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It's Not Easy Being Blue Users of colloidal silver, like Paul Karason, say their skin has changed color.For 40 years, Paul Karason was a fair skin son of the American Northwest, freckles and reddish-blond hair. Like most people who grow older, Paul’s hair turned white. But how does he explain this?What was that “Aha” moment when you think, “You know, my skin’s looking funny.”A friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in another few months came by to see me and he said what have you got on your face? I don’t have anything on my face. And he was very fair-skinned as I used to be and that's when it hit me… So you are telling me, it was so gradual you didn’t notice itThat’s exactly right Paul, do you own a mirror?Ha ha ha …Paul’s blue skin is the result of a rare medical syndrome known as argyria, or silver poisoning. Paul began using silver as a form of alternative medicine, not knowing what could happen to his skin. It started a decade ago when he saw a magazine ad promising health and rejuvenation. In those first months, Paul noticed no change in his skin color. But he says there were changes in his health. The acid reflux problem I have been having went away completely. I had arthritis in my shoulder so bad I couldn’t pull a T-shirt off and the next thing I knew, they, they were just gone.And you are convinced that it was the silver that did it.Not the slightest doubt in my mind.But there is plenty of doubt among mainstream doctors. This claims they say have no bases in science. Just as the head of dermatology at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital, Doctor Vinson Deleo.The FDA has looked at it a long time ago and decided that there is no medical reason for taking colloidal silver.So what recommendation would you give to somebody who’s like well, you know, maybe I will try it.How about don’t use it.But Paul believed he found a miracle cure and decided it even could help with his skin information. So I started putting the stuff on my face.How did you apply it to your face?Just cotton ball, swap it.Swapped it.Paul believes that he’ll be fine if he hadn’t put the silver directly on his face. But medical experts believe the damage was aly done.Paul turned blue because he ingested and applied elemental silver. It got into his blood stream and then was deposited in his skin as brown particles and when you see those particles through the skin they appear to be grey or blue grey.Doctors suspect that it is not just his skin that’s changed color; his internal organs are mostly likely also blue.What was your first reaction when you looked in the mirror and saw yourself and realized, woops… I kind of hoped it would, it would fade off, but… But it didn’t. Argyria is permanent 200810/53911General Motors Says Its Expansion Plans in India On Track通用汽车称在印度扩展计划上轨道  U.S. automaker General Motors says its expansion plans are on track in India despite the troubles it faces in the ed States. General Motors is among several global auto companies hoping to tap the potential of emerging markets like India.美国通用汽车公司表示,尽管在美国面临重重困难,但其在印度的扩展计划已经上了轨道。通用汽车和全球其他几家汽车公司一样,希望开发像印度这样的潜在的新兴市场。Executives at General Motors in India were enthusiastic when they recently revealed a new version of the compact Spark Chevrolet, which runs on liquefied natural gas.最近,通用汽车在印度的主管们对新推出的一款小型雪佛兰乐驰充满热情。这款汽车以液化天然气为动力。The company, which has filed for bankruptcy in the ed States, says it is business as usual in India. 已经在美国申请破产的通用汽车表示,它在印度的业务一切正常。General Motors entered the Indian market in 2003, and sold nearly 66,000 cars last year - up 10 percent over the previous year. That is still way behind the market leader, Maruti Suzuki, which sells more than 10 times that number. 通用汽车2003年进入印度市场。去年售出近6万6千辆汽车,比上一年增加了10%。这个销售成绩仍远低于当地的汽车业翘楚铃木汽车。铃木汽车的销量是通用汽车的10倍多。General Motors, however, is hoping to expand its footprint in India. Last year, the company commissioned a new plant with a capacity to produce 140,000 cars. It says it is confident of raising funds for its expansion, and has no plans to reduce its 40,000-strong staff in India.然而,通用汽车希望扩大其在印度的版图。去年,通用汽车建成了一座可年产14万辆汽车的工厂。通用汽车表示,它不但很有信心为其扩展计划集资,而且没有减少在印度工作的4万名员工的计划。Yogendra Pratap, editor of the Auto Bild magazine in India, says the company has good reason to be optimistic. Sales are expected to grow strongly in the coming years in a country where only seven out of every 1,000 people own a car, and where the economy is growing despite the global recession.印度汽车杂志的编辑约根德拉.普拉塔普说,通用汽车有理由表示乐观。在这样一个1000个人中只有7个人拥有汽车的国家,未来几年,销售量有希望显著提高。而且,尽管全球经济衰退,印度仍保持着增长势头。"The planning for these companies has always been for the long term, to get market share and be in a position to exploit the market once the market is up and running," said Pratap. "India is still in its infancy, so all these companies want to be positioned right once the Indian car market matures."“对这些公司来讲,它们的计划都是长期的。目的是为了在市场恢复运转时能把握住市场份额并开发市场。印度的汽车市场还处在初期形态。所以这些公司想在印度市场成熟之前占领有利位置。”Like several other automakers, General Motors is pinning its hopes on the compact car segment, which accounts for four out of every five cars sold in India. 和其他几家汽车公司一样,通用汽车把希望寄托在占印度汽车销售80%的小型车市场。Besides the latest version of the Spark, it is introducing a new mini car later this year to compete with other popular small cars.除了最新款的乐驰,今年晚些时候,通用还会推出一款新的迷你车来和其他受欢迎的小型车抗衡。Pratap points out that these cars are very different from the ones General Motors sold in the ed States.普拉塔普指出,这些车和通用汽车在美国出售的汽车非常不同。"They have got a very strong product portfolio to do well in India. They are small cars, they are fuel efficient, they are not the huge suburban kind of trucks they sell in the U.S," said Pratap.“在印度,它们的产品优势非常明显。它们是小型车。它们省油。它们和那些在美国卖的大型卡车完全不同。”General Motors is not the only global automaker which has been making inroads into the Indian market in recent years. Companies such as BMW, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Ford, Nissan and Audi have also made investments in the country, hoping to gain a foothold in the Indian car market.通用汽车不是全球唯一一家进入印度市场的汽车公司。像宝马、尼桑、本田、丰田还有奥迪都在印度投资,希望能在印度市场占有一席之地。06/74120Who are world’s richest kids?They’re under 15, but that isn’t stopping them from raking in the dough from music, movies, TV and more. Julie Dam of People magazine reveals the identities of these real-life Richie Riches.Now are the some of the richest kids in the world and the money they’re making. The current issue of People magazine features some very famous faces who are under 15, and cashed in on concert tours, movies, TV shows and more. Julie Dane is People’s senior editor. Julie, good morning!Good morning. So, when you looked at some of these kids, were you amazed at the money they’re making? Yeah, I mean it’s nothing like when I was a kid, that’s for sure. That’s right. Well, let’s get started with the big to who know, Miley Cyrus. I mean this girl is a machine. She is in the industry and to herself. And she only has the biggest kids show on cable; she has this huge concert tour, she was taking home a million dollars a week.(Wow) She just signed a 7-figure book deal and this year her merchandise sales for Hannah Montana are expected to hit a billion dollars. A billion? A billion with a “B”! And she gets a percentage of that, right? She does. She gets a percentage of it I mean she’s really raking in it, but (Ok, go ahead) she does have her you know, had on her shoulders and her mum says that most of the money is going into an investment fund that she won’t touch it until she’s 18. Wow… and where is all that besides all that money, I mean, does she seem like she's handling this stuff ok? Er, she seems like an incredibly mature, grounded girl which is great to see. Another one of her Disney stable mates, this is such a hot band, the Jones Brothers. I mean, the Disney basically resurrected them and now they’re just pulling in the dough. They’re huge. They just signed a multimillion-dollar two-year-concert deal. They’re taking in a 12 million on this concert tour among the three of them. And, you know, they’re also super grounded and they have a good family around them, they give 10% to charity. So it’s a good story. And then what cash do they have? What do they like? They do spend money. They give their mum a really nice diamond watch, they buy new computers, and Nick, the youngest, he’s 15 has just shot up 1500 dollars for a pair of shoes. Yeah, let’s gonna say that they’re all kind of clothes horse. Yeah, they’re definitely natty dressers. All right. Abigale Breslin, who is just a fantastic young actress, 12 years old and her price per movie is doing OK. She’s got two million in a movie, but, you know, just because she’s an Oscar nominated actress and makes two million. She’s still a normal 12-year-old girl. She likes, you know, American-girl dolls and Jones Brothers. And does she like working with these big stars? Yeah, I mean, she’s having an incredible career aly. Dakoda Fannine who’s such a terrific actress, she’s now 14 years old and she’s doing pretty well per movie. She’s a total Hollywood player, I mean, she can open a movie, she’s making four million in a movie now. She’s worked for some of the biggest stars in the business. And she doesn’t get an allowance? She doesn’t get an allowance; she says that her parents want her to feel like she wants to help out, not because she has to help out, on the house. And she’s also done some modeling too, hasn’t she? She has, she did a gap item among other things. Now, this young man is quite the comic actor. He’s on Two and a Half Men, Angles T. Jones, and TV stars, you know I mean they usually make a one million a season or more. He’s doing all right for a 14-year-old? Yeah, he’s making 1.2 million per season which makes him one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. And for a young man like this, I mean he still has his whole career ahead of them, but there is always that those child actors, there’s always a dangerous, a dangerous position because you always hear about these child-actors become a flameout early.Right, you know, but for every, you know, true Hollywood story, you hear about people going off the rails, we do have people like Brookshield and July Foster who actually just started with Abigale Brastle in the movie, who have shown that you can't have a long great career. And then Tyler James Williams, who’s the star in Everybody Hates Chris, ah this again, seemed like a very grounded young man. Yes, he’s also making 1.2million dollars a season and he said when he got the role that he's good at, making fried bologna sandwiches, picking good movies and making money. Yeah, and when you look at all these young actors, what’s the common theme you see amongst them, the actors in these country-goers? Well these really successful ones, like Miley and Jonas Brothers have really good families around them and they’re clearly not in this on their own, they have families to help them along and they seem to be totally normal kids. Great, well, Julie Dane, thank you so much. Thanks for having me.And you can more about these Hollywood kids and their families in this week’s issue of People magazine that hits newsstands today.01/60898US Treasury Secretary Assures China Its Dollar Assets Are Safe盖特纳:中国持有美元资产很安全U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is reassuring the Chinese government that its huge holdings of dollar assets are safe.美国财政部长盖特纳向中国政府重申,北京持有的巨额美元资产是安全的。As evidence of the importance of the Sino-American relationship, China is Secretary Geithner's only destination on this trip. His official duties in Beijing began Monday, with a speech at Peking University, where he attended in 1981.美国财政部长盖特纳此次出访的唯一目的地就是中国,这明了美中关系的重要性。他对北京的正式访问从星期一开始。他在北京大学发表演讲。1981年,盖特纳曾经在北大读书。Geithner says it is crucial for the ed States and China to work together to effectively combat the global economic downturn.盖特纳说,美中两国合作对成功地遏制全球经济衰退来说十分关键。"How successful we are in Washington and in Beijing will be critically important to the economic fortunes of the rest of the world," he said.他说,“华盛顿和北京的成功与否对世界其他地区的经济前景至关重要。”China is the biggest foreign owner of U.S. Treasury bonds. American data shows that China held 8 billion in treasury securities as of March.中国是美国联邦债券最大的海外债权人。根据美国的数据,中国3月份持有7680亿美元的美国联邦债券。The English edition of the Beijing-based Global Times newspaper ran an article Monday in which 23 Chinese economists expressed deep concern that American debt poses great risks to the Chinese economy.北京出版的环球时报英文版星期一登载文章,报导23位中国经济学家对持有大量美国债券给中国经济带来的巨大风险表示相当担心。In response to a student's question about this issue, Geithner said Chinese assets are very safe.美国财政部长盖特纳在回答北大学生相关问题时说,中国持有的资产是非常安全的。The American official renewed pledges that the Obama administration will cut its huge fiscal deficits and promised future spending that would be, in his words, "very disciplined."这位美国财政部长再次保,奥巴马政府将削减巨额财政赤字,并承诺未来政府开,用他的话说,将“非常谨慎”。Speaking about major news back in the ed States, Geithner says he is optimistic General Motors and Chrysler will emerge from bankruptcy, without needing government assistance.盖特纳在谈到美国国内的重大新闻时说,他对通用汽车与克莱斯勒不需要政府援助可以从破产的废墟上浴火重生的前景感到乐观。"Their failure would have had a very, very substantial cost to the economy, as a whole," he said. "So the president decided that we would be willing to provide support if there was in place the kind of comprehensive restructuring plan to allow them to emerge viable as private entities, over time."盖特纳说,“它们的失败将会给整个经济造成非常实质性的伤害,因此,奥巴马总统决定,如果他们提出全面重组方案,可以使它们在一段时间里作为私营企业生存下去,我们愿意提供持。”Geithner met with some of his former Chinese professors in Beijing and visited a Ford Foundation economist training program set up by his father. He is to meet President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao on Tuesday.盖特纳在北京见到了曾经教过他的一些中国教授,参观了他父亲建立的福特基金会经济学家培训项目。他将在星期二会晤中国国家主席胡锦涛和总理温家宝。06/72462

Japan's disaster日本的灾难A crisis of leadership, too 也是领导力的危机The many-headed catastrophe points to deeper-seated problems in governing Japan棘手的灾祸背后,日本政府深层次的弊病显露出来SINCE the lives of hundreds of thousands of ordinary Japanese were turned upside down by earthquake, tsunami, fire and looming nuclear threat, people around the globe have watched, amazed, at the survivors’ composure—“stoicism” is the word they most often reach for. There have been few complaints, just civic-minded initiative. All along the coast, the urgent talk is not just about survival in the face of shortages of food, water and fuel. Stricken communities are desperate to start rebuilding their towns.地震,海啸,大火以及日益严重的核辐射把日本人的生活搅得翻天覆地,几十万日本人受到影响。而此时此刻,全世界都将目光聚焦日本,惊叹于幸存者的沉着淡定。而“坚忍克己”是他们嘴边形容日本最常用的词。日本人很少抱怨什么,有的只是互帮互助。目前,震区食物,水源以及燃料短缺,对于灾区人民来说,最迫切的不仅仅是如何活下去,还是重建家园Stoicism is an admirable response to what fate deals you. It also serves as a coping mechanism in the face of incomprehension. And the Japanese no longer just find it hard to understand how nature could deal such a blow; increasingly, they want to know why the government of a rich and orderly land should be taking so long to tame an overheating nuclear plant and get help to communities ravaged by the tsunami. A lack of water, food and warmth are a fresh and acute source of suffering. Despite the scale of the humanitarian disaster, some of the suffering is avoidable. The system is letting citizens down.面对自然的“摧残”,“坚忍克己”是多么的令人敬佩。对于自己无法理解的东西,保持坚忍克己,也实为不错。现在,日本不仅不明白自然为何会如此残暴,他们更难以理解的是,为何在一个如此富裕有序的国度里,政府却要花如此长的时间才能控制住过热的核机组,才能援救饱受海啸摧残的人民。目前,人们饱受着食物以及饮水短缺的痛苦,情况紧急。撇开大规模的人道主义灾难不说,某些痛苦还是可以避免的。日本的国家体制让人民失望至极。This criticism may seem harsh. For a start, Naoto Kan, the prime minister, has maintained relative calm despite the menacing situation at Fukushima Dai-ichi, the crippled nuclear plant. His government has also been far more transparent than its predecessors. The Bank of Japan acted promptly, providing liquidity to prevent a natural disaster from becoming a financial one.批评的声音也许还真是刺耳。一开始,尽管福岛核电站爆炸,情况紧急,但日本首相菅直人处事还是比较冷静的。菅直人当局也要比前任政府公开透明的多。日本中央也是迅速做出反应,出动流动资金,避免灾害殃及金融业。201103/129760

Energy in Japan日本能源问题Bright ideas needed妙招告急Japan’s power monopolies raise costs and stifle innovation日本能源垄断企业——拽高成本,扼杀创新Sep 17th 2011 | TOKYO | from the print edition THE corridors were dark, the air uncomfortably hot. The lights at the headquarters of the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) were largely switched off; the air-conditioners were turned down. Even the chief executive, Toshio Nishizawa, had removed his tie for an interview on September 5th. In normal times, that would be a glaring breach of Japanese corporate etiquette, but these are not normal times.走廊伸手不见十指,空气燥热难忍。东京电力总部,几乎没几盏灯亮着,空调冷气也已调小。9月5日接受采访时,东电首席执行官Toshio Nishizawa甚至都未系领带。这要放在平时,显然就是公然违背日本公司礼仪。但如今绝非“平时”。Since the earthquake and tsunami of March 11th, most nuclear reactors in Japan have been shut down for maintenance and not restarted: 43 out of 54 remain idle. There has been a national drive for setsuden (conserving energy). TEPCO must be seen to share the pain.3月11日地震海啸袭来,日本大部分核反应堆都因维护原因关停,尚未重启使用,54座反应堆中有43座仍然闲置。日本全国上下曾掀起“能源节约”热潮,东电必须做出样子,有所分担。The company is staggeringly unpopular. One of its nuclear plants at Fukushima was damaged on March 11th. In the crucial hours after the tsunami, TEPCO failed to add water to cool the reactor cores. It was unable to restore steady back-up power until days later and inexplicably delayed venting a build-up of pressure that eventually led to hydrogen explosions.如今,东电极不受待见。3月11日的灾难中,东电在福岛的一座核电站被毁。海啸退去关键的几个小时内,东电未能向反应堆核心注水降温。而且直到灾难爆发数天之后,东电才恢复稳定的备用电源。再者,东电迟迟未释放反应堆内激增的巨大压力,最终导致了氢爆炸,真叫人无法理解。As if that were not bad enough, TEPCO withheld information from everyone, including the then prime minister, Naoto Kan, who stormed into its headquarters yelling: “What the hell is going on?” A meltdown began several hours after the tsunami struck, but wasn’t officially disclosed until nine weeks later. “We have lost trust,” admits Mr Nishizawa. Regaining it will take “a long, long time”, he adds.东电貌似觉得这还不够惨,竟而还对外封锁消息,连时任首相菅直人都被蒙在鼓里,菅直人冲进东电总部吼道:“到底怎么回事?”海啸来袭数小时之后,反应堆炉心就已融毁,但直到9个礼拜后东电才正式披露消息。Toshio Nishizawa也承认东电已失去公众信任,并表示重获信任,绝不是一朝一夕的事情。201109/154996

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