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On Monday it will have been exactly six decades since Grace Kelly, the darling of Hollywood, married Monaco#39;s Prince Rainier III - and yet the event remains etched in the minds of millions.  星期一恰好是好莱坞的宠儿格蕾丝·凯丽与纳哥王子雷尼尔三世结婚60周年纪念日,不过他们的婚礼仍然铭刻在数百万人的脑海中。  Even the royal weddings of Prince Charles to Lady Diana, and Prince William to Kate Middleton haven#39;tdislodged the fairytale moment from history.  即使是历史上查尔斯王子与戴安娜女士的皇室婚礼,以及威廉姆王子与凯特·米德尔顿的皇室婚礼也没有如此童话般的瞬间。  And these magical pictures, kept by the Rainier family in Monaco#39;s palace, show exactly why that is.  这些神奇的照片被雷尼尔家族保存在纳哥宫殿里,它们恰好强调了个中原因。  Vows: Grace Kelly (far left) and Prince Rainier III of Monaco are married before Monaco#39;s Bishop, Gilles Barthe, on April 19, 1956 at Monaco#39;s Saint Nicholas Cathedral.  宣誓:1956年4月19日,在纳哥圣尼古拉斯教堂里,格蕾丝·凯丽(最左边)与纳哥王子雷尼尔三世在纳哥主教吉勒斯·巴特的见下结婚。  Princess: Philadelphia-born Kelly wore a white dress that took 36 seamstresses three weeks to make, and used 300 yards of antique Belgian lace and 150 yards of silk, taffeta and tulle. It was provided by MGM Studios, and created by an Oscar-winning costumer.  公主:出生于费城的凯丽穿着一袭白色礼。该礼是由36位女装裁缝师花了3个星期制成的,制作时使用了300码仿古的比利时蕾丝以及150码丝绸、塔夫绸以及薄纱。礼是由米高梅影业提供、一位荣获奥斯卡奖的装师设计的。   Spectacle: There were two ceremonies - a civil one on April 18 and this Catholic ceremony the following day. This event was watched by an estimated 30 million people on television, and was dubbed #39;The Wedding of the Century#39; at the time.  奇观:婚礼有两个仪式——4月18日的民政仪式以及其后一天的这次天主教仪式。在那时,约有3千万人在电视上观看此次仪式,而该仪式被授予“世纪婚礼”的称号。  Happy couple: Prince Rainier was so nervous during the televised ceremony that Kelly had to help him slip the ring onto her finger. But he made up for his nerves after the event by cutting their wedding cake with his ceremonial sword.  幸福的一对:在电视直播的仪式上,雷尼尔王子太紧张,以至于凯丽不得不帮他把戒指套在她的手指上。不过,在仪式之后,他用礼仪佩剑来切他们的婚礼蛋糕,弥补了他的紧张。  Preparation: Monaco#39;s Royal Palace was completely renovated prior to the wedding, including paintings of the princess (left). Kelly (right) was known prior to the wedding as one of America#39;s top female film stars.  准备:在婚礼之前,纳哥皇宫就被全面翻新了,包括这位公主的画像(左侧)。婚礼之前,凯丽(右侧)就是美国顶级女性电影明星之一。  Happy day: The prince was #39;exhausted#39; by all the planning, but the effort was worth it, as the public ceremony lived on in the memories of millions right to this very day.  幸福的一天:王子因所有的企划而“筋疲力尽”,但这些努力都是值得的,因为直到今天,这次公开仪式依然留在数百万人的记忆中。  Build-up: The whole event was planned in just three months, but executed flawlessly.  准备过程:虽然整个仪式在短短3个月之内规划而成,但是在执行的过程中,仪式完美无缺。  In-law: Kelly is seen here dancing with Prince Pierre de Polignac. Soon after this photo was taken, he would become her father-in-law.  姻亲:在这张照片里,凯丽被拍到与Pierre de Polignac亲王跳舞。在拍摄了这张照片之后不久,他就变成了她的公公。  The big day: Kelly#39;s arrival at the Cathedral was accompanied by all the pomp.  大婚日:伴随着婚礼的盛况,凯丽到达了教堂。  Royal family: Kelly retired from acting after being married, and raised three children with Rainier.  皇族:结婚后,凯丽就退出了影坛,与雷尔尼一起抚养3个孩子。 /201605/440207A wedding dress created by cake sculptors in the U.K. could serve double duty at a wedding reception.日前,英国蛋糕雕刻师创作的一款婚纱蛋糕在婚宴上可谓一举两得。The strappy dress with a full, floor-length skirt has detailed lace and embellishments — it#39;s also a cake that weighs 150 pounds and is 100 percent edible.这件带有精致蕾丝和装饰的系带曳地长裙还是个可以百分百可食用的蛋糕,重达150磅。The design – known as ;The Weddible Dress; – will be on display this weekend at Cake International, a baking show held in London.这件名为“The Weddible Dress”的设计品将会于本周末在伦敦举行的一个蛋糕展上展出。The dress was created by London-based cake sculptor Sylvia Elba, with help from fellow cake sculptor Yvette Marner and cake designer Ilinka Rnic, according to Cake International.据蛋糕国际报道,这件婚纱是由英国伦敦糕饼师西尔维亚·厄尔巴创作,糕饼师伊薇特·马尔纳与蛋糕设计师艾林卡·尼奇协同完成的。The life-size dress#39;s ruffles and accents are made of more than 1,000 sheets of wafer paper, 77 pounds of fondant and at least six pounds of cake lace.这件真人大小的婚纱的褶摆由超过1千张威化纸、77磅的糖膏、至少6磅的花边蛋糕制作而成。The crafting reportedly took a total of 300 hours to complete.据悉,这件手工艺品总共耗费300小时才完成。 /201604/438133To all the ladies out there waiting for him to put a ring on it, take heart. A British couple is proof that fairytale endings can take time, but they#39;re well worth the wait.还在等着他给你戴上戒指的姑娘们,振作起来。一对英国夫妇明了童话故事或许耗时,但真得值得等待。Sally and Colin Dunn,UK, have finally walked down the aisle after a whopping 44 years of dating. While most couples wouldn#39;t wait that long, Sally and Colin, both in their 80s, say it#39;s never too late.来自英国的萨丽和克林·敦,经历了整整44年的约会后,终于步入婚姻殿堂。尽管多数爱侣等不了那么久,但耄耋之年的萨丽和克林说不算晚。They met in 1972 at Colin#39;s local social club where Sally worked behind the bar. It wasn#39;t long before they started dating and their relationship flourished. But with previous relationships and children, the lovebirds got swept up in life#39;s responsibilities and never got around to tying the knot.他们1972年相识于克林那儿的社交俱乐部。萨丽在吧台工作。没多久,他们开始约会,感情很快升温。但彼此之前都有另外几段感情,也都有子女,这对爱侣为人生的责任所牵绊,一直就没有时间结为伉俪。But after becoming empty nesters and experiencing the difficult loss of his brother, Colin decided 2016 would be the year.而成为空巢老人又痛失兄弟之后,克林决定2016年是时候了。So over the weekend, Sally and Colin finally became man and wife. The couple married at a local church with friends and family all around.于是乎,周末的时候,萨丽和克林终成眷属。这对爱侣在当地教堂里结为夫妇,亲朋好友都到场了。;It was worth the wait,; Sally, 82, said.“这一切值得等待,”82岁的萨丽如是说。 /201606/450737

Traditional Divorce Process传统离婚程序In traditional Chinese society,there are three major ways to dissolve a marriage.在中国传统社会有三种解除婚姻的主要方式。The first one is no-fault divorce.第一种是无过失离婚。According to the legal code of Tang Dynasty (618-907),a marriage may be dissolved due to personal incompatibility, provided that the husband writes a divorce note.根据唐代律法(618-907),如果丈夫写了休书,双方可以因个性不合而离婚。The second way is through a state-mandated annulment of marriage.第二种是通过国家下达的婚姻无效。This applies to when one spouse commits a serious crime (variously defined, usually defined more broadly for the wife) against the other or his/ her clan.这种方法适用于夫妻其中一方触犯了严重的不利于他/她所属宗族的条规(定义广泛,通常对妻子那方更广义)。Finally, the husband may unilaterally declare a divorce.最后一种是丈夫可以单方面要求离婚。To be legally recognized,however,it must be based on one of the following 7 reasons:法律上的承认需要基于以下七条原则:The wife lacks filial piety towards her in-laws. This makes the in-laws capable of breaking a marriage against both partner’s will.女方不孝敬她的姻亲。因为姻亲足以在违背双方意愿的情况下强行解除婚约。She fails to bear a son.女方生不出儿子。She is vulgar or lewd/adulterous.女方粗俗、淫荡、通奸。She is jealous. This includes objecting to her husband taking an additional wife or concubine.女方吃醋。这包括不同意男方娶妾。She has vile disease.女方有难治的病。She is gossipy.女方闲言碎语。She commits theft.女方盗窃。Obviously, these reasons can be stretched quite a bit to suit the husband and his family.明显地,这些原则的延伸更利于男方及他的家族。However there are 3 clearly defined exceptions, under which the unilateral divorce is disallowed :然而有三种明确的例外使单方面离婚无效。She has no family to return to.女方没有娘家。She had observed a full 3-year mourning for an in-law.女方曾为一位姻亲过三年丧。Her husband was poor when they married, and now is rich.女方嫁过去时男方一贫如洗,如今富有。The above law about unilateral divorce was in force from Tang Dynasty to its final abolition by the government of Republic of China in 1930.以上关于单方面离婚的法律从唐代开始施行,直至1930年新中国才最终废除。 /201605/445049

My bad,honey... I#39;ve found baby, he just needs to get dusted off, then he#39;s as good as new...我的错,亲爱的……我发现宝宝了,他只是需要抹去灰尘,就会和像的一样… /201606/450941

Chinese Hongbao红包Giving hongbao (red packets or red envelopes) during the Chinese New Year is another famous tradition. Red packets are every child#39;s dream during the Chinese New Year. A red packet is simply a red envelope with money inside to symbolize luck and wealth. Red packets are symbolically handed out to younger generations by parents, grandparents, relatives, close neighbors and friends. The practice represents a desire for good fortune and wealth in the coming year.在中国农历新年发红包是另一个著名的传统。在中国农历新年红包是每一个孩子的梦想。红包是一个简单的红信封里面的装着钱,象征着好运和财富。红包一般是由父母,祖父母,亲戚,近邻和朋友象征性地发给年轻一代。这代表期盼未来的一年好运和发财。 /201606/450290

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