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Remarks by the President On Earmark ReformRoom 350Dwight D. Eisenhower Executive Office Building11:23 A.M. EDTTHE PRESIDENT: Good morning. I ran for President pledging to change the way business is done in Washington and build a government that works for the people by opening it up to the people. And that means restoring responsibility and transparency and accountability to actions that the government takes. And working with the Congress over my first 50 days in office, we've made important progress toward that end.Working together, we passed an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act that's aly putting people back to work doing the work that America needs done. We did it without the customary Congressional earmarks -- the practice by which individual legislators insert projects of their choosing. We're implementing the Recovery Act with an unprecedented level of aggressive oversight and transparency, including a website -- recovery.gov -- that allows every American to see how their tax dollars are spent and report on cases where the system is breaking down.I also signed a directive that dramatically reforms our broken system of government contracting, reining in waste and abuse and inefficiency; saving the American taxpayers up to billion each year in the process.And I've laid out plans for a budget that begins to restore fiscal discipline so we can bring down the .3 trillion budget deficit we've inherited and pave the way for our long-term prosperity. For the first time in many years, we've produced an honest budget that makes the hard choices required to cut our deficit in half by the end of my first term in office.Now, yesterday Congress sent me the final part of last year's budget; a piece of legislation that rolls nine bills required to keep the government running into one, a piece of legislation that addresses the immediate concerns of the American people by making needed investments in line with our urgent national priorities.That's what nearly 99 percent of this legislation does -- the nearly 99 percent that you probably haven't heard much about.What you likely have heard about is that this bill does include earmarks. Now, let me be clear: Done right, earmarks have given legislators the opportunity to direct federal money to worthy projects that benefit people in their districts, and that's why I've opposed their outright elimination. And I also find it ironic that some of those who rail most loudly against this bill because of earmarks actually inserted earmarks of their own –- and will tout them in their own states and their own districts.But the fact is that on occasion, earmarks have been used as a vehicle for waste, and fraud, and abuse. Projects have been inserted at the 11th hour, without review, and sometimes without merit, in order to satisfy the political or personal agendas of a given legislator, rather than the public interest. There are times where earmarks may be good on their own, but in the context of a tight budget might not be our highest priority. So these practices hit their peak in the middle of this decade, when the number of earmarks had ballooned to more than 16,000, and played a part in a series of corruption cases.In 2007, the new Democratic leadership in Congress began to address these abuses with a series of reforms that I was proud to have helped to write. We eliminated anonymous earmarks and created new measures of transparency in the process, so Americans can better follow how their tax dollars are being spent. These measures were combined with the most sweeping ethics reforms since Watergate. We banned gifts and meals and made sure that lobbyists have to disclose who they're raising campaign money from, and who in Congress they send it to. So we've made progress. But let's face it, we have to do more.I am signing an imperfect omnibus bill because it's necessary for the ongoing functions of government, and we have a lot more work to do. We can't have Congress bogged down at this critical juncture in our economic recovery. But I also view this as a departure point for more far-reaching change.03/64345After a historic vote in the House to send health reform to the President, he speaks to all Americans on the change they will finally see as they are given back control over their own health care:Download Video: mp4 (233MB) | mp3 (7MB) 201003/99469Download Video: mp4 (269.3MB) 201105/137498We are a strong nation, and we will maintain strength so sufficient that it need not be proven in combat我们是一个强大的国家,我们将保持无需通过竞赛加以明的强大实力。a quiet strength based not merely on the size of an arsenal, but on the nobility of ideas.这是一种平静的实力,并不单纯取决于拥有多少武器贮备,而是建立在崇高观念之上。We will be ever vigilant and never vulnerable, and we will fight our wars against poverty, ignorance, and injustice我们要一如既往地保持警惕,永不陷于不堪一击的境地;而且我们还要向贫困、愚昧和不公正开战,for those are the enemies against which our forces can be honorably marshaled.因为这些都是我们能够光荣地调动力量加以攻击的敌人。We are a purely idealistic Nation, but let no one confuse our idealism with weakness.我们是一个以理想主义为荣的国家,但任何人都不要把我们的理想主义误认为软弱。Because we are free we can never be indifferent to the fate of freedom elsewhere.我们因为自己是自由的,因而决不能对自由在其他地方的命运漠然置之。Our moral sense dictates a clearcut preference for these societies which share with us an abiding respect for individual human rights.我们的道义感驱使我们对那些与我们同样一贯尊重个人人权的社会抱有鲜明的好感。We do not seek to intimidate, but it is clear that a world which others can dominate with impunity would be inhospitable to decency and a threat to the well-being of all people.我们无意进行恫吓,但是,一个有人可以肆无忌惮地作威作福的世界,则显然不合情理,而且威胁到世界各国人民的幸福。The world is still engaged in a massive armaments race designed to ensure continuing equivalent strength among potential adversaries.目前世界各国仍然耽溺于大规模的军备竞赛,目的在于确保自己在潜在的对手中间继续保持同等的实力。We pledge perseverance and wisdom in our efforts to limit the worlds armaments to those necessary for each nations own domestic safety.我们保要坚韧不拔地作出明智努力,力争将世界军备限制在各个国家国内安全所需的范围内。And we will move this year a step toward ultimate goal—the elimination of all nuclear weapons from this Earth.今年,我们还将向在地球上销毁一切核武器这一最终目标迈出一步。03/437822

Download mp4 (137MB) | mp3 (4MB) Next week, the Senate will vote on the American Jobs Act. It’s a bill that will put more people to work and put more money in the pockets of working Americans. And it will provide our economy with the jolt that it really needs right now This is not the time for the usual games or political gridlock in Washington. The challenges facing financial markets around the world could have very real effects on our own economy at a time when it’s aly fragile. But this jobs bill can help guard against another downturn here in America. This isn’t just my belief. This is what independent economists have said. Not just politicians. Not just people in my administration. Independent experts who do this for a living have said that this jobs bill will have a significant effect for our economy and middle-class families all across America. But if we don’t act, the opposite will be true – there will be fewer jobs and weaker growth. So any Senator out there who’s thinking about voting against this jobs bill needs to explain why they would oppose something that we know would improve our economic situation. If the Republicans in Congress think they have a better plan for creating jobs right now, they should prove it. Because one of the same independent economists who looked at our plan just said that their ideas, e, wouldn’t “mean much for the economy in the near term.” If their plan doesn’t measure up, the American people deserve to know what it is that Republicans in Congress don’t like about this jobs plan. You hear a lot of our Republican friends say that one of the most important things we can do is cut taxes. Well, they should love this plan. The American Jobs Act would cut taxes for virtually every worker and small business in America. And if you’re a small business owner that hires new workers, raises wages, or hires a veteran, you get an additional tax cut. Right now, hundreds of thousands of teachers and firefighters and police officers have been laid off because of state budget cuts. This jobs bill will put a lot of these men and women back to work. Right now, there are millions of laid-off construction workers who could be repairing our bridges and roads and modernizing our schools. Why wouldn’t we want to put these men and women to work rebuilding America? The proposals in this bill are steps we have to take if we want to build an economy that lasts; if we want to be able to compete with other countries for jobs that restore a sense of security for the middle-class. But we also have to rein in our deficit and start living within our means, which is why this jobs bill is paid for by asking millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share. Some see this as class warfare. I see it as a simple choice. We can either keep taxes exactly as they are for millionaires and billionaires, or we can ask them to pay at least the same rate as a plumber or a bus driver. And in the process, we can put teachers and construction workers and veterans back on the job. We can either fight to protect their tax cuts, or we can cut taxes for virtually every worker and small business in America. But we can’t afford to do both. It’s that simple. There are too many people hurting in this country for us to simply do nothing. The economy is too fragile for us to let politics get in the way of action. The people who represent you in Washington have a responsibility to do what’s best for you – not what’s best for their party or what’s going to help them win an election that’s more than a year away. So I need you to keep making your voices heard in Washington. I need you to remind these folks who they work for. And I need you to tell your Senators to do the right thing by passing this jobs bill right away. Thank you.201110/156923

Download mp4 (120MB) | mp3 (3MB)On Tuesday, in my State of the Union Address, I laid out a blueprint for an economy built to last ndash; an economy built on American manufacturing, American energy, skills for American workers, and a renewal of American values.This week, I took that blueprint across the country, and what I saw was people who work hard and believe in each other. They believe in the America thatrsquo;s within our reach. But theyrsquo;re not sure that the right thing will get done in Washington this year, or next year, or the year after that. And frankly, when you look at some of the things that go on in this town, who could blame them for being a little cynical?Just two days ago, a senator from Utah promised to obstruct every single American I appoint to a judgeship or public service position ndash; unless I fire the consumer watchdog I put in place to protect the American people from financial schemes or malpractice.For the most part, itrsquo;s not that this senator thinks these nominees are unqualified. In fact, all of the judicial nominees being blocked have bipartisan support. And almost 90 percent have unanimous support from the Judiciary Committee.Instead, one of his aides told reporters that the senator plans to, and Irsquo;m ing here, ;Delay and slow the process in order to get the Presidentrsquo;s attention.;This isnrsquo;t about me. We werenrsquo;t sent here to wage perpetual political campaigns against each other. We were sent here to serve the American people. And they deserve better than gridlock and games. One senator gumming up the works for the whole country is certainly not what our founding fathers envisioned.The truth is, neither party has been blameless in tactics like these. But itrsquo;s time for both parties to put an end to them. Irsquo;m asking Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, to stop this kind of behavior by passing a rule that allows all judicial and public service nominations a simple up-or-down vote within 90 days.We should also stem the corrosive influence of money in politics. The House and Senate should send me a bill that bans insider trading by Members of Congress, and I will sign it immediately. They should limit any elected official from owning stocks in industries they impact. And they should make sure people who bundle campaign contributions for Congress canrsquo;t lobby Congress, and vice versa.During my Address on Tuesday night, I spoke about the incredible example set by the men and women of our armed forces. At a time when too many of our institutions have let us down, they exceed all expectations. Theyrsquo;re not consumed with personal ambition. They donrsquo;t obsess over their differences. They focus on the mission at hand. They work together.If you agree with me that leaders in Washington should follow their example, then make your voice heard. Tell your Member of Congress that itrsquo;s time to end the gridlock, and start tackling the issues that really matter ndash; an economy built on American manufacturing, American energy, American skills and education, and a return to American values. An economy built to last.Thank you, God bless you, and have a great weekend.201201/169429

听力文本President Bush welcomes Premier of China to the White House 布什总统在白宫欢迎中国总理温家宝 --Remarks by President Bush and Premier Wen Jiabao in Arrival Ceremony (2003/12/09)Listen to the storyPRESIDENT BUSH: Mr. Premier, members of the delegation, it is my honor to welcome you to the White House. Your visit reflects the increasing ties of cooperation and commerce between our two nations. America and China share many common interests. We are working together in the war on terror. We are fighting to defeat a ruthless enemy of order and civilization. We are partners in diplomacy working to meet the dangers of the 21st century. We are full members of a world trading system that rewards enterprise and lifts nations. Our two nations seek a Korean Peninsula that is stable and at peace. The elimination of North Korea's nuclear programs is essential to this outcome. Realizing this vision will require the strong cooperation of all North Korea's neighbors. I am grateful for China's leadership in hosting the six-party talks which are bringing us closer to a peaceful resolution of this issue. And my government will continue to work with China as it plays a constructive role in Asia and in the world. The rapid rise of China's economy is one of the great achievements of our time. China's increasing prosperity has brought great benefits to the Chinese people and to China's trading partners around the world. We recognize that if prosperity's power is to reach in every corner of China, the Chinese government must fully integrate into the rules and norms of the international trading and finance system. China has discovered that economic freedom leads to national wealth. The growth of economic freedom in China provides reason to hope that social, political and religious freedoms will grow there, as well. In the long run, these freedoms are indivisible and essential to national greatness and national dignity. As our two nations work constructively across areas of common interest, we are candid about our disagreements. The growing strength and maturity of our relationship allows us to discuss our differences, whether over economic issues, Taiwan, Tibet, or human rights and religious freedom, in a spirit of mutual understanding and respect. China is a great civilization, a great power, and a great nation. Premier Wen, when my country looks forward to -- my country looks forward to working with you as China increasingly takes its place among the leading nations of the world. The ed States and China have made great progress in building a relationship that can address the challenges of our time, encourage global prosperity and advance the cause of peace. It is my hope that your visit will further that progress. Welcome, and thank you for coming.PREMIER WEN: Mr. President, Mrs. Bush, ladies and gentlemen, friends. I wish to thank you, Mr. President, for your kind invitation. It is with pleasure that I'm paying an official visit to the ed States. I have brought with me the sincere greetings and good wishes of the great Chinese people to the great American people. A quarter of a century ago, leaders of our two countries made the strategic decision to establish diplomatic relations, thus opening a new era in China-U.S. relations. In the past 25 years, our relations have stood tests of all kinds, moved forward through twists and turns, and made great progress. Our cooperation in a wide range of areas such as counterterrorism, economy, trade and international and regional issues, has effectively safeguarded our mutual interests and promoted peace, stability and prosperity in the Asia Pacific region and the world at large. At present, we are at a crucial juncture of carrying our relationship into the future where we face both opportunities and challenges. The changing situation has continued to add new substance to our relations. The fundamental interests of our two peoples and the people across the world require that China and the ed States step up cooperation, increase mutual trust, and further push forward the constructive and cooperative bilateral relations. In the final analysis, China-U.S. relations must go on improving. It is with this earnest desire that I've come to visit your country. We should view and handle China-U.S. relations in an historic perspective, and with strategic foresight and courage. The three Sino-U.S. communiqus drawn up by our two sides sets the guiding principles for appropriately addressing differences between the two countries, and continuing to broaden bilateral exchanges and cooperation. So long as the two sides continue to strictly abide by the principles as set forth in the three Sino-U.S. joint communiqus, and boost cooperation, our relationship will keep moving forward steadily. Let us join hands to create an even better future for two great countries and the wider world. Mr. President, once again, thank you for your warm welcome. ——布什总统和温家宝总理在欢迎仪式上的讲话(以下译文以现场翻译为蓝本,中国日报网站做了少许修改,有不妥之处望读者朋友们谅解。)布什总统:总理先生,代表团的各位成员,欢迎你们光临白宫,我感到非常荣幸。你们的来访反映了我们两国之间的合作关系和商业纽带正在不断加强。美国和中国有着许多共同利益。我们在反恐战争中精诚合作,为了打败破坏世界秩序和人类文明的残忍敌人而共同努力。在外交方面,我们是合作伙伴,要共同应对21世纪所面临的危险。我们都是世界贸易体系的正式成员,这个体系旨在使企业赢利从而增加各国的收益。我们两国共同寻求朝鲜半岛的稳定与和平。为了达到这个结果,消除北朝鲜的核项目是至关重要的。为了实现这个目标,北朝鲜的各个邻国都要加强合作。我非常感谢中国领导层主办了六方会谈,这使得我们更加接近于和平解决这个问题。我的政府将继续与中国合作,因为中国在亚洲乃至世界都发挥着建设性作用。中国经济的迅速兴起是我们这个时代的伟大成就之一。中国的日益繁荣不仅大大的造福于中国人民,也造福于中国在世界各地的贸易伙伴。我们认为要让中国的每个角落都繁荣起来,中国政府必须与国际贸易和金融系统的规测和准测全面接轨。中国已经体验到经济自由给国家带来的财富。中国经济自由的发展使人们有理由期待社会、政治及宗教自由的发展。从长远来讲,这些自由是不可分割的,而且对于维护一个伟大国家的尊严来说是必不可少的。在有着共同利益的各个领域,我们两国以建设性的精神努力的同时,我们对彼此之间的分歧也开诚布公。我们两国关系的日趋加强和成熟,使得我们可以本着相互理解和尊重的精神讨论我们之间的分歧,不管是经济问题、台湾问题、西藏问题、人权问题还是宗教自由问题。中国文明大精深,中国是个伟大的国家,伟大的民族。温总理,美国在中国逐步跻身于世界牵头国家的同时,期待着与您合作。美中两国在建设合作关系方面取得了很大的进展,这种良好的合作关系有利于我们共同致力于解决时代挑战,促进全球繁荣,推动世界和平事业向前发展。希望您此次访问能够进一步推动这个进展。感谢您到美国来,我在此表示热烈欢迎。温家宝总理:总统先生,布什夫人,女士们,先生们,朋友们。我感谢布什总统的邀请,怀着愉快的心情,对美国进行正式访问,我带来了伟大的中国人民对伟大的美国人民的诚挚问候和良好祝愿。25年前,中美领导人做出两国建交的战略决策,开启了中美关系史上的新时代。25年来,中美关系经历种种考验,在曲折中前进,取得了重大的进展。双方在反恐、经贸、国际和地区问题等广泛领域合作,有利的维护了双方的共同利益,促进了亚太地区和世界的和平、稳定与繁荣。当前,中美关系正处在承前启后的重要时刻,面临新的机遇和挑战。形势的变化不断赋予中美关系新的内涵,两国人民和世界人民的根本利益要求中美加强合作,增进互信,推动两国建设性合作关系进一步向前发展。中美关系归根到底是要好起来才行,我就是怀着这样的目的到贵国来访问的。我们要站在历史的高度,拿出战略的眼光和战略的勇气,审视和处理两国关系。中美双方制定的三个联合公报为妥善处理两国分歧,不断扩大交流与合作确定了指导原则。只要继续恪守中美三个联合公报的原则,加强合作,中美关系就会继续稳定的向前发展。让我们携起手来,共同创造我们两个伟大国家和世界的更加美好的未来。再次感谢总统先生对我们的热烈欢迎。200603/5008

mp4视频下载 Weekly Address: Two Pillars of a New FoundationRemarks of President Barack ObamaWeekly AddressSaturday, May 16, Good morning. Over the past few months, as we have put in place a plan to speed our economic recovery, I have spoken repeatedly of the need to lay a new foundation for lasting prosperity; a foundation that will support good jobs and rising incomes; a foundation for economic growth where we no longer rely on excessive debt and reckless risk – but instead on skilled workers and sound investments to lead the world in the industries of the 21st century.Two pillars of this new foundation are clean energy and health care. And while there remains a great deal of difficult work ahead, I am heartened by what we have seen these past few days: a willingness of those with different points of view and disparate interests to come together around common goals – to embrace a shared sense of responsibility and make historic progress.Chairman Henry Waxman and members of the Energy and Commerce Committee brought together stakeholders from all corners of the country – and every sector of our economy – to reach an historic agreement on comprehensive energy legislation. It’s another promising sign of progress, as longtime opponents are sitting together, at the same table, to help solve one of America’s most serious challenges.For the first time, utility companies and corporate leaders are joining, not opposing, environmental advocates and labor leaders to create a new system of clean energy initiatives that will help unleash a new era of growth and prosperity.It’s a plan that will finally reduce our dangerous dependence on foreign oil and cap the carbon pollution that threatens our health and our climate. Most important, it’s a plan that will trigger the creation of millions of new jobs for Americans, who will produce the wind turbines and solar panels and develop the alternative fuels to power the future. Because this we know: the nation that leads in 21st century clean energy is the nation that will lead the 21st century global economy. America can and must be that nation – and this agreement is a major step toward this goal.But we know that our families, our economy, and our nation itself will not succeed in the 21st century if we continue to be held down by the weight of rapidly rising health care costs and a broken health care system. That’s why I met with representatives of insurance and drug companies, doctors and hospitals, and labor unions who are pledging to do their part to reduce health care costs. These are some of the groups who have been among the fiercest critics of past comprehensive health care reform plans. But today they too are recognizing that we must act. Our businesses will not be able to compete; our families will not be able to save or spend; our budgets will remain unsustainable unless we get health care costs under control.These groups have pledged to do their part to reduce the annual health care spending growth rate by 1.5 percentage points. Coupled with comprehensive reform, their efforts could help to save our nation more than trillion in the next ten years – and save hardworking families ,500 each in the coming years.This week, I also invited Speaker of House Nancy Pelosi, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, and other congressional leaders to the White House to discuss comprehensive health reform legislation. The House is working to pass a bill by the end of July – before they head out for their August recess. That’s the kind of urgency and determination we need to achieve comprehensive reform by the end of this year. And the reductions in spending the health care community has pledged will help make this reform possible.I have always believed that it is better to talk than not to talk; that it is far more productive to reach over a divide than to shake your fist across it. This has been an alien notion in Washington for far too long, but we are seeing that the ways of Washington are beginning to change. For the calling of this moment is too loud and too urgent to ignore. Our success as a nation – the future of our children and grandchildren – depends upon our willingness to cast aside old arguments, overcome stubborn divisions, and march forward as one people and one nation.This is how progress has always been made. This is how a new foundation will be built. We cannot assume that interests will always align, or that fragile partnerships will not fray. There will be setbacks. There will be difficult days. But we are off to a good start. And I am confident that we will – in the weeks, months, and years ahead – build on what we have aly achieved and lay this foundation which will not only bring about prosperity for this generation, but for generations to come.Thanks so much.05/70058

[Nextpage视频演讲]President Obama speaks about the role government can play in encouraging innovation, rewarding ingenuity and spurring the economy in remarks at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.Download mp4 (166MB) | mp3 (16MB) [Nextpage演讲文本1]【Part 1】THE PRESIDENT: Thank you, everybody. Thank you. (Applause.) Please have a seat. Have a seat. (Applause.) Well, thank you, Harry. Thanks for giving me a chance to get out of Washington. It’s very hot there. (Laughter.) It’s hot here, too, but there’s a little more humidity there. And I just love coming to Vegas. (Applause.) I love being here. I mentioned last night, I'm not the only one who loves it, because I noticed that, for some reason, Air Force One is more crowded when we're coming to Vegas. (Laughter.) Somehow I need more staff and logistical support and a couple extra Secret Service guys. (Laughter.)We've got some wonderful leaders here, and I just want to acknowledge them very quickly. U.S. Representative Dina Titus is here -- (applause) -- doing a great job. And Nevada’s Secretary of State, Ross Miller, is here. (Applause.) Dr. Neal Smatresk is here, and his family. And they’re doing a great job on behalf of UNLV. (Applause.) And all of you are here. (Applause.) And I am thrilled to see you.But I’m especially here to be with my friend and your Senator, Harry Reid. (Applause.) One of the first stories I heard about Harry was that he was a boxer back in the day here in Nevada. And I was mentioning last -- she’s laughing, she’s -- oh, I can't believe it. (Laughter.) No, he was. (Laughter.) You wouldn't know that because he’s so soft-spoken. He’s all “well, I'm Harry Reid.” (Laughter.) But when he first told me he was a boxer, he said, “Barack, I wasn’t the fastest, I wasn’t the hardest hitting, but I knew how to take a punch.” (Laughter.) He knew how to take a punch. And Harry Reid became a pretty good boxer because he would simply outlast his opponents. He had a stronger will.I think that tells you something about the kind of person he is, the kind of senator he is, the kind of Senate Majority Leader he is. He’s a fighter, and you should never bet against him. (Applause.) And that’s just what we need right now. That's what Nevada needs right now. (Applause.) That's what Nevada needs, is somebody who’s going to fight for the people of Nevada and for the American people. And you know that he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth -- in Searchlight, Nevada. So when you're going through tough times, Harry Reid has been there. He knows what it feels like to be scraping and scrimping, and struggle to make ends meet. And so when his home state is having a tough time, when the country is having a tough time, he knows that he’s got to be fighting on behalf of not those who are powerful, but on behalf of those who need help the most.Now, let me tell you, when we first took office, amidst the worst economy since the Great Depression, we needed Harry’s fighting spirit -- because we had lost nearly three million jobs during the last six months of 2008. The month I was sworn in, January , we lost 750,000 jobs in that month alone. The following month we lost 600,000 jobs. And these were all the consequence of a decade of misguided economic policies -- a decade of stagnant wages, a decade of declining incomes, a decade of spiraling deficits.So our first mission was to break the momentum of the deepest and most vicious recession since the Great Depression. We had to stop the freefall and get the economy and jobs growing again. And digging out of this mess required us taking some tough decisions, and sometimes those decisions were not popular. And Harry knew they weren’t popular. I knew they weren’t popular. But they were the right thing to do.And Harry was willing to lead those fights because he knew that we had to change course; that to do nothing, to simply continue with the policies that had gotten us into this mess in the first place would mean further disaster. And to fail to act on some of the great challenges facing the country that we had been putting off for decades would mean a lesser future for our children and our grandchildren.Now, as a result of those tough steps that we took, we’re in a different place today than we were a year ago. An economy that was shrinking is now growing. We’ve gained private sector jobs for each of the past six months instead of losing them -- almost 600,000 new jobs. But as Harry pointed out, that’s not enough. I don’t have to tell you that. The unemployment rate is still unacceptably high, particularly in some states like Nevada. And a lot of you have felt that pain personally or you’ve got somebody in your family who’s felt the pain. Maybe you found yourself underwater on your mortgage and faced the terrible prospect of losing your home. Maybe you’re out of work and worried about how you’re going to provide for your family. Or maybe you’re a student at UNLV and you’re wondering if you’re going to be able to find a job when you graduate, or if you’re going to be able to pay off your student loans, or if you’re going to be able to start your career off on the right foot. Now, the simple truth is it took years to dig this hole; it’s going to take more time than any of us would like to climb out of it. But the question is, number one, are we on the right track? And the answer is, yes. And number two, how do we accelerate the process? How do we get the recovery to pick up more steam? How do we fill this hole faster?There’s a big debate in Washington right now about the role that government should play in all this. As I said in the campaign -- and as I’ve repeated many times as President -- the greatest generator of jobs in America is our private sector. It’s not government. It’s our entrepreneurs and innovators who are willing to take a chance on a good idea. It’s our businesses, large and small, who are making payroll and working with suppliers and distributing goods and services across the country and now across the world. [Nextpage演讲文本2]【Part 2】The private sector, not government, is, was, and always will be the source of America’s economic success. That’s our strength, the dynamism of our economy. And that’s why one of the first things Harry Reid did, one of the first things we did, was cut dozens of taxes -- not raise them, cut them -- for middle class and small business people. And we extended loan programs to put capital in the hands of startups. And we worked to reduce the cost of health care for small businesses. And right now, Harry is fighting to pass additional tax breaks and loan authority to help small businesses grow and hire all across the country. But he has also tried to look out specifically for Nevada. He understands, for example, that tourism is so enormous an aspect of our economy, and so helped to move our trade promotion act that is going to be helping to do exactly what it says -- promote tourism -- and bring folks here to enjoy the incredible hospitality. The point is, our role in government, especially in difficult times like these, is to break down barriers that are standing in the way of innovation; to unleash the ingenuity that springs from our people; to give an impetus to businesses to grow and expand. That’s not some abstract theory. We’ve seen the results. We’ve seen what we can do to catalyze job growth in the private sector. And one of the places we’ve seen it most is in the clean energy sector -- an industry that will not only produce jobs of the future but help free America from our dependence on foreign oil in the process, clean up our environment in the process, improve our national security in the process.So let me give you an example. Just yesterday, I took a tour of Smith Electric Vehicles in Kansas City, Missouri, on the way here. This is a company that just hired its 50th worker, it’s on the way to hiring 50 more, and is aiming to produce 500 electric vehicles at that plant alone. (Applause.) And these are spiffy-looking trucks. I mean, they are -- and they’re used by Fortune 500 companies for distribution -- PepsiCo, Frito-Lay. They’re also used for the ed States military –- electric trucks with a lot of -- they’re very strong, great horsepower.And the reason for their success is their entrepreneurial drive. But it’s also partly because of a grant that we’re offering companies that manufacture electric vehicles and the batteries that power them. Because of these grants, we’re going to be going from only having 2 percent of the global capacity to make advanced batteries that go in trucks and cars, run on electricity -- we’re going to go from 2 percent of advanced battery market share to 40 percent just in the next five years -- just in the next five years. (Applause.) And that will create thousands of jobs across the country -- thousands of jobs across the country, not just this year, not just next year, but for decades to come. So it’s a powerful example of how we can generate jobs and promote robust economic growth here in Nevada and all across the country by incentivizing private sector investments.That’s what we’re working to do with the clean energy manufacturing tax credits that we enacted last year, thanks to Harry’s leadership. Thanks to Harry’s leadership. (Applause.)Some people know these tax credits by the name 48c, which refers to their section in the tax code. But here’s how these credits work. We said to clean energy companies, if you’re willing to put up 70 percent of the capital for a worthy project, a clean energy project, we’ll put up the remaining 30 percent. To put it another way, for every dollar we invest, we leverage two more private sector dollars. We’re betting on the ingenuity and talent of American businesses. (Applause.)Now, these manufacturing tax credits are aly having an extraordinary impact. A solar panel company -- a solar power company called Amonix received a roughly million tax credit for a new facility they’re building in the Las Vegas area -– a tax credit they were able to match with roughly million in private capital. That's happening right now. And that’s just one of over -- (applause) -- that's just one of over 180 projects that received manufacturing tax credits in over 40 states.Now, here’s the -- the only problem we have is these credits were working so well, there aren’t enough tax credits to go around. There are more worthy projects than there are tax credits. When we announced the program last year, it was such a success we received 500 applications requesting over billion in tax credits, but we only had .3 billion to invest. In other words, we had almost four times as many worthy requests as we had tax credits.Now, my attitude, and Harry’s attitude, is that if an American company wants to create jobs and grow, we should be there to help them do it. So that’s why I’m urging Congress to invest billion more in these kinds of clean energy manufacturing tax credits, more than doubling the amount that we made available last year. (Applause.) And this investment would generate nearly 40,000 jobs and billion or more in private sector investment, which could trigger an additional 90,000 jobs.Now, I’m gratified that this initiative is drawing support from members of Congress from both sides of the aisle, including Republican Senators Richard Lugar and Orrin Hatch. Unfortunately, that kind of bipartisanship has been absent on a lot of efforts that Harry and I have taken up over the past year and a half.We fought to keep Nevada teachers and firefighters and police officers on the job, and to extend unemployment insurance and COBRA so folks have health insurance while they’re looking for work. We fought to stop health insurance companies from dropping your coverage on the basis of preexisting conditions, or right when you get sick, or placing lifetime limits on the amount of care that you can receive. We fought to eliminate wasteful subsidies that go to banks that were acting as unnecessary middlemen for guaranteed student loans from the federal government, and as a consequence, freed up tens of billions of dollars that are now going directly to students, which means more than a million students have access to financial aid that they didn't have before. (Applause.)And we’re now on the cusp of enacting Wall Street reforms that will empower consumers with clear and concise information that they need to make financial decisions that are best for them -- (applause) -- and to help prevent another crisis like this from ever happening again, and putting an end to some of the predatory lending and the subprime loans that had all kinds of fine print and hidden fees that have been such a burden for the economy of a state like Nevada and haven’t been fair to individual consumers in the process. So that’s what Harry and I fought for. And, frankly, at every turn we’ve met opposition and obstruction from a lot of leaders across the aisle. And that’s why I’m glad I’ve got a boxer in the Senate who is not afraid to fight for what he believes in. (Applause.) And Harry and I are going to keep on fighting until wages and incomes are rising, and businesses are hiring again right here in Nevada, and Americans are headed back to work again, and we’ve recovered from this recession, and we’re actually rebuilding this economy stronger than before. (Applause.) That’s what we’re committed to doing. (Applause.) So, Nevada, I know we’ve been through tough times. And not all the difficult days are behind us. There are going to be some tough times to come. But I can promise you this: We are headed in the right direction. We are moving forward. We are not going to move backwards. (Applause.) And I’m absolutely confident that if we keep on moving forward, if we refuse to turn backwards, if we’re willing to show the same kind of fighting spirit as Harry Reid has shown throughout his career, then out of this storm brighter days are going to come. Thank you very much, everybody. God bless you. (Applause.)END9:52 A.M. PDT 201007/108703

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