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Today in History: Wednesday, January 30, 2013历史上的今天:2013年1月30日,星期三On Jan. 30, 1933, Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany.1933年1月30日,阿道夫·希特勒成为德国总理。1649 Englands King Charles I was beheaded.1649年,英国国王查理一世被斩首。1882 Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the 32nd president of the ed States, was born in Hyde Park, N.Y.1882年,美国第32届总统富兰克林·德拉诺·罗斯福在纽约海德公园出生。1883 James Ritty and John Birch received a U.S. patent for the first cash register.1883年,詹姆斯和约翰桦木获美国第一收银机专利。1933 The first episode of the ;Lone Ranger; was broadcast on radio station WXYZ in Detroit.1933年,《独行侠》第一集在底特律广播电台WXYZ播出。1948 Indian political and spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi was murdered by a Hindu extremist.1948年,印度政治和精神领袖圣雄甘地被一印度教极端分子谋杀。1968 The Tet offensive began as Communist forces launched surprise attacks against South Vietnamese provincial capitals.1968年,共产党的军队向越南省会发起意外进攻,新年攻势(战役名称)爆发。1969 The Beatles performed in public for the last time in a 45-minute gig on the roof of their Apple Records headquarters in London.1969年,在伦敦苹果总部的楼顶上,披头士乐队最后一次在公共场合举行一次45分钟的演出。1972 Thirteen Roman Catholic civil rights marchers were shot to death by British soldiers in Northern Ireland on what became known as ;Bloody Sunday.;1972年,13名罗马天主民权教徒被英国士兵射杀,这天被称为“血腥星期天”。2003 Richard Reid, a British citizen and al-Qaida follower, was sentenced to life in prison by a federal judge in Boston for trying to blow up a trans-Atlantic jetliner with explosives hidden in his shoes.2003年,英国公民和基地组织的追随者理查德·里德在波士顿被联邦法官被判处终身监禁,因其试图炸毁一架跨大西洋的客机,炸药就藏在他的鞋子里。2005 Iraqis voted in their countrys first free election in a half-century.2005年,半个世纪以来,伊拉克举行自己国家的第一次自由投票。2006 Coretta Scott King, the widow of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., died at age 78.2006年,马丁·路德·金牧师的遗孀科雷塔·斯科特·金去世,享年78岁。2007 Microsofts Windows Vista operating system went on sale.2007年,微软的Windows Vista操作系统开售。 /201301/223482Kids, grannies, workers, athletes, students -- we all need socks to protect our feet, enhance performance, or just to be comfortable. It all starts with buying the right socks for your purposes.无论是孩子还是老人,无论是工人,运动员还是学生,我们都需要袜子来保护双脚,改善表现,或者仅仅是为了舒适。一切都要从为了自己的目的而购买合适的袜子开始。Step 1 Identify use1.用途Identify your use of and needs for socks. Are they for outdoor recreation and everyday use or dress and holiday wear? Know if you need socks for a diabetic or for your kids soccer practice.鉴别自己购买袜子的需求。是为了户外活动,日常穿着还是为了节假日穿?是为糖尿病患者购买还是为了孩子的足球比赛?Step 2 Understand fibers2.材质Understand fibers used in socks today. Buy socks made from cotton for wickability, acrylic for durability, wool for insulation, or synthetic fibers for quick-drying qualities.了解用于制作袜子的材质。棉质的比较舒适,丙烯酸树脂的比较耐穿,羊毛的比较绝缘,合成纤维的比较容易干燥。Choose fiber blends for socks with enhanced versatility and comfort.选择合成纤维的袜子,既舒适又有多种用途。Step 3 Size3.尺码Size socks to fit snugly but not tightly, checking online or package charts for the correct fit. Keep in mind that you generally need a larger sock size than shoe size, and that growing kids change sizes frequently.选择比较合脚,但是又不紧的袜子,在网络上或包装上查看合适的尺码。要记住,通常袜子的尺码要比脚大一点,正在长身体的孩子要经常更换袜子尺码。Avoid one-size-fits-all socks if you want a perfect fit.如果想要合脚的话,最好不要选择均码的袜子。Step 4 Consider styles4.样式Consider height and weight preferences when you buy socks, choosing from low-cuts to thigh-highs and lightweight synthetic socks to densely padded styles.购买袜子的时候考虑一下袜子的高度和质地。可以选择短袜或长袜,质地比较轻的合成纤维袜子或质地比较厚密的袜子。Step 5 Purchase in bulk5.大量购买Buy in bulk from online outlets or auctions, liquidators or surplus stores. This can slice as much as sixty percent off retail prices, saving you on adult, kids, and specialty styles.可以在互联网,拍卖行,清算行或剩余物资商店大量购买,这样可以比零售价格便宜60%,无论是成年人,孩子还是特殊样式的袜子。Step 6 Hit sales6.促销Hit sales to get optimal pricing, whether buying online or at the mall, by the pair or in bulk. Keep mom, dad, and the kids stocked up on footwear providing value, style, protection, and comfort.促销活动上可以用最优惠的价格购买,无论是通过互联网还是在商场,零买还是大量购买。让父母和孩子都穿上质优价廉,温暖舒适的袜子。Astronauts aboard the International Space Station change socks only every other day because washing machines are unavailable and space is limited.国际空间站上的宇航员隔天才能换一次袜子,因为上面没有洗衣机,空间也有限。201301/222556

据美国媒体1月16日报道,美国总统奥巴马当天在白宫与美国前总统布什和克林顿举行会晤,邀请他们领导为海地地震救灾筹款的工作。 US President Barack Obama tapped two of his predecessors - former presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton - to coordinate efforts to get more Americans more involved in helping Haiti recover and rebuild. Obama appeared with Bush and Clinton to make a joint announcement at the White House Rose Garden following an Oval Office meeting on Saturday morning.Barack Obama said, "Here at home, Presidents Bush and Clinton will help the American people to do their part, because responding to a disaster must be the work of all of us. Indeed, those wrenching scenes of devastation remind us not only of our common humanity, but also of our common responsibilities. This time of suffering can and must be a time of compassion."Bush and Clinton have created a website to begin collecting donations. They both say every person making a donation should know their money will be spent wisely. Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has arrived in Port-au-Prince for a firsthand look at the devastation. She'll confer with President Rene Preval. She'll also meet with UN officials, US civilians and military personnel working on the relief effort.201001/94793

  The biology were trying to under-cover我们试着揭开生物学上的秘密is that if we could imitate that,如果我们能够进行效仿then long life including 100长命百岁can be really terrific.那真是太棒了The population surrounding尼尔教授周围住的Professor Nir Barzilai are Ashkenazi Jews.都是阿肯纳西犹太人They were an ideal group for a study他们是最理想的研究对象because they shared a similar genetic background,他们的基因非常相似therefore any exceptional genes would stand out.因此任何变异基因都很容易被发现If we go in the streets如果我们到伦敦of London or New York and just take everyone,或是纽约的街头随便找一些人were going to have lots of diversity.那基因的差异性就会很大By using the Ashkenazi Jewish population,用阿肯纳西犹太人做实验 this is a population这是一个that was established in the pale of Eastern Europe.居住在东欧的种族It helps the genetic discovery.这有利于遗传学的发现So we started gathering 100-years-old, basically.于是 我们开始寻找百岁老人Hi, Grandma, good to see you again.你好 老奶奶 很高兴又见到你Darling, Im so glad you came.亲爱的 很高兴你能来The old man with the beard is my baby grandson!那个长胡子的男人是我的小外孙201304/233884

  We approached the animals in the cages我们靠近观察笼里的动物And recorded their reactions to us.并记录下他们对我们的反映We could see that some of the foxes showed aggressive behaviour.我们可以看到有些狐狸展现了其侵略天性Others were frightened.其他的则吓得要命But only 1% of them showed neither signs of fear nor aggression.不过其中有百分之一表现得很温顺This 1% was selected to become the这百分之一的狐狸被选来founding generation of a new population of foxes.繁衍下一代的狐狸At every generation, the selection process在每一代的选择进程中was repeated with only the tamest foxes being allowed to breed.只有最温顺的狐狸才被允许繁衍Within just three generations,而仅仅在3代之后the aggressive behaviour began to disappear.他们好斗的天性就开始消失了The radical changes came through in the eighth generation,直到第8代 实验产生了本质性的变化When foxes started to seek contact with humans狐狸开始寻求与人接触的机会And show affection to them.并对人示以友好The amazing thing was that cubs另人啧啧称奇的是那些刚刚出生who had just started to crawl, opened their eyes仅仅刚刚开始爬行的幼崽 And started showing affection to humans一睁开眼睛就开始对人类展现友好了While breathing heavily, wagging their tales and howling.他们呼吸很重 发出嚎叫 摇摆尾巴This kind of response was a big surprise to us.这种回应令我们相当的惊奇201302/226726。

  UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Todays ;Shoutout; goes out to Mayos government classes at Crestview High School in Ashland, Ohio. 今天的“大声喊出来”来到来到了梅奥的政府课堂。Where would you find the Hellas impact basin, Olympus Mons and Utopia Planitia? 在哪里可以找到Hellas冲击盆地,奥林匹斯火山和乌托邦平原?Here we go now. Either in Greece, Middle Earth, the Bermuda Triangle or on Mars. Youve got three seconds, go.开始!是在希腊、中东、百慕大三角还是火星?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!Those are some of the physical landmarks on the red planet of Mars. Thats your answer and thats your ;Shoutout.;这些是红色星球——火星——上的一些地标。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: Of course, no one has ever seen those in person. 当然,没人亲眼看到过这些。In science fiction, humans have been going to Mars for decades, but in reality - At least not yet. 在科幻小说中,人没这几十年都在去火星,但现实中,至今都没有人去过。One company is signing up volunteers. 一家公司正在招志愿者。Now, this is for real. 现在,去火星成为了可能。They are looking for people who want to go to Mars. 他们正在寻找愿意去火星的人。The scheduled departure, if they can raise enough money for the trip, is the year 2022 with the return scheduled for never. 如果他们能筹到足够多的钱,飞离地球会安排在2022年,并且永不回来。 /201304/236917

  You don’t need a personal makeup artist to achieve a flawless face – just some of their insider information!You Will NeedHighlighter Foundation Face powder Mascara Black eyeliner Cream-colored eye shadow Pencil in your lip shade Rosy eyes shadow Lip balm Clear lip gloss or petroleum jelly Lengthening mascara (optional) Volumizing mascara (optional) Step 1: Fill in frown lines(画眉毛)Fill in any laugh lines with highlighter before you apply foundation. It helps create an even base for your makeup.Step 2: Powder your lashes(刷睫毛)Lightly brush your lashes with face powder before applying mascara. The powder and the mascara will form a paste to temporarily thicken your lashes.Use a lengthening mascara for your first coat, and a volumizing one for your second.Step 3: "Tightline" your lids(抹眼影)Use the makeup-artist trick known as tightlining: Apply black eyeliner underneath upper lash lines and between upper lashes to make your lashes look fuller.Step 4: Highlight your peepers(使用高光粉)Dab a little highlighter or apply a cream-colored eye shadow in the inner corners of your eyes – near the bridge of your nose – and just under your eyebrows, along the brow bone. It will catch the light, making eyes appear wider.Step 5: Prep your lips(唇的使用)Color bare lips with a lip pencil that matches your natural lip color before applying lipstick; it will help the color adhere. Or, press some rosy eye shadow on top of lip balm for all-day color.Step 6: Gloss over lip areas(在上下嘴唇中间抹一点唇油)Put a dab of clear lip gloss or petroleum jelly in the indentation in the center of your upper lip and in the center of your lower one; it will make both look plumper. Picture perfect!Award-winning actress Meryl Streep has worked with the same makeup artist on every single one of her films since the early 1980s.201004/101821Today in History:Sunday, June2, 2013历史上的今天:2013年6月2日,星期天June 2nd 1997In Denver, a federal jury convicts Timothy McVeigh of murder and conspiracy in the Oklahoma City bombing. MK is the mother of one of the 168 people killed in the blast at Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.;The emotions have been building up for such a long time that er... just to hear that word, guilty.;McVeigh is executed 4 years later.1953Britains Queen Elizabeth II is crowned in Londons Westminster Abbey. The coronation takes place more than a year after the death of her father, King George VI.1979Pope John Paul II arrives in his native Poland on the first ever papal visit to a Communist country.And 1941;I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the Earth.;In New York, baseballs Iron Horse, Lou Gehrig of the Yankees dies of the degenerative disease that later carries his name. He was 37.Today in History, June 2nd, Camille Bohannon, the Associated Press. /201306/242388特别声明:该节目由可可原创。视频来源:选自B记录片《英国史》之《女王的诞生》。精视觉:精解说:That statecraft was also stagecraft.治国之道,亦为表演之道。Her father and mother had both known this instinctively.伊丽莎白的父母心里早就知道她有着过人的表演天赋,Elizabeth had the actresss gift in spadefuls.她天生就喜欢掌声。She simply adored being adored.她只是喜欢被人崇拜。Adoration, though, wasnt the same thing as allegiance.然而,掌声和忠诚毕竟是两码事。For her most important adviser,在她最重要的谏言者,her surrogate father, William Cecil, charisma也是一直充当她父亲角色的威廉·西塞尔看来,was no substitute for the one thing不能替代一件事情which would secure the future of a Protestant England, an heir.要确保新教未来在英格兰的统治——那就是继承人。短语诠释:1. have the gift:有天赋讲解:gift在这里的意思是“天赋”,表示“有......的天赋,在......有天赋”,在gift后面接介词of。例句:I reckon I have the gift of making friends with strangers . 我想我有本事同陌生人交朋友。 She shall have the gift of making music on any musical instrument she touches. 她有碰到任何乐器就能弹奏出音乐的天赋。2. in spadefuls:很多地,大量地例句:He gave attention in spadefuls and thought to bring up his children. 他在教育孩子方面花了大量的心血。 Harvesting grain in the 19th century required horsepower and manpower in spadefuls. 十九世纪时,收割谷物需要大量的畜力和人力。 3. substitute for:代替讲解:这个短语在文中是属于名词性短语,它也可作动词性短语,意思是一样的。作为名词的话,它是可数名词。例句:Emotion should never be a substitute for sound policy. (名词性短语)感情不能代替政策。There is no substitute for experience. (名词性短语)经验是无可取代的。 Can you think sugar will substitute for honey? (动词性短语)你认为砂糖可以替代蜂蜜吗? John will substitute for his father. (动词性短语)约翰将作为他父亲的代理人。

  How To Open Beer With A NapkinAll is revealed. Use this trick to impress the girls. This trick is perfect to perform at a bar. Fast to learn. Find the materials anywhere. Great reactions: Wow that is a glorious trick!. Have fun learning new tricks at www.FunPartyTricks.comStep 1: Prepare(准备工作)All you need is a beer and a napkin. I bet you that I can open this beer with this napkin. Now I will show you how to do it.You fold the napkin and roll it up really tight. Be sure to make the middle very tight. This is the part that we are going to use to open the bottle with. You fold it in half, this will make it very hard at the end.Step 2: Perform(好好表演)Now we take the napkin and press it hard against the bottle cap and pull upwards and there we go, just like that. And that's how you open a beer with a napkin.Okay, we now have the rolled up napkin, we press it hard against the bottle cap and try to catch one or two of the. . .201003/98132Professional magician Andy Gladwin from learnmagicshop.com features in this easy to follow tutorial showing you a fantastic magic number trick you can learn at home. This trick is great regardless of whether if youre a fully fledged magician or just starting out! 专业魔术师安迪bull;格莱德温在这个简单易学的教程中告诉你一个神奇的数字魔术,你可以在家里学习。不管如果你是大魔术师还是刚刚开始刚刚起步的菜鸟,这个魔术都很伟大!201202/172510

  By the second day, everyone was到第二天 actively involved in serving meals and clearing away.所有人都很积极的做饭和清洁Ellen was changing the routines艾伦改变了and habits theyd built up over the last 20 years,他们在过去20年内形成的习惯challenging what theyd come to believe was possible.挑战他们的认知They were being treated as他们被当成if they were capable, autonomous individuals.有能力的 独立的个体对待When they were in discussion groups,他们进行小组讨论they would decide whether or not they were going to speak可以自行决定讨论与否without anybody signalling subtlly而不需要有人暗中提示他们as the culture often does, that theyre incompetent.就像对待没自主能力的人一样Ellen believes that whats often艾伦相信老人被认为的没能力taken to be incompetence is really willfulness.只是因为他们的固执Old people have learned to please themselves.老年人要学会让自己快乐When old people start to act in当年轻人觉得老年人的行为ways that young people think is uninhibited变得随心所欲时and think theyve regressed,觉得是他们退步了actually theyve progressed and theyre disinhibited.其实他们是进步了 摆脱了世俗的束缚They say ;Why am I paying attention to some of these rules?他们问;为什么我们要在意世俗;;They just dont make sense.;;这根本毫无意义;Ellen wanted to see if getting艾伦想知道如果the men to think of themselves as in control让这些人认为自己有能力控制事情would actually put them in control.他们是否会再次被控制But would their bodies follow their minds?但身体会随思想改变吗Had her reconstruction been convincing?她的场景重建真的有说力吗Shed only run the experiment for one week她只进行一个星期的实验but at the end of that period, it was crunch time.但最后阶段是最困难的时刻Had they changed?他们改变了吗201304/235498

  Twelve gold medals will be awarded at the World Indoor Athletics Championships in Istanbul over the next four hours or so - including some spectacular races such as American Sanya Richards Ross in the 400 meters, and the current darling of the track, Australias Sally Pearson in the womens 60 meter hurdles final. But concentration on this mornings heats of the mens 60 meter hurdles, Chinese superstar Liu Xiang was expected to qualify easily for todays semi-finals.Liu, who was the gold medalist at the 2008 Valencia world indoors to add to previous silver and bronze showings, bemoaned the early start but still had no problem qualifying for the final. The 2004 Olympic champion eased up in the final stages to clock 7.62 seconds just behind Britains Andrew Pozzi, who topped the timings with 7.61. After being disqualified for false starting in his previous race in Sweden, the 28-year-old Liu was keen not to make the same mistake again, particularly as athletes had expressed concern with the sound system in the arena.Liu Xiang said:; The starter speaks with a low voice and it was hard for me to understand his y. I had to start to run when I heard the gun instead of his order. During the race I felt very relaxed. I will get better and better in the semi-final and final on Sunday. I am taking it very seriously to get into the final.;2012年世界室内田径锦标赛在土耳其伊斯坦布尔结束男子60米栏预赛的争夺,中国;飞人;刘翔在明显保留实力的情况下以7.62秒的成绩获得小组第二名,轻松晋级半决赛。另一位中国选手史冬鹏因有伤在身仅跑出8.15秒的成绩,位列小组第六,被淘汰出局。201203/174028。

  年秋季以来,西南地区降水持续偏少,目前云南、广西、贵州、四川、重庆五省区市正遭受着60年来最为严重的特大干旱,五省区市受旱面积占到全国耕地受旱总面积的83%。全国因旱饮水困难人数达2043万人,主要集中在西南五省区市。严重干旱对当地群众生活造成了严重影响。 The drought in south and Southwestern China has lasted for 5 months. Yunnan, Sichuan, Guizhou Guangxi and Chongqing Municipality, have received only half the amount of rainfall they usually get. A drought this severe has not been seen in decades in the region and has left people struggling. As the drought continues, getting drinking water is becoming more difficult for people in Yunnan. Local officials say if the drought continues into May, all the water in the reservoirs and ponds in the province will be used up. Almost a quarter of the local population will suffer drinking water shortages by then. The drought has cut the province's power generation capacity by 30 percent, as it largely relies on hydropower. The drought has damaged at least 3 million hectares of cropland in the Province. Many farmers complain all their wheat, beans and vegetables have died. Yunnan is not alone, other provinces and municipalities in Southeastern China face the same problem. China's State Commission of Disaster Relief says the severe drought has affected 51 million Chinese. Over 16 million people and 11 million livestock are short of drinking water. The drought has affected over 6 and half million hectares of arable land. Dry conditions have also caused a food shortage. 3 million people in Guizhou province and 7 million in Yunnan province are in need of food.201003/99456

  Whether you call it a lift or an elevator, getting stuck in one can be a terrible ordeal. VideoJug gives you tips on surviving in a stuck lift, done in the tongue-in-cheek style of a Hollywood movie trailer.无论你是叫它电梯也好,升降机也好,被困在里面都是一次非常糟糕的体验。VideoJug以好莱坞电影的形式进行模拟,就被困电梯应该怎样求生给出了一些建议。Step 1: Remain calm1.保持冷静The key thing is not to panic. There are very few reported cases of people dying in stuck lifts, and modern lifts have sophisticated safety mechanisms that prevent them from plummeting even in the case of a power cut. It is very likely that the worst thing that will happen is that youll have to wait a short while until the lift is working again. If youre in a lift that suddenly stops, try pushing a floor button again, or the Open Door button. If the lift still doesnt respond its time to summon assistance.最关键的是不要惊慌。目前基本上没有因被困电梯而死亡的案例,现代电梯的安全机制非常成熟,即使在停电的情况下也可以防止电梯坠下。最有可能,也最糟糕的情况就是你可能要等待一段时间,直到电梯重新运转。如果你乘坐的电梯突然停下来,试着再按一下电梯上的按钮。如果仍然没有响应,是时候寻求帮助了。Step 2: Call for help2.呼救Most modern lifts have an intercom or telephone which will connect you with lift maintenance staff so you can call for help.If there is no telephone, then there will most likely be an alarm button to call for help. Alternatively, if you have a mobile phone, you could use it to call the emergency services or call a friend to ask them to call the local fire service. If none of these options are available to you, shout loudly or bang on the door to attract the attention of someone outside. Once you have alerted the outside world to your plight you might have to wait a while to be rescued, especially if the lift maintenance staff have a long way to travel to reach you.现代电梯都有内部通话系统或电话,可以让你和电梯维修人员对话,因此可以寻求帮助。如果没有电话,很可能会有警报按钮让你寻求帮助。如果你有手机的话,可以拨打急救电话或致电朋友让他们请求帮助。如果以上条件都不具备,大声喊叫,或者用力敲电梯门来吸引人们的注意。一旦外界已经得知你的困境,你应该耐心等待救援,尤其是如果维修人员距离这里比较远的时候。Never try to exit the lift through the roof hatch. This is extremely dangerous if the lift suddenly starts moving again.千万不要试图从电梯顶上爬出来,如果电梯突然重新启动,这是非常危险的。Step 3: Dealing with boredom3.不要焦躁Start planning as if youre going to be there for a very long time. Think about what youre going to do if you need to use the toilet. And think of ways that you can deal boredom. Hopefully you will have something with you to keep yourself occupied, such as a book or some kind of electronic device. If these options are available to you, youll have to invent some other way of keeping yourself occupied.做好你要在那里待很长时间的准备。想一下如果你需要使用厕所你会怎么做。想一下可以应对焦躁的方法。如果有一些事情可以让你转移注意力就更好了,例如一本书或某种电子设备。如果条件不允许,你应该找点其他事情让自己忙起来。Step 4: Dealing with loneliness4.应对孤独A long wait in a lift can be a very lonely time, and you might become desperate for a bit of company. You might start wondering what it would be like to be trapped with another person. If this is the case, your first priority should be to make sure that they dont panic, so do your best to keep them as calm as you can. Try to soothe their anxiety and keep their mind off the fact that theyre trapped in a lift.一个人在电梯里进行漫长的等待是一段非常寂寞的时光,你可能非常希望有人陪你。你可能会想,如果有人和你一起被困在电梯里就好了。如果真的有人和你一起被困,首先要确保他们不要惊慌,尽最大努力让他们和你一样冷静。安抚他们的不安情绪,试着让他们不要老是想着自己被困在电梯里了。Thanks for watching How To Survive In A Trapped Elevator.感谢收看“被困电梯怎样求生”视频节目。201211/207817

  It was too late for Louis to play the reformer.路易再想扮演改革者就已经太迟了Years of erotic self-indulgence, along with failed wars多年荒淫糜烂的生活 失败的战争and bungled diplomacy,及笨拙的外交政策had cemented his subjects opinion of him,早已使民众确信他是a bad king and a bad man.一位不称职的国王和一个坏人Louis XV, towards the end of his reign, is sunk in vice,路易十五 在他执政后期积重难返and the people of Paris and the courtiers巴黎民众和大臣are all very well aware that he has, somehow,都或多或少了解taken the path of personal pleasure 他沉迷于个人享乐and not been a very successful king.没有多大的建树和功绩His reforms are falling flat,他的改革落空hes got a mistress who is, frankly,他找了一名情妇 坦白说not of courtly rank,并不是一名贵族and hes simply not kingly.且他也不再如国王般受人尊敬On top of it all, on Easter Sunday, 1774,之外 在1774年的复活节星期日The Abbe Beauvais,神父韦the most eloquent sermoniser at the court of Louis XV,路易十五时期最能言善辩的布道者makes this devastating sermon.做了一场灾难性的布道201206/185303

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