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2018年04月25日 16:38:18 | 作者:城市热点 | 来源:新华社
Scientists have found part of an ancient skull in a cave in Israel that they say is the first physical evidence of human migration from Africa to Europe.科学家们在以色列的一个洞穴中发现了一个残缺的古代头盖骨。他们认为这是明人类从非洲向欧洲迁徙理论的第一个实物据。Writing in the journal Nature, experts say the partial skull is about 55,000 years old - dating back to the time when anthropologists believe the migration passed through the Middle East.专家们在《自然》杂志发表文章说,这个残缺的头盖骨大约来千年前。人类学家认为人类穿越中东的迁徙发生在那个时候。The skull looks like others found in Europe and resembles the bones of what experts call ;modern man,; bearing out theories that modern men and their ancestors, Neanderthals, existed at the same time and possibly interbred.这个头盖骨类似在欧洲发现的其他头盖骨,看上去像是专家所说的“现代人”。这明了一种理论,即现代人与尼安德特人存在于同一时期,并可能相互交配。来 /201501/357184

The Sandy Bay area of Gibraltar, where the incursion is said to have occurred据称发生入侵行为的直布罗陀沙湾(Sandy Bay)地区The British Foreign Office has accused Spain of “a clear violation of UK sovereigntyfor sending ships into territorial waters off the coast of Gibraltar.英国外交British Foreign Office)谴责西班牙派遣船只进入直布罗陀沿岸领海的行为“明显侵犯了英国主权”。Officials in London raised the alarm after the Royal Navy escorted the Servicio de Vigilancia Aduanera the Spanish police’s drugs and money-laundering squad out of what the Foreign Office said were British waters over the weekend.伦敦的多名官员都发出了这一警告。此前,在上周末,英国皇家海Royal Navy)监视伴航西班牙海关监察队(Servicio de Vigilancia Aduanera,简称SVA,西班牙警方的反毒和反洗钱队伍)驶离英国外交部称为英国领海的水域。The row marks an escalation in the long-running dispute between the two countries over Gibraltar, which was ceded to Britain three centuries ago but which Spanish authorities want to reclaim.这一争执标志着英西两国围绕直布罗陀的长期争议出现升级。直布罗陀是三个世纪前割让给英国的,但西班牙当局希望收回直布罗陀的主权。Hugo Swire, Foreign Office minister, said on Sunday that he understood that the Spanish were pursuing vessels which may have been committing crimes.英国外交部国务大臣雨果斯怀Hugo Swire)上周日表示,他了解到西班牙方面当时在追逐可能在从事犯罪活动的船只。“However, it is completely unacceptable and unlawful under the international law of the sea to enter our waters without notifying us,he said.“然而,依据国际海洋法,在未通知我们的情况下进入我们的水域,是完全不可接受的和非法的行为,”斯怀尔表示。“These repeated incursions into British Gibraltar territorial waters are a clear violation of UK sovereignty by another EU country and we will be raising this as a matter of urgency with the Spanish authorities.”“对英国直布罗陀领海的多次入侵,是另一个欧EU)国家对英国主权的明显侵犯。我们将把这个问题作为紧急事项与西班牙当局展开磋商。”Last October, the British government expressed “grave concernover manoeuvres carried out by a Spanish research vessel off Gibraltar, and summoned the Spanish ambassador to discuss the issue.去年10月,英国政府对一艘西班牙科考船在直布罗陀沿海展开的机动表示“严重关切”,并曾召见西班牙大使讨论这一问题。In the most recent incident, the Spanish police pursued smugglers by boat and are also thought to have flown a helicopter over the Sandy Bay beach area on the east coast of the territory.在最近这起事件中,西班牙警方曾派遣舰艇追逐走私船,并被认为曾派一架直升机驶入直布罗陀东岸的沙湾海滩上空。Responding to reports of these activities, the Gibraltarian authorities said that they should have been asked to assist in catching the criminals once the chase looked like it would go into UK-controlled waters. Fabian Picardo, the chief minister, argued that the incursions had been dangerous.作为对有关上述活动报道的回应,直布罗陀当局表示,当这种追逐看起来有可能进入英国控制的水域时,本应立刻请求他们协助抓捕罪犯。直布罗陀总督费边皮卡尔多(Fabian Picardo)称,这种入侵行为很危险。“I am sure I am speaking for the whole of Gibraltar when I say that we consider this has been a serious and unnecessary failure on the part of the Spanish SVA [money-laundering squad] which has had outrageous consequences in respect of the violation of our sovereignty,he said.他说:“我确信我是在代表整个直布罗陀作如下表示:我们认为,这是西班牙SVA方面严重而毫无必要的失误,它在侵犯我们主权方面已造成了严重后果。”He added that the lack of co-operation had resulted in the escape of a criminal who should have faced justice for drug trafficking.皮卡尔多补充说,由于双方缺乏合作,已导致原本应因贩毒而面临审判的罪犯得以逃脱。“We all want to stop the drug smugglers,he said. “It beggars belief that the SVA have acted in this way that, in effect, has allowed a criminal who should be behind bars to get away.”他说:“我们都希望阻止贩毒。难以相信SVA会以这种方式行事,这种行事方式在实质上令本应被绳之以法的犯罪分子得以逃脱。”But the Spanish authorities denied any wrongdoing.不过,西班牙当局否认有过任何不当行为。An official from the foreign ministry said: “The waters are Spanish西班牙外交部一名官员称:“这片水域是西班牙的。”“It was Spanish boats patrolling in Spanish waters to control illegal activities such as tobacco smuggling or illegal fishing,the official added.这名官员补充说:“这次行动的性质是,西班牙舰艇为遏制烟草走私或非法等违法活动,在西班牙水域展开巡逻。”来 /201508/391726

Zhao Zhongxiang, chairman of the China Association for the outgoing Chinese as the chairman of the professional committee赵忠祥卸任中国视协主持人专业委员会会;I am the director of the professional committee, in the general election, the director of the work has been handed over to Jing Yidan. But they also gave me an honorary director, and Bai Qiancheng. Responsible for the training of young host!;“我这个主持人专业委员会主任,在这次换届中正式下岗了,主任这个工作已交给了敬一丹。但他们又给我和白谦成授予了一个荣誉主任。负责对年轻主持人的培养!”On the evening of July 11, West China Metropolis Daily reporter in an interview in Beijing was informed that: have in China as co host professional committee of the position work for many years the famous CCTV host Zhao Zhongxiang, by reason of age, officially unemployed, director of the office of president gave another CCTV famous presenter Jing Yidan, Zhao Zhongxiang was officially hired as honorary director.71日晚,华西都市报记者在北京采访获悉:已经在中国视协主持人专业委员会主位上工作了多年的央视著名主持人赵忠祥,因年龄原因,正式下岗,将会长主任职务交给了另一位央视著名主持人敬一丹,赵忠祥则被正式聘为荣誉主任。Zhao Zhongxiang also truthfully told the West China Metropolis Daily reporter said: ;I am in China as the association of the main special professional committee of this post has worked for many years, this year to return. To the younger Jing Yidan, Ju Ping, Meng Fei, et al. They went to work!;赵忠祥还如实告诉华西都市报记者说:“我在中国视协主特人专业委员会会长这个岗位工作了多年,今年退下来了。让给比我年轻的主持人敬一丹,鞠萍,孟非等人,他们去工”According to Zhao Zhongxiangs assistant pony introduction, in July 8, 2015, China as the association of professional committee of the association of professional committee and training seminar, held in Beijing, china.据赵忠祥的助理小马介绍,2015日,中国视协主持人专业委员会换届工作会议暨培训研讨会,在北京中国文艺家之家顺利召开。This is an important meeting of a national television ;Mingzui; who. Through open, fair, fair and democratic elections, a new session of the host, director of professional committee appointed by the Jing Yidan; Li Ruiying, Li Xiuping served as deputy director, Yang Lan, Meng Fei, Zhu Jun, Bai Yansong, Ma Dong, Wang Xiaoya, Cao Kefan, for Ju Ping, deputy director of the Secretary General. And the director of the position of the president of the CCTV host for many years, Zhao Zhongxiang, due to age, the official laid off, Jing Yidan took over.这是一届全国电视业“名嘴”们的重要大会。经过公开公平公正民主选举新一届主持人专业委员会主任由敬一丹出李瑞英、李修平任常务副主任,杨澜、孟非、朱军、白岩松、马东、王小丫、曹可凡等为副主任鞠萍任秘书长。而在会长主任位置上多年的央视主持人赵忠祥,因年龄原因,此次正式下岗了,由敬一丹接任。He also introduced, Zhao Zhongxiang was elected honorary director, has been the scene of many ;Mingzui; are welcome. According to the understanding of the West China Metropolis Daily reporter, Zhao Zhongxiang in CCTV for more than 50 years, after 11 director, but co host professional, director of the office, his 50 years of occupation only an official position.小马还介绍,赵忠祥现场当选荣誉主任,受到了现场众多“名嘴”们的欢迎。据华西都市报记者了解,赵忠祥在央视工作50多年,历1位台长,但视协专业主持人主任这一职务,是他的50多年的职业唯一一个官员职务。China Television Artists Association, the professional committee was established in December 22, 2003.中国电视艺术家协会主持人专业委员会成立于200322日。But Chinas TV program hosts name, was born in 1980, it is the product of Chinas reform and opening up, is the product of the TV adaptation times to meet the needs of the audience. It once appeared, immediately get the majority of the audiences welcome and affirmation, showing a strong vitality and unique charm. After 30 years of development, from CCTV to the provincial, city and county TV station, to todays new media, media companies, program production companies are equipped with host, now has formed a a nearly 30000 people host employees. This will be the host for the team to provide a number of services to the industry association.但中国的电视节目主持人的称呼,诞生于1980年,它是中国改革开放的产物,是电视适应时代适应观众需要的产物。它一经出现,立即得到广大观众的欢迎和肯定,显示出强大的生命力和独特的魅力。经0多年的发展,从中央电视台到省、市、县级电视台,再到今天的新媒体、传媒公司、节目制作公司均设有主持人,现在已形成了一近三万多人的主持人从业队伍。本会就是为这主持人队伍提供多方面务的行业协会组织。China as the first set up the host professional committee, Zhao Zhongxiang was elected president, and later will be changed to director. Zhao Zhongxiang Ren, executive vice president Bai Qiancheng, vice president Zhu Jun, Yu Hong, etc..中国视协主持人专业委员会第一任成立时,赵忠祥当选为会长,后来又将会长改为主任。赵忠祥任会长,常务副会长是白谦诚、副会长有朱军、俞虹等。In Zhao Zhongxiang, director of administration, as co host professional committee, 10 years, many in the influential Oprah cultural activities. Promoted a large number of outstanding Chinese TV host grow Zhao Zhongxiang, since July 10th, no longer served as director, the new director of the work has been replaced by Jing Yidan. Jing Yidan also said, to continue to do better the host professional committee. And Zhao Zhongxiang will be in addition to continue to host the animal world, will focus on the training of young host.在赵忠祥主任主政下,视协主持人专业委员会,十多年来,做了许多在全国有影响的名嘴文化活动。推动了中国一大批优秀电视主持人茁壮成 赵忠祥从70日起,不再担任主任后,新主任工作已由敬一丹接任。敬一丹也表示,要继续把主持人专业委员会办得更奀?而赵忠祥将除了继续主持《动物世界》外,将把主要精力放在年轻主持人的培养上。来 /201507/386793

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