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今日是国家海洋局要求康菲公司实现彻底排查溢油风险点、彻底封堵溢油源 “两个彻底”期限的最后一天,康菲的处置结果最终能否达标尚存变数,如果不能,政府应该采取设么措施?即使康菲公司能够按期完成封堵漏油,康菲公司以及政府部门应该如何修复事故造成的环境污染?请看下面的新闻报道。 Now, for more on the oil leak in China's Bohai Bay, we are joined on the line by Professor Qi Ye, from the School of Public Policy and Management in Tsinghua University.Q1: With only one day left, do you think ConocoPhillips will be able to meet the deadline? If not, what kind of measures will government authorities take?Q2: Even if the deadline's met, we know there's still a lot of work needed to undo the environmental damage. So what should be done next by ConocoPhillips and relevant government agencies to restore the environment?词汇学习:1. leak v. (使)漏;泄露 n. 漏洞,裂缝;泄漏,漏出量例句:I can smell a leak of gas. 我嗅到泄漏的瓦斯。2. ConocoPhillips 康菲公司3. deadline n. 最后期限常用搭配:meet/miss a deadline 如期/超过期限; deadline for sth.例句:Can they finish this before the deadline? 他们能不能在最后期限之前完成这项工作?4. take measure 采取措施5. restore vt. 恢复,使回复;修复,整修;归还例句:Her job is restoring old paintings. 他的工作就是修复这些旧画。 Article/201108/1518382Y,YpEFD+[L#F;_Nkyb_z0wWtgnIn a mountain in Henan, there is a cave that seems to defy the regular rhythms of the seasons. It is icy cold in the summer but warm in the winter. Experts believe there is a physical or chemical cooling mechanism under the ground. The wind brings up cold air, allowing ice to form. But there is no wind at all in winter. That is why the ice melts in winter.5mhx#h7aMo~J6.1FgX在河南,一个山洞似乎无视着自然规季节的法则;H@0X_sApEAovkNa+。它夏天冰冷,冬天温暖(2LLW1pMF+rc_iBv。专家认为在地上有一个物理或化学制冷机制YSq]R7T+Ni]i.N|。风带来了冷空气使冰形成G3%D49M.6S9WW%FQf。但是在冬天没有风lQW-c!kPU97fu~!)Yro。这就是为什么冰在冬天融化IX4@1*;LAyD~H!.op。1dQw)@7PH5EI词语解释:;ZYkku[vlRTYHAA1. rhythm n. 节奏;韵律2. physical a. 物理的EpYf58QV@6c.]rnd~Z~lhzVbM%s.g%#wFneYb87-b9JAQ Article/201111/162318v4;sEG~NxjU-Yv]f^SjMTJe]p*^+#A4^kT_ow965BWJ#K%RThe death toll from a series a bombings in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, has climbed to at least 57. That#39;s according to the country#39;s Health Ministry, which says nearly 200 people have been wounded.There were more than 13 explosions in the city, mainly in residential areas. Most of the blasts came from car- and roadside bombs. The apparently coordinated explosions are among the worst violence to hit the country this year, and come following the withdrawal of the last US troops on Sunday.pr7uynEF4!%|伊拉克首都巴格达一系列爆炸事件的死亡人数已经上升了至少57人2idXbp+hfQGv。根据国家卫生部表示,已经有将近200人受伤101hTr18TsY+。在城市有超过13起爆炸事件,主要在居民区_Z-BU9BriydOZ。大部分来自汽车-路边的炸弹爆炸9V9+7Df3]#2~bs*2V3。这种连锁爆炸是继星期天美军撤军以来今年袭击这个国家最常用且最具威胁的手段%3LG82g#nkRIv。0kJU987,0iUv-ihHT0crwvC+A-W[(iD5RyEG*PJ[FQexR Article/201112/165621

原汁原味情景喜剧,配有中文字幕,让你在欢笑中学英语。 Article/201201/167987

Whether it#39;s a small dish towel or a mammoth beach towel, the principles for folding it remain the same—think of it as the #39;three-by-three#39; method.无论是擦碗碟用的小毛巾还是巨大的沙滩浴巾,折叠毛巾的准则是一样的,就是“三乘三”的方法。Step 1 Lay towel lengthwise1.纵向铺平Lay the towel so it is lengthwise in front of you.在面前将毛巾纵向铺平。It can be faster to fold large towels holding them in front of you, folding them against your chest.如果是大毛巾,在自己的面前,在胸前折叠速度更快。Step 2 Fold left edge2.折叠左边Fold the left edge of the towel just past the center of the towel, lining up the top edges.将毛巾的左边缘折叠到刚好过毛巾的中心,上下对齐。Step 3 Fold right edge3.折叠右边Fold the right edge of the towel to the left side. You#39;ve created a long narrow rectangle one-third the width of the original.将毛巾的右边缘折叠到左边。这样,整条毛巾就被折叠成宽度为原来的三分之一的矩形。Step 4 Fold top edge4.折叠上边缘Fold the top edge of the long narrow rectangle down just past the halfway point at the center of the rectangle.将长方形的上部向下折叠过刚好过中心的位置。Step 5 Fold bottom edge5.折叠下边缘Fold the bottom edge up to the top. From the side, the folded towel should have three layers resembling a G-shape.将下边缘向上折叠。从旁边看,折叠好的毛巾应该有三层,就像G的形状。If the towel is too thick to fold into thirds, simply fold it in half.如果毛巾太厚,不好折成三层,对半折叠就可以了。Step 6 Hang towel6.悬挂Either way, your towel is neatly folded and can be easily hung on a towel rack with its vertical folds intact.无论使用哪种方法,你的毛巾都整洁地折叠起来了,可以轻松地按照折叠好的样子原封不动地悬挂起来了。Every May 25th, fans of the author Douglas Adams carry around towels to commemorate the author#39;s strange obsession with them.每年的5月25日,作家道格拉斯·亚当斯的追随者都会携带毛巾来纪念这位作家对毛巾的痴迷。 Article/201302/225644%0mx8H;7@aQEoc4)09^IA([!pcToday in History: Friday, September 21, 2012历史上的今天:星期五,2012年9月21日0[Jg_BXb)o[P|#On Sept. 21, 1998 President Bill Clinton#39;s taped grand jury testimony in the Monica Lewinsky scandal was publicly broadcast, showing him answering one question from prosecutors by saying, ;It depends on what the meaning of #39;is#39; is.;1998年9月21日,在莫妮卡·莱温斯基丑闻中比尔·克林顿总统陪审团作录像被公开广播,他这样回答检察官的一个问题“这取决于这是什么意思”zptJoRvMcl[LgRrP。p[x~h4)GDsXxbA6[)S1792, the French National Convention voted to abolish the monarchy.1792年,法国国民大会投票废除君主制fm~-w|cycIFaBm%Cxk6.。i7Uaf,+(fhh4F1897 The New York Sun ran an editorial answering a question from an 8-year-old girl that included the line, ;Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.;1897年,《纽约太阳报》刊登了一篇社论回答一个8岁女孩的问题,“是的,维吉尼亚有一个圣诞老人ejmo%)xLC+G。”[XIAl|NozLAKOg1931 Britain went off the gold standard.1931年,英国放弃金本位制度o|EQJnlt_J)sT。*-0iF~wKmBTlS_%!Ax1937 ;The Hobbit; by J.R.R. Tolkien was published.1937年,J.R.R Tolkien著作的《哈比人历险记》出版O^0^Mc*b*jpSJBx*kX。ExASvs_.GUdT1938 A hurricane struck parts of New York and New England, causing widesp damage and claiming more than 600 lives.1938年,一场飓风袭击了纽约和新英格兰部分地区,造成大范围破坏及600多人丧身TViaMHU*i!T6。~!5v#1Z+991948 Milton Berle debuted as permanent host of ;The Texaco Star Theater; on N.1948年,作为N“德士古明星剧场”的老牌主持人弥尔顿·伯雷首次亮相|O6VQi+4,.(@sw9TKvb。|fBTZrE[_F1957 ;Perry Mason,; starring Raymond Burr, premiered on CBS.1957年,由Raymond burr主演的“Perry Mason”在哥伦比亚广播公司首演.ubcJm2Po0wh*a[[C。8%.+^rS]A3udy8ae1964 Malta gained independence from Britain.1964年, 马耳他脱离英国获得独立xzI%tU.,DHx28。H(-5Ji*#pM1970 ;NFL Monday Night Football; debuted on A.1970年,“NFL周一晚间橄榄球”节目在A首次上演qyXB2TwNe~QidJrH。hTm0GQFf~f,d2C.!*g1982 National Football League players began a 57-day strike.1982年,全国橄榄球联盟玩家开始一次为期57天的罢工(B#My^0*YXDa@sE。xr*EXBV(S5.31983 Interior Secretary James G. Watt described a special advisory panel as consisting of ;a black ... a woman, two Jews and a cripple.; Watt later apologized and resigned.1983年,内政部长詹姆斯·瓦特将一个特殊组成的顾问小组描述成“一个黑人,一个女人,两个犹太人和一个跛子%keF4.PagoGPXCP;.#l。”事后瓦特道歉并辞职f]08Vmy9tvn。jwZWOF@D2s!(6,1996 The board of Virginia Military Institute voted to admit women.1996年,弗吉尼亚军事学院董事会投票接纳女性kzqtHD#n0x。jt3-^44se8%OZ1998 Olympic gold medal track star Florence Griffith Joyner, 38, died in her sleep after suffering an epilectic seizure.1998年,38岁的奥运会金牌田径明星Florence Griffith Joyner因患癫痫在睡梦中死去5e-Eo3;Q0Ta!h|zR。a8P#vBV8CMm2001 Congress approved billion to help an airline industry reeling from the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.2001年,美国国会批准了150亿美元帮助遭“9·11”恐怖袭击的航空工业[G1!3v9M#]R0q。k!x8fv,+tL,3C)M-r_+2004 The album ;American Idiot; by Green Day was released.2004年,Green Day专辑《美国白痴》发布K+T^,Lx5l9)。p_Pni8V6E)p]b,R#,ZDG2008 ;Mad Men; became the first basic-cable show to win a top series Emmy award.2008年,《广告狂人》成为第一个获得获得最高系列艾美奖基本有线电视节目vUDwi0n[yh9(。~ANrtNIFAc~+Nj|GPF;KKCZltxsfxYS3bXa0. /201209/201046

TED 的 Chris Anderson 说, 网络视频正在形成一个;群体加速创新;的现象。 这种自发循环学习的重要性几乎可以和印刷技术的发明相提并论。但是要参与到这股力量中, 团体组织需要能够有很强的开放意识。而这对TED而言,也意味着一个新篇章之开始。 Article/201202/170968In South America, where another project is being done to help children. An 83-year-old filmmaker is using the power of moving pictures to help educate children from deprived neighborhoods in Chile. Alicia Vega runs workshops about the history of movies, which she believes can transform the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.南美洲,一项帮助儿童的工程正在进行。一位83岁的电影制片人通过电影的魅力帮助那些穷苦的智利儿童学习。Alicia Vega经营着一家历史题材电影工作室,她希望她制作的电影可以改变这些穷苦孩子的生活。On Monday, a group of children from the Lo Hermida neighborhood in Santiago took part in the latest project. They lined up for a ride in a mock airplane, the backdrop for a showing of Walt Disney’s 1928 classic film ;Plane Crazy.;周一,来自圣地亚哥附近社区的孩子们参加了最近的这次活动。他们排队乘坐一架模拟飞机,这架飞机是以沃特·迪斯尼公司在1928年制作的经典电影《飞机狂》为背景题材制作的。Alicia Vega says, ;Usually, kids are not listened to at home. They have almost no opinion, no say. But when the kid sees a film here at the workshop, learns something new or has a game like the one we had today (mock airplane), they get home and they talk about it and they become the protagonists.;Alicia Vega说,“通常情况下,在家里是没有人会听小孩子讲话的。他们几乎没有自己的意见,没有发言权。但是,当孩子们在我的工作室看一场电影后,他们会学到新的东西或者像我们今天一样做游戏(模拟飞机),他们回到家后就会谈论今天看到的电影,并且成为主角。During the four-month workshops, children start by making devices that preceded the first projected moving images, like the Zoetrope。在运营工作室的4个月里,孩子们从制作动画电影投影仪器开始,比如活动幻境。They also discover shots and angles behind a real camera, construct a box office and pay for their classroom cinema using fake money. Eventually, frame by frame, they draw their own moving images - of dinosaurs, soccer players, ships and trains - to make their own movie. They also grasp the difference between film and documentary or real life.他们也会发现摄像机后面的镜头和视角,设立票房并使用虚拟货币来购买摄像机。最后,一点一点,他们勾画出自己创作的电影形象,足球运动员,船只和火车等等并形成他们自己的电影。他们也能够理会电影和生活之间的差异。Benjiamin Ortega, a participant, says, ;I want to learn to make movies. I want to learn the steps to make them, see films and see how they are done.;参加者Benjiamin Ortega说,“我想要学习制作电影。我想要学习制作电影的过程,想要看电影,看它们是如何被制作的。”Throughout the years, Vega has gathered funding from the Education Ministry, embassies, churches, humanitarian groups and Chilean artists to carry out her work. She has been running workshops for 27 years, helping thousands of children across Chile.几年时间下来,Alicia Vega已经募集到了来自教育部,大使馆,教堂,人道援助组织及智利艺术家们的捐款以开展她的项目。她经营工作室已经27年,期间帮助了几千名智利儿童。 Article/201208/196538

]QiiUA@fw+0_3o-(Y^7P[0vAThe famous medical text Compendium of Materia Medica records more than 200 medicinal substances, and Crystal is one of them. Because of its piezoelectricity, a crystal releases a kind of light when it is under pressure. Classified by color, there are many different kinds of crystal. The color of crystal can be changed in the lab.1_mj%tjw3V@FjtDTFz著名的医学文本《本草纲目》记载着超过200药用物质,水晶就是其中之一U0QbI(65GN7NAp|#6]。由于其压电性质,当受压时,水晶会释放一种光unQWA;,Ar+HKMNnMF2)d。这种物质按照颜色分类,有许多不同种类的晶体u%^r0IC-Owe5。水晶的颜色可以在实验室里改变aiX807q,10qj%。KHY3v8Whw)J4.z词语解释:cuuj9K9[h,1. Compendium of Materia Medica 《本草纲目》2. substance n. 物质3. piezoelectricity n. 压电qE3(WSj_n#OMju^hyG#Rynk,yi.2umqPP)*0gpskKcPsLVLOO Article/201112/163037

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