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Imagine choreographing thousands of people into formations to look like famous things like the Liberty Bell, or the Statue of Liberty.Sound like a stunt? Maybe a little nutty?Well, thats exactly what Arthur S. Mole and John D. Thomas did in the early 20th century.Their project photographed in Michigan at Camp Custer near Battle Creek was their most ambitious. Mole and Thomas arranged 30,000 military troops into the U.S. Shield.Intended to rally public morale during World War One, these pictures had a big impact on the American political landscape.Louis Kaplan, a Professor of History and Theory of Photography and New Media at the University of Toronto, describes how Arthur S. Mole and John D. Thomas were the first to use propaganda in the form of mass photography.Doing extra service that served to rally the country, troops would sometimes have to stand for many hours to get angling and perspective just right.Kaplan describes Mole climbing atop an 80-foot tower. He used a microphone, body language, and a long pole with a white flag attached at the end to conduct and align the troops into formation.201505/375684Gov. Rick Snyders new budget contains over 0 million for Healthy Michigan.Thats a reminder that its time for the state of Michigan to pony up some of the Medicaid expansion programs operation cost. That Healthy Michigan program means health insurance for some 600,000 lower-income Michiganders.Marianne Udow-Phillips is with the Center for Healthcare Research and Transformation. She tells us that under the Affordable Care Act with the expansion of Medicaid, the federal government covered 100% of the costs for the 2014, 2015 and 2016 calendar years. Starting next year, she says ;the state has to start paying a little bit.;She explains that the state will be responsible for 5% of the cost the first year, and that amount will gradually increase year over year until 2020, when the state will have to pay 10% of the cost.;By the time we get to 2020, it would cost the state about for every person that gets covered under the Healthy Michigan plan.;According to Udow-Phillips, the governors budget will be adequate to cover these costs.;The state match, the 8 million, is actually matching .4 billion from the federal government for the Medicaid program. That is enough to cover all the individuals that we have currently enrolled and that we expect will continue to be enrolled in the plan,; she says.That 8 million still needs the approval of the Legislature, and Udow-Phillips tells us there are some legislators who dont seem to want to commit to the plan. That said, she believes the majority of legislators will support the proposal ;because the state is still getting savings from the general fund as a result of this federal contribution.;She explains that the state has had to use general fund dollars to pay for a lot of services in the past, particularly mental health care. With the federal government taking on a chunk of that burden, Michigan will have some room to sock some money away.Udow-Phillips expects that the state will continue to save money until 2020, when it takes on that 10% of the cost. At that point she says Michigan will probably be paying a little bit more for the program than the net savings, ;but again, relatively low cost for people who are getting coverage.;;We estimated that by the time we get to 2020,; she says, ;it would cost the state about for every person that gets covered under the Healthy Michigan plan.;If at some point along this process this budget proposal gets rejected or jammed up by the Legislature, Udow-Phillips tells us the Healthy Michigan plan would end and some 600,000 people would lose their health care coverage.201602/427912You wear a blouse like that almost.I think the coloring is almost.你穿的上衣就跟这个一样 他们的颜色几乎也是I think they,they almost painted like us right now.like right now.我觉得 几乎就是在画现在的我们 现在I look like Rick Shroder I think, and, who do you look like?I dont know.Im not sure.我觉得我看起来像Rick Shroder 你看起来像谁? 我不知道 我不确定Im not sure if I should say thank you for that Jen?right.我不确定我是不是该谢谢你 Jen? 是的oh,no,no,thank the fan.oh,yeah,thank you.yeah,yeah,right.哦 不 不 谢谢粉丝 哦 对 谢谢 是 是 对I would let she take this becasue I know you too well.我会让她拿这个 因为我太了解你了I think its fair.I think its fair.I think its good that you are here.我觉得这很得当 我觉得你们在这里很好then you can ask any questions for real,right?she knows everything about you.你们可以问我问题 对吧? 她知道关于你的任何事yeah,right.pretty much?I do.pretty much.I hope so.no,you dont wanna know.mostly,everything.是 对 大部分吧? 我确实 大部分 我希望这样 不 我不会想知道的 大部分 每件事eh,all right.So now lets get to the real stuff.whats it like being married to Ellen?好吧 所以 让我们谈些真事 嫁给Ellen是什么感觉?eh,shes right here.I mean youve known us for a while.yeah.呃 她就在这里 你认识我们有一段时间了 是we have like the best relationship ever.nine years.a great relationship.Wonderful,yeah,its amazing.我们的感情非常棒 9年了 恋爱非常棒 很好 让人惊讶and I know that because I am lucky enough to be witness to it all the time.我知道这些 因为我有幸见了这段感情And it is,its inspiring and you guys are so good to each other.这是 这是很鼓舞人心的 你们对彼此这么好But lets get serious.What,What bugs you about Ellen?但 说真的 Ellen有什么地方让你觉得烦吗?I mean nothing,No.theres gotta be something.Come on.theres nothing.没有 嘿 总有些什么事吧 没有I mean.Ellen,shes answering the question.oh.我是说 Ellen,让她回答这个问题 哦Portia,come on,theres gotta be something.Is there something?Portia 说吧 总有些事的 有什么吗?this is so hard.I cant do this.I know,just pick one.come on,its fine.这太难了 我不能这么做 我知道 就选一个 说嘛 没事的we will forget about it.what bugs you.Tell me, I can take it.我们会忘记这件事的 什么让你烦 告诉我 我能接受的 /201604/437846

On Wednesday, authorities said that a storm packing fierce winds has left thousands of people without power in western Washington state. 周三,当局称狂风暴雨致使华盛顿西部成千上万的人断电。Puget Sound Energy said on its website that some 13,100 customers were without power in the greater Seattle area after the storm struck on Tuesday. 普捷湾能源公司在其网站上称,风暴袭击后西雅图地区有13,100客户断电。Later in the day, media outlets said that over 75,000 customers were without power in the entire state. 当天晚些时候媒体表示,整个地区超过75,000客户断电。The National Weather Service added in a report that wind gusts as high as 66 mph were recorded in the town of Shelton which is located near the states capital, Olympia.国家气象局在一份报道中补充道,强风速度高达66英里每小时,是华盛顿首府奥林匹亚附近谢尔顿的记录。译文属。201603/429303

In the crypt of the castle,Himmler wanted to hold pagan SS ceremonies by the light of an eternal flame.在城堡地窖里,希姆莱想进行异教徒般的党卫军仪式点燃永不熄灭的火焰。Above the crypt was a hall, for the leaders of the SS to meet,like the warrior knights of old.地窖上是大厅,供首领们会面使用像古时骑士一样。Always subordinate to their heroic master, Adolf Hitler.永远效忠英雄般的主人—希特勒。He is a genuinely great man and, above all, a true and pure one.他是真正的伟人,最重要的是,他够真实、纯粹。Himmler believed that, just as Hermann had once proved to be a superior kind of Germanic hero, 2,000 years ago,Adolf Hitler would prove to be just such a hero today.希姆莱相信,两千年前的赫尔曼曾被认为是优等的日耳曼民族英雄,如今希特勒也会有如此礼遇。In 1923, the political atmosphere in Munich was tense and unstable.1923年,慕尼黑的政治气氛紧张,政局动荡。By now, Hitler had been leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party,which some called the Nazis, for two years.希特勒作为德国社会主义工党党魁,当时被称为纳粹党,已有两年。And hed built a large and growing paramilitary organisation,the Stormtroopers.他组建一极具规模 且日益壮大的准军事组织冲锋队。In November 1923, he decided to act,and to try and spark an uprising in Munich.1923年11月,他决定采取行动在慕尼黑发起暴动。 译文属201511/411491

It looks like either she is pulling down the bikini Or maybe she is pulling it up.看起来她要么就是在把比基尼扯下去 要么就是在拽上来Either way, not the time to snap a photo.She is showing a lot, right.不管怎样 这时候抓拍都不合适 她露得太多了 没错Is that... I mean, we need a cover for the cover.Give me that.其实 我想说 我们得找点东西盖住这个封面 把那个给我I mean, really?I did some research,I noticed that swimsuits我在想 真的吗 我做过一些研究 我注意到女士泳衣的are getting smaller and smaller each year,So I thought I would give you a little lesson,布料一年比一年少 所以我觉得是时候给你们上一课on the evolution of this ;Sports illustrated; Swimsuit edition.;体育画报;泳装版演变史Youre welcome, stay-at-home dads out there.不用谢 电视机前宅在家里的爸爸们Okay, take this off, so I can So okay, lets go back好的 把这个拿掉 这样我就能 好吧 让我们回到First of all, to 1970.The magazine cost 50 cents at the time.首先 回到1970年 当时杂志仅售50美分and this right here is Cheryl Tiegs,it was her first time on the cover.这个呢 就是雪浓·提格丝 这是她的封面处女秀And, I guess the sweater is in case the water was cold.恩 我猜穿毛衣是因为水太冷了Youll swim with the sweater back when the water was cold.那时候水太冷的话 游泳是要穿毛衣的 /201510/404024

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