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Hey there Head Squeezers I hope you#39;re well and if you#39;re not then this question is for you.It comes in from drooney 187 who asks on YouTube ,Why do you feel hot when you catch a cold?嘿,这里是Head Squeeze 希望你一切安好,如果你不好,那这个问题就是为你准备的. drooney 187在YouTube页面提了这个问题为啥人在感冒时浑身发热呢?Yep,its that time of the year isn#39;t it where we all seem to have a case of the sniffles and by that I really mean you#39;re probably suffering from man flu you#39;re completely full of snot you feel like you#39;ve got barbed wire in your throat and your temperature is utterly sky-high.Give me an ironic thumbs up if so far this winter you#39;ve been struck down.的确在一年的这个时候我们似乎都在淌鼻涕,我是说估计你现在得流感了,鼻子里被鼻涕堵死,嗓子里就像扎刺了一样,体温也节节飙升,如果这个冬天你已经倒下过,给我个讽刺的大拇指吧。So what#39;s going on?Well your body heats up naturally;it#39;s a natural response to fight the virus.You catch a cold if your body temperature drops and also if you inhale droplets of water that contain rhinoviruses and adenoviruses.Those viruses are always about but in winter when your body temperature has dropped because of the cold weather and maybe you haven#39;t been wearing enough layers.不过这到底怎么了?嗯,你的身体会自然发热,这是身体反抗病毒的自然反应,当体温降时你就会感冒,另外如果你吸入了含有鼻病毒和腺病毒时也会,这些病毒一直都在不过到了冬天,当你体温由于寒冷天气或穿得太少而下降时。My coat is over there.Your body just can#39;t fight off that viral infection as well,in warmer temperatures your body kicks off something known as the anti-viral immune signal which can defend against that sort of viral infection.啊,我的衣在那,你身体没法跟病毒斗争到底,在较暖不温度下,你的身体会产生被称为抗病毒免疫信号的东西,它能帮你抵御这种病毒感染。But when it#39;s cold it can#39;t do that as strongly so the viruses set off a little Christmas party in your body.And that#39;s why you get sick.不过天冷时它没那么强,因此病毒们就在你身体里开了场小型圣诞聚会,这就是你生病的原因。Now over the centuries those viruses have evolved to work very very well at your natural body temperature of 37 degrees C.It#39;s the proteins that replicate themselves that work best at that temperature.Very crafty.So what your body does,it increases your internal temperature by one or two degrees so it will take a day or two on the sofa or watching a box set or chilling out in bed,but your body will manage to fight off those viruses and then it#39;s party over.数世纪以来,这些病毒通过不断进化,在你身体,正常体温37℃适应得很好,这些能复制自身的蛋白质在这个温度状态最好,很狡猾啊,而你的身体会将自身体温上升一两度,只在沙发上躺一两天,看一盒片,要么在床上打哆嗦,但你身体会主动出击,结束病毒你的派对。So unfortunately those hot sweats may be keeping you up all night but it is your body fighting back against the virus.You just have to grin and bear it.That#39;s all the time I#39;ve got right now,please do keep sending in your questions,stay away from those sneexers and happy Head Squeezing.不过很不幸,这些大汗会让你整夜失眠,不过你的身体正努力抵抗病毒呢,你只要龇着牙忍住就好,我的时间要到了,有问题就发过来,躲着点那些打喷嚏的,下次再见。 Article/201506/383092

Experts comment on Chinese president#39;s speech问题专家解读国家主席习近平演讲:透出新意和魅力Chinese President Xi Jinping also made a speech at the informal BRICS meeting on the same day. 中国国家主席习近平于同一天在金砖国家非正式会议上也发表了演讲。Take a listen to what insiders are saying about China#39;s involvement in the G20 and BRICS meetings.接下来我们来听一下内部人士对中国参与G20和金砖国家会议有何说法。译文属 Article/201511/411110

EU extends sanctions against Russia欧盟扩大对俄罗斯采取的制裁The European Union has extended sanctions on a list of Ukrainian and Russian individuals and companies over the crisis in Ukraine.欧盟通过乌克兰危机已经扩大对乌克兰和俄罗斯个人及公司的制裁名单。Asset freezes and travel bans against 150 people and 37 entities were extended for a further six months.150名个人及37家企业实施的资产冻结和旅行禁令将再度延长6个月。The decision was a legal formality, after EU foreign ministers agreed in January to extend these sanctions.欧盟各外长于1月份同意延长这些制裁后该决定正式生效。Last month the EU added 19 more individuals, including a Russian deputy minister of defense, on its sanctions list.上个月,欧盟在其制裁名单中增加了19个人,其中包括一名俄罗斯国防副部长。 Article/201503/364409

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