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连云港149医院产前检查好吗连云港看妇科病哪家好Whether celebrating an accomplishment or just having friends over for drinks, these tips will help you put together an impromptu bash without a lot of fuss.无论是庆祝成功还是仅仅想邀请朋友过来喝一杯,下面的建议都可以帮你毫不费力地举办一场即兴聚会。You Will Need你需要Online social network在线社交网络Packaged cookie dough包装的饼干生面团Prepackaged food提前包装好的食品Frozen snacks冰冻的零食Paper plates and cups纸盘和纸杯Plastic utensils塑料器皿Bottle of champagne香槟酒Candles蜡烛mp3 Playermp3播放器Toothpicks (optional)牙签(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Invite friends1.邀请朋友Call or text eight to 20 close friends or invite them using an online social network. Make sure to ask for an RSVP.打电话或发短信给8至20个亲密的朋友, 或者通过在线社交网络来邀请。一定要求他们尽快回复。When it comes to the guest list, stick with close friends – theyre more likely to show up on short notice.在制定宾客名单方面,坚持邀请亲密的朋友,即使较短时间内通知,他们也更有可能也会到场。STEP 2 Give a reason2.提出理由Give a reason for the party, even if its as simple as celebrating the first day of spring or that you just received a promotion. Happy Tuesday!给出举办聚会的理由,即使像庆祝春季的第一天,或者你刚刚升职这种简单的理由。或者星期二快乐!STEP 3 Bake cookies3.烘烤曲奇饼Bake cookies from packaged cookie dough. Its a cheap, easy way to give your party a homemade touch.用包装的生面团烘烤曲奇饼。这是在家中举办派对省钱而简单的方法。STEP 4 Use prepackaged foods4.使用提前包装的食品Keep things simple by buying prepackaged foods or frozen snacks, and soda and other beverages.购买提前包装好的食品或冰冻的零食,以及汽水和其他饮料,这样比较简单。STEP 5 Use paper products5.使用纸制品Use paper plates and napkins and plastic utensils.使用纸盘,纸巾和塑料器皿。You can skip the paper plates and utensils and serve finger foods or snacks that require nothing more than toothpicks.你甚至可以不需要纸盘和塑料器皿,只提供手指拿着就可以吃的食品或零食,只要牙签就可以了。STEP 6 Open old champagne6.打开珍藏已久的香槟Open up that bottle of champagne that has been sitting in the fridge since last New Years Eve.打开从去年圣诞节前夜就已经珍藏在冰箱里的那瓶香槟酒。STEP 7 Light candles and play music7.点燃蜡烛,播放音乐Dim the lights, light some candles, and hook up your mp3 player with a party playlist to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.把光线调暗,点燃一些蜡烛,打开mp3播放器,播放一些派对音乐,打造温馨怡人的气氛。In , the Rolling Stones became the most expensive act to perform for a private party, charging million to play a wedding for one hour.年,滚石成为为私人聚会演出最昂贵的乐队,为婚礼演奏一小时收费800万美元。视频听力译文由。201410/336452伊山镇侍庄东王集图河杨集同兴镇治疗慢性肠炎多少钱 Commercial air fresheners just make your home smell like a public restroom, but there is a simple—and natural—way to keep your house smelling sweet for weeks.商业化的空气清新剂只会让你的家闻上去像公共卫生间一样,但是有一个简单天然的方法可以让你的房间几周内都闻上去非常甜美。You Will Need你需要2 cinnamon sticks2根肉桂棒2 tbsp. ground cloves2汤匙丁香粉Piece of cheesecloth at least 6; square一块至少6平方英寸的粗棉布Some string一些绳子A small saucepan一个小平底锅4 c. water4杯水A decorative bowl一个装饰碗And dried fruit peels and flower petals such as rose or lavender干水果皮和花瓣,例如玫瑰花或薰衣草Whole spices like cardamom and star anise整颗的香料,例如豆蔻和八角茴香Steps步骤STEP 1 Make bundle1.制作成包Tie the cinnamon sticks and cloves together in the cheesecloth to create a spice bundle.把肉桂棒和丁香粉一起绑在粗棉布中,形成一个香料包。If you like, add whole spices like cardamom or star anise to your bundle.如果你喜欢的话,可以向香料包中添加整颗的香料,例如豆蔻或八角茴香。STEP 2 Put bundle in pot2.放入锅中Drop the bundle into a saucepan containing four cups of water.把香料包放入装有四杯水的平底锅中。STEP 3 Simmer3.小火煮Bring the water to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer gently for an hour and a half. Your home will fill with fragrance as the steam dissipates.将水煮沸。小火慢煮一个半小时。随着蒸汽蔓延,家中会充满香气。Be sure to check the water level periodically. Add more water if it threatens to dry up--you dont want a scorched smell.定时检查水量。如果水快干了,及时加水,否则锅会烧焦。STEP 4 Remove bundle4.取出香料包Carefully remove the hot spice bundle from the saucepan, and allow it to cool.小心地从平底锅中取出热香料包,冷却。STEP 5 Put spices in bowl5.向碗里添加香料Turn the spices out of the cheesecloth into a decorative bowl.将粗棉布中的香料取出来,倒入装饰碗中。STEP 6 Add peels and petals6.添加果皮和花瓣Add dried fruit peels and flower petals to the bowl and mix them in with the spices.向碗里加入干果皮和花瓣,与香料混合均匀。Dry your own peels and petals by leaving a thin layer of them in a sunny spot for several weeks.可以自己晒制干果皮和花瓣,在有阳光的地方散开薄薄的一层,晒几个星期就可以了。STEP 7 Enjoy fragrance7.享受香味Place the bowl in your bedroom, bath, or living room--and enjoy the natural fragrance for weeks!把这个碗放在卧室,浴室或客厅中,几周的时间内都可以享受这种自然的香味!视频听力译文由。201405/294974Of course, this cannot be done in humans当然 这个实验不能在人身上进行but why shouldnt we do it with birds?但为何不在鸟身上试试呢Zebra finches are perfect subjects.珍珠鸟是完美的实验对象While the females dont sing at all,虽然雌鸟完全不会鸣叫the male chicks learn to sing by imitating their fathers,雄性幼鸟却通过模仿其父来学习鸣叫just like human children copy their parents.就像人类幼儿模仿他们的父母一样To recreate the conditions of the forbidden experiment,为了再现禁忌实验的情景Ofer and his team isolated male chicks away from their fathers奥弗和他的团队在雄性幼鸟学会鸣叫前before they were taught to sing.将其与其父隔离开来Kept in isolation in specially sound-proofed cages,被关在特制的隔音笼子里their song developed to no more than a croak.它们的叫声嘶哑难听One of these isolated males was added to a group of females接着他将一只隔离后的雄鸟放入雌鸟群中to create a new finch colony.以期造一个新的珍珠鸟群201412/349306牛山白塔埠黄川石梁河青湖镇石榴街道治疗月经不调多少钱

云港治疗痔疮多少钱连云港市东海县人民医院彩超检查好吗 Undeterred by thoughts of ghosts or goblins, and exhilarated by the dazzling wealth of their find, the workmen eagerly shared out chunks of the gold sheet, with the farmer taking the largest pieces.鬼怪的传说并没有吓退他们,闪闪发光的财宝令他们兴奋不已,热切地瓜分了黄金碎片,一个佃农得到了最大的一份。It would have been easy for the story to end there.故事原本很可能就到此为止了。The year was 1833, and burials from a distant past, however exotic, enjoyed little legal protection.在一八三三年,不论多奇特的远古墓葬都很难得到法律保护,The isolated location of the burial site, near the town of Mold, not far from the north coast of Wales, meant that the wider world could easily have continued in ignorance of its existence.更何况墓葬地处威尔士北岸的莫尔德镇附近,位置偏远,外面世界的人们很容易忽略它的存在。一切多亏了当地牧师科勒夫的好奇心。That this didnt happen, owes everything to the curiosity of a local vicar, Reverend C.B. Clough, who wrote an account of the find that aroused the interest of the Society of Antiquaries, hundreds of miles away in London.他为这次发现撰写了一份报告,引起了几百英里外伦敦文物研究协会的兴趣。Three years after the spoils from the burial had been divided, the British Museum bought from the tenant farmer the first and the largest of the fragments of gold, which had been his share of the booty.在墓葬的财宝被瓜分三年之后,大英物馆才从那位佃农手里买到第一块金片,这是他当年分到的战利品,也是所有金片中最大的一块。Much that the vicar recorded had by that stage disappeared, including virtually the whole skeleton.牧师记录下来的物品大多消失了,其中包括整具骨骸。This left only three large and twelve small crushed and flattened fragments of the decorated gold object.剩下的只有三大块、十二小块被压扁的黄金碎片。It took another hundred years for the British Museum to gather together enough of the remaining fragments to begin a complete reconstruction of this divided treasure.大英物馆又花了近百年的时间,才收集到了足够的碎片,对这件四分五裂的财宝进行全面修复。有些碎片至今仍未出现。What was the object that these fragments belonged to? When had it been made? Who had worn it?这些碎片过去曾组成一个什么样的物品?于何时制作?谁曾穿戴过它?As more archaeological discoveries were made, it became clear that the Mold burial was indeed prehistoric, and dated to the newly identified age of bronze-around four thousand years ago.在十九世纪,伴随着更多考古发现,人们逐渐确定莫尔德墓葬应属约四千年前的青铜时期。 201407/314021连云港海州区做体检哪家医院最好的

连云港国泰妇科医院专家I selected the group players of lots of experience,我从队伍里挑选了有经验的球员,they were comfortable playing with each other,他们配合娴熟,and they had true confidence for each other as well.而且他们都很有信心。重点词汇: select 挑选例句:Select your banking syndicate based on appropriate criteria.根据适当的标准选择财团。 视频介绍:在第一回合输给那不勒斯的比赛后,阿斯被俱乐部解雇,原来的助理教练迪马特奥临时接替担任主教练参加剩余的比赛。201404/289676 But thanks to the sheer scale of this remote region, there are still many wild places that have so far remained largely intact.但是正是由于这个地方的偏僻,这里才有许多荒原至今仍保留着未被人类开垦的自然状态。The least explored area of all is found in Tibets far south east. Here the Yarlung River, Tibets longest, has carved through the Himalayas, allowing monsoon clouds from India to pass through.最少被探索的地域在西藏偏远的东南部,西藏最长的雅鲁藏布江。在喜马拉雅山脉中留下了深深的印迹,使得从印度来的雨季云可以从中穿过。This is Tibets most secret corner. According to legend, the Yarlung gorge was rendered magically invisible in the eighth century and could only be seen by those who have attained sufficient spiritual knowledge and wisdom. At two days walk from the nearest road, this hidden region wasnt explored by outsiders until the 1990s.这里是西藏最神秘的角落,根据传说雅鲁藏布江大峡谷,在十八世纪奇迹般地消失了。只有那些具有高尚品德和聪明才智的人才能看到,这个神秘的地方离最近的路有两天的路程,直到20世纪90年代才被世人发现。Thanks to the annual monsoon, the whole landscape is covered in lush forest. The scale of the gorge is breathtaking. As the Yarlung River cuts through the mountains, its created the worlds deepest gorge, three times deeper than Americas Grand Canyon.多亏了季风的帮助,才使这个地方苍翠繁茂。峡谷之大让人心惊胆战,雅鲁藏布江从山峦间穿过,形成了世界最深的峡谷,比美国大峡谷深三倍多。This vast and mysterious place provides a vital clue to Tibets importance for the rest of the world.这个广袤神秘的地方为研究西藏,对其他地方的重要性提供了极其重要的线索。 /201403/282168东海县保胎哪家医院最好的连云港人流大约要多少钱



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