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2018年02月23日 16:40:46

Saturday,walking through the parkYi-jun: Hey, the pool open now!Holly: As of today it is. Memorial Day marks the end of the school year and the beginning of summer.Yi-jun: So it time the kids to get outdoors...Holly: ...and us to get tans in our new bikinis.Yi-jun: Not this Taiwanese girl. We dont like to get suntans.Holly: That smart these days with all the news on skin cancer. Hey, there everybody! [yells out] We made it!参考译文:星期六,穿过公园怡君:嘿,游泳池现在开放耶!荷莉:今天起开放阵亡将士纪念日是学年的句点,也是夏天的起点怡君:所以对小孩而言,去户外活动的时间到了……荷莉:…而对我们来说,是穿上新比基尼,去晒成古铜色的时间到了怡君:我这台湾女孩可不觉得我们不喜欢晒黑荷莉:在这幺多皮肤癌报导的今日来看,那是明智之举嘿,大家都在那!(大叫)我们来了重点词汇:school year学年美国的一学年,通常是指九月到隔年五月左右The school year is almost over.本学年快结束了suntan (n.)晒成的古铜肤色suntan (n.) 晒黑A: Why are you staying out in the sun like that?为什幺你要那样子待在阳光下?B: I want to get a suntan!我想要做日光浴bikini (n.)比基尼泳装Your bikini is so cute.你的比基尼好可爱 36553三门峡治男不孕的医院[00:.65]Bad news and good news[00:.73]好消息&坏消息[00:.67]An artist asked the gallery owner[00:3.9]if there had been any interest[00:5.9]in his paintings currently on display.[00:.00]"I've got good news and bad news,"[00:30.]the owner replied.[00:31.]"The good news is that[00:3.56]a gentleman inquired about your work[00:.70]and wondered[00:35.73]if it would appreciate in value after your death.[00:39.33]When I told him it would,[00:0.89]he bought all fifteen of your paintings.[00:3.]"That's wonderful!" the artist exclaimed,[00:6.3]"What's the bad news?".[00:7.90]With concern, the gallery owner replied,[00:50.80]"The guy was your doctor."[00:59.56]中文大意[01:3.37]语言点[01:35.3]gallery owner[01:36.]画廊老板[01:37.86]gallery[01:1.]美术馆、画廊[01:3.3]owner[01:53.5]the owner of a basketball team[01:58.]have interest in something[:.6]Three-year-old kids don't have interest in books[:.]painting[:.]a painting[:.80]currently[:.70]正在[:18.50]on display[:1.]display[:5.90]展示,展出[:.0]His paintings are on display at the exhibition.[:.51]display[:37.95]There will be a display of bronze statuary[:1.]in this museum next week.[:8.]inquire[:51.80]打听,咨询[:53.93]wonder[:01.51]I wonder if he can get here on time,[:.]wonder[:.61]犹豫不决、拿不定主意[:.35]appreciate in value[:.1]升值[:.8]appreciate[:.9]欣赏、鉴赏[:.6]使提价[:.33]appreciate in value[:6.]with concern[:.68]with[:31.]concern[:3.5]关心[:36.5]知行提示 13三门峡郑大中医医院男科怎么样volunteer自动提供,strip拆卸,exterior外部,chip away拆掉They’ll Leave the Key YouGeorge, my husband, volunteered to strip the bricks from the exterior of my parents’ house. One morning he was out front chipping away when a man came by looking my father. “He’s not here,” George said. The man thanked him, watched him remove a few more bricks and said, “I’ll bet next time they’ll leave the key you.” 会留钥匙给你的我的丈夫乔治自告奋勇地要帮我的父母亲拆除房子外面的砖块一天上午他正在前面拆砖的时候,有一个男子来看我父亲乔治说:“他不在家”那男子谢了他,又看他拆了几块砖,然后说:“我想下一次他们会把钥匙留给你的”1. volunteer自动提供 My friend volunteered an interesting piece of news. 我的朋友自动说了一则有趣的消息 .strip拆卸也有“剥夺”的意思:The house was stripped bare.屋子被洗劫一空3. exterior外部;外表 You mustn't judge people by their exteriors.你不能以貌取人 .chip away拆掉也可以指“敲下碎片”: He was chipping away at the rock with a hammer.他在用铁锤把那块岩石一小块一小块地敲下来5.brick砖块也有“可靠的朋友”的意思6.remove移走也有“开除”的意思: They removed him from his position.他们撤销了他的职务 86The newlyweds entered the elevator of their Miami Beach hotel. The operator, a magnificent blonde, looked at them in surprise and said, "Why, hello, Teddy, how are you?" When the couple reached their room, the piqued bride demanded: "Who was that woman?!" "Take it easy, honey," said the groom, "I'm going to have trouble enough explaining you to her."一对新婚夫妇走进位于迈阿密海滩旅馆的电梯电梯操作员是一个漂亮的金发碧眼的美女,看到他们十分惊奇,她说:“嗨,Teddy,你好吗?”夫妇俩到了他们自己的房间,愤怒的新娘要求丈夫做出解释:“那女人是谁?!”“冷静点,宝贝,”新郎说:“我得对她解释你是谁,这已经足够烦死我了” 7三门峡哪家医院治疗性病好

三门峡人民医院男科预约三门峡市人民医院泌尿外科医师哪个厉害美丽的职场女性,其职业能力常常处在一个尴尬的境地:当她们事业有成的时候,人们总是将成功归功于她们的容貌,她们的工作业绩在人们的眼里会因为长得美丽而大打折扣在美女当道的今天,有谁会对其说不呢?RENEE MONTNE, host: And today's last word in business is about the downside of good looks. A new study from the University of Colorado says attractive women get overlooked when applying some kinds of jobs. Those jobs are in traditionally male professions such as prison guards, tow-truck drivers and mechanical engineers. When given a stack of photos, study participants usually said the attractive women were less suitable the jobs. Though one of the study's authors said there's plenty of upsides to beauty. Attractive women and men usually tend to make more money and get better permance reviews. And that's the business news on MORNING EDITION, from NPR News. I'm Renee Montagne. STEVE INSKEEP, host: And I'm Steve Inskeep.三门峡包皮包茎手术要多少费用Kathy: Good Morning, Mrs. Schmidt! I see youre standing on your head again.Kim: Hi, Kathy! Im just doing my morning yoga! Youre up awfully early today.Kathy: I have to finish preparing a paper my Western Civilization class.Kim: How has school been going? You come home so late every night! Youre really a hard worker...Kathy: Actually, I study a lot less here than I did in Taiwan! My classes are great, though. Sociology is the perfect major me.参考译文:凯晰:早安,史太太!瞧你又在倒立了阿金:嗨,凯晰!我只是在做晨间瑜珈!你今儿个起得还真早凯晰:我得把西方文明史的报告准备完阿金:学校还好吗?你每天都很晚才回家!你真是个用功的学生……凯晰:其实我在这里比在台湾混多了!不过我的课都很棒主修社会学对我来说真完美重点词汇:stand on one head  用头站立,即「倒立」yoga (n.)  瑜珈awfully (adv.)  非常,了不得paper (n.)  报告,论文civilization (n.)  文明major (v.,n.)  主修,「副修」是minorA: What was your major in college? 你在大学的主修是什么?B: I majored in English language and literature. 我主修英国语文 59三门峡男科检查要多少钱

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