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Speaking of stars out of the closet, the first reaction of many people is undoubtedly early in 01 will be Kevin Tsai exposes sexual orientation说到明星出柜,很多人的第一反应无疑是早在01年便自曝性取向的蔡康永In the program to record the scene years later, Cai Kang feeling when coming out of the circle has let himself become role models, even “mentor” like figure:在年后的节目录制现场,蔡康感慨当年的出柜已经让自己成为了圈内榜样,甚至是“导师”一样的人物:“As long as someone came up the entertainment cabinet, and will be the first to ask me. The ring also has a lot of stars I’m not familiar with, they would secretly go around came the newsletter through a friend, said he came up with the closet. “talked about this experience, Kevin Tsai self-deprecatingly,” that I had bad luck Well, Who I was the only one out of the (cabinet) was still alive, man, “banter lacking a bit helpless“演艺圈只要有人想出柜了,会先来问我而圈里也有很多明星跟我没那么熟,他们会偷偷透过朋友绕来绕去的传来简讯,说他想出柜了”谈及这段经历,蔡康永自我调侃“那我倒霉嘛,谁让我是唯一一个出了(柜)还健在的人”,戏谑中不乏几分无奈He admits himself often in contradiction: “in a rational consideration, I usually stop them; but standing alone position, I hope very much to accompany me – not once mention each (the cabinet) this topic When they showed me only a man. “When it comes to emotional place, Kevin Tsai can not help but burst into tears several times aloud. Under Kevin Tsai infections, tutor Jin Xing sadly wipe tears他直言自己常常处在矛盾之中:“处于理性考虑,我通常会拦住他们;但站在孤单的立场,我又很希望很多人陪我——不要每一次提到(出柜)这个题目的时候,他们只能亮出我一个人”说到动情处,蔡康永不禁泪流满面,几度失声在蔡康永的感染下,导师金星也黯然抹泪Ben Whishaw:It was hard to come out with some sort of dignity’本·卫肖:保持尊严地出柜真的好难It was never a secret, everyone around me in my life knew.“这从来都不是个秘密,我身边得每个人都知道.;It just very hard to know how to say it, in a way, with some sort of dignity and to remain private.“但是真的很难说出口,怎么说呢……带着尊严同时又保持自己的隐私”He added: It was something that happened at that time and now Im very happy it just a fact and I can get on with life.“在那时,一切就这么发生了,如今我很高兴这变成了一个大众事实而且我可以继续我自己的生活”Sir Ian McKellen: Coming Out Made Me A Better Actor伊恩·麦克莱恩爵士:出柜让我成为了一名更好的演员According to friends, I became not just a happier person, but a better actor.;我的朋友说,(出柜后的)我不仅更加开心了,还成为了一名更棒的演员;I think up to that point, I had been using acting as a disguise -- somewhere where I could express my emotions.;我认为从那一点出发,我将演戏当作一种伪装——在某处我可以表达自己的情感;Acting became not about disguise, but about telling the truth.;演戏渐渐不再是伪装,而是叙述真相;Ellen Degeneres:It wasn’t funny艾伦·德詹尼丝:这并不好笑“I tried to incorporate educational things about what people actually go through when they’re coming out, and it wasn’t funny,” she told the New York Times. “Because it’s not funny”“我试着吸收前人出柜颇具教育意义的经历,然而这并没有什么卵用,”她告诉《纽约时报“因为这并不好笑”Ellen took a long hiatus after her show was cancelled but managed to revive her career several years later她的脱口秀被取消后,艾伦熬过了很长一段时间的空白期,但是几年后就复苏了自己的事业Andrew Scott :Coming out was really lovely安德鲁·斯科特:出柜其实很愉快“I think I’ve been very, very, very lucky. I say this from a place of happiness and contentment now. But at the time I didn’t know what way it was going to be. Of course I was scared“我觉得我真的非常、非常、非常的幸运我很开心我说出来了,而且现在我很满足但是那时候不知道一切都会变成什么样子当然了,我也有所畏惧“The best thing I can do to represent and be a positive influence on somebody, is to be as good at my job as I can possibly be. People are scared that others will just see them as a gay person – but if you say ‘here I am, I’m an actor, that’s part of who I am. I can play all these parts,’ well that’s what’s freeing”“我能做到最好的就是给予别人正能量,尽可能的做好我的工作如果人们只看到他们是‘同性恋’他们会很害怕,但是如果你就摆出一副‘老子就是同志,就是个演员,这就是我,我什么都能演’,那就是真正释放了自我;Rupert Everett:I wouldnt advise any actor thinking of his career to come out鲁伯特·艾弗雷特:为了事业着想,我不建议任何一名演员出柜“It just doesn’t work and you’re going to hit a brick wall at some point. You’re going to manage to make it roll a certain amount of time, but at the first sign of failure, they’ll cut you right off”“(出柜)真的毫无用处,在某些意义上简直是碰壁在一定的时间后你能让它‘过去’,但是首先出现的即是失败的讯号,他们会瞬间切断你的事业线” 38577

Disney and Johnny Depp may be getting y to set sail again as the Mouse House has tapped ;Catch Me if You Can; scribe Jeff Nathanson to pen ;Pirates of the Caribbean 5.;迪士尼(Disney)公司已敲定由电影《逍遥法外(Catch Me if You Can,又译猫鼠游戏)的编剧杰夫·内桑森(Jeff Nathanson)为《加勒比海盗5(Pirates of the Caribbean 5)撰写剧本看来迪士尼和约翰尼·德普(Johnny Depp)正为下一次的扬帆远航做准备呢Jerry Bruckheimer is producing with Depp set to return as Captain Jack Sparrow.杰瑞·布鲁克海默(Jerry Bruckheimer,著名制片人)正在与德普协商、安排杰克·斯帕罗船长(Captain Jack Sparrow)的回归事宜Plot details are unknown, and it not clear whether thesps from past installments, like Geoffrey Rush or Keira Knightley, would return to reprise their roles.片方尚未透露电影的具体情节;至于前几部的演员如杰弗里·拉什(Geoffrey Rush)或凯拉·奈特利(Keira Knightley)这次是否会出演,也尚无确切消息The ;Pirates of the Caribbean; franchise has grossed more than .5 billion worldwide with the ;Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides; grossing more than billion worldwide.《加勒比海盗系列电影在全球范围内已获得超过三十五亿美元的收益,其中单是年的《加勒比海盗:惊涛怪浪(Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides)的全球收益就达到十亿美元之多Though Depp has not yet signed on, Disney is currently developing a sequel to ;Alice in Wonderland,; and the actor has often said that as long as the material is good, he would be happy to return.虽然德普尚未签定演出合同,但一方面迪士尼正在筹划同样由德普主演的《爱丽丝梦游仙境(Alice in Wonderland)的续集,另一方面德普本人已多次表示只要剧本好就愿意再演,双方实现合作的可能性相当大Nathanson is also writing the script to the DreamWorks adventure ;The 39 Clues.; He is repped by UTA and Ziffren Brittenham, Branca, Fischer, Gilbert-Lurie, Stiffelman amp; Cook.编剧杰夫·内桑森目前也在为梦工厂(DreamWorks)的冒险电影《三十九条线索(The 39 Clues)撰写剧本他的个人事务由联合精英经纪公司(UTA)、“Ziffren, Brittenham, Branca, Fischer, Gilbert-Lurie, Stiffelman amp; Cook”法律事务公司代理 067

Anne Hathaway wears an arm sling while heading to lunch on Wednesday (May 30) in Brooklyn, New York. The 9-year-old actress ;had a minor accident over the weekend and injured her wrist,; a rep explained, adding that it ;nothing serious.; Anne is reportedly in early talks to star in the upcoming indie Song One. ;Kate Barker-Froyland will make her feature directorial debut with the romantic drama, which she also wrote,; Variety Showblitz reports. In case you missed it, check out Anne singing ;I Dreamed a Dream; in the Les Miserables trailer, which was recently released.5月30日,安妮·海瑟薇手部缠绕绷带现身纽约布鲁克林据说,这位9岁的女星上周末出了点小事故,手肘受伤当天她正外出用午餐,笑容满面,看起来心情不错之前有报道称,安妮·海瑟薇将出演独立片《一首歌 18955

Bright lyrics and infectious hooks define the summer music season, while music released in the autumn tends to dabble in the season’s nocturnal vibe. There are different sounds different seasons, and it looks like this fall will breeze along to a promising soundtrack all its own. More than a few big acts are ying new music release within the next few months.欢快的歌词、富有感染力的音符都是夏季音乐的代表,而秋季音乐则带着更多秋夜的氛围不同的季节有着不同的音乐,而这个秋季也将拥有自己值得期待的声音很多乐坛大腕都打算在接下来的几个月发布新作Here, 1st Century’s Darnell Gardner Jr. previews what the change in seasons has in store music fans this time around.下面,就跟随世纪君的同事Darnell Gardner Jr.一起来看这个秋季有哪些音乐值得乐迷们收藏Four专辑名称:FourArtist: One Direction表演者:单向乐队Release date: Nov , 发行日期:年月日Label: Columbia Records唱片公司:哥伦比亚唱片公司Genre: Pop, pop rock音乐类型:流行、流行摇滚With three hit albums under their belt, One Direction has displayed a career longevity akin to some of history’s greatest boy bands. On their fourth LP (Long Play), aptly named Four, the group of Brits is poised to continue crooning their way into the hearts of audiences the world over. On Sept 8, when the band announced the album, they also released a free single titled Fireproof. After a whirlwind of touring and recording, it will be interesting to see if One Direction can rally together a solid fourth eft.拥有3张主打专辑的单向乐队,其音乐生涯寿命堪比史上最强男子组合在他们的第四张LP《Four中,这只英国乐队也将继续保持其轻吟浅唱的风格,走进全球听众的心9月8日,他们宣布新专辑的同时发布了免费新单《Fireproof经过一系列的巡演与录音,单向乐队到底能否齐心协力带来精的第四张专辑?我们拭目以待吧~The Pink Print专辑名称:The Pink PrintArtist: Nicki Minaj表演者:妮琪#86;米娜Release date: Nov , 发行日期:年月日Label: Young Money唱片公司:Young MoneyGenre: Hip-hop, rap音乐类型:嘻哈、说唱After weathering scrutiny her music veering too far into the pop genre, one of hip hop’s hottest MC’s is returning with The Pink Print, an album that promises to satisfy pop fans and rap critics alike. Minaj has compared the album to Jay Z’s legendary The Blueprint, saying her latest will lay the groundwork the female rappers of the future. Hopefully this album will be Minaj’s return to m, as I’m y to welcome back her frenetic spin on hip-hop.在风格大转,转向流行音乐之后,这位嘻哈界知名主持人携新专辑《The Pink Print回归,并承诺这张专辑将同时满足流行乐迷和说唱乐评人米娜认为这张专辑堪比Jay Z的传奇之作《The Blueprint,自称她的新专将奠定女性说唱艺人的未来希望她在这张专辑中能回到曾经的风格,我已经迫不及待想听她那疯狂的嘻哈了!Art Official AgePlectrumelectrum专辑名称:Art Official AgePlectrumelectrumArtist: Prince表演者:普林斯Release date: Sept 30, 发行日期:年9月30日Label: NPG Records唱片公司:NPG唱片公司Genre: Soul, Ramp;B音乐类型:灵魂、节奏布鲁斯Prince is the undisputed champion of sensual Ramp;B in the US, and he’s held this title more than three decades. The royally named musician has currently released Art Official Age, his th studio album. He has simultaneously released Plectrumelectrum, another LP, with his touring band 3rdEyeGirl. After decades of writing and perming, it’s encouraging to see that Prince still has a clear enough artistic vision to continue producing music this late in his career.毫无疑问,普林斯是美国感性Ramp;B的霸主,并且已称霸30多年这位德高望重的音乐人最近刚刚发布了自己的第张录音室专辑《Art Official Age同时,他还发布了另一张与女子乐团3rdEyeGirl合作的LP《Plectrumelectrum写歌、表演数十载,普林斯依旧拥有清晰的艺术洞察力,使他得以在艺术生涯的后期依旧能创作出音乐作品,这正是鼓舞人心之处Sweet Talker专辑名称:Sweet TalkerArtist: Jessie J.表演者:婕西Release date: Oct , 发行日期:年月日Label: Lava Records唱片公司:Lava唱片公司Genre: Pop, Ramp;B, hip-hop音乐类型:流行、节奏布鲁斯、嘻哈Jessie J’s hit song Price Tag, almost four years after its initial release, still regularly gets airplay, proving that the star is here to stay. The pop songstress will follow up on the success of ’s Alive with Sweet Talker. In recent years, Jessie’s music has struggled to break into the tough US market. Pop stars are a dime a dozen, and this new album represents an opporty Jessie J. to set herself apart from her more popular stateside peers.婕西的主打歌《Price Tag发布了近年,至今依旧拥有稳定的播放量,这足以明她的“江湖地位”继年《Alive与《Sweet Talker两张专辑成功之后,近年来,婕西的音乐逐渐打进美国市场面对众多流行歌手,婕西的新专将成为她从美国其他流行歌手中脱颖而出的契机1989专辑名称:1989Artist: Taylor Swift表演者:泰勒#86;斯威夫特Release date: Oct 7, 发行日期:年月7日Label: Big Machine唱片公司:Big MachineGenre: Pop音乐类型:流行Taylor Swift has always teetered on the fringes of country music, but this time she’s stepping entirely into the pop limelight. With 1989 (named after her birth year), Swift is hoping to attract a broader fanbase with music that sounds more like the city than the countryside. Lead single Shake it Off debuted at number one on Billboard’s Hot 0 chart. Swift has always possessed undeniable talent catchy writing, and I’m looking ward to getting her lyrics stuck in my head this fall.泰勒#86;斯威夫特总是游走在乡村音乐的边缘,而这一次她直接走上了流行音乐的舞台斯威夫特希望藉由新专《1989(以泰勒出生年份命名)用远离乡村、更具城市风格的音乐获得更多粉丝该专辑的主打歌《Shake it Off一经发布就荣登公告牌百强单曲榜冠军斯威夫特总能写出朗朗上口的歌词,而我也打算在这个秋天被她的歌词洗脑! 5188

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