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连云港治疗男性淋病的医院温泉双店桃林洪庄安峰房山平明镇泌尿系统在线咨询女士去国外美容 Ladies' Salon -01-01 :1:0 来源: Hairdresser: Good morning, madam.Guest: Good morning. I would like a shampoo and set.Hairdresser: Yes, madam. What style do you want?Guest: I'd like to try a new hair-style. Could you show me some pictures of hair styles?Hairdresser: Sure. We have various models: hair bobbed, hair sweptback, chaplet hair style, shoulder-length hair style, hair done in a bun. Please have a look at them, madam.Guest: Thanks. Please give me the style in this picture here but make the wave longer. I would like hair spray, please.Hairdresser: Yes, madam.Guest: Oh, your hair dryer is too hot. Would you adjust it, please? Hairdresser: Sorry, madam. I'll adjust it right away.Hairdresser: Is that all right now?Guest: Yes, thank.Hairdresser: Please have a look. Guest: Beautifully done. Please trim my eyebrows and darken them.Hairdresser: All right, madam. And would you like a manicure?Guest: Yes. Use a light nail varnish, please. 美容师:上午好,太太客人:上午好我想洗头、做头发美容师:是,太太做什么式样? 客人:我想换个新发型你能不能给我看些发型式样的照片?美容师:可以我们有各种各样的发型,如剪短发、后掠式、盘花冠式、齐肩式,还有把头发挽成发髻太太,您请看客人:谢谢请你这张照片上的发型烫,波浪烫长些请喷些发胶美容师:好的,太太客人:哎呦,吹风太热了,请调整一下吧美容师:对不起,太太我马上调整美容师:现在可以了吗?客人:可以了,谢谢美容师:请您看一看客人:做得好极了请把眉毛修一下,再画深一点美容师:好的,太太您还要修一下指甲吗?客人:要的请用浅色指甲油Vocabulary 单词表1. bob: 剪短(头发). sweptback: 向后倾斜的3. chaplet: 花冠. spray: 喷,洒5. adjust: 调整6. manicure: 修指甲7. varnish: 清漆,油 女士 国外 美容连云港梅毒吃什么药可以治疗 洋葱圈-- :5:   I'd like a side order of onion rings, please.   我想再要一个洋葱圈   side order是指在你点的主菜之外叫的菜,如果你觉得你点的那一盘菜不大够的话,你可以用这句话来叫点别的Let Us Live Safely 让我们生活得更安全 -- 18:57:31 来源: Let Us Live Safely 让我们生活得更安全  Yesterday was an unlucky day me. On my way home from school, I went into a small bookshop. When I came out, I couldn't see my bike. I looked it everywhere, but I couldn't find it. I was very sad and angry, because my family wasn't rich enough. It was a birthday present from my uncle. I hated the thief. I hated all the thieves.  I hope our policemen can catch all the thieves, then people will live happily and safely. Government should do things to solve this problem. example, many thieves are teenagers. They should be sent to a special school. In this school children must study, and work hard as well. When they grow up, they can have a chance to make a living by working.  昨天是我倒霉的一天在我放学回家的路上,我进了一家小书店当我出来的时候,我看不到我的自行车了我赶紧到处去寻找,但是仍然没有找到我非常难过,也非常生气,因为我家并不富裕,这辆车是叔叔给我的生日礼物我恨那个小偷,我恨所有的小偷  我希望我们的警察能抓住所有的贼,这样人们就可以幸福平安地生活政府应该采取一些措施来解决这个问题例如,许多小偷都是十几岁的孩子,他们应该被送到特殊的学校,在学校里,他们必须在学习的同时努力工作当他们长大以后,他们也能有机会通过努力工作而生活连云港赣榆区男性专科

新沂治疗阳痿早泄学习外语(Learning eign Language) -- :5: 来源: 学习外语(Learning eign Language)   i love learning eign languages. especially english because english is the most widely spoken language in the world, it is used by countries all over the world. example, if you want to find a nice job, you probably need to be good at english, and when you surf on the internet, you'll see many dialogues and keywords in english.  if you don't know them, then you'll have to spend a lot of time looking them up in an english dictionary. theree we must try harder to learn english and improve our english, and we could learn more besides.  now, i'm a junior high student, i try to magazine s in english everyday. in fact, learning english is lots of fun. it's rather like learning chinese. just open your mouth and say something in english or lots of achievement. all in all, it's useful everyone to learn english.连云港第一人民医院包皮手术多少钱 连云港人民医院几点上班

连云港九龙医院男科有做包皮过长切除术吗冬天的早晨The Winter Morning -- :5:50 来源: Thewinter morning is very cold. I don’t want to get up at all. The bed is so warmand comtable, but the outside is too cold. Every morning, my mother pulls meup from my bed. It takes much longer to get up. But I like the breakfast inwinter morning, because mother often cooks hot food me. It makes me muchwarmer. Because of the cold weather, father often takes me to school, so I don’thave to ride my bike or take a bus. In one world, the winter morning is coldand I just want to stay indoor.冬天的早晨很冷我一点都不想起床床是如此舒适和温暖,但外面很冷每天早上,我的妈妈把我从我的床上拽起来起床需要很长的时间但是我喜欢冬天早晨的早餐,因为妈妈经常把热的食物给我它使我暖和多了因为寒冷的天气,爸爸经常送我去学校 ,这样我就不用骑自行车或者坐公车了总之,冬天的早晨很冷,我只想呆在室内 重庆旅游英文导游词 -- :: 来源: 重庆旅游英文导游词重庆简称巴和渝,它依山建筑是“山城”,云轻雾重是“雾都”,它夏长酷热是“火炉”,它有美女和火锅  the red star pavilion in the pipasha park, the kansheng pavilion in the eling park, and a place called yikeshu on the nanshan mountain are vintage points observing the nocturnal scenes of the mountain city of chongqing. at night the entire city is inundated in an ocean of lights, which m a colorful three-dimensional  painting, with waves of the yangtze and jialing rivers glistening against the moonlit, star spangled sky.   sites of the provisional capital      chongqing figured importantly in modem chinese history. during the war of resistance against japan, it was the "provisional capital" of china under the kuomintang rule from november 1937 to october 195. vestiges of that period are still there in and around the city. these include the red crag village and 50 zengjiayan, as well as chiang kai-shek’s mansion, guiyuan garden, linyuan garden, and the mansion of c.c. kong, the embassies of various countries to china, as well as mer residences of important politicians, generals and cultural figures.     martyrs’ mausoleum at mount gele the mer headquarters, radio station and prison of the bureau of investigation and statistics of the military council (a colossal secret service of the kuomintang) at the foot of the gele mountain in shapingba district have become the mausoleum those who died a martyr’s death there in china’s dark days. in the dying years of world war , it was the site of the "sino0us institute cooperation in special technology".   dazu grottoes   the dazu grottoes in the county of the same name is best known the stone carvings on the baodingshan and beishan mountains, which are fine example of grotto sculpture in the late years of chinese feudalism. the sculptures, done in fastidious chisel work and gracious imagery, are marked by a new sculptural language that eschews religious taboos and espouses true life.     yangtze river’s three gorges sailong down the yangtze from chongqing to yichang allows visitors to see the spectacular scenery of the three gorges along with its splendid cultural heritage and fabled local folklore. the cruise, which combines sightseeing with scientific, artistic and folklore exploration, is a national-caliber tourist program. the 193-km-long three gorges, consisting of the majestic qutangxia, statuesque wuxia and ferocious xilingxia gorges, is one of and ferocious xilongxia gorges, is one of the world’s major canyons. along the way there are such scenic attractions as the fengdu mountain. baidi city, shibao village, zhang fel’s temple, qu yuan’s temple, and the three gorges dam.   lesser three gorges   the daning river is the largest yangtze tributary, which rises in the southern side of the daba mountain and flows 50km bee emptying itself into the yangtze at the western entrance to the wuxia gorge. the lesser three gorges on the daning river, a 50km-long affair covering the longmenxia, bawuxia and dicuixia gorges in the lower reaches of the river, is billed as one of china’s 0 best scenic resorts thanks to its gorgeous mountains, elegant peaks, turbulent rapids, limpid water, exotic rock imagery and serene scenery.   diaoyu city, hechuan established in , or the nd year of the chunyou reign of the southern song, diaoyu city covers .5 square km up the diaoyu mountain on the southern shore of the jialing river in hechuan city’s heyang town. in 58, the mongols launched a three-way attack on the song, and in february the next year diaoyu city found itself besieged. the song army mounted a valiant counterattack that last3ed 36 years, and made world war history by rebuffing a strong enemy with a weak ce. this prompted some european historians to laud diaoyu city as the "mecca of the east" and "where god broke his whip". the ruins of the ancient battlefield of diaoyu city are well kept there.     jinyun mountain nicknamed "less mount emei", jinyun mountain is a national scenic resort 55km from downtown chongqing.   furong cave, wulung the furong (hibiscus) cave is located by the furong river in wulung county. the main part of the cave is ,700 metres in length and 3.7 square metres in area. the splendid cave is the most impressive. housed in it are nearly 30 varieties of stalactites chiseled into every manner of exotic imagery by the cunning labor of nature. major attractions are gold throne hall, leifeng pagoda and sky-reaching jade pillar.      chongqing museum located at pipashan street, the chongqing museum is in the possession of more than 0,000 cultural artifacts, including ,000 or so valuable ones.   chongqing nature museum     local natural history and fauna and flora samples are on display in the chongqing nature museum in beibei district, which includes a display room dinosaurs that have been founding sichuan.   other scenic attractions      other scenic attractions include the south and north hot springs, red crag village, simian (four-face) mountain, jinfo (golden buddha) mountain, earth’s chasm at tianjing gorge, and heavenly crate at xiaozhai village.      three gorges tourist festival      time: june every year   what’s on: cruise on the three gorges of the yangtze river, the ghost city at fengdu, dazu grottoes, shibao village, zhang fei’s temple, baidi city at fengjie and lesser three gorges. other activities include float parade, full-length variety show and tourist business talks. 喜欢就顶 重庆旅游英文导游词连云港有哪些男科医院连云港九龙医院男科大夫



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