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徐圩新区包皮手术多少钱新坝锦屏镇板浦浦南镇男科医院连云港市九龙医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱 The World Bank has cut its forecast for global growth, warning that the world economy remained overly reliant on the “single engine” of the US recovery.世界(WB)降低了对全球经济增长的预期,并警告说全球经济依然过度依赖美国复苏这“唯一一台引擎”。The Bank said it expected lower oil prices to provide a boost to global activity. But it warned several headwinds would mitigate the effect of the falling cost of crude. These include weak confidence among consumers and businesses and the inability of big central banks to cut interest rates below their record-low levels to boost inflation expectations.该行表示,预计油价的降低会对全球经济活动起到促进作用。不过,该行警告说,几大不利因素会抵消原油价格下跌的影响。这些不利因素包括消费者和企业信心不足,以及各大央行无法通过将利率降至创纪录低点提升通胀预期。“The global economy is running on a single engine,” said Kaushik Basu, chief economist at the World Bank. “It is only the US economy that is forging ahead in a global economy with so much uncertainty. We need several engines,” he added.世行首席经济学家考希克#8226;巴苏(Kaushik Basu)表示:“全球经济正靠着唯一一台引擎运转。目前,在全球经济不确定因素众多的情况下,只有美国经济一枝独秀。我们需要更多的引擎。”In its twice-yearly Global Economic Prospects, the World Bank forecasts the world economy will expand by 3 per cent this year and by 3.3 per cent in 2016. In June the Bank’s economists had predicted global growth this year and next to be 3.4 per cent and 3.5 per cent respectively.在半年发布一次的《全球经济展望》(Global Economic Prospects)中,世界预计今年全球经济将增长3%,而2016年则会增长3.3%。去年6月,该行经济学家曾预计,今明两年全球经济增长率将分别是3.4%和3.5%。The Bank lifted its forecasts for growth in the US this year from 3 per cent to 3.2 per cent, while slashing those for the eurozone from 1.8 per cent to 1.1 per cent. The UK is expected to grow by 2.9 per cent in 2015.该行将美国今年的增长率预期从3%提升至3.2%。同时,该行将欧元区的增长率预期从1.8%降至1.1%。2015年,该行预计英国将增长2.9%。Middle-income countries were hit by a raft of downgrades, with Russia now expected to contract by 2.9 per cent instead of growing by 1.5 per cent. South Asia provided a rare bright spot, with forecasts for 2015 lifted by 0.2 percentage points to 6.1 per cent.中等收入国家则有许多遭遇了向下修正。俄罗斯预计会收缩2.9%,而不是增长1.5%。相比之下,南亚是少见的亮点,2015年的增长预期向上修正了0.2个百分点,达到6.1%。The Washington-based institution said it expected the 60 per cent drop in the cost of crude since June to lift growth by around 0.5 per cent over the medium run. But the Bank struck a downbeat tone on the prospects for the world economy. “Risks to this slow-moving global recovery are significant and tilted to the downside,” the report said.自2014年6月以来,原油价格已暴跌60%。对于油价的影响,世行表示,该行预计从中期来说油价的暴跌会将增长率推高大约0.5%。不过,该行在对全球经济的展望中却持一种较悲观的论调。该报告表示:“这种节奏迟缓的全球复苏风险很大,很容易滑向下行区间。”The most significant threat to the recovery listed by the Bank is the normalisation of monetary policy in the US. Last week, minutes from the December meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee showed the US Federal Reserve could raise interest rates from 0-0.25 per cent as soon as April. The Bank fears this could lead to a sudden tightening of financial conditions for governments and corporates in emerging markets, which have enjoyed low borrowing costs.在该行列出的全球复苏威胁中,影响最大的是美国货币政策的正常化。上周,联邦公开市场委员会(FOMC)12月份会议的会议记录显示,美联储(Fed)最早可能会在今年4月把利率从0%到0.25%的水平提升上来。该行担心,此举或将导致新兴市场政府和企业的融资环境突然趋于紧张。此前,它们一直享受着十分低廉的借贷成本。However, the Bank does not expect a repeat of the turmoil that hit developing countries in the summer of 2013, when the Fed first revealed it might pull back from its programme of quantitative easing. “The adjustment in developing countries to financial tightening is expected to proceed more smoothly,” the report said.不过,世行预计2013年曾冲击发展中国家的动荡局面不会再次出现。当时,美联储曾首次披露可能会退出量化宽松计划的消息。这份报告表示:“预计发展中国家能够更为平缓地应对融资状况收紧。”Mr Basu said he did not think monetary tightening in the US would force central banks in emerging markets into sudden interest rates hikes. “Central banks in emerging markets will have to react but the reaction will not have to be any more muscular than one-and-a-half year ago,” he explained.巴苏表示,他认为美国货币政策收紧并不会迫使新兴市场的央行突然提高利率。他解释说:“新兴市场央行将不得不应对这一局面。不过,他们的回应不一定会比一年半以前更强硬。”Last October, the International Monetary Fund lowered its forecasts for global growth, saying the world economy would expand by 3.3 per cent in 2015 instead of 3.4 per cent. The IMF’s latest batch of economic forecasts will be released next week in an update to its twice-yearly World Economic Outlook.去年10月,国际货币基金组织(IMF)曾降低对全球经济增长的预期,表示2015年全球经济将增长3.3%,而不是3.4%。下周,IMF将发布半年发布一次的《世界经济展望》(World Economic Outlook),届时该组织将公布对经济的最新预测。 /201501/354508连云港九龙门诊看病要提前预约吗

连云港九龙医院看不孕不育是自费BEIJING (AP) — Upset by a delayed flight, two Chinese passengers decided to open emergency exit doors in protest as the plane was taxiing, forcing it to abort take off and landing them in jail instead, police said Sunday.北京(美联社)——由于对航班厌恶感到气愤,两名中国乘客就在飞机滑行时决定打开紧急出口表示抗议,导致飞机停飞,两人还被送进了监狱,警方周日说。The latest in a growing number of air rage cases involving Chinese travelers happened in the early hours of Saturday morning in the southwestern city of Chengdu, after the China Eastern flight was delayed by a snow storm.此事发生在周六的成都,一个中国东方航空公司的航班因为大雪而延误。Angry passengers complained about the delay and a lack of ventilation, and a man surnamed Zhou opened two emergency exits to prevent the plane from taking off, forcing it to return to the gate. A total of 25 passengers were held for questioning while the rest continued on to Beijing aboard a separate flight.愤怒的乘客抱怨航班延误并且机舱内没有通风,一名周姓男子打开了两个紧急出口,导致飞机无法起飞。有25名乘客被留下来接受质询,另外的乘客搭乘另外一个航班飞往北京。Kunming police said in an online statement that Zhou and a tour guide named Li have been placed under 15-day ;administrative detention; for opening the doors and inciting passengers with false information.昆明警方在网上的一份声明上说这名周姓男子和一名李姓导游以打开紧急出口和以虚假信息煽动乘客被处15日“行政拘留”。 /201501/354921连云港第一人民医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱 The Chinese capital on Friday banned Halloween costumes from its subway system, warning they could cause “panic” and “stampedes.”周五,北京地铁禁止穿着万圣节(Halloween)饰的乘客进站,警告称,他们可能引起“恐慌”和“踩踏”。Halloween is not a traditional holiday in China but is celebrated by expats and is gaining in popularity among middle-class Chinese with small children.万圣节并非中国传统节日,但在中国的外籍人士会举行庆祝活动。万圣节在有小孩的中产阶层人士中也越来越流行。Night-duty cops and taxi drivers alike generally view costumed foreigners as an oddity, but this year authorities may fear that subversive outfits could crop up in the capital under the guise of Halloween costumes.通常,夜班警察和出租车司机都会把身着奇装异的外国人视为怪人,但今年当局可能担心,人们还可能在万圣节饰的掩盖下,身穿更具挑衅意味的装。Protesters in Hong Kong this month used masks, umbrellas and street art in their call for more representative democracy.本月,香港抗议者在民主抗议中,使用了面具、雨伞和街头艺术。Beijing has curbed any similar attempt. Artists who organised a sympathy march in early October and participants in a poetry ing were all detained, as were friends who protested their detention.北京方面压制了任何类似企图。10月初,一些艺术家组织了一次游行向香港民运表示声援,后来这些艺术家被拘留。还有一次诗歌朗诵会的参与者也遭到拘留,而几位抗议他们被拘留的朋友也被拘。“Public transport police point out: Please do not wear strange outfits in subway stations or in train carriages, which could easily cause a crowd to gather and create trouble,” the Beijing News reported on Friday.《新京报》周五报道称,“北京公交警方提示,请不要穿着奇异装进入地铁站及车厢内,那样容易引起群众围观、造成麻烦。”Police may arrest people in costume, it added.该报补充道,对于乘客行为造成扰序的,公安机关可视情节和后果对其依法拘留。Leering “Guy Fawkes” masks, tiny Spidermen or witches aside, what seems to be most worrying to the police is the imminent start of the 24-nation Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, which kicks off next week in Beijing.狞笑的“盖伊#8226;福克斯”(Guy Fawkes)面具、小型蜘蛛侠(Spidermen)或巫师饰,也许都算奇装异。不过最令警察担忧的,似乎是下周即将在北京举行的24国亚太经合组织(APEC)峰会的安全。China is rolling out a number of measures to reduce traffic, pollution or any hint of trouble ahead of the meeting.中国在该峰会前实施了大量措施,以减轻交通拥堵,减少污染,并消除一切麻烦迹象。 /201411/339911连云港九龙医院医生

温泉双店桃林洪庄安峰房山平明镇治疗前列腺炎多少钱A silver and blue ATM, perched up next to the espresso bar in a trendy Vancouver coffee shop, could launch a new era for the virtual currency bitcoin, offering an almost instant way to exchange the world#39;s leading virtual money for cash.The value of a bitcoin soared from in January to a high of 6 in April as more businesses and consumers used them to buy and sell online. Some investors are also treating bitcoins like gold, using them to hedge against currency fluctuations and speculating on their rise.在温哥华一家时髦的咖啡店内,一台机身主体颜色为银色和蓝色的比特币机被放置在意式咖啡机旁,此机器可以为比特币这种全球领先的虚拟货币提供即时兑换业务,可能为其开辟新纪元。由于不少商家和消费者开始使用比特币在网上进行交易,比特币的兑换价格由一月的13美元迅速上涨至四月的266美元。一些投资者将比特币视为黄金,用其对抗货币的通胀以及进行投机行为。The kiosk, which looks like the average ATM but with hand and barcode scanners, opened for business on Tuesday and by mid-morning people were lined up to swap their bitcoins for cash, or to deposit cash to buy more bitcoins.这一取款机从外表上看与普通的取款机并无差异。不过,该机器配置手掌和条形码扫描仪,以满足消费者进行比特币兑换现金以及用现金购买比特币的需求。据悉,该机器推出当天上午就有许多人排队前来办理业务。;It#39;s as easy as walking up to a machine, scanning your hand, entering some cash and buying bitcoin,; said Jordan Kelley, chief executive of Las Vegas-based Robocoin, the company that builds the ATMs. ;With this, it#39;s a 2-minute process. For any online exchange, it#39;s at least two days.;总部在的该机器制造商Robocoin的首席执行官乔丹?凯利指出,“只要走到机器前扫描手掌,放入现金就能兑换比特币,就是这样简单。通过这台机器进行业务操作两分钟就可以完成,而网上交易要至少用两天的时间。”Bitcoins, currently worth about 0 each, can be transferred without going through banks or clearing houses, thereby cutting fees. Users can buy products and services online or in a handful of stores, including the Waves coffee shop where the ATM is located.比特币现在的兑换价值是210美元,人们不用去和清算公司也能转账,因此减少了额外的费用。消费者在网上或少数商店内可以使用比特币消费,包括放置比特币ATM机的海浪咖啡店。With the bitcoin ATM, users scan their hand to confirm identity, then funds move to or from a virtual wallet on their smartphone. The system limits transfers to ,000 a day, in an effort to curb money laundering and other fraud.使用比特币ATM机时,消费者要进行手掌扫描,以确认身份,然后再通过智能手机的虚拟钱包进行转账。该系统每天的交易上限为1000美元,其目的在于打击洗钱行为以及其他虚假操作。Bitcoiniacs, the local dealer that operates the ATM, will roll out four other kiosks across Canada in December. Robocoin said Canada was the ideal place to launch the kiosk due to a critical mass of users and less stringent oversight than in the US, where the bitcoin trade is monitored by anti-money laundering regulators.负责运营该机器的加拿大本地交易商Bitcoiniacs称,其他四台机器计划于12月在加拿大境内面世。而Robocoin称,加拿大推出比特币ATM机,是因为该地区使用比特币活跃,且监管较轻松。在美国,比特币交易由反洗钱机构监管。;We think the Vancouver market is enormous and we#39;re excited to be here,; said Kelley. ;By the end of 2013, we#39;ll be all over Canada. By the end of 2014, we#39;ll be all over the world, including the US.;凯利称,“我们对温哥华庞大的市场前景充满期待。2013年末我们将在加拿大全面推广这种比特币ATM机,2014年末将推广至全球,包括美国在内。”Bitcoin is not a recognised currency in Canada, so Ottawa#39;s anti-money laundering watchdog, the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre, does not monitor its trade.比特币在加拿大并不是公认的货币,因此渥太华反洗钱监管机构——金融交易和报告分析中心不对比特币交易进行监管。However, Bitcoiniacs#39; founders say they are working with the agency to be y for when Canada does start regulating them.然而Bitcoiniacs的创始人称他们正与经销商合作以做好应对加拿大对比特币监管的准备。;We#39;re aly being proactive in our business,; said Bitcoiniacs co-founder Mitchell Demeter. ;We abide by any guidelines they would impose - which includes the #39;know your customer#39; laws and anti-money laundering laws.;“我们现在对自己业务的积极性很高”,Bitcoiniacs的联合创始人米歇尔?迪米特称,“我们将遵守所有条例,包括‘了解客户’的规定和反洗钱法”Bitcoins were launched in 2008 and are traded within a global network of computers. They are not backed by a single company or government, but their release is tightly controlled, mimicking a central banking system#39;s control over the minting of money.比特币于2008年推出,在全球互联网中进行交易。虽然没有获得任何公司或国家的持,但由于其仿照中央系统发行比特币,因此监管较为严格。Bitcoins can be bought with near anonymity, which supporters say lowers fraud risk and increases privacy. But critics say that also makes bitcoins a magnet for drug transactions, money-laundering and other illegal activities.比特币几乎可以匿名交易,其持者称这样可以降低虚假操作的风险,增加个人隐私。但反对者称这样会吸引更多的人用比特币进行毒品交易,洗钱和其他违法活动。The currency#39;s reputation took a hit this month, when US regulators shut down Silk Road, an online marketplace used to buy and sell illegal drugs, and seized .6m (£2.3m) in bitcoins.本周比特币的名声受到了打击,美国监管机构关闭了丝绸之路网站并没收其360万比特币(合230万英镑),因其涉及网络毒品交易。But the virtual currency is gaining hold among businesses and consumers, a key step to a bigger role.然而商家和消费者力挺虚拟货币,未来它将扮演更加重要的角色。;I think it#39;s definitely going mainstream,; said Demeter. ;I think as things progress, and the infrastructure is built, it will become easier for people to buy and sell, and so more people will start using it.;“我认为比特币正在走向主流,”迪米特称,“随着时间的推移,比特币基础设施完善后人们使用比特币更加方便,比特币的使用群体也将扩大。”In Vancouver, for example, dozens of people attend weekly bitcoin meet-ups and a member co-op is promoting the currency to a growing list of local retailers.举例来说,在温哥华,每周有数十人参与比特币的见面会,消费合作社正将比特币推广至更多当地零售商。At Waves, Vancouver resident Chung Cheong used bitcoin to pay for his mug of tea and was happy to mull over the future of the digital currency.海浪咖啡内,温哥华的居民张聪正使用比特币买茶,考虑到虚拟货币的前景他表示很乐观。;It#39;s been said that we#39;re at the stage where email was in 1992,; he said. ;Is it risky? Sure. But look at how the internet and email changed the world.;“据说我们又处于在1992年刚发明邮件的状态了,”他说,“虚拟货币有风险吗?当然有。但回首网络和邮件给世界带来的变化,一切都是值得的。” /201312/269067 连云港市第二人民医院治疗生殖感染价格连云港市包皮手术费用



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