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Productivity is the name of the game for entrepreneurs. The good news is that there are thousands of amazing software applications out there, designed to make your life easier. The bad news is that you don’t have time to try thousands of software applications. Which ones are worth your time?创业者之间竞争的本质在于效率。好消息是,如今市面上已经有了好几千种优秀的应用软件,能令我们的生活变得更加轻松,但是你不可能有足够的时间把这几千种应用都试上一遍。那么,哪些应用值得你花时间试用一下呢?In this post, we’ll take a look at 16 software applications that I use almost every day — and discuss why you should too.本文列举了16种我本人几乎每天都会使用的应用软件,我还将在本文中讨论为什么你也应该使用它们。Project management.项目管理类1. Asana.1.AsanaYou’re a busy person. At times, it all can feel overwhelming. Asana is a cloud-based project management software that helps you keep it together. (Trust me, I’ve tried them all.) Flexibility is built into Asana’s architecture. Each “task”, or “subtask”, can be associated with a larger “project” and “department.” In addition, you can even assign recurring tasks to yourself or team, which makes life so much easier. Stop trying to remember all the things you’re supposed to do and let Asana structure your life.你是个大忙人,经常会觉得事情多得忙不过来。而Asana是一款基于云计算的项目管理软件,它能够帮你把各项工作统筹起来。(相信我,我试用过所有类似软件。)灵活性是Asana软件架构的一大特点,每个“任务”或“子任务”都可以与一个更大的“项目”和“部门”联系起来。另外,你还可以为自己或你的团队设置周期性任务,从而使你的工作生活更加轻松。因为你不必再去记住所有要做的事,大可放心让Asana安排你的生活。2. Google Docs2. 谷歌文档Many entrepreneurs aly have a Gmail address, but not every ‘trep knows about the power of Google Docs. By utilizing Google Docs, you can instantly create shareable documents, spsheets and presentations that can be updated by any team member with an Internet connection. Take that “track changes”!很多企业家已经有了Gmail邮箱地址,但并不是每个企业家都知道谷歌文档(Google Docs)的强大用途。利用谷歌文档,你可以即时创建可分享的文档、工作表和演示文稿。更重要的是,团队的每名成员都可以通过网络更新这些文档。好好使用它的“修订”功能吧!Staffing人事工作类3. oDeskamp;Elance3. oDeskamp;ElanceoDesk and Elance (now in the process of merging) are freelance marketplaces, which allow you to quickly identify, engage and hire freelancers from all over the globe. Need a website developer or content writer? Don’t hire an employee; instead, work with a freelancer. At last count, there were more than 1 million freelance contractors available via these marketplaces.oDesk和Elance(两家公司正处于并购流程)是两个自由职业者市场,你可以在上面迅速找到、联系并聘请到全球各地的自由职业者。需要一个网站开发员或内容写手?不必雇佣一名全职员工,招募一名自由职业者就可搞定。活跃在这两个市场上的自由职业者多达100余万人。4. Outsourcing placement services.4. 外包就业务If you do much hiring of freelancers, you’ve probably considered outsourcing the outsourcing. There are several great services that can help, each with varying business models. For example, Bolton Remotewill build your team with vetted, offshore contractors. Another provider,Hubstaff, starts with your project in mind and then matches you with project specialists. Using an outsourcing placement service will save time instead of trying to do the recruiting yourself. These firms typically offer free recruiting and placement services but take a cut of the hourly rate.如果你的确需要招募很多自由职业者来为你打短工,那么你或许考虑过,干脆把务外包流程也外包出去。市面上有好几家不错的公司从事这样的务,每家都有不同的业务模式。比如,Bolton Remote公司能为你组织起一经过审查的离岸承包商队伍。另一家提供商Hubstaff会评估你的项目,然后为你匹配合适的项目专家。使用就业外包务可以节省你的时间,从而让你不必自己从事招募这一套流程。这些公司一般提供免费的招聘和就业外包务,但是会从计时工资中抽取一定提成。Sales amp; Marketing销售与市场类5. Google Webmaster Tools.5.谷歌网站管理员工具Everyone knows about Google Analytics, but are you using Google Webmaster Tools? As a marketer, I view Webmaster Tools as one of the most important free tools at my disposal. You want to get found on Google, right? Why not listen to what Google is telling you via Webmaster Tools?差不多人人都知道谷歌的分析工具Google Analytics,但是你是否用过谷歌的网站管理员工具(Google Webmaster Tools)?作为一名营销人员,我认为谷歌的网站管理工具是我用过的最重要的免费工具之一。你肯定想让自己公司的名字出现在谷歌搜索结果之中,对吧?那么为什么不听听谷歌网站管理员工具教给你的诀窍呢?6. Google Adwords Keyword Planner6. 谷歌搜索广告关键词规划工具How are your competitors getting found online? Google Adwords Keyword Planner helps you answer this question. The word “Adwords” may give some ‘treps pause, as it sounds like you will have to purchase advertising. Not true. Google has made its Keyword Planner tool available to anyone with a Google account (you must first click through the Adwords entry portal). Use the Adwords Keyword Planner to see what keywords are generating the most search volume in your niche and identify opportunities to capture traffic.竞争对手在网上的表现如何?谷歌的搜索广告关键词规划工具会帮助你解答这个问题。“搜索广告”这个词可能会令有些企业家望而却步,因为它似乎会要求你买广告位。但事实并非如此,只要有谷歌账号,任何人都能使用这个关键词规划工具(不过你首先必须点击Adwords的进入端口)。然后你可以使用关键词规划工具来看看在你从事的领域中,哪些关键词会吸引最多的搜索量,然后找出吸引流量的机会。7. WordPress CMS7. WordPress CMSSure, all of the hosting companies offer a basic CMS (content management system). But do they offer the flexibility that you need to get found online? Probably not. WordPress is an open-source CMS that you can install, customize and continuously optimize. You will likely need someone with development experience to help with set up, but once the template is installed, you’re probably smart enough to publish content without any assistance.的确,所有的托管公司都提供了一个基本的CMS系统(内容管理系统),但它们是否具有足够的灵活性,确保你的顾客能在网络上找到你?大概不能。WordPress是一个开源的CMS系统,你还可以选择定制或持续优化。你可能需要某个有开发经验的人帮你安装,但一旦安装完毕,你八成不需要任何帮助就能自己发布内容了。8. Amazon’s Self-Publishing Tools8. 亚马逊的自助出版工具Always wanted to be an author but not sure where to start? Have you considered self-publishing? Thanks to Amazon, you can. Kindle Direct Publishing allows you to get the word out via e-books, CreateSpacehelps you develop a print edition and ACX is the audio publishing division. I’ve used all three to develop my book.你是否一直有一个作家梦,但又不知道从何着手?那么你是否考虑过自助出版呢?感谢亚马逊,这种想法已经成为可能。亚马逊的Kindle Direct Publishing工具可以让你自行制作电子书,CreateSpace能够帮助制作纸质书籍,而ACX则是有声电子书的制作部门。我在出书时曾使用过这三款软件。9. HitTail9. HitTailDeciding what to blog about can become time consuming. HitTailanalyzes the data in your Google Webmaster Tools account and makes recommendations for long-tail words to write about. In addition, HitTail has a network of skilled writers who can create the content for you.写客有时也很浪费时间。HitTail会分析你的谷歌网站管理员工具里的数据,然后推荐你写一些“热门词”。另外,HitTail还有一个熟练写手组成的网络,可以帮助创建客内容。10. Copyscape10. CopyscapeIf you outsource any or all of your content writing, you need to make sure your content is original. Paste content into Copyscape’s analyzer tool, and you’ll instantly know whether the content is original.如果你想把内容写作工作的一部分或全部外包出去,那么你首先要确保你获得的内容是原创的。你可以把内容粘贴到CopyScape的分析工具,然后就能立刻知道这些内容是否为原创。11. MailChimp11. MailChimpEffective email marketing involves more than occasionally blasting out a newsletter. To build an effective email marketing strategy, you need a tool packed with functionality. MailChimp seems to be the best system out there, offering elegant, intuitive newsletter templates, advanced list segmentation features and marketing automation capabilities.要实现有效的电子邮件营销,可不只是偶尔发一封电子文宣邮件那么简单。要想构建一套有效的电子邮件营销战略,你需要一个功能齐全的工具。MailChimp似乎是市面上最佳的此类系统,它提供了各种典雅直观的电邮广告模板、先进的分段功能和营销自动化功能。12. Zoho CRM12. Zoho CRMIf you’re looking for a free CRM system, Zoho is probably the one for you. Why? It comes down to the integration possibilities. For example, Zoho integrates with JotForm and Unbounce simply by adding your API key. This means that within seconds, web leads will automatically be sent to your CRM. Pretty powerful for being free.如果你在寻找一个免费的客户关系管理系统,Zoho或许正适合你。为什么呢?因为它提供了集成的可能性。比如只需添加你的API密钥,就可以轻松与JotForm和Unbounce集成。这意味着只需要几秒钟的时间,销售线索就可以自动发送到你的CRM系统。对于一款免费软件来说,这已经非常强大了。Time Management时间管理类13. iPhone Reminders13. iPhone 提醒I formerly had an Android device (even though I have had a MacBook since 2009 – weird, I know). After switching this summer, I quickly realized the power of iPhone “Reminders.” Each time a reminder is due, your iPhone buzzes and displays a pop-up. You can snooze it or mark as completed. In addition, you can set up recurring reminders, which are perfect for remembering to mail estimated quarterly tax payments, renewing subscriptions, running payroll and other things you tend to forget.我以前曾有过一款安卓手机(尽管2009年以来我一直用的是MacBook笔记本电脑,这种搭配挺诡异的,我知道)。自从今年夏天换了iPhone以后,我马上意识到了iPhone“提醒”的力量。每次有提醒事项时,iPhone就会振动起来,然后显示一个弹出窗口,你可以暂停它,或者把它标记为已完成。另外你还可以设置重复提醒,用来提醒你邮寄每个季度的税单、更新订阅、领薪水等容易忘记的事再好不过了。14. Google Calendar14. 谷歌日历You may aly use Google Calendar, but are you using it wisely? Here’s a secret: only put stuff on your Google Calendar that will actually happen at that date and time. Use iPhone Reminders to remember things that are not time-sensitive (down to the hour or minute). Following this strategy will help you stay more sane.你可能已经在使用谷歌日历了,但你使用的方式是否正确呢?告诉你一个秘诀:只要把在那个日子和那个时候会真正发生的事情记录在谷歌日历上就行。同时利用iPhone提醒记住那些时间敏感性不太强的事情(即不是那些精确到小时和分钟的事情)。遵循这一战略有助于你保持更清醒的状态。Everything Else其它15. WeTransfer15. WeTransferNeed to send gigantic files (up to 2gb) quickly? Try WeTransfer.com. You don’t even have to create an account. I use it almost every day.需要快速发送大到2GB的大型文件?不妨试试WeTransfer.com。你甚至不需要建立账户,我几乎每天都用它传文件。16. Zapier16. ZapierThe average entrepreneur uses dozens of cloud-based software and apps. Zapier connects your online life and helps you build new functionality. The best part about Zapier is that you don’t have to be an API wizard to use it.每个企业家平均会使用十几个云软件和应用。Zapier可以把你的网络生活联系起来,帮助你构建新的功能。Zapier最好的一点就是,你甚至不需要懂API就可以使用它。With the right tools in place, you’ll find yourself more productive and efficient.有了正确的工具,你就会发现自己的工作生活变得更加高效。(财富中文网) /201501/355693

When Apple reported a record-shattering profit of billion last month, the company said its growth came largely from sales in greater China. This week, some research firms gave a clearer picture of just how big Apple has become in China.当苹果(Apple)上个月报告称该公司的利润打破记录,达到180亿美元(约合1124亿元人民币)时,该公司表示收益的增长很大程度上源于在大中华区的销售。本周,一些研究公司勾画出了更加清晰的画面,展示了苹果在中国究竟有多受欢迎。Both Kantar Worldpanel and Canalys, firms that track global smartphone sales, said Apple’s iOS mobile operating system gained market share in China at the expense of Google’s Android.追踪全球智能手机销售情况的凯度消费者指数(Kantar Worldpanel)及咨询公司Canalys表示,苹果的iOS移动操作系统挤占了谷歌(Google)的Android系统在中国的市场份额。Chris Jones, an analyst for Canalys, said that in the fourth quarter of last year, iOS was in 12.3 percent of the smartphones sold in China, a sharp increase from 5 percent in the previous quarter. Android was in 86.3 percent of smartphones in the fourth quarter, compared with 93.7 percent in the third quarter, according to Mr. Jones.Canalys的分析师克里斯·琼斯(Chris Jones)表示,去年四季度,iOS在中国出售的智能手机中占据了12.3%的份额,与上季度的5%相比,出现了急剧提升。琼斯透露,四季度,Android系统在智能手机中所占的份额为86.3%,而三季度的份额为93.7%。Canalys estimates that Apple is now the top smartphone vendor in China. But Mr. Jones said Canalys would explain how it reached this conclusion only to clients, not with the news media or competitors.据Canalys估计,苹果目前是中国最大的智能手机厂商。但琼斯表示,Canalys只会向客户解释得出这一结论的依据,但不会向新闻媒体或竞争对手透露。Kantar Worldpanel found slightly different results. It focused its research on so-called urban China — a portion of mainland China where smartphones are more commonplace. Kantar also found that Apple’s iOS gained at the expense of Android. But the firm found that Apple was the No. 2 vendor in the region, with about 21.5 percent of the market, behind the Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi (29.2 percent) and ahead of Huawei and Samsung (about 12 percent each).凯度给出的结果稍有不同。该公司重点对所谓的中国城市市场进行研究,在城市,智能手机更为普遍。凯度也发现,苹果的iOS系统挤占了Android系统的份额。但该公司发现,苹果在这部分地区是第二大智能手机厂商,拥有21.5%的市场份额,落后于中国的智能手机制造商小米(市场份额为29.2%),但领先于华为和三星(Samsung),后两者分别拥有约12%的市场份额。Whether Apple is No. 1 or No. 2, its growth in China has been remarkable. Just last October, the company was the No. 6 smartphone maker in China, behind Huawei, Lenovo, Samsung, Xiaomi and Yulong, according to Canalys.无论是第一还是第二,苹果在中国的增长都引人注目。根据Canalys的数据,就在去年10月,苹果还只是中国市场上排名第六位的智能手机制造商,落后于华为、联想、三星、小米和宇龙。Kantar Worldpanel also noted that about a quarter of the Chinese consumers who bought iPhones in the last three months were buying smartphones for the first time.凯度还指出,在过去三个月里购买iPhone的中国消费者中,有四分之一是首次购买智能手机。Carolina Milanesi, a Kantar analyst, said Apple’s introduction of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which both have larger screens than previous iPhones, clearly drove the growth.凯度的分析师卡罗琳娜·米拉内西(Carolina Milanesi)称,苹果iPhone 6和iPhone 6 Plus的推出,显然推动了销售的增长。与之前的iPhone相比,这两款手机的屏幕都更大。“The success that Apple is seeing is certainly coming from the larger screen,” she said. She added that sales there of the larger iPhone 6 Plus surpassed sales of the iPhone 6 in December.她说,“苹果目前的成功,毫无疑问来自更大的屏幕。”她还表示,去年12月,拥有更大屏幕的iPhone 6 Plus的销量,超过了iPhone 6。Timothy D. Cook, Apple’s chief executive, said recently that it was only a matter of time until the majority of the company’s sales would come from China. The company plans to open 25 retail stores in greater China over the next two years, adding to the 15 stores it now operates in the area.苹果的首席执行官蒂莫西·D·库克(Timothy D. Cook)最近表示,公司未来的大部分销售将来自中国,这种局面的到来只是一个时间问题。苹果公司计划未来两年在大中华区新开25家零售店。目前该地区共有15家苹果零售店。 /201502/359219

BEIJING — Yahoo Inc. is closing its Beijing research and development center and leaving China in a new cost-cutting move.北京——作为削减成本的新措施,雅虎公司将关闭其在北京的研发中心,全面撤出中国。The company said Thursday the Beijing office#39;s functions would be consolidated in other locations. It gave no details of how many people would lose their jobs but said they would be ;treated with respect and fairness.;公司周四表示,北京办事处的职能将转移到其他地方及部门。公司对有多少人将失去工作没有提供细节,但表示这些人将“得到有尊严及公平的对待”。The Sunnyvale, California-based company has cut jobs elsewhere in a sweeping corporate overhaul as it tries to catch up with Internet users who have shifted to using smartphones and tablets instead of laptop and desktop computers.这家总部位于加利福尼亚州森尼维尔的公司正在进行大规模企业整改,已经在其他地方裁掉大批员工,公司试图追赶互联网用户上网方式的改变,许多用户已转向使用智能手机和平板电脑上网,而不是笔记本电脑和台式电脑。Yahoo turned over control of its China operations to its partner Alibaba Group in 2005 as part of a corporate tie-up. Yahoo stopped offering services in China in 2013.作为企业结盟的一部分,雅虎曾在2005年将自己中国业务的控制权移交给其合作伙伴阿里巴巴集团。雅虎于2013年停止了向中国提供务。Yahoo#39;s profit for the quarter ending in December fell 52 percent from a year earlier while revenue dipped 1 percent.雅虎的利润在截止去年12月的上个季度与去年同期相比下降了52%,营业收入下降了1%。 /201503/365688



  The Diamond Sutra《金刚经》The oldest extant printed book with a specific date in our country as well as in the world is the Diamond Sutra. The block-printed Diamond Sutra , printed in the ninth year of Xiantong of the Tang Dynasty (868) , is a Buddhist scripture scroll which is some 16 meters long and made up of 6 bonded equal-sized pieces of paper with the Buddhist scripture on them. At the beginning of the scroll is a picture entitled the Garden of the Benefactor of the Orphans and Solitary, in which Gautama Buddha gives Dharma teachings in the Jetavana Vihara; on the rest of the scroll is written the text of the Diamond Sutra with an in scription which s ; On 15 , April in the ninth year of Xiantong, Wang Jie printed the book for the sake of beseeching blessings for his parents;. The world-renowned Diamond Sutra , initially hidden in the Gtianfo Cave of Dunhuang Grottos in Gansu Province, was discovered in 1899 and then purchased illegally by an Englishman Stein in 1907. It is now collected in the British Museum in London.我国及世界现存最早的有明确日期的印刷书是《金刚经》。《金刚经》是雕版印刷,印成于唐咸通九年(868),它是一部长约16米的佛教经卷,由6张尺寸一致的印有经文的纸张粘接而成。卷首有一幅题为《祗树给孤独园》的同画,面着释迦牟尼佛在祗园精舍说法的故事,其余为《金刚经》全文,题有“咸通九年四月十五日王玢为二亲敬造普施”一行。这卷举世闻名的《金刚经》,原藏甘肃敦煌千佛洞,1899年发现,1907年被英人斯坦因盗去,现藏伦敦不列颠物馆。 /201601/419344

  China#39;s appetite for US assets was stifled on Tuesday after Fairchild Semiconductor turned down a .6bn bid from Chinese state-backed enterprises over fears that the deal would be blocked by US regulators.周二,中国对美国资产的浓厚兴趣被浇了一盆冷水,飞兆半导体(Fairchild Semiconductor,亦称“仙童半导体”;当前半导体行业巨擘英特尔(Intel)、AMD等的创始人均出身此公司——译者注)拒绝了中国政府背景企业发出的26亿美元的收购要约,原因是担心会受到美国监管机构的阻挠。The California-based company chose an offer by US rival ON Semiconductor instead of a higher bid by China Resources and Hua Capital, highlighting the difficulties for Chinese groups in securing sensitive assets in America.总部位于加利福尼亚州的飞兆选择接受美国竞争对手安森美半导体(ON Semiconductor)发出的收购要约,而不是由华润(China Resources)和华创投资(Hua Capital)发出的开价更高的收购要约,这一事实凸显出中国企业在美收购敏感资产面临的困难。ON Semiconductor agreed to acquire Fairchild for per share in cash, while the Chinese consortium countered with .70 per share in cash.安森美同意以每股20美元全现金收购飞兆,而上述中国财团的还价是每股21.70美元全现金收购。Fairchild#39;s decision may unsettle ChemChina, which has agreed to buy Swiss agribusiness company Syngenta for bn, marking China#39;s largest overseas takeover in history.飞兆的决定也许会令中国化工(ChemChina)感到不安。后者已同意以440亿美元收购瑞士农业企业先正达(Syngenta),这是有史以来最大手笔的中资海外收购。The Chinese chemicals group has been trying to reassure politicians in Washington that the acquisition of Syngenta, which has a presence in the US, poses no risks to national security.这家中国化工集团一直在努力说华盛顿的政客相信,其对先正达的收购不会对美国造成国家安全方面的风险。先正达在美国有业务。The Committee on Foreign Investment in the US, last month blocked a .1bn sale of a lighting unit from Philips, the Dutch conglomerate, to a Chinese consortium due to “unforeseen concerns”.上个月,美国外国投资委员会(Committee on Foreign Investment)以“预想不到的担忧”为由,封杀了荷兰集团飞利浦(Philips)将旗下照明部门以31亿美元卖给一家中国财团的交易。Last year, a planned bn bid for chipmaker Micron by Tsinghua Unigroup, the Chinese state-owned semiconductor business, was aborted partly because it had little confidence it could complete the deal.去年,中国国有半导体企业清华紫光(Tsinghua Unigroup)以230亿美元收购芯片制造商美光(Micron)的计划夭折,部分原因在于紫光对自己能够完成这宗交易没有什么信心。;Chinese companies are desperately trying to buy assets outside of their home market but they are aware that the US isn#39;t the easiest place to get deals approved,; said a senior banker in New York.纽约一名资深家表示:“中国企业正竭尽全力在海外市场收购资产,但他们知道,要让交易在美国交易获批可不那么容易。”However, another banker said that CFIUS’s tough stance on Chinese takeovers would not prove a deterrent for Beijing-backed buyers.不过,另一名家表示,美国外国投资委员会对中资收购交易的强硬立场,不会对中国政府背景的买家起到吓阻作用。;They will keep on trying... have a mandate to buy foreign assets and they will keep finding ways in,; said an adviser who works with Chinese buyers.一名与中国买家合作的顾问表示:“他们会继续努力……收购海外资产是他们的一项任务,他们会继续想方设法去办。”So far this year, four of the five biggest cross-border deals have involved Chinese groups bidding for US and European assets worth .7bn in total.今年到目前为止,规模最大的5宗跨境并购交易中,有4宗涉及中国企业竞购美国和欧洲资产,交易总价值为617亿美元。 /201602/427231HONG KONG — The ed States says it will expand air-quality monitoring at some overseas diplomatic missions, following several years of reporting pollution data in China.香港——在对中国污染数据进行报告数年后,美国表示将在部分海外外交代表团驻地增加空气质量监控。The goal is to increase awareness of the health risks of outdoor air pollution, which easily sps across borders, Secretary of State John Kerry said in announcing the program on Wednesday.国务卿约翰·克里(John Kerry)周三在宣布该项目时说,该项举措的目标是提高对户外空气污染带来的健康风险的认知,空气污染很容易跨境进入别国。The program is intended to help ed States citizens abroad reduce their exposure to pollution and to help other countries develop their own air-quality monitoring through training and exchanges with American experts, he said.他说,该项目旨在帮助身在海外的美国公民减少与污染的接触,并协助其他国家通过培训以及与美国专家的交流,发展自己的空气质量监测。“We’re hoping that this tool can also expand international cooperation when it comes to curbing air pollution,” Mr. Kerry said.“我们希望,该手段也可以在控制大气污染方面增加国际合作,”克里说。The program, run in conjunction with the Environmental Protection Agency, will begin to operate in India in a few months. New Delhi has some of the world’s worst air pollution, and residents there are becoming increasingly concerned about the dangers.这个项目将与美国国家环境保护局(Environmental Protection Agency)共同运作,于几个月后在印度上线。新德里是世界上大气污染最严重的城市之一,当地居民越来越关注污染的危险性。American diplomatic missions will also monitor air quality in Vietnam, Mongolia and elsewhere, Mr. Kerry said.克里表示,美国外交使团驻地也将监测越南、蒙古等国的空气质量。In 2008, the ed States Embassy in Beijing began monitoring levels of PM 2.5 — fine airborne particles that are particularly dangerous for human health — and posting hourly ings on Twitter.2008年,美国驻北京大使馆开始监测PM2.5(空气中危害人类健康的细微颗粒)值,并每小时在Twitter上发布实时数据。The move angered the Chinese government, which said the information could threaten social stability. But the step also helped pressure Chinese environmental officials to expand their monitoring of air pollution and begin publishing their own air-quality reports.中国政府对该举措表示愤怒,并表示信息可能会威胁社会稳定。但该举措也协助向中国环境官员施压,推动其增强空气质量监测,并开始发布自己的空气质量报告。 /201502/360782

  The Blade, the first 3D printed supercar, weighing 90% less that traditional cars, can go from 0-60mph in just two seconds.刀锋,首台3D打印的跑车,比传统车轻90%,可以在两秒内完成从0到每小时60英里的加速。The Blade is created using a series of chassis parts held together by carbon rods - rather like a giant Lego kit.Its 700-horsepower engine can use either compressed natural gas or gasoline, and altogether it weighs just 1400lbs.刀锋的底盘部件是由碳棒拼接而成,就像一组巨型的乐高玩具。700马力的引擎,可以由压缩天然气或者汽油驱动,总共才1400磅重。Society has made great strides in its awareness and adoption of cleaner and greener cars.The problem is that while these cars do now exist, the actual manufacturing of them is anything but environmentally friendly.社会已经有意识要采用更清洁、更环保的能源,并取得了长足进步。问题是,尽管现在有这样的车,其实际制造过程可一点儿也不环保。Divergent Microfactories says its approach incorporates 3D printing to dramatically reduce the pollution, materials and capital costs associated with building automobiles and other large complex structures.At Divergent Microfactories, they#39;ve found a way to make automobiles that holds the promise of radically reducing the resource use and pollution generated by manufacturing.It also holds the promise of making large-scale car manufacturing affordable for small teams of innovators.DM公司称他们的方法是融合3D打印技术,在制造汽车和其他复杂结构时大幅减少污染、节约材料和资金成本。在DM,他们找到了方法,可以减少汽车在生产过程中的资源使用和环境污染。有望让小型创新队伍也负担得起大规模的汽车生产。The Blade is made using a proprietary solution called a Node: a 3D-printed aluminum joint that connects pieces of carbon fiber tubing to make up the car#39;s chassis.This solves the problem of time and space by cutting down on the actual amount of 3D printing required to build the chassis and can be assembled in just minutes.刀锋是用一种叫“节点”的专利解决方案制成的:一种3D打印的铝制节点连接起碳纤维管,组成车子的底盘。这样,制作底盘实际所需的3D打印的时间缩短了,三五分钟底盘就能组装完毕,既节省时间也不浪费空间。 /201507/388067Yahoo wants to make better products for you, so it#39;s going to try zooming in.雅虎想要为你们提供更好的产品,所以它将要尝试继续推进。The Internet pioneer has many popular services. There#39;s Yahoo Mail for email, Yahoo Screen for s, Yahoo Sports for scores and athletics news, and Yahoo Search for, well, searching the Web.作为互联网先锋,它拥有很多时下流行的务,包括雅虎邮件,雅虎屏幕视屏,针对比分和运动员新闻的雅虎体育还有雅虎搜索器。When you take a look at Yahoo#39;s overall line of products, however, you realize it#39;s kind of a buffet. It#39;s got a little bit of everything but no main dish.当你放眼看一下雅虎所有的产品线,很遗憾,你会发现它更像自助餐,什么都有,但是没有重点。The Sunnyvale, California, company has decided that narrowing in can provide a fix. Chief Executive Marissa Mayer said Tuesday that Yahoo will soon reveal a plan to make sure the company is ;more focused; in the future. Finance chief Ken Goldman said Yahoo will look at which products are ;strong winners; for the company and ;disinvest; in others. The company said it will reveal more within three months.位于加州森尼维尔市的公司决定缩小产品线,这也许可以让它有所侧重。首席,执行官Marissa Maye在周四称,雅虎不就就会发布一份计划,这会使得公司更加“专注”于未来。财务负责人Ken Goldman说雅虎将会判断哪种产品对公司来说最有优势,并且撤销对其他产品的投资。公司称,将在三个月内公布更多讯息。;We ultimately need to work to improve our relevance to end users and how many times they come to us,; Mayer said during a conference call Tuesday. ;So we think it#39;s important going into 2016 to get very focused.;Mayer在周二的一次电话会议上说,“根本上讲,我们需要努力提高我们和终端客户的联系以及他们反馈我们的次数。所以我们认为2016年关注这方面很重要”。The new plan is part of Mayer#39;s attempt to make Yahoo a premier Internet destination again. Once one of the most powerful Internet companies in the world, it has been overshadowed by rivals. Google#39;s Gmail has become the de facto email service on the Web; Netflix is the leading -streaming service; ESPN is one of the best-known sports brands in the world; and ;google,; as a verb, is synonymous with search. Meanwhile, Yahoo#39;s pet projects, such as buying cult-favorite sitcom ;Community; and two other shows, ended up erasing million from the company#39;s accounts.这一尝试是Mayer企图把雅虎再次变为第一的互联网终端计划的一部分。过去,它是世界上最强有力的互联网公司之一,但是如今已经在竞争中黯然失色。谷歌的Gmail已经成为名副其实的网页邮件务系统;Netflix是领先的视频流媒体务;ESPN是世界闻名的体育品牌致以;就和它动词的含义一样,谷歌也是搜索器。与此同时,雅虎的子项目,比如购买情景喜剧和其他两个电视节目,使得公司账户里少了420万美金。Yahoo#39;s recommitment to focus isn#39;t without precedent. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was famous for bringing the Mac maker back to prominence through unrelenting pinpoint vision. Google has moved in this direction, too. Earlier this month, it reorganized itself under a holding company named Alphabet, filled with smaller, more nimble -- that is, focused -- companies. Yahoo#39;s new plan is all but an admission that its wide-ranging catalog has become unwieldy and that it needs a classic reset.雅虎的关注并非史无前例。苹果合伙人乔布斯以通过不懈而又详尽的想象力把Mac再次带回公众视野而闻名。谷歌也在这方面努力。本月初,它在控股公司Alphabet的名义下进行了重组,公司变得更小更敏捷。雅虎的新计划承认,它的大范围务项目已经变得很笨拙,他需要一项传统重组。Still, as Yahoo#39;s plan takes shape, it may not go over so well with some of its users. In a search for more sustainable profits, it may cut popular products that don#39;t make enough money, said Jan Dawson, chief analyst with Jackdaw Research.同时,一旦雅虎的计划成型,这可能对很多用户产生冲突。研究所首席分析师Jan Dawson说,它可能会砍掉很多不怎么赚钱的流行产品以寻求更多的可持续利润。;It#39;s quite possible some of the things they cut will be surprising, from a user perspective,; he said.他说,“从用户角度讲,很可能它砍掉的一些产品会让人很吃惊”。 /201510/405742

  China#39;s First Hydrogen Bomb氢弹In June 17,1967 , China successfully exploded its first hydrogen bomb in western China. The explosive power is 150 times that of the A-bomb used by the ed States in Hiroshima of Japan during the World War II.It marked a breakthrough in China#39;s nuclear development, and indicated China#39;s nuclear technology has entered a new era.1967年6月17日,我国西部地区上空,第一颗氢弹爆炸试验获得完全的成功,其爆炸威力,相当于美国当年投到日本广岛那颗原子弹的150多倍。震惊世界的蘑菇云异常炫目耀眼。氢弹的爆炸成功,是中国核武器发展的又一个飞跃,标志着中国核武器的发展进入了一个新的阶段。It took the ed States more than seven years from its first A-bomb test to its first hydrogen bomb test, the USSR, four years, the UK, four and a half years and France, eight years and eight months. While in China, it only took two years and eight months, a surprise to the entire world !从原子弹到氢弹,美国用了7年4个月,苏联用了4年,英国用了4年7个月,法国用了8年8个月,而中国只用了两年8个月,在全世界引起了轰动。 /201602/419391

  China has grown into an enormous market for game publishers. A market worth about billion in 2013 will double to .4 billion by 2018, according to Niko Partners, as Chinese gamers are formally reintroduced to console games after a 14-year ban by the government. (Why? Concerns about the harmful effects of violent games on youth. Paging: Tipper Gore.)对于视频游戏出版商来说,中国已经发展成为一个规模巨大的市场。在中国政府解除长达14年的游戏机禁令(据说主要是担心暴力游戏对青少年造成伤害)之后,中国玩家又可以玩游戏机了。市场研究公司Niko Partners表示,这个市场2013年的市值是120亿美元,2018年将翻一番,达到234亿美元。The lengthy ban kept gaming giants Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft at bay. Now that it’s been lifted, they’re diving in. Sony Computer Entertainment (not to be confused with the former Sony Online Entertainment) launched its PlayStation 4 console and hand-held PS Vita in January with 70 publishers committed to working on games for China. Titles exclusive to the country include King of Wushu (Suzhou Snail), Mr. Pumpkin Adventure (Shanghai Youju) and One Tap Hero (Shanghai Kena). All were created by Chinese game developers.这项禁令将游戏巨头任天堂、索尼和微软长期隔离在中国市场之外。禁令解除后,这些公司开始长驱直入。今年1月,索尼电脑公司(请不要和前索尼在线公司混淆)携手70家致力于为中国玩家开发游戏的出版商,推出了PlayStation 4游戏机和手持PS Vita。专门为中国市场推出的游戏包括《武术之王》(苏州蜗牛公司)、《南瓜先生大冒险》(上海友聚公司)和《啪啪英雄》(上海基纳公司),这些都是中国本土开发商的力作。The momentum in China means the next big opportunity for game publishers is the rest of Southeast Asia, according to Niko Partners. Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam are expected to generate 4.4 million this year in online game sales and 1 million in mobile game sales—a paltry sum compared to China’s potential, but incremental growth fueled by that country.Niko Partners公司表示,中国市场的迅猛增长意味着游戏出版商的下一个重大机遇是东南亚其他国家。今年,印度尼西亚、马来西亚、菲律宾、新加坡、泰国和越南的网络游戏销售额有望达到7.844亿美元,手游销售额预计将达到2.31亿美元——和潜力巨大,不断递增的中国市场相比,这个数字的确微不足道。“The Southeast Asian games market is often compared to that of China, and we can see that it is following behind China by a few years,” says Lisa Hanson, managing partner of Niko Partners. “Gamers in Southeast Asia embrace massively online battle arena games, shooters, and mobile games just as they do in China. However, older Chinese gamers still embrace higher revenue generating MMORPGs [massively multiplayer online role-playing games], a segment that many Southeast Asian gamers shy away from. Therefore, the challenge to developers is to compel an increase in the level of spending on the type of games for which Southeast Asians have shown enthusiasm.”Niko Partners公司主理合伙人丽萨o汉森表示:“人们常常将东南亚游戏市场与中国市场放在一起作比较,可以看出,前者其实比后者落后好几年。东南亚玩家很喜欢在线战斗类游戏、射击类游戏和手游,中国玩家也一样。但是,年龄稍长的中国玩家还喜欢能产生更多收入的大型多人在线角色扮演游戏(MMORPG),这是很多东南亚玩家不太接触的领域。所以,开发商的挑战在于如何推动东南亚玩家在他们热衷的游戏上多花钱。”Within the region, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam have become the three most important countries for games revenue, yet each has its own drivers and inhibitors for growth. Niko forecasts that, over the next five years, Indonesia will see the fastest growth in revenue and Vietnam will see the fastest growth in the number of online gamers. Today, there are more mobile gamers (at 119 million) than PC online gamers (97 million) in Southeast Asia, with considerable overlap.对于游戏出版商来说,印度尼西亚、泰国和越南已经成为三个最重要的收入来源国,但推动或阻碍增长的因素却各有不同。Niko公司预计,未来五年间,印度尼西亚的游戏收入增速最快,越南在线玩家的人数增长最快。如今东南亚的手游玩家(1.19亿人)比PC端在线玩家(9700万人)更多,但有相当部分是重叠的。汉森称:“只要收费合理,美国手游和PC端游戏都能在东南亚地区大获成功。这一地区很多人都能说英语,除越南外,东南亚这些国家的内容监管环境还是相当可控的。”“U.S. mobile and PC games have a good chance of success in Southeast Asia, as long as the game economics are affordable,” Hanson says. “Many people speak English, and with the exception of Vietnam, the content regulatory landscape in the countries of Southeast Asia is quite manageable.”汉森称,尽管中国手游收入增幅开始放缓,东南亚地区的手游市场却在过去两年急速增长。不过她表示,中国市场的年均增幅仍很惊人。未来五年间中国手游销售预计每年增长37%,东南亚地区的手游销售同期增幅略低,每年约为34%。但就新手游玩家人数而言,增速更快的却是东南亚地区:从目前到2018年,东南亚新手游玩家人数每年将增长25%,而中国的增速则为22%。Mobile gaming has grown sharply over the past two years in the region, Hanson says, as revenue growth in China for mobile gaming has begun to slow. Still, the annual increase in China is impressive, she says. Mobile game sales in China are expected to grow 37% each year for the next five years; mobile game sales in Southeast Asia are expected to grow slightly slower during the same period, at 34% each year. Measure by the number of new mobile gamers and the lead swaps: Southeast Asia will see 25% growth each year through 2018, compared to China’s 22%.东南亚国家也没有中国那么多条条框框。开发商可以更容易通过苹果应用商店或谷歌市场接触东南亚玩家。而中国玩家根本无法进入谷歌市场,国内的安卓游戏市场超过500个(尽管绝大多数收入都集中在20家手中)。汉森称:“在韩国和中国,微信和KakaoTalk等手机聊天应用为手游推广提供了一个绝佳的新渠道。在东南亚地区,这些工具才刚刚对手游的推广产生影响,我们认为这方面的增长空间还很大。”从规模看,中国在线PC玩家已超过2.4亿,大约相当于美国总人口的78%。东南亚在线PC玩家有9700万人。随着住宅宽带的普及,这两个市场都正在远离一度风靡的网吧游戏,转向家庭游戏。 /201502/359896。

  Some days I think nobody knows me as well as Pandora. I create a new music channel around some band or song and Pandora feeds me a series of songs I like just as well. In fact, it often feeds me songs I’d aly downloaded onto my phone from iTunes. Either my musical taste is extremely conventional or Pandora is really good at knowing what I like.有时候我觉得,世上没有人能比Pandora更了解我。我根据几乐队和歌曲新建了一个音乐频道,它就会提供一系列同样能让我喜欢的歌。事实上,它经常给我一些已经从iTunes下载到手机上的歌。不是我的音乐品味太普通,就是Pandora真的很擅长揣我的喜好。In the current issue of Wired, the technology writer Kevin Kelly says that we had all better get used to this level of predictive prowess. Kelly argues that the age of artificial intelligence is finally at hand.在最新一期的《连线》杂志(Wired)里,科技作家凯文·凯利(Kevin Kelly)说,我们大家要去适应这种高超的预测技能。凯利认为,人工智能的时代终于近在眼前了。He writes that the smart machines of the future won’t be humanlike geniuses like HAL 9000 in the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey.” They will be more modest machines that will drive your car, translate foreign languages, organize your photos, recommend entertainment options and maybe diagnose your illnesses. “Everything that we formerly electrified we will now cognitize,” Kelly writes. Even more than today, we’ll lead our lives enmeshed with machines that do some of our thinking tasks for us.他说未来的智能机器不会像《2001太空漫游》(2001: A Space Odyssey)中的HAL 9000那样,是个类人的天才。它们将是一些比较不起眼的机器,帮你开车,翻译外语,整理你的照片,推荐选项,也许还能诊断你的疾病。“所有我们之前电气化的东西,现在都要认知化,”凯利写道。我们的生活和机器的关系,要比今天更加纠缠不清,机器会代替我们完成一部分动脑子的工作。This artificial intelligence breakthrough, he argues, is being driven by cheap parallel computation technologies, big data collection and better algorithms. The upshot is clear, “The business plans of the next 10,000 start-ups are easy to forecast: Take X and add A.I.”他认为,这种人工智能的突破进展,是由廉价的并行计算技术、大数据收集和更好的算法推动的。结果已经很清晰,“接下来10000家创业公司的商业计划很好预测:选择X,添加AI。”Two big implications flow from this. The first is sociological. If knowledge is power, we’re about to see an even greater concentration of power.这会产生两种巨大的影响。首先是社会学上。如果说知识就是力量,那么我们将看到一股比以往更加集中的力量。The Internet is aly heralding a new era of centralization. As Astra Taylor points out in her book, “The People’s Platform,” in 2001, the top 10 websites accounted for 31 percent of all U.S. page views, but, by 2010, they accounted for 75 percent of them. Gigantic companies like Google swallow up smaller ones. The Internet has created a long tail, but almost all the revenue and power is among the small elite at the head.互联网已经预示了一个全新的中心化时代即将到来。正如阿斯特拉·泰勒(Astra Taylor)在《人民平台》(The People’s Platform)一书中所写,在2001年,排名前10的网站占据了全美31%的页面浏览量,但是到2010年,这个比例已经达到75%。像谷歌(Google)这样的巨无霸会吞噬小公司。互联网创造了长尾,但几乎所有的收入和力量都掌握在头部为数不多的精英手上。Advances in artificial intelligence will accelerate this centralizing trend. That’s because A.I. companies will be able to reap the rewards of network effects. The bigger their network and the more data they collect, the more effective and attractive they become.人工智能的进步会加速中心化的趋势。因为人工智能公司能从网络效应中获益。网络越大,收集的数据越多,就越有效率,越能吸引人。As Kelly puts it, “Once a company enters this virtuous cycle, it tends to grow so big, so fast, that it overwhelms any upstart competitors. As a result, our A.I. future is likely to be ruled by an oligarchy of two or three large, general-purpose cloud-based commercial intelligences.”如凯利所说,“一旦公司进入这种良性循环,往往会以很快的速度,变得越来越庞大,把一切刚刚冒头的竞争者压倒。其结果是,人工智能的未来,可能会被两三个庞大的、多功能的、基于云计算的商业智能寡头所统治。”To put it more menacingly, engineers at a few gigantic companies will have vast-though-hidden power to shape how data are collected and framed, to harvest huge amounts of information, to build the frameworks through which the rest of us make decisions and to steer our choices. If you think this power will be used for entirely benign ends, then you have not enough history.说得更吓人一些,几家巨型公司的工程师会拥有巨大却又不为人知的力量,他们能影响数据的收集和构建方式,能收集规模巨大的信息,能建起一种框架,让我们这些人在框架中做决策,引导我们的选择。如果你认为这种力量全都会用在正道上,那你该再多读些历史。The second implication is philosophical. A.I. will redefine what it means to be human. Our identity as humans is shaped by what machines and other animals can’t do. For the last few centuries, reason was seen as the ultimate human faculty. But now machines are better at many of the tasks we associate with thinking — like playing chess, winning at Jeopardy, and doing math.第二个影响是哲学层面的。人工智能会重新定义它对人类的意义。我们作为人类的身份,取决于机器和其他动物所不能做到的东西。过去几百年来里,理性被认为是终极的人类官能。但是现在有很多我们认为和思考有关的工作,机器可以完成得比我们更好——比如下象棋、在《危险边缘》(Jeopardy)中获胜,或者做数学运算。On the other hand, machines cannot beat us at the things we do without conscious thinking: developing tastes and affections, mimicking each other and building emotional attachments, experiencing imaginative breakthroughs, forming moral sentiments.另一方面,在一些不需要我们有意识地思考的事情上,机器是无法战胜我们的:培养品味和感情,相互模仿,建立情感联结,体验想象力的飞跃,形成道德情感。In the age of smart machines, we’re not human because we have big brains. We’re human because we have social skills, emotional capacities and moral intuitions. I could paint two divergent A.I. futures, one deeply humanistic, and one soullessly utilitarian.在智能机器的时代,我们之为人类并非因为有颗厉害的大脑,而是因为我们有社交技巧、情感能力和道德直觉。我能展望到两种截然不同的人工智能未来,一种有着深沉的人文主义,另一种是毫无灵魂的功利主义。In the humanistic one, machines liberate us from mental drudgery so we can focus on higher and happier things. In this future, differences in innate I.Q. are less important. Everybody has Google on their phones so having a great memory or the ability to calculate with big numbers doesn’t help as much.在人文主义的未来里,机器让我们从心智的苦力中解脱出来,把精力放在更高、更幸福的事上。在这个未来里,先天的智商差距已经没那么要紧。每个人的手机上都有谷歌,有个好记性,或者可以进行复杂的计算,用处已经没那么大。In this future, there is increasing emphasis on personal and moral faculties: being likable, industrious, trustworthy and affectionate. People are evaluated more on these traits, which supplement machine thinking, and not the rote ones that duplicate it.在这个未来里,个人和道德官能越来越重要:要有亲和力、勤奋、可靠、有爱心。人的价值会更多地取决于这些特征,它们会弥补机器思考的不足。评价人的方式不会再是死记硬背的本事,因为那只是在复制机器的思考。In the cold, utilitarian future, on the other hand, people become less idiosyncratic. If the choice architecture behind many decisions is based on big data from vast crowds, everybody follows the prompts and chooses to be like each other. The machine prompts us to consume what is popular, the things that are easy and mentally undemanding.而在冰冷、功利的未来里,人会变得没那么独特。如果许多决策背后的选择架构是基于来自普罗大众的大数据,所有人都会照着提示行事,选择和其他人一样。机器提示我们消费流行的、容易的、对心智要求不高的东西。I’m happy Pandora can help me find what I like. I’m a little nervous if it so pervasively shapes my listening that it ends up determining what I like. I think we all want to master these machines, not have them master us.我乐于看到Pandora帮我找到我喜欢的东西。但我有点担心,它如此事无巨细地影响着我的聆听体验,会不会有一天变成由它来决定我喜欢什么。我想我们都希望能控制这些机器,而不是被机器控制。 /201502/358423



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