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三门峡专业治疗前列腺增生医院卢氏县人民中医院男科专家Burundis electoral commission has recommended pushing back national elections, after unrest sparked by President Pierre Nkurunzizas decision to seek a third term.布隆迪的选举委员会建议推迟举行大选之前布隆迪总统恩库仑齐扎决定寻求第三个任期,引起动乱。The National Independent Election Commission said Monday it has proposed legislative polls to take place on June 26, followed by the presidential election on July 15 and a senatorial vote on July 24.全国独立选举委员会星期一建议66日进行国民议会选举5日举行总统选举4日举行参议院选举。The presidential election originally was set for June 26, but there has been no campaigning in the wake of violent protests and a failed coup attempt last month in the capital, Bujumbura.总统选举原定66日举行,但在发生暴力抗议和上个月发生未遂政变之后,候选人没有展开竞选活动。Some opposition officials said the electoral commission lacks the legal authority to make any pronouncements because two of its five commissioners are believed to have fled the country.一些反对派人士说,选举委员会没有法定权力来宣布推迟大选,因为该委员会名成员中已有两人逃到国外。More than 100,000 Burundians have fled the country since the protests began.布隆迪爆发抗议示威以来已0万人出逃。The presidents supporters say he is eligible for a third term because he was elected by parliament, not voters, for his first five-year term in 2005. The constitutional court has ruled in favor of the president.恩库仑齐扎总统的持者说,他寻求第三个任期是合法的,因为005年第一次出任总统是由议会、而不是由选民选举的。布隆迪宪法法院持总统寻求连任。But his critics say that by running for a third term, he is violating term limits in the constitution and the accords that ended Burundis civil war.但批评者说,恩库仑齐扎的做法违法了宪法有关总统任期的规定和布隆迪内战结束时签署的阿鲁巴协议。The ed States has called on Mr. Nkurunziza not to run for a third term, saying the decision could destabilize Burundi.美国呼吁恩库仑齐扎不要竞选第三次连任,称这样做会破坏布隆迪稳定。来 /201506/379787三门峡治疗软下疳得多少钱 An international group of scholars has rebuked Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe over his view of history by publishing an open letter on the forced prostitution of “comfort womenduring the second world war.一个由众多学者组成的群体就二战期间“慰安妇”被强迫卖淫的问题发表了一封公开信,谴责日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)的历史观。The letter, signed by 187 historians, calls on Japan’s government to “show leadership by addressing Japan’s history of colonial rule and wartime aggression in both words and actionon the 70th anniversary of the war’s end this year.这封87位历史学家署名的公开信呼吁,在二战结0周年纪念日的问题上,日本政府“不仅要在语言上提及日本殖民统治史及战时侵略史,还要付出相应行动,以显示其领导力”。It comes after a visit to the US last week in which Mr Abe spoke emotionally about America’s wartime losses but skimmed over controversial historical issues such as the comfort women.就在这封公开信发出之前,安倍曾于上周访问美囀?在那次访问过程中,安倍曾动情地提及美国的战争损失,却对慰安妇等有争议的历史问题一带而过。The letter shows unease among international scholars about the direction of Japan’s historical debate. Revisionists have grown increasingly assertive, using last year’s retraction of a series of decades-old stories about comfort women by the left-of-centre Asahi newspaper to undermine the credibility of the whole episode in history.这封公开信显示了国际学者对日本历史问题争论走向的不安。那些持修正主义史观的人们正变得日益强硬。去年,立场中间偏左的《朝日新闻Asahi Shimbun)曾承认数十年前有关慰安妇的系列报道有误。这一事件被这些修正主义史观的人们利用,攻击整个慰安妇问题在历史上的可信度。It is a reminder to Mr Abe that despite the broad success of his US trip, he is not safe from western criticism over his record on historical memory, which could damage Japan’s crucial US alliance.这封公开信对安倍来说是一次提醒。提醒安倍虽然其美国之行取得了广泛成功,他并不能免受西方对其历史记忆过往记录的批评。这种批评可能会损害对日本来说至关重要的日美同盟关系。“We intentionally withheld issuing the statement until Prime Minister Abe had returned to Japan,said Alexis Dudden, professor of history at the University of Connecticut. She said the group had waited to see if the prime minister “said what needed to be said康涅狄格大学(University of Connecticut)历史系教授亚历克西丝#8226;杜登(Alexis Dudden)表示:“我们是特意在安倍首相返回日本后才发出这一声明的。”她说,这群学者们一直在等着看这位首相是否会“说出应该说的话”。The large number of signatories including prominent names such as John Dower of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Ezra Vogel of Harvard shows the broad academic consensus that Japan’s military did run a system of forced prostitution during the war.众多的签名中包括了诸如麻省理工学MIT)约翰#8226;道尔(John Dower)及哈佛大Harvard)傅高Ezra Vogel)等著名人物。参与签名的人数如此之多,表明学术界普遍认同这样一种观点:二战期间日本军方确实运营着一个强制性卖淫体系。Rightwingers in Japan, including many members of Mr Abe’s ruling Liberal Democratic party, dispute that history. They often argue that comfort women were not forced into prostitution, that the military was not involved, or that estimates of their numbers are inflated.日本右翼则对这一历史存在争议,这些右翼分子包括了安倍所在的执政党自民党(LDP)中的许多成员。他们往往会分辩说,慰安妇并非被迫卖淫,军方并未参与此事,或慰安妇人数的被高估了。The letter decries the exploitation of former “comfort womenby nationalists in China and South Korea but it is blunt about the historical record.这封公开信强烈谴责了日本民族主义者在中国及韩国强征“慰安妇”的行为。对于相关历史记录,公开信则直言不讳。It says the comfort women system “was distinguished by its large-scale and systematic management under the military, and by its exploitation of young, poor and vulnerable women in areas colonised or occupied by Japan公开信表示,日军慰安妇体系“的突出特点,是其规模之大及军方对它的系统化管理,还有就是在日本殖民和占领地区对年轻、贫穷、脆弱的妇女的强征行为”。The academics say there are numerous documents showing military involvement. “The evidence makes clear that large numbers of women were held against their will and subjected to horrific brutality,says the letter.联署公开信的学者表示,大量文件表明军方参与了此事。该公开信表示:“有据明确明,大量妇女在违背本人意愿的情况下被拘,并曾遭遇可怕暴行。”Disputes about wartime history have damaged relations between Japan and its neighbours. The region is watching Mr Abe’s statement on the 70th anniversary of the war’s end, due in August, for any sign he is watering down past apologies for Japan’s “colonial rule and aggression围绕二战历史的争端已损及日本与其邻国间的关系。今月,安倍将发布有关二战结束70周年的声明。目前,亚洲正密切关注这一声明,关注其中任何试图淡化日本过去为“殖民统治和侵略行为”所作道歉的迹象。Jeff Kingston, a signatory and professor of history at Temple University Japan, said the clear target of the letter was “the apparent evasiveness of Prime Minister Abe regarding the comfort women issue公开信联署人之一、日本天普大Temple University Japan)历史系教授杰#8226;金斯Jeff Kingston)表示,这封公开信针对的目标十分明确,就是“安倍首相在慰安妇问题上表现出的回避态度”。In a speech to Congress on his US tour, Mr Abe said he upheld past statements by Japanese governments, which include a 1993 declaration on “comfort women But Mr Kingston said this approach, combined with the approval of school textbooks playing down the issue, was not sufficient.在访美期间对美国国会的演讲中,安倍曾表示赞成日本政府过去发表的声明。这些声明中包括993年有关“慰安妇”的声明。不过,金斯顿表示,综合考虑到日本政府曾批准淡化这一问题的教科书,安倍的处理方式是不够的。“The outsourcing of the apology and acknowledgment to former politicians lacks empathy and sincerity,said Mr Kingston.金斯顿表示:“将道歉和对历史的承认外包给过去的政治家,是缺乏同理心和诚意的行为。”来 /201505/374172三门峡哪家医院治疗精囊炎

湖滨区妇幼保健院男科预约The recent disappearance of Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s young leader, from public view for more than 40 days has stirred enormous speculation and concern. His mysterious absence was further amplified by the country’s most senior military leader’s unexpected appearance in South Korea along with a high-level team to discuss the terms for renewed North-South diplomacy. These unusual comings and goings were the subject of feverish conjecture and rumour-mongering, with supposed experts suggesting that the “Young Geniuswas either deposed in a coup and replaced by his sister, recovering from ankle surgery after an unfortunate fall in teetering high heels or recuperating in hiding after a disfiguring injury. Much of the more outlandish speculation seemed to be resolved by his reappearance in public on Tuesday last week, when he showed up in North Korean state media with a noticeable limp and black cane perfect accessories to the aly Bondish quality of his villainous reputation. Official television in Pyongyang offered helpfully that he had been experiencing “discomfort朝鲜年轻的领导人金正Kim Jong Un)最近从公众视线中消失了40余天,引发了大量猜想和担忧。令事态更加戏剧化的是,在他神秘失踪期间,朝鲜军方最高人物带领一高级别团队出人意料地出现在韩国,重启南北外交。这些不同寻常的动向点燃了人们的猜测热情,导致流言四起。一些所谓的专家提出无奇不有的种种猜想:朝鲜发生了政变,“年轻的天才”已被废黜,被他的接替;穿高跟皮鞋的他不幸摔跤,接受踝骨手术后正在康复;因伤毁容后躲起来恢复。上周二金正恩公开露面之后,大部分猜想都不攻自破了。那天,金正恩明显一瘸一拐地出现在朝鲜官方媒体上,拄着黑色拐杖,跟他本来就具备07反面人物形象十分相称。平壤官方电视台隔靴搔痒般地解释称,金正恩此前“身体不适”。What are we to make of all this? The basic questions about the durability of Mr Kim’s leadership and his relationship with his closest colleagues, family and the military, together with the seemingly contradictory overtures with South Korea including calls to renew dialogue interspersed with exchanges of gunfire across the Demilitarised Zone underscore the many uncertainties that are intrinsic to the North Korean drama. Northeast Asia is increasingly integral to the global economy and its economic development is critical to sustaining even lumbering global growth. However, North Korea’s continuing nuclear ambitions and occasional provocations pose significant worries to the fragile region which is beset by internal rivalries, historical disagreements and mutual distrust. It is no secret that relations between China and North Korea have frayed recently and there are ample concerns in Beijing that Pyongyang’s nefarious activities undermine China’s larger strategic interests. Still, fraternal Communist ties means the countries remain intertwined, although deeply distrustful of each other.我们该如何看待这一系列事件?关于金正恩领导地位的持久性、他与他最亲密的同僚、家人和军方的关系,以及朝鲜对韩国貌似自相矛盾的态度(包括一方面呼吁重启对话,一方面又在非军事区开火),都存在一些根本的疑问,凸显出朝鲜问题内在固有的不确定性。东北亚地区对全球经济越来越不可或缺,这一地区的经济发展对于撑哪怕是低速的全球增长至关重要。然而,朝鲜不放弃核野心,时不时进行挑衅,令人们对这个受困于内部角力、历史分歧和互不信任的脆弱地区产生严重担忧。中国和朝鲜近来关系紧张,这已经不是秘密。北京方面很担心平壤方面的邪恶行为损害中国的整体战略利益。不过,共产党之间兄弟般的纽带意味着中朝两国仍然紧密联系在一起,尽管相互之间存在极深的不信任。Park Gyeun-hye, South Korea’s president, has recently articulated an ambitious vision of a Korea reunited and a peaceful end to division on the peninsula. While most of her plan focuses on the hopes and benefits associated with such a reunion, there is still much worry about the North Korean dissolution or instability that would precede such a conjoining. Most Korea watchers believe that the process of reunification would likely be deeply unsettling and expensive, with the potential for nuclear leakage, mass refugee flows and misunderstandings between the larger surrounding states.韩国总统朴槿Park Geun-hye)最近详细描述了实现韩朝统一、和平结束朝鲜半岛分裂的远大愿景。尽管她的计划大多着眼于韩朝统一的希望和好处,但人们仍然非常担心朝鲜崩溃,担心统一之前的不稳定。大多数朝鲜问题观察人士相信,韩朝统一进程很可能带来极大动荡和极高代价,还可能导致核泄漏、大规模难民潮和周围几个大邻国之间的误解。Indeed North Korea is determined not to go down quietly and wishes to have a say in the determination of its own future. Most of the time, it creates news through its provocative activities shelling islands, sinking ships and staging nuclear tests. The point to all of this is often to create leverage to extract material concessions from the rest of the world. However, as the world has grown less patient with North Korean antics and inured to its attempts at escalating tensions, Pyongyang is left to contemplate new strategies to attract attention to itself.的确,朝鲜下定决心不悄悄退出历史舞台,希望在决定其未来的过程中拥有一份话语权。大多数时候,朝鲜通过挑衅行为制造新闻——炮轰岛屿、击沉军舰、进行核试验。这一切举动的目的往往是为了制造筹码,迫使其他国家向它提供实质性的好处。然而,随着国际社会对朝鲜的花招越来越没有耐心,对其迫使紧张局势升级的企图也越来越无动于衷,平壤方面只好设计新的战略,来吸引人们对它的注意力。It is not an accident that the international media has paid much attention over the past few weeks to North Korea. Much of the informed commentary counsels that it is necessary to have some lines of communication into Pyongyang given the many uncertainties at play. As a consequence, Tokyo, Seoul and Washington are now establishing back channel schemes for careful and calibrated engagement with North Korea.过去几周来,国际媒体对朝鲜给予了许多关注,这并非偶然。许多有识之士建议,鉴于眼下存在的诸多不确定因素,有必要与平壤建立某种联系方式。于是,东京、首尔和华盛顿方面眼下都在建立秘密联络渠道,以求谨慎、精确地同朝方接触。Thus through his temporary disappearance, Mr Kim enticed neighbouring nations to try harder to engage with him. Ultimately, talking to antagonists is often a wise approach. However, North Korea has never been satisfied with simply talk. Its objective has always been to elicit external support to buttress the failing regime.因此,通过暂时的“失踪”,金正恩诱使邻国纷纷更努力地尝试与他打交道。与敌人对话最终往往是明智之举。然而,朝鲜从未仅满足于对话,它的目标一直是获取外部持,维系这个江河日下的政权。So we await the next move from the interlocutors. Can they lure North Korea to consider peaceful reunification or to renounce its nuclear ambitions? Or, more likely, will this simply be another chapter in Pyongyang’s larger designs to coerce more support from the outside world to remain relevant and live to see another tension-filled day?那么,我们就拭目以待,看看有关各方接下来会走出什么棋吧。他们能不能诱使朝鲜考虑与韩国和平统一?或是放弃核武野心?抑或,可能性更大的情况是,这只不过是平壤方面使出的又一个招数,目的是从外部世界争取更多持,以保持自身的相关性,撑到剑拔弩张的下一幕。The writer is chairman and chief executive of The Asia Group and on the board of the Center for a New American Security. From -13 he served as the assistant US secretary of state for east Asian and Pacific affairs本文作者是亚洲集团(The Asia Group)主席兼首席执行官、新美国安全中心(Center for a New American Security)董事009年至2013年担任美国东亚及太平洋事务助理国务卿 /201410/337355三门峡市人民医院泌尿科预约电话 Russia’s deployment of forces to Syria is its most significant direct military intervention in the Middle East since the end of the second world war. It will further destabilise a region that is characterised by misrule, sectarianism, regional rivalries and four civil wars that have killed hundreds of thousands of people and displaced millions.进兵叙利亚是二战结束以来,俄罗斯在中东地区最重大的直接军事干预。此举将加剧该地区的动荡局势,这个地区的特点是暴政、教派主义、地区对抗以及四场导致数十万人丧呀?数百万人流离失所的内战。President Vladimir Putin’s gambit is only the latest indication that, after 70 years, the postwar international order is fraying. The US, the country around which the postwar order was constructed, still has a strong hand but it often plays that hand poorly.俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔渠Vladimir Putin)的举动,只是战后国际秩序——历0年后——分崩离析的最新迹象。居于战后秩序核心位置的美国依然实力强大,却经常不能很好地运用它的实力。In the past 15 years, its global approach has fluctuated. President George W Bush pursued a muscular grand strategy aimed at imposing America’s will on the world. His invasion of Iraq is one of history’s finest own goals. By contrast, President Barack Obama has run a reality-based foreign policy. But he did not merely learn the lessons of the Bush presidency; he overlearnt them. His unwillingness to act forcefully at crucial moments has weakened the deterrent effect of US power.在过5年里,美国的国际政策变化不定。小布什总统(George W Bush)奉行一种秀肌肉的大战略,力图把美国的意志强加给全世界。他发动入侵伊拉克行动的目标,是历史上最冠冕堂皇的目标之一。不同于小布什,现总统巴拉克攠巴马(Barack Obama)实行立足现实的外交政策。但他不光是吸取了小布什政府的教训,还过度学习了。他在紧要关头不愿采取强有力的行动,弱化了美国力量的威慑效果。The recent history of US policy both its mis-steps and its changeability raises questions about whether Washington will continue to act as the global hegemon. To those who relish the prospect of a more modest American presence in the world, I say: be careful what you wish for.美国近年的政策——包括失误和多变——让人怀疑美国是否将继续扮演全球霸主。对于乐见美国在世界上充当更温和存在的人士,我要说一声:当心你许的愿成真!Meanwhile, the rest of the west looks set to retire from the global stage and not only because most western countries have ageing populations. For decades, Europe has spurned power politics in favour of forming an ever more perfect, peaceful union. The failures in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as the bloc’s economic debacles and political wobbles, have encouraged this parochialism. Now, when European leaders come upon an unpleasant scene, for example, a neighbour set upon by an aggressor like the priest and the Levite with the Good Samaritan most of them prefer to pass by on the other side.另一方面,其他西方国家看来势将走下全球舞台,原因不仅在于多数西方国家都有人口老龄化问题。几十年来,欧洲已放弃了强权政治,倾向于缔造一个日趋完善、和平的联盟。在阿富汗和伊拉克的失败,以及欧盟的经济不景气和政治困顿,都助长了这种狭隘主义。如今欧洲领导人遇到不愉快的场景时,比如邻居受到了入侵者的攻击——就像祭司、利未人以及仁慈的撒马利亚人的故事那样——多数人宁愿绕道而行。Even the UK has lowered its ambitions, stepping back from the foreign policy front line and cutting the budgets of its armed forces, the Foreign Office and the B World Service. The British will spend the next few years debating whether Scotland should leave the UK, and whether the UK should leave the EU. That will not leave much time to think about the rest of the world.甚至连英国都雄心大减,从外交政策前线退了下来,削减了武装部队、外交部还有英国广播公司国际B World Service)的预算。在未来几年,英国人将会讨论苏格兰是否应当脱离英国,以及英国是否应当脱离欧盟。他们将没有太多时间思考世界其他地区的问题。Even as western countries stand down, in each of the most significant global theatres Europe, the Middle East and Asia strong challengers to the liberal order are stepping up.在全球各个至关重要的地区——欧洲、中东和亚洲——西方国家正在走下舞台,而自由秩序的强大挑战者开始走上舞台。Russia seeks to establish a sphere of influence in its corner of Europe and regain its position as an indispensable global actor. Mr Putin’s tactics include subversion, propaganda and, disturbingly, the acquisition of territory by force. Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014 breached the central tenet of the international state system. His Syrian operation is a stick in the eye of the Americans.俄罗斯寻求在其欧洲领土周边建立势力范围,重获其作为不可或缺的世界角色的地位。普京的战术包括颠覆、宣传,以及武力夺取领土(引起了不安)014年,俄罗斯对克里米亚的非法吞并,违反了国际国家体系的核心原则。他在叙利亚的行动让美国人愤愤不已。Meanwhile, Iran is taking advantage of turmoil in the Middle East to extend its power. This year’s international deal is probably the best option for curbing Tehran’s nuclear programme. But, if the country can make this much trouble while tied down by western sanctions, how will it behave when they fall away?另外,伊朗正利用中东的动荡局势扩张自己的实力。今年达成的国际协议可能是遏制伊朗核计划的最好选择。但是,如果在西方制裁的羁绊下,伊朗都能制造如此大的麻烦,制裁取消之后,该国又将有何作为?In the long term, Beijing’s challenge to the existing order is the most serious because wealth and power are shifting east, towards Asia. China’s successes in the past four decades have been dizzying. The country is building up economic weight befitting its tremendous size. However its foreign policy is highly uneven, switching between the constructive and the combative.从长远来看,中国对现行秩序构成最严峻挑战,因为全球财富和权力正在东移,转向亚洲。中国在过去40年里取得了令人炫目的成功。中国正在打造跟自身规模相符的经济影响力。然而,中国的外交政策是极度不连贯的,在建设性和好斗性之间摇摆。The differences between these three countries Russia, Iran and China are as great as their similarities. None of them hopes to displace the US as the world’s leading power. Their advantage lies in the fact that they can concentrate their forces regionally while Washington must disperse its forces globally.俄罗斯、伊朗和中国这三个国家既极度相似,又存在天壤之别。它们都不希望取代美国成为全球主导国家。它们的优势是可以在地区集中发挥自己的力量,而美国必须把力量分派在全球范围。The west’s drooping confidence, and the rise of great-power challengers, makes it harder for global institutions to address global problems. The UN has reached its biblical threescore years and 10, and it is showing its age.西方信心的下降,加上大国挑战者的崛起,导致全球性机构更难解决全球性问题。联合国(UN)成立70年了,已是老态龙钟。Take the most wicked problem in the UN’s care. The World Meteorological Organization reports that 2014 was the hottest year on record. This century, 14 of the 15 hottest years on record have been registered. We know the implications of global warming are likely to be severe. Yet successive UN conferences have failed to agree on binding limits on greenhouse gas emissions.就以联合国面临的最危险问题为例。世界气象组World Meteorological Organization)报告称,2014年是记录在案的最热年什?有记录5个最热年份中4个出现在本世纪。我们知道,全球变暖的后果可能很严重。不过,多届联合国大会都未能就设定有约束力的温室气体排放量上限达成一致。The story is similar when it comes to other international arrangements. For example, the refugee protection regime has been overwhelmed by the recent exodus from the Middle East. Clearly it no longer serves the interests of either states or refugees but there is no prospect of it being reformed.在其他国际安排方面,情况也类似。例如,难民保护机制已被近来的中东大逃亡压垮。很明显,该机制再也不能务于国家或难民的利益,却看不到改革的希望。International co-operation has never been more vital or more rare. Dean Acheson called his memoir of his time as President Harry Truman’s secretary of state Present at the Creation. Acheson’s generation of US statesmen did indeed create the postwar world. But, 70 years later, their creation is in trouble. There is a growing sense that we are present at the destruction the destruction of an order that has served the world well.国际合作从未像现在这样重要,也从未像现在这样罕见。在美国总统哈里尠腧Harry Truman)任期内担任国务卿的迪安縠奇Dean Acheson)写过一本有关那个时代的回忆录——《参与创造世界Present at the Creation)。那个时代的美国政治家的确创造了战后世界。但是,70年过后,他们创造的秩序陷入了困境。人们越来越有一种感觉,我们正在“参与毁灭present at the destruction)——毁掉一个曾对世界有益的秩序。来 /201510/406664三门峡治前列腺炎价格

三门峡哪里治疗男性早泄UNITED NATIONS President Obama, emboldened by the use of his executive powers to fight climate change at home, sought on Tuesday to marshal more than 100 world leaders behind a vast international effort to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and curb global warming.联合国——周二,由于受到在国内动用行政权力抗击气候变化的鼓舞,奥巴马总统试图带领世界各国100多位领导人,开展一项广泛的国际行动,以减少温室气体排放,遏制全球变暖。But Mr. Obama, in pledging that the ed States would set ambitious new targets to cut emissions in advance of critical global climate talks next year, will leave much of the hard work to his successor, or even the president after that. And in many countries, the mechanisms for achieving deep cuts in carbon emissions remain as politically and economically difficult as ever.奥巴马承诺,美国将在明年关键的全球气候会议举行之前,制定宏伟的减排新目标,但他此举将会把大量苦差事留给继任者,甚至是下下任总统。而且在许多国家,为大幅削减碳排放建立相应机制,在政治上和经济上都一如既往地困难;Yes, this is hard,; Mr. Obama said to the ed Nations General Assembly chamber, ;but there should be no question that the ed States of America is stepping up to the plate.;“是的,这件事不容易,”奥巴马在联合国大会(ed Nations General Assembly)的会议厅说,“但毋庸置疑,美国正在承担起责任。”Nonetheless, he warned that the efforts would fail without significant cooperation from countries around the world. ;We can only succeed in combating climate change if we are joined in this effort by every nation, developed and developing alike,; the president said. ;Nobody gets a pass.;然而,他警告称,没有世界各国的通力合作,这些努力可能会失败。“只有所有国家,无论是发达国家还是发展中国家,都加入这一行动,我们才能在抗击气候变化这件事上取得成功,”奥巴马总统说。“谁都不能逃避。;Today, I call on all countries to join us, not next year or the year after that, because no nation can meet this global threat alone,; he said.“今天,我号召所有国家加入我们,而不是在明年或后年,因为没有哪个国家能独自面对这一全球威胁,”他说。The daylong climate summit meeting, organized by the ed Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, showcased how climate change has become a genuinely global preoccupation, but also reinforced the divides between developed and developing countries.这次气候峰会由联合国秘书长潘基Ban Ki-moon)组织召开,为期一天。会议显示出气候变化怎样变成了一个真正全球化的重要议题,但也强化了发达国家和发展中国家之间的分歧。Mr. Obama promoted an executive action he announced this year that mandates cutting pollution from the nations power plants 30 percent from 2005 levels by 2030. He said the ed States would meet its previous pledge to reduce the nations overall carbon emissions 17 percent from 2005 levels by 2020.奥巴马对他今年公布的一项行政行动进行了宣传。该行动要求,在2030年之前将美国发电厂的污染,从2005年的水平上减0%。他表示,美国将兑现之前的承诺,020年前,让美国的总体碳排放从2005年的水平上减7%。Reciting record-setting temperatures and a litany of natural disasters, from hurricanes and wildfires to droughts and floods, Mr. Obama tried to raise the sense of urgency surrounding climate change at a ed Nations meeting dominated by fears of terrorism.奥巴马罗列了创纪录的温度,以及从飓风和野火,再到干旱和洪水的一连串自然灾害,试图在这场恐怖主义威胁成为主要担忧的联合国会议上,提升气候变化议题的紧迫感;We are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last generation that can do something about it,; Mr. Obama said.“我们是感受到气候变化影响的第一代人,也是能对此采取行动的最后一代人,”奥巴马说。Much of the attention at this summit meeting has focused on China, the worlds largest carbon emitter. President Xi Jinping chose not to attend the meeting. Instead, he sent Zhang Gaoli, his vice premier, who presented his own figures to make the case that China was doing its part.在这次峰会上,大量注意力都集中在世界最大的碳排放国中国身上。中国国家主席习近平选择不出席该会议,而是派出了副总理张高一?张高丽展示了自己的数据,以明中国正在尽自己的责任。Chinas carbon intensity, Mr. Zhang said, is down 28 percent this year from 2005 levels; renewable energy accounts for 24 percent of Chinas installed capacity; and the nation is on track to meet its goal of reducing emissions 40 percent to 45 percent from 2005 levels by 2020.张高丽说,中国今年的碳排放强度与2005年的水平相比降低8%,可再生能源占中国装机容量的24%,而且中国很有希望完成020年,将碳排放强度005年的水平上降0%5%的目标;As a responsible major developing country, China will make an even greater effort to address climate change and take on international responsibilities that are commensurate with our national conditions,; Mr. Zhang said.张高丽说,作为一个负责任的发展中大国,“今后中国将以更大力度和更好效果应对气候变化,主动承担与自身国情、发展阶段和实际能力相符的国际义务。”As a political display, the parade of speeches was part of the largest gathering of world leaders ever devoted to climate change. It followed a march of more than 400,000 people in New York on Sunday, the largest political demonstration on climate change.这一系列演讲作为一场政治表演,是迄今为止涉及气候变化的最大规模的全球领导人峰会中的一部分。会议召开前,周日有超0万人在纽约举行了一次游行,这也是关于气候变化的规模最大的一次政治示威活动;We need to take action now to limit global temperature rise,; said Mr. Ban, the ed Nations secretary general, in opening the session. ;We need all hands on deck to ride out this storm.;“我们现在必须采取行动来遏制全球气温上升,”联合国秘书长潘基文在大会的开幕致辞中说。“我们需要齐心协力地安全渡过这场灾难。”But neither marches nor speeches yield policy. And now, in world capitals, the hard work of translating rhetoric into government action will get underway or, in some cases, will not.不过,游行和演讲都不等同于政策。现在,世界各国政府都会开展艰难的工作,把政治表态转变为政府行动——然而有时并不能做到。Experts say that in the coming months, the clearest indication of how serious governments are about following through on this weeks lofty pledges will be whether they quickly harness teams of economists, energy experts and data analysts to draft aggressive new energy plans and then work to build political support for such plans.未来数月,各国政府对于遵守本周冠冕堂皇的承诺,究竟有多认真?专家称,一个最明确的指标就是,他们是否能迅速召集经济学家、能源专家和数据分析师,来制定一些强有力的新能源计划,然后努力为这些计划凝聚政治持。The aim of this weeks talks is to start efforts to broker a deal next year in Paris that will bind the worlds largest carbon polluters the ed States, Brazil, China, the European Union, India, Japan, Russia, and others to enacting laws to cap their use of the coal that supplies billions of people with cheap electricity, and the oil and gasoline that fuel the planets cars and trucks.本周会谈的目的是,开始为明年在巴黎达成协议做准备。该协议将团结世界上最大的碳污染源——美囀?巴西、中囀?欧盟、印度、日本、俄罗斯等国家——来颁布法律限制它们对煤炭、石油、汽油的使用。煤炭为数十亿人提供了廉价的电力,燃油则为全世界的轿车和卡车提供动力。That means enacting politically controversial policies such as taxing carbon pollution, creating market-based ;cap and trade; programs, or setting new regulations.这意味着要实施充满政治争议的政策,比如对碳污染征税、创造基于市场的“总量控制和交易cap-and-trade)项目,或者实施新规定。Climate-change experts generally expressed enthusiasm about Mr. Obamas speech, noting that it was the first time the ed States had addressed such a gathering after instituting sweeping measures of its own.气候变化专家普遍对奥巴马的演讲给予了热情评价,他们指出这是美国首次在自行采取大规模举措后,在这种会议上发言;You have to act domestically to have any credibility with international partners on this issue,; said Jennifer Morgan, director of the climate and energy program at the World Resources Institute.世界资源研究所(World Resources Institute)气候与能源项目的负责人珍妮弗·Jennifer Morgan)说,“关于这个问题,你必须先在国内采取一些行动,才能让国际上的合作伙伴信。”来 /201410/331693 三门峡市中心医院治疗生殖感染价格三门峡市中心医院男科



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