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2017年12月15日 00:59:37 | 作者:网上大夫 | 来源:新华社
Too hot to work? No sweat, go home, says German officialAs Germany wilts in sweltering temperatures, a manager in a Berlin government office told his 260 sweating workers to go home, a newspaper reported Friday, undermining Germans' reputation for efficiency.According to the BZ local tabloid, the boss of the Berlin office for tax evasion investigations sent an email to his employees saying: "Everyone should decide for themselves if they feel up to working in these temperatures.""This decision should be taken before you pass out ... taking time off work today could in many cases be a wise decision which would have my full understanding," wrote Erik Schliephake in the email printed by BZ."With greetings bathed in sweat," the boss signed off the note.The BZ carried the story on its front page with the headline: "Whoever sweats gets to go home."Berliners have been baking in a seemingly relentless heatwave in recent weeks, with the mercury frequently soaring into the high 30s Celsius (high 90s Fahrenheit) and July on course to be the hottest on record.Vocabulary:wilt: to become weak or tired(变得委靡不振;发蔫;变得又累又乏)sweltering: 闷热的tabloid: a newspaper with small pages (usually half the size of those in larger papers).Tabloids usually have short articles and a lot of pictures and stories about famous people, and are thought of as less serious than other newspapers. (小报,通俗小报,版面通常比大报小一半,文章短,图片多,经常报道名人佚事)feel up to: 觉得有精力(做某事);感到有能力(处理某事)pass out: to lose consciousness(昏迷;失去知觉)sign off: to end a letter(结束写信)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/109453Israel Says No to Cease-Fire, Vows to Press Offensive以色列拒停火 要求对方先停袭击 Israel has rejected international pressure for an immediate, even if temporary, cease-fire five days into its offensive against Hamas militants and infrastructure in the Gaza Strip. Despite massive damage and a toll of nearly 400 Palestinians killed, Hamas also remains defiant, continuing to fire rockets ever deeper into Israel. 以色列拒绝国际社会立即停火的要求,甚至也拒不接受临时停火的要求。与此同时,以色列对加沙地带哈马斯激进分子及其基础设施的打击进入第五天。尽管空袭造成大范围的破坏,巴勒斯坦人死亡总数接近400人,但是哈马斯还在坚持抵抗,继续向以色列更为纵深的地带发射火箭弹。After meeting Wednesday afternoon, Israeli cabinet ministers decided against a French proposal for a 48-hour cease-fire to allow humanitarian aid to reach Gaza.  以色列内阁部长星期三下午开会之后决定,不接受法国提出的停火48小时、以便人道援助物资进入加沙的建议。Deputy Foreign Ministry spokesman Yariv Ovadia tells VOA, the ministers studied several informal proposals and decided there was no one to talk to on the other side.  以色列外交部副发言人亚里夫·奥瓦迪亚对美国之音记者说,内阁部长们研究了几项非正式提议后,决定以色列不可能跟对方的任何人进行会谈。"We haven't heard anything from Hamas," Ovadia said. "On the contrary, what we've heard from Hamas was that they're going to keep firing missiles on Israeli cities and trying to kill Israeli civilians. Hamas started this atrocity and doesn't want to end it."  奥瓦迪亚说:“我们还没有听到来自哈马斯的任何停火的表态。相反,我们从哈马斯得到的信息是他们将继续向以色列城市发射火箭弹,设法杀害以色列平民。哈马斯挑起了这场暴行,而且不想罢手。”Israel has said it would allow a further 2,000 tons of food and medical supplies into Gaza. It has also given authorization for several dozen ill and wounded Gazans to seek medical treatment in Israel. 以色列曾经表示,会允许再向加沙运送2千吨食品和医疗物资。以色列还批准几十名加沙的伤病人员到以色列寻求救治。But for now, despite growing international pressure for a cease-fire, Israeli officials say they will press their offensive and they insist any cease-fire must ensure that militant rocket attacks against Israel stop. 但是在目前,尽管国际社会不断要求以色列停火,而以色列官员却表示,他们会加强打击行动,并坚持认为任何停火都必须以激进分子停止火箭弹袭击为担保。Israeli war planes carried out further bombing runs in Gaza Wednesday, hitting Hamas government offices and underground tunnels on the Gaza-Egypt border. And, Israel continues to amass ground troops around Gaza in preparation for a possible ground offensive. 以色列战机星期三继续轰炸加沙,击中哈马斯几处办公大楼和加沙与埃及边界的地下通道。另外,以色列继续在加沙周边地区集结地面部队,为可能发动地面进攻做准备。But, despite massive damages and rising casualties, Hamas too is maintaining a tough line.  不过,尽管以色列空袭造成了重大破坏、伤亡人数不断上升,哈马斯继续坚持强硬立场。In parts of Israel the sound of sirens has become a daily occurrence - the warning sounds of incoming Hamas rockets, striking ever deeper into Israel, including Beersheba in the Negev, over 40 kilometers southeast of Gaza. 在以色列部分地区,警报声几乎成为家常便饭,听到警报声响,人们就知道哈马斯的火箭弹打过来了。火箭弹的射程越来越深入以色列境内,火箭一直可以打到加沙东南方向40多公里开外的地方,包括内盖夫的贝尔谢巴。And, Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum makes it clear the group is not begging for a truce.  哈马斯发言人巴荷姆也明确表示,哈马斯不会祈求停火。Barhoum said what's needed immediately is for the Arab and Islamic countries to unite and stop this aggression, lift the siege, open the crossings and rebuild Gaza. 巴荷姆说,眼下需要的是阿拉伯和伊斯兰世界团结起来,制止这场侵略,解除围困,开放过境点,重建加沙。The militants have kept up their rocket attacks, hitting ever deeper into Israel. Rockets have hit not only town near Gaza, such as Sderot and Ashkelon, but also Ashdod to the north of Gaza and Beersheba to the southeast.  激进分子一直没有间断向以色列发射火箭弹,其火箭弹越来越向纵深地带发射,不仅击中斯德洛特、阿希科伦等加沙附近的城镇,而且加沙以北的阿什杜德和东南方的贝尔谢巴也成为哈马斯火箭弹光顾的地方。As the violence continues, so do diplomatic efforts to stop it. Arab League foreign ministers met in Cairo to discuss the crisis. Turkey's Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan was on a foray to Syria and Jordan Wednesday and is also due to visit Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Israel's Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni is expected to hold talks in Paris Thursday and French President Nicolas Sarkozy may visit Israel early next week. 在暴力继续的同时,外交人士也在加紧努力制止目前的暴力局面。阿拉伯联盟成员国外长在开罗开会讨论目前的危机。土耳其总理埃尔多安星期三短暂访问叙利亚和约旦,他还计划访问埃及和沙特阿拉伯。以色列外长利夫尼预计星期四在巴黎举行会谈,而法国总统萨科齐可能于下星期初访问以色列。01/60158Paul McGuinness, manager of the rock band U2, discusses the battle against illegal music downloading The basic premise is the music industry is in a crisis. Tell us about it.Well,what's,what has replaced, physical product sales is an illegal peer to peer file sharing across the Internet, and that means that the industry which is decreasing in volume by about 15-20 percent a year is on the way to oblivion. Em, it will be followed by the movie industry, if cooperation from the ISPs on a worldwide basis, is not forthcoming.Where do you attach the blame in the primary sense?Well, that is very, very directly to the Internet service providers around the world who sell broadband subscriptions all over the world which are primarily used to illegally download content whether it's music, films, television programs or books. And what we would like the ISPs to do is, first of all, prevent the flow which they can do through filtering of illegal content, but also join us in a new business model, where they would actually collect on behalf of content owners and share that revenue, with record companies and film companies.Why has it been so hard to get these,these people on board to get some sort of shared arrangement?Well, personally, I believe the ISP industry has been quite cynical. They have claimed that it is not possible to filter. That's not true. And several courts in Europe in Belgium, and in Denmark and other countries have determined that this is not a good enough excuse. They must sooner or later take responsibility for this because what's happening is that the deluge of illegal content is now clogging up their pipes and they are unable to deal with the vast amount of illegal material passing through their systems.Now I know that baidu.com is one of those that's been singled out by the music industries, it's the biggest Chinese search engine, it's listed on Nasdaq and it's been subject/ to be deliberately named. We couldn't get Baidu to talk to us, but they issued a statement in which they say they believe in copyright protection. They have announced a series of partnerships with companies including EMI, Rock Music Group and more than half of the domestic recording companies in China. They take intellectual property rights seriously so they say they continue to work to fight piracy on the Internet. Sounds great, isn't it?It sounds very good, but I'm afraid the practice is not as good as the rhetoric. Baidu particularly made very very large sums from other people's content and passed on very very little of it to the content owners and the content makers, the musicians and the performers.Is there a legal strategy? Is there a legal place in which you can seek redress for this?Yes, the best example is what the French have decided to do. The French are introducing legislation which will, which will warn once, twice and then on the third time will disconnect a serial downloader of illegal material, illegal downloader of material. And that is being recommended by certainly the music industry to governments all over the world. It's known as the Olivennes Initiative and should become law later this year in France. And we certainly approve of that.And briefly, could U2 have been as big as it was if it was starting now, and can you...?It's not, this is really not a fight on U2's behalf. This really to the extent that I'm,I'm,I'm a representative. I'm representing all artists.Sure, but if a new band, a new potential U2's starting today, could it get it underway given that there’s such a leeching away of potential profits?It is a very big problem because the record companies, the traditional record companies are no longer able to make the investment in new talent that they used to be relied upon for.Fascinating. Paul McGuinness, glad to have you in here.Thank you.200812/59181Japan's economy日本经济On a mission使命在身A rare reformist zeal is emerging in post-quake Japan. The government ignores it at the country’s peril 震后日本出现了少见的改革热情。政府不顾国家安危,对此置若罔闻THERE is something awe-inspiring about the Japanese on a mission. During Golden Week holidays this month, thousands of volunteers helped to sift through the muddy wreckage left by the March tsunami. Stricken roads, bullet trains and factories have returned to normal with astonishing speed. In people’s ardour to rebuild, once-taboo ideas are emerging on how to reform and deregulate not just the damaged areas but the country at large (see article). The government urgently needs to develop a sense of mission, too.重任在身的日本确实有令人敬畏之处。就在这个月的黄金周假期期间,数千名志愿者帮助清理三月海啸留下的废墟。受灾道路、高铁和工厂都以惊人速度恢复正常运转。与人民的重建热情共同高涨的,还有一度被视为禁忌的观念,即:如何对受灾地区、甚至对全国进行改革,解除管制(见文章)。政府当前也亟需树立使命感。日本工业生产与过去相比的变动幅度The combined power of a quake, tsunami and full-scale nuclear accident has jolted whatever sense of complacency the Japanese had about the resilience of their country. The ham-fisted efforts of Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) to stem the crisis at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear-power plant have exposed the company for what it is: an inept monopoly so big it could co-opt or run rings around its regulators. It should be broken up. Meanwhile, the smashed-up fishing fleets and sea-swamped rice paddies in the north-east have prompted discussion on bringing private investment into these heavily protected areas which no longer provide a future for the young. Many are championing the idea of special economic zones in the north-east, which would free the area from the cat’s cradle of rules imposed from Tokyo that hamper free enterprise. All of these are good ideas. But they will wither unless the central government throws its weight squarely behind them.地震、海啸和大规模核事故的联合效应已动摇了日本人民所谓的对国家应对灾害能力的自负信心。东京电力公司为遏制福岛核电站危机所做出的拙手笨脚的努力充分暴露了公司的本质:一个无能的垄断巨头,它既可以增补管理人员,又可以在处事能力上遥遥领先于管理人员。公司应当解体。同时,日本东北部被摧毁的“舰队”和被海水吞噬的稻田引发讨论,要求吸引私人投资进入这些严重保护的领域,因为它们不能再保年轻人的未来生活。许多人都在提倡在东北部设立经济特区,从而使这一地区摆脱东京制定的各种繁文缛节,因为正是这些妨碍了自由经营活动。以上诸种倡议均是良策。但除非中央政府鼎力持这些措施,否则它们都将夭折。For much of the crisis, Naoto Kan, the prime minister, has been a sadly withdrawn figure. Yet when he does show leadership, the public responds. His popularity, though low, rose this month after he unexpectedly pressed for the closure of the nuclear-power plant nearest to Tokyo because it sits on a fault line. He has won plaudits for suspending plans to build more nuclear facilities. No doubt he could do more to accelerate an emergency 10 trillion (3 billion) plan for rebuilding damaged parts of the Tohoku region if he were not faced by a “Bring Down Kan” campaign within the opposition and even his own party. But he must get around such pettiness.在大部分危机时期内,日本首相菅直人一直是悲伤地离群索居的形象。然而当它真正展现号召力时,公众便积极回应。福岛核电站距东京最近,且正处断层线上,菅直人出人意料地施压,关闭了距东京最近的福岛核电站,因为该核电站正处断层线上。菅直人的民意持率虽然很低,但本月持率也借此上涨。他也因中止增建核设施而赢得一片掌声。倘若不是遭遇反对党和本党人士发动的“拉菅直人下马”运动,他定能进一步加快10万亿日元(1230亿美元)紧急方案的实施,以用于重建受灾的仙台地区。但他必须处理好这些琐碎杂事。201105/137886

How to translate the Olympic 奥运菜单 China's restaurateurs ponder how to translate their s into English: graphic literal description, or toned down for western tastes?The culinary delights of China are tantalizing selection to tickle your taste buds, but what does it all mean? Beijing's restaurant s have been given a linguistic makeover in a bid to tempt visitors to the Olympic host city to eat the local cuisine, but some of the descriptions seem to have left some frustrated, let alone famished. This restaurant's specialty is steamed hair-fish, but foreign customers might puzzle over the English description, "Six must occupy cooks in a covered vessel the hairtail". While steamed chicken is described as the intriguing chicken without sexual life.China's capital has taken great pains to prepare the city for an influx of Olympic visitors especially in the Food Department.Chinese cuisine has developed over a long period of time. Chinese food is rich and varied.But this boomerang of a measure has some officials worry. An official booklet has now been issued to restaurants containing rather more bland English translations for local dishes. Some restaurants have gone against the grain, preferring their own quirky translations, offering delicacies, such as wonderful fragrant fat cow.Foodies think bland translations will stop visitors from experiencing real Chinese food.You should first let people try this type of food, so that they realize how good Chinese food is, then they should go to go-street and try the more genuine flavors or even better food cooked in a Chinese home. That's the most genuine Chinese food.So, although "The clever and dexterous woman rips the cabbage" may not appeal to the less adventurous eaters, there's hope the good sports won't mind a little food lost in translation.Suranjana Tewari Reuters.参考中文翻译:中国餐馆在翻译菜单方面左右为难:是按照字面生动的翻译还是简单的迎合西方风格?中国的美食非常诱人,但是那些菜名是什么意思呢?最近北京的餐馆为了吸引游客到他们餐馆就餐而在文字方面绞尽脑汁。但是有些菜名的描述让游客非常沮丧,更不用说饿肚子了。这个餐馆的特色菜是蒸带鱼,但是外国顾客对这道菜的描述非常困惑:“厨师必须在一个盖着的容器里煮这条带鱼六个小时”,而蒸鸡的翻译更有趣“没有性生活的鸡”。中国首都在欢迎奥运会游客方面做了非常多的努力,尤其是饮食方面。中国饮食源远流长,中国美食更是多种多样。但是方式不当的恶果引起官方的忧虑。现在官方已经向每个餐馆发放了官方手册,上面印有当地美食的比较温和的翻译。但是有一些餐馆偏偏反其道而行之,以为他们自己的翻译更能吸引顾客,更能提供美味佳肴,比如“芳香肥牛”。美食家认为,比较温和的翻译会妨碍游客品尝真正的中国美食。顾客必须“食为先”,才能整整领略到中国饮食的美味,才会走上街头去品尝更多地道的美味,或者中国的家常菜。那才是最地道的中国饮食。所以,虽然“巧妇手撕包菜” 可能不会吸引那些不爱冒险的食客,但是仍然希望成功的奥运会不要介意菜单翻译方面小小的失败。200811/56849

Barack Obama's Middle East policy巴拉克.奥巴马的中东政策From Oslo to Benghazi从奥斯陆到班加西A Nobel prizewinner’s voyage of discovery 一个诺贝尔和平奖获得者的发现之旅WHEN he collected his Nobel peace prize from Oslo in December , Barack Obama acknowledged the oddity of receiving such an honour while commanding the American-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He also made it plain that the use of force might be justified on humanitarian grounds—as, in his view, it had been in the Balkans in the 1990s. To that extent, at least, he had prepared the ground for Libya. It has nonetheless come as a shock to many Americans to find themselves plunged so abruptly into a new war in an Arab country. How did that peaceable Mr Obama get them into this? 年12月,贝拉克奥巴马在奥斯陆领取诺贝尔和平奖时承认,他在指挥着美国领导的在伊拉克和阿富汗的战争之时,获得这样一项荣誉比较奇怪。他还坦言,在人道主义立场下使用武力可能是正义的,比如,在他看来,20世纪90年代在巴尔干半岛使用武力就是如此。至少在那种程度下,他已经对在利比亚的立场埋下了伏笔。但是,许多美国人对迅速投入到对一个阿拉伯国家的战争中感到吃惊。温和的奥巴马怎么会把他们卷到这种状况?From the very beginning of his presidency Mr Obama had little choice but to run an active policy in the Middle East. He needed to extricate American forces from Iraq (the better to prosecute the war in Afghanistan); he faced the continuing challenge of Iran’s suspected nuclear-weapons programme; he had to carry on the fight against al-Qaeda; and, like many presidents, he inherited an explosive stalemate in Palestine. But to these pressing practical demands he added a broader aspiration: repairing the damage done by George Bush’s reaction to the attacks of September 11th 2001 on America’s relations with the Muslim world, especially with the Arabs. 从奥巴马担任总统的那一刻起,他就没有什么选择,只能在中东推行积极的政策。他需要从伊拉克撤出美军(比继续进行在阿富汗的战争要好);他面临着怀疑伊朗在实施核武器项目的持续挑战;他不得不展开对基地组织的打击;跟许多总统一样,他也接手了在巴勒斯坦的火药味十足的僵局。但是,在这些迫切的实际要求之外,他添加了一个更广泛的愿望:修补美国与穆斯林世界尤其是阿拉伯国家的关系,这些外交关系由于乔治布什对2001年“911”袭击的强烈反应而遭到破坏。In June Mr Obama gave voice to the aspiration in a speech in Cairo, where he was the guest of the then dictator, Hosni Mubarak. He told his eager audience that he was seeking “a new beginning” based on “mutual interest and mutual respect”. He also spoke at length about democracy, and the controversy generated by America’s push for it in the wake of the Iraq war. Mr Obama’s argument was that “no system of government can or should be imposed upon one nation by any other”. America did not presume to know what was best for everyone. But that did not lessen his commitment “to governments that reflect the will of the people”. 年6月,奥巴马在开罗的一篇演讲中表达了上述愿望。在那里,他是当时的独裁者胡斯尼穆巴拉克的贵宾,他对热切的听众说,他在谋求一种建立在“共同利益和相互尊重”之上的“新的开端”。他还用较大篇幅谈论民主,以及在伊拉克战争后美国推动民主所引发的争议。奥巴马的观点是,“没有那种治国体制可以由一个国家强加给另外一个国家”。美国没有认为自己知道什么体制对每个人来说都是最好的,但是这也没有弱化他对“体现人民意志的政府”的承诺。201104/132964

首架中国组装空客A329飞机在上周完成地面测试后,于5月18日成功完成首次飞行测试。本次测试共进行4个小时16分钟。空客公司生产飞行测试部副总裁、资深测试飞行员哈利·耐尔森表示:"此次飞行非常成功,飞机各项性能完全达到预定目标。"据了解,首次测试飞行任务是由哈利·耐尔森和资深测试飞行员菲利普·佩勒林完成。其他机组成员还包括空中客车公司飞行及综合测试部负责人费尔南多·阿隆索,空中客车公司培养的第一位中国飞行测试工程师任子聃和客舱工程师埃里克·加西亚。 The first China-assembled Airbus A320 plane has made a smooth landing on the second runway in Tianjin Binhai International Airport Monday afternoon, becoming the first Airbus A320 plane assembled outside the Europe made a successful test flight.The test flight began at 10:40 a.m. when the Airbus A320 was slowly dragged to the second runway by a trailer, and the plane took off 2 minutes later.This Airbus A320 plane, painted in white and red and printed with the sign of "Sichuan Airlines", made a 4 hours and 16 minutes test flight before its landing.It is learned that the first Airbus A320 plane assembled in China, which has aly been purchased by Beijing-based Dragon Aviation Leasing Co Ltd. and leased to Sichuan Airlines, will be delivered to Sichuan Airlines for operation by the end of June.The goal of Airbus (Tianjin) final assembly line is to deliver a total of 11 aircrafts by the end of , to China's Hainan Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, and Shenzhen Airlines for operating respectively.The Airbus (Tianjin) is planning to produce 2 aircrafts per month by the end of this year and reach the maximum production capacity of 4 aircrafts per month by the end of 2011.Tianjin is the third city which have the Airbus final assembly line besides Toulouse in France and Hamburg in Germany. Toulouse 图卢兹,法国南部城市Hamburg 汉堡,德国西北部城市05/70569

India's Finance Minister Wants Rate Cut, Price Reductions印度财长促消减物价利率刺激需求 India's finance minister is calling for price cuts, as well as a drop in interest rates, to stimulate demand as growth slows in the nation of 1.2 billion people. Palaniappan Chidambaram says, despite the global economic crisis, a dip in Indian exports and investors pulling money out of the country, India's economy will be back on its high-growth track in six to 12 months. 印度财政部长呼吁削减物价,并且降低利率,以在这个有着12亿人口的国家经济增长放缓的情况下刺激需求。财政部长奇丹巴拉姆说,尽管全球经济危机使印度出口下降,投资者也把资金撤出印度,但是印度经济将在6到12月的时间里回到高增长轨道。India's finance minister is deriding the "gloom and doom" enveloping the domestic economic mood, contending Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's government is working "24-7" to take steps to fend off the ill effects of a global slowdown.  印度财政部长嘲笑了有关本国经济笼罩在“阴郁和末日般”情绪的说法,说印度总理辛格的政府正在夜以继日地工作,采取办法抵挡国际经济增长减速带来的负面影响。Speaking at a summit of the World Economic Forum in New Delhi Tuesday, Palaniappan Chidambaram called for Indian consumer lending rates to drop several points from the current 13 percent level. He also says industries - instead of sitting on inventory - need to accept a temporary cut in profits to retain market share and do their part to stimulate consumer demand. 星期二在新德里举行的世界经济论坛的一个首脑会议上,奇丹巴拉姆呼吁将印度消费者借贷利率从目前的13%下调数个百分点。他还说,产业界不应该坐在库存货物上,而是需要接受利润的临时性下降,以保住市场份额,并且为刺激消费需求而努力。"Hotels must cut tariffs. Airlines must cut prices. Real estate must cut prices of homes and apartments they sell. Carmakers, two-wheeler makers must cut prices," he siad. "The classic response to a demand slowdown is to cut prices for a short time."  他说:“旅馆必须减低价格。航空公司必须降价。房地产业必须削减它们销售的房屋公寓的价格。汽车生产商和两轮车制造者也必须要降低价格。应对需求放缓的最佳反应就是在短期内削价。”The finance minister acknowledged some of the other challenges facing India's economy: billions of dollars being repatriated by foreign institutional investors, declining exports and a depreciating rupee against the dollar.  印度财政部长承认印度经济面临着其他挑战:数十亿美元被外国机构性投资者撤回,出口在下降,而且卢比对美元也在贬值。Some international economists say India's economic overseers are still too concerned about inflation, preventing them from taking immediate steps to cut interest rates. But domestic observers point out that the government, with an eye on elections, is worried about a backlash at the polls, if it cannot keep food prices under control. Chidambaram says, even if India's annual growth rate dips to seven percent from its recent yearly increases of about nine percent, that would be no reason don "sack cloth and ashes." He predicts, although there will be a slowdown, the agricultural sector - employing about half of all Indians - remains healthy and the country's overall economy will quickly be back on track.  奇丹巴拉姆说,尽管印度的年增长率从近年来的9%以上的速度跌到7%,但是没有理由因此就要悲哀。他预言说,尽管增长将会放缓,雇佣着大约一半印度人的农业部门仍然是健康的,而且印度的整体经济将很快会回到轨道。"By the end of 12 months, we will back to the normal growth that we would like to have. There's no reason to sp gloom and doom," he said. "There are negatives, but there are positives. We should emphasize the positive and send out a message of confidence and our ability to overcome this crisis."  他说:“到12个月结束的时候,我们将恢复我们所乐见的正常增长。没有理由散播阴郁和末日般的情绪。虽然有不利的方面,但也有积极的方面。我们要强调积极的方面,传达出有信心和能力渡过这场危机的信息。”The finance minister cautions action should not be taken based on the daily gyrations of the Mumbai stock market.  印度财政部长告诫说,不应该根据孟买股票市场的每日循环去采取行动。His comments come following the Group of 20 crisis summit of world leaders. Prime Minister Singh and the finance minister attended the meeting. Chidambaram says the G-20 has surpassed the G-7 as the "single-most important forum for financial and economic issues of the world."200811/56572

Brewing mergers酿造商的并购SABMiller’s taleSABMiller神话Heroic Aussie beer-drinkers make Foster’s a tempting takeover target福斯特成为收购目标 澳大利亚啤酒消费者功不可没Sep 24th 2011 | from the print edition“FOSTER’S, Australian for beer” went one slogan. Oddly, few Aussies sip the amber nectar. In Britain, where it is ubiquitous, it is brewed by Heineken, a Dutch beermaker. Yet Foster’s, Australia’s largest brewer, looks appetising to SABMiller, the world’s second-largest. On September 21st the London-based firm seemed to end a long takeover battle by raising its cash bid for Foster’s to A.9 billion (.1 billion). The Foster’s board has recommended accepting the offer.有则广告叫“福斯特,澳洲人的啤酒”。但很奇怪,很少有澳洲人会品尝这种琥珀色的佳酿。在英国情况却是大不一样,几乎人人畅饮荷兰人酿造的“喜力”啤酒。然而现在,澳洲最大的啤酒酿造商福斯特集团正逐渐引起世界第二大啤酒酿造商,英国南非米勒集团(SABMiller,以下简称南非米勒)的兴趣。9月21日这家总部位于伦敦的公司最终决定提高收购价,以99亿澳元(101亿美元)的价格收购福斯特集团。福斯特集团董事会建议接受该收购价。SABMiller, which has 10% of the global market, will acquire a business that generates barrels of cash. Australians chug an impressive 84 litres of beer a year. (The global average is a shameful 27 litres.) And though Aussies shun the insipid stuff with “Foster’s” on the can, they love the company’s Victoria Bitter, which is the nation’s bestseller. Foster’s brews seven of the ten most popular beers in Oz and has half the domestic market by volume, though its share has slipped over the years.南非米勒目前占有全球10%的市场份额。而且将要被其收购的福斯特集团将会为其带来大量收入。澳洲人每年的啤酒消费量令人乍舌的达到84公升(全球平均量只有27公升)。尽管人们对啤酒罐上的“福斯特”标识不甚关注,但对该公司的Victoria Bitter牌啤酒却钟爱有加,该啤酒正是全澳洲最畅销的啤酒。全澳洲十大最受欢迎的啤酒中就有七种是福斯特酿造的。尽管在国内市场上福斯特集团的份额在不断下跌,但仍达到50%。201109/155674

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