕所嘘嘘的,但并不能保每次都遇到干净卫生的洗手间。尿袋会让妈妈在遇到不干净的坐便时可以“站着解决”。 /201505/374085三门峡那间男科医院好三门峡市哪家医院治疗包皮过长比较好



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