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新沂男性专科连云港哪里检查男科连云港九龙医院中医生科 CCTV美国看中国:中国梦 Article/201303/228289连云港不孕不育医院三甲有那些

牛山白塔埠黄川石梁河青湖镇石榴街道治疗龟头炎多少钱海州区人民医院看泌尿科怎么样 Without those extra chips on the edge of the chopping tool, this whole series would be impossible, because those chips tell us that right from the beginning, we - unlike other animals - have wanted to make things more complicated than they need to be. You see, objects carry powerful messages about their makers, and the chopping tool is the beginning of a relationship between humans and the things they create, which is both a love affair and a dependency.倘若没有那额外的几次敲击,也就不会有这些后话,这些敲敲打打说明人类一开始便与众不同,总是尝试着制作出比实际需要更加复杂的东西。你看,物品能强烈地传达出其制作者的信息,这件切割工具便反映出人和人造物之间的最初关系——既是爱恋,又是依赖。From this point on, we can#39;t survive without the things we make and, in this sense, it is making things that makes us human. Leakey#39;s discoveries in the warm earth of the Rift Valley did more than push humans back in time, they made it clear that all of us descend from those African ancestors, that every one of us is part of a huge African diaspora - we all have Africa in our DNA and all our culture began in the same place. Wangari Maathai is a Kenyan environmentalist and a Nobel Peace Prize winner:自这一刻起,我们离了人造物便无法生存。从这个角度讲,是制作物品造就了人类。在东非大裂谷温暖的泥土里,李基(Leakey)的发现不仅推延了人类的历史,其更深刻的意义在于它表明我们均为非洲祖先流散在各地后裔,我们的DNA中均含有非洲的遗传密码,我们的文明一脉相承。王盖里?玛太(Wangari Maathai)是一位肯尼亚环保主义者和诺贝尔和平奖得主:;So far it seems like the information we have tells us that we came from somewhere within this part of the world in eastern Africa. And that of course for many people must be surprising - because I think we are so used to being divided along ethnic lines, along racial lines, and we look all the time for reasons to be different from each other - it must be surprising to some of us to realise that what differentiates us is usually very superficial, like the colour of your skin or the colour of your eyes or the texture of your hair, but essentially that we are all from the same stem, the same origin. So, I think that as we continue to understand ourselves and to appreciate each other, and especially when we get to understand, for example, that we all come from the same origin - we will shed a lot of the prejudices that we have harboured in the past.;“我们当前所掌握的信息显示我们均源自于这里——东非的某个区域。这个结论听上去匪夷所思,因为我们早已习惯于各种各样的民族划分和种族划分,而且我们追求与众不同,所以当人们意识到我们的区别通常只是肤色、眼珠色和发质这些肤浅的因素时,一定觉得非常不可思议。事实上,我们本是同根生。我想,当我们不断尝试了解自己、欣赏他人,特别是认识到我们同根同源时,那些冥顽不化的偏见便会荡然无存。”Listening to the news on the radio, it#39;s easy to imagine the world is divided into rival tribes and competing civilisations. So it#39;s good, it#39;s essential in fact, to be reminded that the idea of our common humanity is not just an enlightenment dream, but a genetic and a cultural reality. It#39;s something we#39;ll see again and again in this series.听着收音机播报的新闻,我们不难想象世界被分割为彼此敌对的部落和相互竞争的文明。因此,我们记起普遍人性的理念不止是一个启蒙的梦想,更是基因和文化的事实,这是非常重要的。这一点将在一系列节目中得到反复验。Our next object is the tool that people took with them when they first left Africa and began to sp around the world - it#39;s been called the Swiss Army knife of the Stone Age ... it#39;s the hand axe.我们下期介绍的是人类首次离开非洲、流向世界时所携带的工具,它有“石器时代的瑞士军刀”的美誉——手斧。 Article/201402/277377连云港哪家医院检查尖锐湿疣准

灌云县包皮手术哪家医院最好How To Clean An Iron : Removing limescale from an iron can be a difficult task, particularly if you want to remove it from the inside! This shows you an easy and effective way of doing just that to leave your iron clean and looking like new.怎样清洁熨斗:清除熨斗中的水垢是一项非常艰巨的任务,尤其是清除内部的水垢!这段视频向你展示怎样简单有效地进行清洁,让熨斗看上去干净如新。Hi. My name is Yaryna, I#39;m from Cleaner London and I#39;m going to show you how to clean the iron. So first of all you have to clean it from out side and it has to be cold.大家好,我的名字是Yaryna,来自伦敦干洗店。我将向大家展示如何清洁熨斗。首先从外部开始清洁,必须保熨斗冷却。All you need for this is a cotton cloth and white vinegar, a small amount. And you have to rub with cotton cloth for the limescale. Vinegar will act and the limescale will disappear from here.这个步骤只需要一块棉布和少量白醋。用棉布用力擦洗水垢。醋发挥作用,水垢消失。If it doesn#39;t help you can mix the vinegar with baking soda and it will be a good start point. When you have finished to polish and to clean the outside, you can clean your iron from inside. For this you have to put a small amount of vinegar and you have to mix it with water.如果效果不明显,可以用醋和小苏打混合,这将是一个比较好的起点。当你擦亮并清洁外部以后,可以开始清洁内部了。倒入少量白醋,和水混合。You have to switch it on to wait. And press the steam. All the limescale will come out of there.将熨斗的开关打开,等待喷出蒸汽,水垢会随着蒸汽一起出来。You see? And your iron is shiny and clean, from inside and from outside as well. .看到了吗?你的熨斗现在从内到外非常干净,闪闪发光。Thanks for watching How To Clean An Iron.感谢收看“如何清洁熨斗”视频节目。视频听力由。 Article/201401/271354 Richie Incognito Says Actions Came From #39;Place of Love#39; ESPN#39;s Adam Schefter discusses the first interview with suspended Dolphins#39; player.ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter joins us now from the network#39;s headquarters in Bristol Connecticut, good morning, Adam, can you just give us your take on Incognito#39;s interview?I think we saw yesterday has become perfectly obvious, there really are three sides to this story, Robin, there is Richie Incognito version of the incident, there is Jonathan Martin which we have not heard, and they are near the truth, the investigator Ted Wells that the NFL appointed last week who is assigned to this case is going to be speaking to Jonathen Martin later this week in Los Angeles, Jonathen Martin is said to have detailed pages and pages and pages of notes detailing what he believes are instances of harassment, and it will be up to Ted Wells to determine whether or not that actually happened in the Dolphin#39;s lockroom, think one of the key unanswered question from yesterday is, was there a cold red? were the Dolphin#39;s players ordered to toughen up, Jonathen Martin had that unfold and again that#39;s an answer that we do not have this morning.Right, we may as the investigation goes forward as you said Jonathen Martin waiting until then to tell his side of the story, back to Incognito for a moment, there are remarks that he made, how do you feel that will impact his future?Richie Incognito#39;s contract end up this year, and again i think teams are waiting to see how this case will turn out, keep in mind, right now he is suspended for conduct detrimental right now, so the Dolphins have no plans to bring him back at this time, and it#39;s going to be difficult right now for Richie Incognito to get back into the league, but still there is a lot left to be told in this particular story.Certainly is, Adam thank you again.Thank you Robin.Appreciated. /201311/264993连云港人民医院网上挂号连云港丰瑞有医保吗



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