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蚌埠淮上区脸部去痣价格蚌埠吸脂减肥价格There was a time in my Avon career when I was passed over for a promotion to be the CEO. I had a job offer to be the head of another company, but a woman I respected gave me some good advice. She told me always to follow my heart, not my head. So I followed my heart and stayed at Avon. In the end, I got the promotion, but most important, I have always loved my work, and that has made all the difference.在雅芳我曾经错过了一次晋升为首席执行官的机会,那时我可以成为另一家公司的领导者。但一位令我尊重的女性给我提了一些很好的建议。他让我听从内心的选择,而不是头脑的。于是我听从了内心留在雅芳。最终,我获得了晋升,但重要的是,我始终热爱的我的工作,这才是最主要的。The next distinguishing quality of leadership is Compassion—caring about people. In my four years as CEO at Avon, Ive had to make some tough decisions and difficult calls -eliminating jobs and closing factories. Actions that affect good people. The horrible part of the job. But I believe we demonstrate compassion and treat people fairly, with respect and dignity during those tough decisions. And it is the responsibility for those of us wanting the privilege of being tomorrows corporate leaders to honor the commitment to compassion and the protection of the human spirit, in spite of the pressures and demands of business today.领导力的第二个特质就是有同情心;关心别人。我在雅芳人首席执行官的四年里,有时不得不做出一些艰难的决定和通知,例如取消某个职位或关闭某个工厂。这些都会伤害一些无辜的员工,这也是工作中残忍的一面。但我相信在做这些决定时我们表现出了同情心和公平性,以及对他人尊严的尊重。尽管面临商界的压力和要求,但那些希望成为明天企业领导者的人有责任怀有对人类的同情心,有责任呵护他人的心灵。Along with compassion comes Humility. Many people are surprised to learn this is one of Avons core values. None of us has all the answers. And all of us must listen to each other, because listening makes us stronger.作为领导者,除了要有同情心,谦卑心也非常重要。许多人在得知这是雅芳的核心价值观之一时感到很惊讶。我们没有人能回答所有问题。我们必须相互倾听,因为倾听让我们更强大。 /201304/232975蚌埠无痕开眼角价格

蚌埠洗眉价格蚌埠韩式隆鼻价格I happened to be living in Springfield at the time,and the best part of it was-is that you would close the womens door in the bathroom,当时我刚好住在斯普林菲尔德(Springfield,和波士顿一个州),最精的部分是—如果你到女厕所,关上门and I remember seeing Go Sox, and I thought, really?我记得看到门上写着加油,红袜队,我当时想,不是吧?Or the houses, youd come out, because every game,另外大家都会从屋子里跑出来,因为每一场比赛,well, I think almost every game, went into overtime, right?嗯,我记得几乎每一场比赛都会进入加时赛,对吗?So wed be outside, and all the other lights are on,on the whole block, and kids, like, the attendance was down in school, and kids werent going to school.所以我们会到户外,周围所有的灯都亮着,整个街区都亮着,而孩子们逃课变得比较普遍,他们都不怎么去上学了。But its okay, its the Red Sox, right?但这没什么,因为是红袜队,对吧?I mean, theres education, and then theres the Red Sox,我的意思是,一方面是上学,然后一方面是红袜队,and we know where theyre stacked.我们知道它们孰轻孰重。So this was an amazing experience, and again, yes,所以这是一种绝妙的体验,而且再一次—是的,it was a game, but they didnt write newspaper articles,这是一场游戏,但他们没在报纸上写文章,people didnt say-you know, really, I can die now because the Red Sox won. And many people did.因为人们不会说—你知道,真的,我现在感觉快死了,因为红袜队赢了比赛。 其实很多人那样说了。So games, it means something more to us.所以游戏对我们而言有更多的意义。It absolutely means something more.它绝对拥有更多的意义。So now, just, this is an abrupt transition here.现在切换一下话题。There was three years where I actually did have a real job, sort of.有三年时间,我有了真正的工作(在某种程度上算)。I was the head of a college department teaching games, so, again, it was sort of a real job,我担任了一个学院部门的主管负责教游戏,算是某种意义上的真正的工作,and now I just got to talk about making as opposed to making them.而现在我只是谈一谈做游戏而不是真正的去做出来。And I was at a dinner. Part of the job of it, when youre a chair of a department, is to eat, and I did that very well,有一次我参加了一个宴会。当你是一个部门头头的时候,你的工作之一就是吃,这项工作我完成的很好。and so Im out at a dinner with this guy called Zig Jackson.某次宴会上我认识了这这个人,叫齐格·杰克逊。So this is Zig in this photograph. This is also one of Zigs photographs. Hes a photographer.这张照片里的人就是齐格,他自己的摄影作品。他是一名摄影师。And he goes all around the country taking pictures of himself, and you can see here hes got Zigs Indian Reservation. And this particular shot, this is one of the more traditional shots. This is a rain dancer.他在全国各地跑来跑去,为自己拍照,在这张照片里你可以看到他的印第安人保留地系列照片。再来看这一张,这是较传统的照片之一。这是一位祈雨舞者。And this is one of my favorite shots here.这也是我最喜爱的照片之一。So you can look at this, and maybe youve even seen things like this. This is an expression of culture, right?接下来我们来看这张照片,也许你曾经看到过类似的东西。这是一种文化的表达,对吗?And this is actually from his Degradation series.这张照片实际上是他的退化系列中的一张。And what was most fascinating to me about this series is just, look at that little boy there.这个系列最吸引我的是,看看那里那个小男孩。201602/426383Now, here you see-of course, as you go further on,如图所示-当然,当你将视线拉远,these trucks become like a pixel.这些卡车彷佛图中的小点。Again, imagine those all back and forth there.同样地,想象一下这片区域。How large is that one portion of a mine?占整个矿场多大部分?That would be a huge, vast metropolitan area,相当于幅员广大的都会区,probably much larger than the city of Victoria.或许比维多利亚城大得多。And this is just one of a number of mines,这只是众多矿场之一,10 mines so far right now.目前共有10个矿场。This is one section of one mining complex,这只是其中一个矿场的一部分,and there are about another 40 or 50 in the approval process.目前大约有四、五十个矿场正进行审核,No tar sands mine has actually ever been denied approval,事实上不曾有任何油砂矿无法通过审核,so it is essentially a rubber stamp.因此基本上只是走走过场。The other method of extraction is whats called the in-situ.另一种开采方式叫做“就地钻探”。And here, massive amounts of water are super-heated and pumped through the ground,如图所示,大量水经高温加热后泵入地底,through these vasts networks of pipelines,通过管线,seismic lines, drill paths, compressor stations.震测线、钻探途径及压缩站组成的庞大网络。And even though this looks maybe not quite as repugnant as the mines, its even more damaging in some ways.尽管看起来或许不如露天采矿场般那么令人怵目惊心,但以某种程度来说,却造成更大破坏。It impacts and fragments a larger part of the wilderness,它使更大片原野受到影响、离破碎,where there is 90 percent reduction of key species,导致关键物种减少90%,like woodland caribou and grizzly bears,例如北美驯鹿和灰熊,and it consumes even more energy, more water,消耗更多能源及水源,and produces at least as much greenhouse gas.产生至少与前者相当的温室气体。So these in-situ developments are at least as ecologically damaging as the mines.因此就地钻探对生态的破坏至少与露天采矿不相上下。The oil produced from either method produces more greenhouse gas emissions than any other oil.藉由以上两种方式开采的原油比以其他方式开采的原油排放更多温室气体。This is one of the reasons why its called the worlds dirtiest oil.这正是它被称为世上最脏油类的原因之一。Its also one of the reasons why it is the largest and fastest-growing single source of carbon in Canada,这也是使它成为加拿大最大、增长最迅速的碳排放源头的原因之一,and it is also a reason why Canada is now number three in terms of producing carbon per person.更是使加拿大个人排碳量名列世界第三的原因之一。201511/408057淮南红蓝光去痘费用My friend, Daniel Batson, spent a whole life putting people in the lab in very complex situations.我的朋友丹尼尔巴特森花了一生的时间研究人们在实验室中复杂环境下的表现。And of course we are sometimes selfish, and some people more than others.当然,我们有时是自私的, 而且有些人会比他人更自私。But he found that systematically, no matter what,theres a significant number of people who do behave altruistically, no matter what. 但他发现,整体来看,无论如何,有大量的人会表现出利他的行为,无论如何。If you see someone deeply wounded, great suffering,you might just help out of empathic distress you cant stand it, so its better to help than to keep on looking at that person. 如果你看到有人受伤很严重,非常痛苦,你就会出于同理心而伸出救援之手,你无法承受其伤痛, 与其冷眼相看,不如上前救援。So we tested all that, and in the end, he said, clearly people can be altruistic.种种情况都进行过试验研究, 最后,他说,人是有利他精神的So thats good news.这是好消息。And even further, we should look at the banality of goodness.而且,我们要看到善良的平凡一面。Now look at here.看这儿,When we come out, we arent going to say,Thats so nice.当我们走出家门,我们不会说,太好了,There was no fistfight while this mob was thinking about altruism.当强盗也在考虑帮助他人, 就不会有暴力发生了。No, thats expected, isnt it?不,这很显然,不是吗?If there was a fistfight, we would speak of that for months.如果真有暴力事件, 那够我们谈论几个月的了。So the banality of goodness is something that doesnt attract your attention,but it exists. 因此,你或许没留意到善良的平凡一面,但它确实存在。Now, look at this.看这段录像,So some psychologists said,when I tell them I run 140 humanitarian projects in the Himalayas that give me so much joy,they said, Oh, I see, you work for the warm glow. 许多心理学家说,当我告诉他们我在喜马拉雅地区 开展的140个人道主义行动带给我极大的幸福感时,他们说,我明白了,这是温情效应,That is not altruistic. You just feel good.而不是利他精神, 你只是为了让自己感觉良好。You think this guy, when he jumped in front of the train,he thought, Im going to feel so good when this is over?看看他,迎着火车跳入铁轨时,你们认为他会在想 救了他之后我的感觉会棒极了吗?But thats not the end of it.故事并没有结束。They say, well, but when you interviewed him, he said,I had no choice. I had to jump, of course.他们说,好吧,他接受采访时,说,我没有选择,我不得不跳下去, 当然了。He has no choice. Automatic behavior. Its neither selfish nor altruistic.他没有选择,自发的行为。 这不是自私也不是利他。No choice?没有选择?Well of course, this guys not going to think for half an hour,Should I give my hand? Not give my hand? 当然,他不会在那想个半小时,我要不要救他?不救他会怎样?He does it. There is a choice, but its obvious, its immediate.他跳了下去,这是一个选择, 但很显然,这是瞬间的反应。And then, also, there he had a choice.然后,没错,他确实是做了选择。There are people who had choice, like Pastor Andr Trocm and his wife,and the whole village of Le Chambon-sur-Lignon in France.有很多人做了选择, 像 Pastor Andre Trocme 和他的妻子,还有法国的名为利尼翁河畔勒尚邦的小镇。For the whole Second World War, they saved 3,500 Jews,在二次世界大战期间, 他们救了三千五百个犹太人,gave them shelter, brought them to Switzerland,为他们提供住所,带他们去瑞士,against all odds, at the risk of their lives and those of their family.克一切困难,冒着丧生和失去整个家庭的危险。So altruism does exist.因此,利他精神确实存在。So what is altruism?利他精神是什么呢?It is the wish: May others be happy and find the cause of happiness.是一种希望: 愿他人幸福喜乐,并找到幸福的根源。Now, empathy is the affective resonance or cognitive resonance that tells you,this person is joyful, this person suffers. 移情作用是一种共鸣, 或称之为认知共鸣,它会让你感受到他人的欢快, 他人的伤痛。But empathy alone is not sufficient.但只有移情是不够的。If you keep on being confronted with suffering,you might have empathic distress, burnout,so you need the greater sphere of loving-kindness. 如果周遭的不幸始终笼罩着你,你就会感到压力,承受不住,所以,你需要更大范围的充满关爱的善良。With Tania Singer at the Max Planck Institute of Leipzig,we showed that the brain networks for empathy and loving-kindness are different.来自莱比锡马普研究所的塔尼亚辛格 与我一起发现,从大脑构造的角度来看, 移情和充满关爱的善良是不一样的。Now, thats all well done,so we got that from evolution, from maternal care, parental love,but we need to extend that. 这是成熟的科学研究。这些是进化而来的, 是从我们接受母爱、父爱而得到的,但我们不能止步于此,It can be extended even to other species.它还可以拓展到其他物种。Now, if we want a more altruistic society, we need two things:如果希望社会中有更多的利他行为, 我们需要做到两方面:individual change and societal change.个人的改变和社会的改变。So is individual change possible?个人的改变可能吗?Two thousand years of contemplative study said yes, it is.两千年的冥想研究表明,是可以改变的。Now, 15 years of collaboration with neuroscience and epigenetics said yes, our brains change when you train in altruism.神经科学和表观遗传学 长达15年的合作也表明,改变可以发生,当你接受利他精神的训练时, 你的大脑会发生改变。So I spent 120 hours in an MRI machine.我接受了MRI长达120小时的扫描,This is the first time I went after two and a half hours.这是上次两个半小时治疗后第一次接受扫描。And then the result has been published in many scientific papers.扫描的结果被多篇学术论文选用。It shows without ambiguity that there is structural change and functional change in the brain when you train the altruistic love.其结果清晰地表明,当你接受利他关爱的训练时,大脑的结构和机能会发生改变。Just to give you an idea:给你们一个直观的感受:this is the meditator at rest on the left,meditator in compassion meditation, you see all the activity,and then the control group at rest, nothing happened,in meditation, nothing happened. 从左到右依次是放松状态下的冥思者,正在冥思怜悯的冥思者, 你们能看到发生了什么,然后是对照组,放松时,什么都没发生,冥想时,什么都没发生。201503/365492蚌埠市人民医院祛眼袋多少钱

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